tagIncest/TabooFake Photo leads to Sex

Fake Photo leads to Sex


To say Shelly was my ex was sort of an understatement. She was my ex ten times over. I first dated her when we were both seniors in high school. She talked on and on about how horrible her father was. I listened and then she announced that I was her boyfriend. I didn't mind because she was hot. But then everyone around me told me she was crazy. Even her family told me she was crazy. My sister told me she was crazy. I didn't listen but I sure should have. As soon as we started dating her story changed from how bad her father was to how bad I was to her. So we broke up.

She went to the same college that I did. That wasn't that unusual since I was going to the huge university right there in the city not that far from the small town we'd grown up in. Most of the kids from my high school went there if they went to college at all. My ex told me that she was sorry for before and she really needed a friend and someone to talk to.

I should have known better but I gave in and we started dating. We were both now older than 18 so we started fucking too. It turned out that Shelly really liked sex. She just could not stop and she could never get enough.

But like clockwork, her stories of her father mistreating her changed to me again and this time there was the added bonus of her cheating on me. So we broke up. Then she called campus police on me and made all kinds of claims that I'd rather not repeat.

I should have learned. But I still hadn't. I got back together with her and broke up with her something like five more times. As soon as we were together she'd want to leave. As soon as I had my arm around another girl, she was right back there. She would only be happy so long as she was with someone and I was single.

The problem for her was that no one really wanted to date her. They were happy to just tap that ass and then kick her to the curb. No one else would put up with her drama.

I was in sophomore year now. I hadn't dated Shelly since right before finals freshman year. I was out. I was all the way out.

And then I found myself in my apartment with Shelly sitting on my bed talking about how much she was going to work to make the relationship happen this time. She was swearing to me up and down that she was never going to leave me again. I looked at her and wondered if this had anything to do with the fact that I'd had a very nice date recently with a history major. At any rate, there was no way I was going to get back together with crazy ass Shelly of all people.

Then again it had been six months since I'd gotten laid.

We were starting to follow our usual pattern, at least outwardly. She was talking psychobabble and wanting to kiss me while pressing her body up next to me. I was supposed to fall for it like an idiot and take her back so she could slander me to everyone again.

This time, I made it look like I was playing along but really she would be out the door as soon as I was finished. I had a duper's smile as I put her on the bed and got her clothes off of her.

Now, I'm not an idiot. I was on high alert for any std. This was Shelly who was in my bed. I didn't put anything past her. I didn't see any obvious signs of anything. I was just about to start going down on her or letting her suck my cock or just fucking her.

But then I thought, what am I fucking out of my mind. I'm not going to have sex with Shelly. Even if she doesn't have any std, she'll try to get her hooks into me again. No. No. NO.

I shut her down and asked her to leave. She protested so I lied to her. I told her I was seeing someone and she wanted the name. I told her I was protecting my girlfriend from her since she was crazy. She blew up in my face and even after I got her out of my door and everything was locked she yelled insults at me from out there for something like an hour.

The next day she came and found me while I was seated at a concrete bench in the quad. She was all smiles again and apologizing. But when I shut her down again it was yelling and insults along with her grabbing at my books and throwing them at me.

Then campus security came and she was back to all smiles again as they dragged her off this time. If any readers thought that she was just figuratively crazy, hopefully that episode will let you know that she was in fact clinically crazy. She really needed to be on meds. What kind? I don't know but some kinds of meds.

I wasn't having much luck with the ladies even when I established myself as being fully and completely free of Shelly. No woman wanted to have to put up with a crazy ex and I was known as the guy with the crazy ex. The only woman on campus who would do anything even resembling a date with me was my sister, Jamie.

Jamie was not happy with me. She pressed on me over and over again that I should have never dated that basket case in the first place. Then, once I was free of her for so many months I should have never talked to her again. I should have never let her in my apartment. I should have never let her cause a scene. Now everyone was seeing me in a negative light again and I'd likely have to wait a year or something until my image would reform enough for me to get a date.

She had a point. I hated to admit it but she had a point.

We were in a greasy spoon when she clanked her fork down on her plate.

"I'm moving in with you." she announced.

"What? You can't. Your freshman year isn't even over yet."

"I don't care. I have to keep you away from that bitch and if I have to be there to slam the door in her face for you because you're too weak to do it, then that's just what I'll have to do."

"I can handle it."

"Obviously you can't. Look, Drew, I'm tired of sticking up for you. I'm tired of all her constant drama. You're not going to fix it so I will."

"You'll get in trouble with the dean."

"Nobody checks to see if we actually live in the dorm or not. Relax."

"I don't know. With my sister there it'll be kind of hard to get a girl to come over."

"Please. You don't have anyone coming over. And you'll never have anyone coming over so long as bipolar girl keeps stalking you."

"I only have one bedroom."

"So. I'm your sister. Big deal."

"You going to sleep in my bed?"

"Why not."

"Then I'll never get a girl to sleep over and ... you know."

"Ok. The day you get a girl to come over and do that, I'll move out immediately."

"Jamie, I really don't have enough room."

"Make room. I'm moving in. That's final."

"You don't get to decide that. It's my place."

"Oh, do you pay the rent? No. Dad pays the rent. Boom."

"It's my place."

"Get a girlfriend who isn't crazy and I'll move out. Until then I'm there as your body guard."

Before a full week had passed since my sister started sleeping at my place, me under the covers and her on top, my crazy ex did in fact show up. I was trying to talk with her and reason with her through the door. My sister wasn't going to hear anything she had to say. Jamie just called the police. When the police finally showed up, Shelly had a piece of broken wood in her hands and she was trying to smash through the windshield of my car.

I should have been happy to see her in hand cuffs but I wasn't and I wasn't happy that I'd have to replace the window either. The next day Shelly's father came by to tell me that Shelly had made bail but that I shouldn't worry because there was a restraining order that should keep her away. He paid me some money so I could afford to get my car fixed and he gave me a little extra as an apology. Both my sister and I were very incredulous as to if Shelly would really respect a piece of paper.

Jamie was very angry about the car and for the next couple of days she was on high alert. If Jamie saw anyone that even sort of looked like Shelly she was ready to call the cops and maybe go start a fist fight. But, for the time being, it looked like Shelly was keeping her distance.

I don't know how it started but for some reason my sister wanted Shelly to try and come over. She wanted Shelly to violate the restraining order so her bail would be revoked. My sister started going on and on about it. From Friday to Sunday afternoon, all our conversations came back to getting Shelly locked up.

On Monday I heard a rumor that I was dating someone. That was news to me. What was going on? That night my sister fessed up and said she'd started it. She remembered what I'd told her about Shelly always wanting to insert herself into my life whenever I looked like I was really moving on. My sister was trying to trap her.

But Shelly didn't take the bait. That escalated things. By the end of the week the rumor going around campus was that I might be getting married. But Shelly still didn't take the bait. She was leaving me alone.

On Friday my sister was even trying to get me to agree to take fake wedding photos with a friend of hers. Neither I nor the friend wanted to play along with that and I let my sister know that Shelly would see through all that in an instant. When you are an epic liar like Shelly you tend to see through everyone else's bullshit really fast.

The next day Jamie had her friend over by my house and Jamie got an idea. Instead of fake wedding photos, which would look obviously staged, she wanted me and her friend to take fake sex photos. I might have been on board for that. Something like that might work. If Shelly saw something like that, she would feel compelled to come over and see if it were true. But Jamie's friend was not going to get naked with me or have photos of her taken.

So that was the end of that. That should have been the end of that.

It was Sunday and I was getting ready for my Monday classes while the game was playing on the tv. My sister came and sat next to me.

"I can edit out my face." she said.

"Excuse me?"

"We can take the pictures with me and you and then later I can just edit out my face."

"Um ... you mean fake wedding pictures?"

"No. Fake sex pictures."

"Uh, ... ha ha. Funny."

"I'm serious."

"I'm not taking fake sex pictures with my sister."

"It'll be fine. I'll just cut out my face."

"It would be weird."

"We wouldn't really be having sex. We just pose for the camera so crazy bitch shows up and we get her busted so her ass gets thrown back in jail where it belongs."

"You know she'll probably be able to tell it's you even without your face."

"No she won't. She's never seen me naked."

"Nah, this sounds like just a really bad plan."

"It's only bad if it doesn't work. If it works then I think it's worth it. Come on."

"You're ok with me seeing you naked?"

"You've seen me naked. And I've seen you. Big deal."

"Let me think about it."

"You know she's going to show back up here. Do you want her to get the drop on us or do you want to have control over things so we can have the cops waiting for her?"

She had a good point, though I would have preferred to do this sort of thing with an actual girlfriend that I could actually fuck.

My sister went into my bedroom and got naked. Then she called me in there.

Now, of course, I've never had even the slightest sexual thoughts of my sister. Never. Ever. No way. So at first it wasn't a big deal that she was standing there naked while she messed around with the settings on her camera. I didn't even get a hard on. She wasn't a naked girl to me. She was Jamie, my sister. Her large perfect breasts were not enticing. Her strong aerobic figure was not tempting me. It was just her. She was her personality not her body to me.

The pose my sister chose was for her to bend over away from the camera. I would stand behind her like I was taking her from behind then I would look back at the camera so it could see my face. We were at just enough of an angle so that the camera could see that I was with a girl but there would be no way the picture would show exactly who.

The pic got taken and my sister went to the camera to see if there was anything she needed to edit. I was still not hard. Why would I be? It was just my sister.

Jamie set up a fake phone number and then sent the picture to Shelly with the caption, "He's mine now, bitch. So stay away from him."

Shelly wasted no time in responding. "Liar. I don't believe it."

My sister responded, "Pictures don't lie."

Shelly again hit us right back. "I can see his dick hanging. You didn't really have sex. It's fake."

My sister was surprised by this. She went to the picture and looked closely. Sure enough, you could see the head of my dick just chilling.

"Fuck, that's on you." she told me.

"How is it my fault?"

"It just is." She turned to her phone and sent the message.

"We're having sex right now. His dick is amazing."

We waited for Shelly's reply. My sister sent a mean look over to me. Beep.

"Show it going in and I'll believe it."

"I hate this fucking crazy girl." my sister said. "If you ever date a fucking crazy bitch like this again I'll have you committed."

"Well, she's on to us. It's over for today."

"Wait, just a minute." My sister held my arm and then looked away like she was thinking.

"We can't use a porn pic. She loves watching porn. I think she's seen everything. She knows all the actors by name."

My sister had this funny look on her face. She looked pensive but determined. "How about you take a selfie. I got it. Hold the camera up high and I'll get down on my knees. You take a picture with your face and It'll look like I'm sucking you. I'll try to hide my face with my hair."

"It'll just look fake."

"You get your dick hard and I'll turn my face to the side so my mouth is in view. I'll put your dick against my cheek on the under side and pretend I'm sucking you."

"I don't think it'll work."

"Let's just try it and see how it looks. Ok?"


We got set up and took like twenty or so pictures like that until we got one that looked about right. We had to take so many that Jamie joked that she should just put it in her mouth for the photo. In the end we got the right shot and Jamie sent it to Shelly. We didn't hear back from her right away. We went to the window to see if she'd drive up in her green car. However, instead of driving up, she eventually sent us a text with a picture. The caption said it was from a softcore porn film and it showed the actors faking a blow job and pretty much looking the way our picture had looked.

"She's not going to fall for any of our crap." I said.

"Wait. I have one more idea."

"We've already kind of gone a bit too far, don't you think? She's staying away. I'm happy with that."

"I know what to do. Get on the bed."

"No. Enough is a enough."

"Just relax."

"No. I'm the big brother. This is my place. I say stop."

"I'm in charge of security here and I say get your naked ass on the bed. And get a hard on while you're at it."

"How am I supposed to get a hard on for my sister?"

"I don't know. Watch porn or something."

"This isn't going to work. She's not going to fall for it. She's crazy not stupid. There's a difference."

"Just remember that we're just acting, ok?"

"What are you doing?"

"Just go with it. It isn't real. We're just acting."

As my sister said that, she climbed on top of me. She positioned my dick right up to her pussy and then she paused. She held the camera and started messing with some of the settings again. Then she looked towards me.

"We just have to pretend for a moment. Just long enough to get the picture. No more. Ok?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Just trust me. Ok?"

"Uh ... ok."

As soon as I said it I felt the sensation of my sister's pussy lowering onto my dick.

"Stop. What the hell. Stop." I said.

"Wait. Don't freak out. We just need to get the picture and then it's over."

"Holy shit. What have you done?"

"Just relax. Smile and say cheese."

I tried to get into character as I was almost going to go into a panic. My sister leaned back so the camera could have a good view of the penetration. The picture she took showed the lower part of her body, my dick going into her, and then the rest of me as I put on a fake smile. I looked happy but the moment captured in the picture was one in which I was about to scream and lose my mind.

As soon as the picture was done my sister got off of me and I was so happy I was free. I was shaking and there were chills going through me as I tried to remove the aura of incest from my body. Even walking was difficult with my muscles jerking about.

Jamie looked the picture over in the computer and once she was happy she sent the picture to Shelly. The reply was immediate.

"I'll kill you."

I was still feeling super cooties when Shelly tried to drive her car into my building. She didn't succeed because she didn't understand that her tires couldn't take the curb. Her car lost all its momentum and then she was stuck.

The police were called out and from the window I saw her punching at police officers as they tried to subdue her. She so deserved it but then again, if she'd been black or a guy the police would have just shot her.

So, mission accomplished. Shelly was back in jail and she'd have to stay in jail until her court date. I was going to tell my sister she didn't need to stay there anymore but before I could say anything she just left and went back to her dorm room without saying anything.

Later that night my sister returned to my place. It turned out that her roommate had started to enjoy her new freedom and so invited her boyfriend to sleep over all the time. So Jamie had the choice of watching them have sex or coming back to my place. It was just as well. We probably needed to talk about what had happened.

The official story was that it was just acting. That's what we told ourselves. We posed for a picture, it wasn't really sex, and now it was over. It had the desired result and now there was no reason to let it affect us any more.

That was the official story but you already know that I used the word official for a reason. The official story is almost never the real and true accurate story. The true story was that I started to get a hard on the moment my sister was back. As soon as she entered the room my eyes went to her body and the memory of her pussy occupied my thoughts.

That night I couldn't sleep. Jamie was right next to me. Sure, she was on the other side of the covers, but her nearly naked body was right there. I was so horny for her I felt like dry humping the bed. I got out of bed, went to my computer, looked at porn until I was able to masturbate, and only then was I tired enough to actually get to sleep.

Monday morning we were going through our usual pattern of getting ready in the morning and the moment I saw her, I had an erection. As long as she was in the house I had an erection. It didn't matter what state of dress, or undress, she was in. Just looking at her caused this reaction in me. Even just knowing that she was in the house out of my direct line of sight caused a reaction.

I didn't feel like myself again until I was out of the house and in class. Then I could breathe. Then I felt normal. I told myself that all that was happening was the residual after shocks of the initial quake. They would go away. It wasn't real. We were just acting to get a photo.

After classes I was in the coffee shop talking some things over with some friends of mine and they were asking me who I was going to get married to. I told them it was just a rumor and I wasn't getting married to anyone. On the way home I bumped into that history major I'd dated before. She was polite to me but when I tried to see if she wanted to go out again she mentioned that she'd heard I was getting married. I let her know I was definitely not getting married but we weren't able to make any plans to see each other just then.

When I got home my sister was already in the place. I'd hoped whatever I was going through had run its course. I'd hoped that my body would have calmed down. Then I entered the living room and she was on the sofa talking on the phone.

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