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Faithfulness and


Janine rode in the back seat of her car in silence. She had instructed her driver to head directly home, but not to hurry. Upon receiving the news her husband had died she left her lover in the hotel and came down to the car. She was wearing exactly what she wore when going to meet her lover, which was her faux fur coat, some stocking, shoes and a bit of makeup. Pretty sure the police would be at her house, she prepared herself for some uncomfortable questions. Once again she found herself cast in the worst possible light, had her husband been alive now he'd be wringing his hands in glee.

Watching her driver pull onto her street, she immediately saw a couple of news vehicles parked near the front gate to her property. She simply leaned forward and looked down as the floor as the car quickly swept into the driveway and past the reporters. Sitting up she now could see the police cars parked in front of her house.

The driver stopped near the front door and Janine, not waiting for the driver to open the door for her, opened her door and quickly walked into her house. As she stepped through the door she saw several of the household staff standing in the foyer talking to a policeman in uniform and another man in a bad fitting suit. She assumed he was also a policeman, perhaps a detective.

Willard, their butler slipped through the group and approached her, "Ms. Janine, it's good you're home, we called an ambulance when it happened, but there was nothing they could do."

"What did happen Willard?"

"Well, as you know from when you saw him this morning, he was having a good day. The nurse let him use the walker to get around. All seemed to be going fine until we heard a crash in the dining room and found him on the floor."

"So it was the fall..."

"...that killed him. That's what we suspect," the man in the bad fitting suit interrupted.

"Excuse me?" Janine said icily.

"Yes, it appears the fall killed him, your husband?"

"I'm his wife if that's what you're asking."

"Hello, I'm detective Bulack, I'm very sorry for your loss, we just need to ask a few questions, make sure any questions about his death are answered."

"Sounds like you have worked it all out," Janine replied, "so I guess you don't need anything more."

"Well actually, I ah... I'd like, ah I need to ask you some questions, like where were you when he died."

"I don't know when he died."

"Where were you when you found out he had died?" he asked.

"I wasn't wearing a watch at the time."

"You have no idea of the time?"

"Well, it was daylight."

"Right, ah why don't you tell me where you were when you found out," the officer said, in a syrupy tone.

"The Addison Hotel, Room twelve-fifteen, I came here as soon as I found out."

The man peeked down at the cleavage that was showing where her coat was slightly open and then said, "It appears you may have rushed out without all your clothes, with just your coat. Would you like us to send a car back to the hotel and get the rest of your clothes?"

"That won't be necessary, this was all I was wearing," she replied pertly.

"So you went to a five star hotel dressed in just your coat?"

"Is this case about indecent exposure? I think this coat..."

"Oh no ma'am I just have an interest in fashion," he said, smiling.

"Yes, I can see," she scoffed.

Spreading out his arms he asked, "You like it?"


"Oh no ma'am, Monkey Ward mail order."

"They've been closed for years here," she replied.

"That's what's so great about fashion, you keep it long enough and zowie, it comes back in fashion. Like your jacket, apparently someone found it fashionable. Did you meet someone at the Addison?"


"And who may I ask did you meet?"

"Well, there was this charming man in the elevator, but he made me an offer I could refuse."

"Anyone else?"

"Yes, I met Ben."

"And who is Ben?"

"My husband's brother."

"So you met your husband's brother..."


"Yes," he said, looking at his notes, "You met your husband's brother Ben wearing only a fur coat?"

"Faux fur," Janine replied.

"How's that?"

"The fur isn't real, it's faux fur."

"So you met your husband's brother Ben wearing only the faux fur coat."

"No," she said slyly.


"I wasn't wearing the coat when he arrived."

"So you didn't have the coat on for him?"

"The coat was for me."

"So when your husband died you were in a hotel room with his brother Ben, oh, naked by the way."

"Both of us."

"Both of you?"

"Naked," Janine replied.

"Ah yes, both naked. And why would you be in the room naked with your husband's naked brother Ben."


"You loved Ben?"

"I loved my husband."

"You loved your husband, but while he was dying you were with his brother?"

"He had been dying for a long time."

"You loved your dying husband, but were with his brother at this time. Why is that?"

"You wouldn't understand."

The detective glared at her, "No I probably wouldn't..."

"No one does," Janine replied with a sigh.

"No one what?"


"Try me."

"I was following instruct... ah, following a whim."

"A whim?"

"Yes, his brother called and mentioned he had a room, I went there."

"A whim?"

"A whim."

"And yes you almost said... excuse me," he said, reaching for his cell phone that had just started ringing. "Yeah, Bulack here. So before he fell? His heart? Okay, yes I'm talking to her now. Sure."

"Well Ms. Weston, the coroner indicates that your husband didn't die from the fall, it was his heart, apparently the strain of the illness and the medications, his heart just gave out."

"Then are you finished?"

"Yes, once again, I am sorry for your loss."

"Thank you, oh by the way, what was your full name?"

"Detective Bill Bulack."

"And your badge number Detective Bill?"

"Right here on the shield, eighteen forty two."

"Willard, please make a note of the officer's name and badge number. Thank you Detective Bill," she said.

"Yes ma'am," Willard replied, grabbing a pen from his pocket and jotting the information in a small pad. "Anything else ma'am?"

"Please have the driver prepare the car. I need to go to see my husband."

"He is still at the hospital I believe ma'am."

"That is fine, let them know I am coming," she replied, walking up the stairs.

"Yes ma'am."

Janine stepped into her room, let the coat fall to the floor and began crying, collapsing onto the bed. Giving into the emotion she sobbed, letting her body and mind relax for the first time since she got the news, hell for even longer than that. She let herself feel the pain in her muscles as the tension untwisted itself from her neck, her back and down her legs.

Fifteen minutes, she gave herself fifteen minutes, then she stopped crying, got up from the bed and walked into her bathroom. She washed her face, scrubbing off the makeup her tears had devastated and then started over, reconstructing herself as the staff, as Ben and as David, her dead husband would know her. Once her makeup was in place she walked toward her door, picked up her faux fur coat and put it on.

She walked down the stairs and motioned to Williard, the butler stepped outside to talk to the driver while Janine stepped into her husband's office. Sitting down at the chair behind his desk, she rolled the chair over to a throw rug under a table, Pushing the table aside, she slid the rug over and reached down and removed a small square piece of the floor. She then twirled the dial, entering the combination to the floor safe. Reaching into the safe she pulled out a stack of money, slipped a number of bills from the band and tossed the stack back into the safe. After rearranging the floor, carpet and table she rolled the chair back behind the desk and walked out of the office.

Immediately she headed out to the car and slipped into the back seat as the driver closed the door behind her. When he was back inside the car she said, "Gil, take me to the morgue at the hospital. When we arrive I want to you arrange with whoever's in charge there for me to have some time alone with my husband."

"Yes ma'am."

"Gil, understand I want to be completely alone, with no interruption. If there is any problem you can use this," she said, handing him an envelope with the cash she removed from the safe. There is enough in there to buy a lot of time, I only need twenty minutes or so, so make a good deal, but make sure I have twenty minutes."

"Yes ma'am," he replied tucking the envelope in his coat pocket.

They rode to the hospital in silence and when they arrived Janine waited in the car as the driver got out and made the arrangements she requested. Fortunately, it was getting late in the evening so there was not a lot of people in the area. She waited for Gil to return and then followed him into the hospital and down a corridor. The attendant nodded to Gil as they walked in and then he led Janine into another room.

It was very cold in the room so Janine pulled up the collar on her coat, feeling the soft fur rub the back of her neck. She watched as the attendant went to one of the drawers and pulled it out. Janine watched as he pulled back the sheet from her husband's face. Feeling a tear run down her cheek she looked up to the attendant.

"May I be alone with him now?"

The attendant nodded and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. He closed the blinds to all the windows and then accompanied Gil out into the corridor. Janine was now alone.

"You died too soon love, I wasn't able to complete the instructions you gave me. Sure, Ben and I will get married, but I must finish the task at hand first." Removing her coat, she placed it on a nearby table and stood, completely naked except for stockings and her shoes, in front of her dead husband. Glancing down she noticed how erect her nipples were.

"Oh it's cold here David, I know how you loved to see my nipples like this," she said, pulling back the sheet from his body. She winced at the large staples holding his chest together, taking the sheet and covering where they had cut him open, she moved over and climbed up onto the slab he had been placed on, straddling his thigh with her legs.

She then leaned forward, letting her breasts flatten between her body and his cold chest. Beginning to shiver she started whispering, "I was already in bed when Ben arrived. He stood in front of me and took off his clothes, when a hand was free, he would play with my breasts." As she spoke she began to move her hips, grinding her pussy against her dead husband's thigh.

"When he took off his pants, I saw the pre-cum pooled at the tip of his cock, so I dipped my tongue into it, tasting your brother. I then took his cock into my mouth while stroking the shaft. He never had the control you used to have, so I could only do that for a short time, I knew you wanted him to make me come.

"I moved my mouth off of him and then leaned back, opening my legs to him. He immediately plunged his tongue into my pussy, tasting me. I know he would tell you how he loved tasting me. In a few moments he moved to my clit, his tongue circled over it slowly driving me wild," Janine said to her dead husband, feeling herself breathing harder, in spite of the cold she felt the pleasure between her legs.

Focusing again on her story she continued, "After I came I got on my hands and knees, letting him fuck me doggie style. It felt nice feeling him slide into me and I wanted to touch my clit and make myself come while his cock was inside me, but he was too quick. He pushed his cock into me maybe four or five times and he came. I let him spurt his cum inside me, like you told me to do. It was good, but nothing, nothing like when you and I did it," she said, rising up on her hands as she ground her pussy on his thigh and came.

She immediately climbed off him and grabbed her coat wrapping it around herself. Trying to put the sheet back on him like it was before, she spent a few moments walking around her husband, noticing the mark on his head. Once she got him covered up she leaned over and kissed his head and then whispered, "While you lived I remained faithful, first to you and then, when to instructed me, to Ben, but now that you've died it all changes. From now on I will be faithful to myself. I'll marry Ben, like you wanted, but I'll be faithful only to me.

"Goodbye David, I did love you, only you."

She walked to the door and stepped into the outer office. Reaching into her purse she grabbed her cell phone and called her driver, "Gil, I am ready."

In just a few moments she heard a key unlock the door and the attendant stepped inside with Gil just behind him. Gil nodded to the attendant who headed into the back to attend to the corpse. Janine then followed her driver out to the car and when he opened the door she climbed inside.

Once Gil was inside he turned and handed the envelope to Janine saying, "It only took a couple of hundred. Either this happens a lot or he needed the money."

"Thank you Gil, you did well."

"Home ma'am?"

"Home Gil," she said.

Gil started the car and then began to drive out of the parking lot. As he drove, Janine leaned forward and said, "Gil, if you don't mind, give me your thoughts on faithfulness."

"Faithfulness ma'am?"

"Yes, just your thoughts on what it means in general and what it means to you."

Janine listened, truly listened as the driver spoke weighing all he said. It was important to her as she considered what the future would bring as she, for the first time in her life, became faithful to herself.

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