tagNonHumanFaith's Innocence

Faith's Innocence


The thick gray water slipped through his fingers, sliding over his wrists to cascade from his forearms, puddling at his feet as he worked. The day had long since given way to dusk followed closely by a moonless night. Despite this he continued working, his hands molding the shape and contour of a woman's form.

Samuel leaned back groaning slightly, the muscles tightening at the sudden movement. Brushing the hair from his forehead with his arm he closed his eyes. He knew it was late yet he was amazingly not tired, even after working like a mad man for two days. He'd gone to his art supplier yesterday morning checking to make sure the order was accurate, the clay the perfect quality he wanted for this piece. Satisfied he'd gone back home, waiting and preparing his studio so he could begin working immediately.

Faith watched, her eyes following his movements. She smiled seeing the glistening sweat covering his shoulders, blowing lightly the curtains billowed filling the room with a cooling breeze. She heart raced and her thundering pulse reached her ears when she watched his lips curl in appreciation of her cooling breath. Perched on the windowsill her knees drawn up under her chin, she watched his hands manipulating the soft clay, molding and creating the image she'd placed in his mind.

Opening his eyes he looked toward the window, seeing only the curtains fluttering in the breeze, the stark white of the fabric a dramatic contrast against the dark sky. Laughing he shook his head finding his hand caressing a slender arm he'd just sculpted. Leaning down he wet his hands before touching the firming substance, his fingers instinctively creating contoured muscles that gave the figure tone and shape his mind told him was required.

Samuel for the first time marveled at his work. He'd done no sketching beforehand at all, he felt no need to, he knew what it was he intended when he touched the cool firm substance for the first time.

He had watched while his hands built the form, his instincts true and precise. The shape began simply, the form of a woman sitting, back arched, arms braced behind her, head thrown back, one leg bent slightly and raised. The now subtle thighs parted, the form had the grace of innocence and the sensuality of a temptress.

Faith stepped behind him her presence felt only as a soft shift in the breeze. She felt a tightening in her stomach seeing his hands dripping the life giving water down over the thirsty clay. Reaching forward she gently placed her hands on the back of his following as they moved over the form she would soon take.

Smiling softly he watched his hands slip over the tender cords along the front of the throat. Stopping he felt a tingle surge through his hands as it had done from time to time while he worked, the touch exciting yet fleeting, electric yet subtle. Closing his eyes he concentrated on the sensation, he was startled when he imagined the flutter of another pulse beating in rhythm with his. Looking down he saw his fingers slipping over firming clay breasts topped with erect nipples that seemed to beg for his touch. Circling the nipple he thrilled at the perfection he'd created, the textured areola so hauntingly real.

Her silent gasp jolted her; she imagined his touch covering her body and not that of the clay form. Smiling she saw his reaction when her pulse beat along side his for a moment, the sound of the combined rhythm thundering in her ears. Looking down at him, his eyes again closed, his hands running gently over the clay as though he were a blind man testing the contours and creating a mental image deep within his mind.

Faith remembered when she'd first seen him. She had sensed his presence around her before actually seeing him. The warmth of him and the smell of him had assaulted her senses, surrounding her, making it impossible for her to resist the need to find its source. Before she could rise from the soft mossy ground under the oak tree she saw him. He was walking quietly down the path, absently stopping to look around without seeing. She felt his thoughts, marveled at his ability of reason. He had stopped directly in front of her she saw his attention shift when she stood. He couldn't see her she knew this, but her movements had filled the air with the heavy scent of moss and the crisp acidic scent of fallen leaves. When he turned, continuing down the path she waited for a moment before giving in to her building desire to follow him.

She smiled remembering the nights she sat beside him while he slept, reading his dreams laughing at some, crying at others. Unable to resist any longer she'd reached out one night caressing his brow, at her touch his thoughts faltered, she knew he'd felt her, as she continued his thoughts became hers and hers became his. Never having used her abilities for her own gain before, this time she was driven by need and desire. For the first time she found she actually wanted, no needed someone to know of her, to experience her as she experienced others.

Samuel opened his eyes watching his hands trying to physically see the glowing surge he felt traveling along his skin. His nostrils flared when he caught the scent of lavender and mossy warmth. The first time this had happened he had been confused, but had grown accustomed to its presence over the past few weeks. The scent was pure and earthy, sensual to him.

Faith grinned at his easy acceptance of her presence; leaning down she gently ran the tip of her tongue along his neck. She immediately felt his shock, stepping back quickly embarrassed at her boldness. Her heart skipped a beat while she watched his hand touch his neck, his thoughts telling her of the excitement and desire her touch had given him. Holding her breath, she watched as he leaned back his hands falling to his lap while he wondered about the tingling sensation her touch had left along his skin, boldly she stepped forward. Reaching him she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, waiting to be bombardment with his thoughts, she felt his desire building and felt a heavy emotion creeping into his mind, sadness. His confusion at these emotions had left him feeling empty at times; he thrilled when they happened yet the disappointment when they faded had increased also.

Shaken, Faith knew her path had now been set for her. Reaching up she allowed her hands to softly touch his temples, her fingers moving slowly over his face. She smiled while she watched his eyes close and he quietly slept. Stepping back she tried to calm her racing fears and confusion, battling with the desire and passion she felt as she took the next step down the path.

Samuel opened his eyes slowly, thinking he must be exhausted and hadn't realized it to drift off like that. He'd been working for days but hadn't felt the fatigue he thought he would. Leaning forward he ran his hand down the slender arm, checking the piece one last time before stretching out to get some sleep. When his hand slid down to the tiny wrist he hesitated, the clay was no longer cold, but had taken on a subtle warmth. Moving his hand to the breast, he checked the temperature concerned that it might be damaged before it completed the long drying process. The warmth was growing; he gasped feeling the blending of pulses again. Absently caressing the full up thrust breast he amazed at the texture the clay had taken on along with the growing warmth, it felt like real flesh.

The warmth and pulse grew steadily while he continued to caress the clay sculpture. Faith struggled for control of her racing senses as she slowly assumed the shape the clay had been given, his touch being returned to her for the first time. Slowly she allowed the clay to take on the form of life, her life. The hands so gently caressing were no longer touching clay, he was now caressing her.

He was mesmerized by the changes he felt and saw taking place; the more he ran his hands over the once cold firm clay they warmer and more real it became. The pulse he felt was now throughout the body, the contoured muscles rippled beneath his fingers. The shape slowly became that of a woman, not the inanimate object of clay but one who's skin gave off the vibrant soft iridescent glow of life. His hands traveled down over the flat stomach, when his fingers reached the soft folds of skin surrounding the clit he heard a soft gasp.

Looking up he saw shining eyes watching him. Startled he wanted to pull back, but mentally his passion had long since taken over. Not taking his eyes from hers he gently allowed his fingers to slip down between the slick moist pussy lips, he felt his cock stiffen uncomfortably in the tight denim of his jeans. He saw the flash of her teeth when they tugged at her bottom lip; this action and the slight flush of heat caressing her cheeks telling of her innocence yet her eyes smoldered. His hand continued, not stopping at the wetness that surrounded the tight opening of her pussy, but traveling down her inner thigh before stopping at her knee.

Reaching for her, he watched as she lifted her hand meeting his half way, their fingers intertwined gently, shyly. Looking back at her he watched her eyes brighten, she smiled at his consideration and understanding. She read his thoughts; he recognized her innocence and had changed his actions accordingly.

Faith leaned forward when his other hand reached up slipping around her neck, gently pulling her toward him. She ran her hand along his neck threading her fingers into his hair. She grinned mischievously when mentally he recognized her tingling touch. His senses raced, the electrical tingle of her caress surrounding him, he groaned seeing her grin, pulling her mouth to his he lowered his lips to hers. Placing soft kisses gently along her mouth he pulled her body toward him until she rested in his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck while her mouth opened slightly allowing his tongue to caress the softness of hers.

His mind raced tasting her, she was familiar she invoked memories. She gave him the tingle of freshly fallen snow, clean and pure, the scent of mossy and earth filled him when his hands curled into her hair holding her tightly, he explored her mouth, his tongue sliding over hers while she returned the kiss. Her hair warmed his hands, pulling back he lifted his hand spreading his fingers he combed them through the long silky mass. The rich auburn combined with bright sun drenched highlights flashed at him as it slid through his fingers. Her eyes flashed bright leaf green before lowering only to open showing him this time soft gentle amber.

Her hand slid to his shoulder and trailed gently down his chest when he threaded his hand deep into her hair pulling her back, baring her throat for his lips. His tongue traced the artery along her neck, her pulse throbbing against his mouth her taste was that of the ocean, salty then clear as crystal like that of the mountain streams he fished in as a boy. His desire was building, his cock swelled hard and throbbing for release just from her kiss and touch, groaning he bite down on her neck lightly causing her to moan.

Samuel could feel her wetness dampening his thigh, the fabric of his jeans absorbing her scent, her juices. Straightening, he lifted her, holding her cradled in his arms his mouth again found hers while she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly trustingly. Stepping around the now vacant pedestal, where he'd been working, he walked toward the shadowed bed.

The single bare bulb over his work area cast a haunting glow over the stark white sheets of the unmade bed. The comforter tossed from the bottom, sheets still tangled from his dream filled sleep from days before. Kneeling on the edge of the bed he leaned down gently laying her down afraid if he let go of her she'd vanish or he'd wake up from what he knew had to be a dream.

Faith smiled at him when he pushed back from the bed, his eyes never leaving hers, she read his uncertainty. She sat up reaching for him, slipping her hands to the waistband of his jeans helping him unbutton them, sliding them off his hips. Samuel was pleased at her boldness despite the innocence surrounding her. Kneeling beside her he watched her smile grow when he lay down beside her. She turned toward him, curling her body against his, her tingling touch surrounding him. Growling he grabbed her hands pushing her onto her back as he pulled her arms over her head. She laughed at the frenzied thoughts that filled his mind... should I? ... Shouldn't I?

Leaning over her he looked at her lips as he lower his to meet them. Her back arched brushing her full tight breasts against his chest. He moaned against her mouth feeling the hard peaks of her nipples tingling against him. She wiggled pulling her lips from his smiling when she again arched her back liking the power she had over his taunt body. The light covering of hair across his chest raked over her hardened nipples making her gasp from the contact. His gaze slid down to the nipples he had created hours before, knowing every crease and indention of her body, the textured areolas tightened further when he rubbed his body against hers.

Faith closer her eyes and shut her mind off from his, she wanted to remember everything about this night to relish the feelings coursing through her. Samuel moved against her and she felt the length of his cock slid against her thigh, the tip leaving a slick trail of wetness, shiny on her skin. Moving her thigh she pushed harder against his cock hearing his deep growl of passion causing her to giggle almost drunk with the power she had to arouse him. Watching the dark passion burning in his eyes she arched her back pushing her nipple toward his seeking mouth. She groaned loudly feeling the burning heat of his tongue dancing around the tight nipple, circling before sucking it deeply into his mouth.

He could smell her excitement, he knew if he were to slide his hand between her thighs it would be covered in the wetness that seeped from her pussy. Biting down on her nipple he tugged it gently with his teeth hearing her breathing quicken. Slipping her wrists into one hand he slid the other down her side cupping her breast lifting it to his mouth feeling her body beginning to shift under him. Feeling her moving he eased the hold on her wrists, her hand escaping to tangle in his hair holding him tighter against her breast while he suckled the tight nipples one then the other. Pulling the leather tie from his hair she felt the soft gentle brush of it caressing her skin, his mouth now ravaging her sensitive nipples.

Suddenly she pushed him back; he laughed when he saw the smile of devilment that lit her face. Moving beside him, she pushed him on to his back; reaching for him she held his arms over his head as he had hers. His laugh became a groan when her lips surrounded his tightened nipples, her teeth nipping at him, tugging as he had done to hers. Knowing she couldn't thrust her pussy against his thigh as he had his cock against her, she biting down sharply taking advantage of his surprise to slid her leg over his. Her knee resting between his thighs, slowly she kissed the abused nipple while lowering her pussy against his leg.

Samuel gasped loudly feeling the hot wetness sliding down to caress his thigh. Her thighs also damp wrapped around his leg spreading the proof of her passion over his leg. He knew he could pull his hands from her grasp when ever he wanted, but he hesitated enjoying her playfulness as she nipped his nipples again. Pushing his thigh against her pussy he felt the swollen lips slid over his leg grinding down gently while he increased the pressure against her causing her to moan when her hardened clit rubbed against him. He fought the need to pull his hands from hers, grabbing her and pulling her fully against him, grinding her pussy against his straining cock. Instead he lowered his leg causing her to look up at him before she lowered herself against him again. He saw the doubt and confusion in her eyes; unable to stand it he pulled his hands free gripping her hips, pulling her body fully against his, his mouth captured hers savagely.

Faith felt his tongue thrust in to battle with hers, their breathing at a fevered pitch as he fought for control. She lay against the length of his body, her nipples caressing his while they kissed, her hips instinctively grinding against his cock, nestled between her thighs. She felt his hand pulling her body upward, sliding her further along his body. His lips surrounded her nipples, her thighs separated to slide along his sides, her pussy dripping against his stomach. He licked his lips, he could smell the sweetness of her, his body aching to taste her, have her scent and taste embedded in his mind and soul. Gripping her hips he pulled her toward him, her eyes watching him, feeling the wetness seeping down to cover his chest with her slickness.

Samuel slipped his arms between her thighs pulling her up further. Her hesitant smile told him she was unsure of this feeling, her eyes smoldered with a passion that let him know he was in control. Looking up at her, her thighs spread wide over his shoulders she leaned back gently her weigh lightly resting on his chest. He licked his lips, craving a taste of the sweetness that covered his body now, the wetness he could smell and feel as it slipped between the swollen pussy lips making them shine in the dim light. Faith slide her hands down threaded her fingers through his hair while his hands cradled her ass pulling her slowly closer to his mouth as he looked into her burning eyes. He saw her gasp when his breath flutter across her sensitive clit, her soft moan of anticipation increased when he lifted his head gently kissing her slick pussy lips.

Her hands tightened in his hair feeling his tongue dart out dipping between the swollen lips, lapping at the dripping dew drops of moisture clinging to her. She groaned loudly when his tongue pushed its way deeper into her, his growl of hunger filling her ears, he became a beast famished.

Her juices coated his tongue filling his mouth with a rush of sweetness. Flicking his tongue over her swollen clit she ground her pussy against his mouth. Pulling his hands from her ass he slipped them between her thighs spreading her pussy open while his tongue explored every crevice of her, dipping into collect the juices that poured from her when she groaned before gently sucking her hard clit into his mouth.

Faith threw her head back and screamed when she felt the explosion taking over her body. Her heart raced, her body trembled as his mouth pulled her deeper into him. One hand slipped up her back gripping her hair arching her back while he pulled her pussy harder against his frenzied mouth, capturing every last drop of her juices. Lapping gentle over her clit as the tremors throughout her body subsided, his finger slipped into the tight opening of her pussy. Stroking into her she moaned softly pushing down against him, sudden he stopped. Samuel was stunned thinking he was wrong he again pushed gently; no he was not wrong he indeed felt the barrier protecting her innocence.

His thoughts assaulted her raging senses she felt his confusion. Looking down at him she smiled before pushing harder against him, her gasp assured him she knew the consequences of her actions. Pushing her gently to the side, he moved, kneeling at her side. Pulling her against him he kissed her sharing the wetness of her sweetness with her, covering her lips with her passion like it covered his. Lowering his head he sucked her nipple into his mouth feeling her hand come up to cradle the back of his head gently. His cock brushed her hip when he pulled her tighter against him. The slick pre cum covering his shaft as it throbbed against her, his mind racing at the knowledge of the gift she offered him, her innocence.

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