tagInterracial LoveFaith Debased Ch. 4

Faith Debased Ch. 4


Author's Comments: Just because a writer writes about something does not mean they endorse any of it, or even a part of it. Likewise, just because a writer's characters act and react to situations and other characters in a certain way, does not imply that this a reflection of the writer's way of life. Fiction, though it does have to be rooted in reality to be believable, is not the truth, never the whole truth, and it certainly isn't nothing but the truth. All too often things are seen on TV, or heard on the radio, or even worse, read in the newspaper, and worst of all, gleaned from a book, and it's assumed that every word uttered or every thought written out must be gospel. Bullshit!

You want a case dead on point? In the third year of the popular sitcom Gilligan's Island, Vandenburg AFB in California and Hickham AFB in Hawaii were both being bombarded with demands from those loose-wheeled fringe elements of our society to mount immediate search and rescue operations to find those poor stranded people. Enough said? Point made?

All right, I've held you all captive from my convenient soapbox long enough. Let's go see what born cum-slut, Faith, is up to now.

* * * * *

After Cal had ravished me--and what a magnificent job he had done of that--I put on a robe and we went into the computer room where he showed me a couple of things unique to the system he had installed. Then, he had me sit in the chair and show him what I had learned, complementing me on how easily I picked things up. His genuine praise for my unconscious abilities meant as much to me as the way he could change in less then a breath and treat me like the nasty cum-slut I was just as easily becoming for him.

And, that is just exactly what my powerful black professor/possessor did. "Stand up, Slut." I stood. "Take of that robe." I took it off and dropped it at my feet. "Turn around and assume the position."

"The position?"

Cal spun me around, told me to take two steps back from the desk then lean forward and place my hands palm down on the desk. Without another word I did as I was told. "Spread your legs." I spread them wide apart and I can't remember ever feeling so open, so completely vulnerable in my life. I heard the distinctive sound of his zipper, some fumbling of cloth, and then the head of his cock was being nestled in the slick folds of my pussy. "Fuck back on it, Slut." I pushed back and his massive cock easily penetrated me to a depth that was both mildly uncomfortable, yet wildly stimulating at the same time. "Now, I'm going to stand here and you're going to fuck yourself on my cock."

Half of his thick cock was already imbedded in my cunt and I began fucking back onto the rest of it, gradually taking more and more of it into my steamy cunt. Cal grew impatient, grabbed my hips, and slammed me back the rest of the way onto into his cock. "Now it's a proper fit, Slut."

With Cal's cock now hitting the bottom of my vaginal canal, feeling as if it's firm head had actually entered my womb, I went off like an exploding time bomb. I rammed my over-stretched cunt on and off his fantastic cock time and time again, jerking forward until just the head was held captive inside my inflamed pussy, then lunging back to take the whole thing back into me all at once. I came, and I came, and I came again, until I could barely draw a ragged breath and my legs felt like they were going to give out at any second. But I didn't cease fucking myself on his cock. Cal hadn't cum yet, and no matter how many explosive orgasms I had to suffer through, no matter how weak my shaky legs became, I wasn't about to stop fucking his cock until I had pleased him properly.

I lunged and bucked like an insane Irish Beserker from that gory movie with Mel Gibson for another ten minutes. I know, because I could see the digital clock in the lower corner of the computer screen. I felt Cal's thick cock swell expectantly inside me and then I suddenly so empty I started to cry.

"Turn around, Slut. And don't you even think of straightening up."

With tears streaming down my cheeks, I turned around and as soon as my face came level with Cal's groin, he released the death grip he had on his cock. My face was immediately splattered with a jet of scalding cum. A second jet hit me square between my eyes before I had the sense to open my mouth wide. Two more jets of hot cum shot unerringly into my receptive mouth. I was shaking like an aspen leaf in a strong wind and cumming a growing puddle on the floor beneath me.

I fell to my knees, took his cock in my mouth and ravenously sucked the plump head as Cal jerked the thick shaft, pumping the dregs of his yummy cum onto my working tongue. I sucked until I was sure his balls were empty and that I had satisfactorily pleased him before swallowing the accumulated cum in my mouth.

Cal entwined his fingers in my hair and tilted my face up. "You pick up any more on that computer, as fast as you take to being a slut, and you're going to be showing me how to install and run that system in under a month."

I smiled up at him. "Like you said, I'm just a natural born cum-slut." I nodded at the computer desk behind me. "I'm more or less unconscious about what I'm doing with that thing."

Cal helped me to my feet. "It's already after 4:00, Faith. You better go get cleaned up before Regina gets here. You don't want to welcome her into the house still soiled with my jizz, do you?" He turned me around and slapped my ass. "Least, not on the outside, anyway."

"No, not on the outside," I giggled as I sprinted for the shower. There was still some of Cal's cum in my cunt, having cum so much myself just now, not nearly as much as when he had dumped that ungodly load into me on the bed, but enough for the Phone lady to discover for herself. Provided, that is, that our pizza/online girl party progressed far enough for sultry Regina to have her lush mouth firmly glued to my inflamed pussy.

* * * *

"Nice rags," Cal remarked when I came back into the computer room. "Real south-of-the-border flavor you got going there."

I was wearing a blood red, ankle-length skirt, a white peasant blouse--sans a bra, and sandals, accessorized with a silver concho belt resting on my hips and a heavy turquoise necklace around my neck. I twirled so the loose-fitting skirt flared out then lifted it to show him that I wasn't wearing any panties.

Cal clapped his hands and hooted, "Ole'," then added an appreciative wolf-whistle. "But, in this case, you should be wearing panties. Regina, I'm positive, will enjoy the challenge of getting you out of them."

'Regina… getting me out of my panties? Oh, yeah, that could be a turn on all in itself.'

Cal turned back to the computer. "Cecil called with the necessary access codes while you were in the shower. Your server account is now setup in your name, not Brian's. I haven't seen any artsy/crafty stuff around the house, and I didn't notice any exotic spices in your kitchen cupboards. I did, however, find an awful lot of books in the spare bedroom at the end of the hall, so you're now a subscribed member of a literary site. The Lit site is real, one of the premiere literary sites on the Net, actually. I'm a member there, myself. Officially, not under the table."

Now here was a side to Cal that I hadn't expected. Though, I really shouldn't have been surprised. His vocabulary was that of someone well educated and when he spoke in conversational tones, there was just a hint of the rich Negro accent in his deep voice. It was only when he was treating me like a debased cumslut that Cal's speech pattern descended into the clipped dialect and crude vernacular of a hardened street thug.

He motioned me over to stand behind him. "Now, you've got 20k of hard drive in this baby. I've partitioned off 5k for your personal use, reformatted the boot up log to show only 15k, and locked the door to the hidden 5. Brian won't even know it's there. Only you and I have the key to get into it."

"And that super secret key would be?" I inquired.

Cal tilted his head and looked at me from the corner of his dark eye. "What else," he said as he typed in CumSlut. "It's case sensitive, so always enter it exactly like I just did. You have four, and only four tries to get it right, then your hidden hard dive gets locked down tight, and I'm the only one who can unlock it. Brian shouldn't ever stumble onto your private hard drive, but in the off chance he somehow does blunder up against it… Hell, even a blind squirrel trips over an acorn now and again …unless you or I give him the key, there's no chance of him gaining unrestricted access to your private world."

It all sounded like the perfect subterfuge, yet something seemed slightly off kilter here, not in how Cal had so successfully hidden my private world from prying eyes, but in something he had said a moment earlier. 'Something about… something?' I decided it couldn't be that important, or it surely would have set off some sort of warning bell inside my head, so I dismissed whatever it was tickling at the back of my brain and impulsively kissed his cheek. "You think of everything, my hot black stud."

"I just like to keep my black ass covered as much as possible, Faith."

"Well, uncover that tight black ass of yours right now, and I'll happily kiss those sweet cheeks, too."

Cal swung the chair around and stood up. "If we had the time, I'd make you do more them kiss my black ass, you sassy slut. But, you have a hot date this evening, and I don't think you want me inhibiting Regina in any way by still being here when she arrives with the pizza."

There, I had an impossible problem. On one hand, I wanted Cal here to see to it that I went through with this lesbian assignation. On the other sweaty hand, I really didn't want him anywhere around when I did relinquish any inhibitions I had left. And I assumed Regina wouldn't either.

Cal cupped my chin. "Just remember one thing, my nasty-ass slut, beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

"You think Regina's a Trojan Horse of some sort?"

"No, but her dusky complexion and those thickly browed dark eyes of hers tells me there's hot Greek blood pumping through her lezzie veins." He stepped away from me. "I wouldn't be a bit surprise if there had also been a Nigger in the woodpile somewhere back down her ancestral line."

I walked Cal to the back door, still not wanting him to leave, yet wishing he would get the hell gone. "I bookmarked a couple of sites you and Regina might fine entertaining," he told me. "They're in the Favorites folder I built into your private drive, not the one in the computer's main drive." He gave me a half smile, half smirk. "I really shouldn't be doing all this for you; you're my slut, and I'm not ready to start sharing you." He grabbed my tit and squeezed, not hard, but hard enough to get my undivided attention. "Not quite yet I'm not, Slut."

Cal didn't kiss me goodbye; he just went out to his van and drove away.

"Asshole!" I cursed as I closed and locked the door. But he was my black stud asshole, and regardless of what happened here this evening with Regina, regardless of whoever else he decided to eventually share me with, after the way he had fucked me senseless today, I was now irrevocably committed to being his obedient white slut.

I went and put some panties on--the sexiest pair I owned, which really weren't all that sexy--then tidied up the house, including disposing of the tattered rag that had once been my panties, still laying where I had tossed them; in the middle of the front room floor. I found a good bottle of wine in the cupboard and put it in a bucket of ice, then went back to the computer to kill some time until my hot lesbian date arrived with dinner.

The phone rang just as I was accessing one of the sites Cal had bookmarked for Regina and I. It was Brian telling me he'd be late again. Later then the previous night, most likely. In fact, he had the emergency kit he had always carried in the Explorer in Butch--sleeping bag, toiletries, candles, some dried food, water, so maybe he'd just go ahead and crash there. That way he could get an earlier start in the morning and with a little luck, by the afternoon he'd be back to where he'd been two days ago.

I agreed it would be a good idea, but not for the same reason my unaware husband had. My entirely selfish motivation for agreeing revolved entirely around sex. Specifically, around my impending first taste of hot lesbian sex.

Brian said he didn't like leaving me alone all night, but he needed every minute he could squeeze out of day to get things back to where they should be because the owners were scheduled to come by Monday to check things out. I told him not to worry, I wouldn't be alone, that the Phone lady who had done our install was coming by after work to show me some shortcuts Mr. Saul wasn't suppose to let me know about. Brian thought it was a great idea that I'd have some company and that maybe I could even talk her into spending the night in the spare bedroom. My unsuspecting husband had no idea that scenario was already being plotted into my plans for the night, only Regina wouldn't be spending any time in the spare bedroom… not unless I was in there with her.

Brian and I made kissy goodbye noises to each other. He told me to have fun and that he'd call later to say goodnight.

* * * *

Regina arrived around 5:30, a gigantic pizza balanced waiter-like in one hand, a whickered bottle of Chianti clenched in her other fist, with a small gym bag dangling off her pinkie finger. Her lush full lips had been freshly glossed and there were smoldering coals in her dark expressive eyes. Her raven hair wasn't in a ponytail jutting out the back of a Company ball cap; it was brushed into a lustrous mane that cascaded down past her shoulders.

And she wasn't in her clunky boots and rugged Phone Company clothes this time, either. She was nicely attired in a red and black tartan skirt held closed just in front of her hipbone with a gold scarab clasp. A long-sleeved black turtleneck was painted on her upper body, and a pair of low-heeled black suede pumps set off her attire perfectly. And, the way her thumb-sized nipples seemed about to burst through the material of that too-tight turtleneck, it was pointedly obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I didn't know what kind you liked," she said as I took the precariously balanced pizza box from her and carried it to the coffee table, "so I got it half salami and sausage, half garbage-gut supreme." She smiled at my puzzled expression. "Everything but the kitchen sink."

I chuckled. "And we have our choice of wines to go with it." I nodded at the kitchen. "There's a bottle of white Zinfandel chilling in a bucket of ice on the counter." Regina went into the kitchen and returned a minute later with the bucket of chilled Zinfandel, two glasses, and the new roll of paper towels from the holder under the cupboard. "Have any trouble locating the glasses?" I asked with another chuckle.

"Nope, just had to figure out where a very pretty, petite woman would put them so they would be within easy reach, and there they were."

Regina thinking I was pretty sent a shiver down my spine. I flipped up the top of the pizza box. "Well, pick your poison," I offered and snatched a large wedge of the salami and sausage for myself. Regina opted for the garbage supreme. I reeled off half a dozen of the paper towels and handed them to her, and we both got zapped by static electricity when our fingers touched. "That was unexpected!" I yelped.

"Not on my end it wasn't," Regina said with a huge grin. "Happens to me all the time. Must be super charged, or something." She looked around room. "You and your husband have a very nice home, Faith. Warm, cozy, friendly. I live in a converted garage. Basically, one room with a partitioned bathroom. Kitchen is one of those small bar refrigerators, a double hotplate and a microwave. Don't have a husband, ether. No steady boyfriend to speak of. Couple of guys I see on and off sometimes. Neither of them knows about the other one."

Regina was prattling, making small talk about nothing in particular, and I got the distinct impression she would rather have been idly admiring something other the room's furnishings. Like petite Moi. "Why don't we take this stuff in the computer room and you can start showing me some of those shortcuts nice Mr. Saul isn't suppose to let me know about." We were both aware of what was going to happen here, and it wasn't just Regina showing me some illegal shortcuts, so I had an ulterior motive for moving the party back there.

"Interesting choice of sites," Regina commented when she saw what was on the screen. It was the homepage for one of the sites Cal had bookmarked for us; a lesbian porn site. "You ah… you come here often?"

"First time, " I answered. "Accessed it about five minutes before you arrived. You ever visit it?"

"Yes." Regina set her slab of pizza aside and sat down at the keyboard. "But there are others that are a hell of lot juicier then this one. Besides, this is a pay site and if you go past it's homepage, it's going to cost you." She began typing in an address. "I know the backdoors to some of the hottest ones, and by slipping in their unlocked backdoors, we get in for free."

I didn't bother telling her that, with the "customized" account Cal had setup for me, I had unrestricted access to virtually any porn site currently on the net. Regina was having too much fun showing me the illegal ropes. With a few more typed in codes, she had us in another site and this one was a lot hotter then one we had just left. There were no stars strategically placed on the women's bodies, no blurred body parts at this site. Hard-nippled titties were bared, wet pussy were shown with their pink lips laid back, women had their fingers, their tongues, their faces buried in steamy snatches, vibrators, dildos and realistic strapons were being feverishly worked in and out of drooling cunts and stretched assholes as Regina slowly clicked through various pages.

Without looking away from the screen, Regina asked, "Any of this doing anything for you, Faith?"

I lifted up my skirt, took her hand, placed it against my pantied pussy, and bowed my legs out. "That answer your silly question?" I asked as her fingers started to explore my crotch. If there had been any doubts about what was going to transpire between us, the wetness in the crotch of my panties put them all to rest.

Regina removed her hand and brought her moistened fingers to her nose and sniffed. "Answer enough for me." She clicked through a couple more pages as I watched over her shoulder, then stopped and looked up at me. "You wanna watch a video of this, instead of looking at stills?"

"In here?"

"No, better then those jerky streaming vids. Way better, and not that staged and choreographed professional porn, either. The real thing."

I took Regina's hand and brought it to my lips. "I think I'd like to watch the real thing," I said and licked my taste from her fingers. "With you."

She led me back into the living room and retrieved the gym bag she'd left beside the couch. She pulled out a videotape, slipped it in the VCR, then drew the heavy drapes closed across the picture window. "You might wanna lock the front door, Faith. We don't want your husband barging in on us at an inopportune moment." I explained that Brian wouldn't be home tonight and probably not until way late the following afternoon. "Then, we have all night to just ourselves." I nodded and couldn't help noticing the smoldering coals in her eyes catch fire as she looked up at the ceiling. "Thank you, Sappho!"

"The enchantress from the Isle of Lesbos," I remarked.

"And a fickled, godless bitch she can be." Regina's smile was, if possible, even more welcoming then the one I was still giving her. She glanced at the couch, then the floor, then up at me questioningly.

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