tagBDSMFalcon and Domino Ch. 09

Falcon and Domino Ch. 09


As Falcon looked down from an office rooftop that Friday evening, he heard gunshots coming from a nearby factory. When he arrived there, he found a security guard being held captive by two masked gunmen. Falcon crept up on the gunmen and knocked them out with a blow to the neck. The security guard ran into his office and phoned the police. Falcon was unaware of their accomplice approaching him from behind, with a cleaver in his raised arm. He was about to strike, when a foot lunged into his midriff, and as he fell, he was struck on his neck by a hand. Falcon turned around and saw the would-be assailant lying on the ground with the cleaver next to him.

Falcon made his way deeper into the factory where he saw the full extent of the robbery. He was then confronted by four men armed with pistols. Falcon withdrew his stungun, as he contemplated which one to shoot first. He knew the odds were against him getting all four, before one shot him. Then suddenly one of the robbers fell to the floor clutching his arm, and was soon followed by a second. The odds had now changed drastically in his favour.

The two remaining robbers looked past Falcon, and when he turned around, Falcon saw another figure. The newcomer was draped in a red cape, which blew back to reveal they were wearing a bright yellow latex bodysuit incorporating a hood. Falcon could see that the figure-hugging bodysuit revealed the newcomer to be a tall, athletic woman. She was also wearing red knee-high boots and a thin utility belt. She wasn't wearing gloves, but wore a chunky red metal bracelet on each wrist.

One of the robbers raised his gun, but the woman aimed her right arm at him, and a dart shot from her bracelet, hitting him in the chest, and knocking him down. The last robber turned and ran away, leaving Falcon and the woman alone.

'Who are you?' he asked.

'I'm Raven,' she replied. 'I figured you needed help.' Before Falcon could reply, another robber appeared armed with a machine gun, and Falcon and Raven jumped behind a fork-lift truck. The robber approached them, and as he walked past a pile of crates, Raven raised her left arm and fired a dart from her bracelet. When the dart struck the crates, it exploded, sending the crates tumbling down on the robber.

Falcon and Raven were suddenly confronted by four more robbers, all holding pickaxes. Raven leaped forward and kicked the first man in the stomach, and as she landed, swivelled around and kicked the weapon from the second man's hand, before kicking him under his chin. With two down, the next man lunged at Falcon, who wrestled his weapon from him and punched him in his face, knocking him out. The last man flung his pickaxe at Raven, who fired a dart from her right arm into his chest, and he fell to the ground.

'He'll live,' she said. Suddenly the main doors opened and a SWAT team stormed into the factory. 'Time to leave,' she said, and ran towards the rear exit. Falcon ran after her and when they reached a safe distance in a nearby alley, they stopped to get their breath.

'You said you're Raven,' said Falcon. 'But I've never heard of you. And why didn't you stop to talk to the police? You helped prevent an armed robbery'

'I find it easier not to involve the police,' she replied. 'I'm here to help you. You were outnumbered back there.'

'Thanks,' he said.

'I think we'd make a great team,' she added.

'Thanks again, but I work alone,' he replied, before running off into the night.

Raven headed in the opposite direction and reached the rear of The Palace Hotel. Using a lever pick, she opened a staff door and made her way up a service stairwell to the sixth floor and entered room 66.

After running a bath, Raven removed her costume, and slid into the warm water. As she lay there, Rachel Benton reflected on her life. As a teenager, she had been a martial arts enthusiast – winning the State Junior Karate Championship at fourteen, and becoming taekwondo champion at fifteen. When she left college, Rachel joined her local police department on the West Coast, where she trained other officers in unarmed combat techniques.

Her life changed three years ago, when her partner Chris was shot and killed by a local drug dealer called Lemmy. In court Lemmy was acquitted as the prosecution couldn't produce the murder weapon. As he walked away from the court, Rachel swore to avenge Chris. It was while surfing the Internet that she discovered a costumed crimefighter called Falcon, who was based on the East Coast.

Using Falcon as her inspiration, Rachel designed her own distinctive costume, which would make her instantly recognisable. As well as being armed with her martial arts skills, she enlisted the help of her cousin, who worked in a hi-tech laboratory developing weapons for the military. He had designed a bracelet that fired small darts by using nerve impulses. Some darts carried an explosive tip, while others would cause temporary paralyses. The military had decided against using the weapon, enabling him to discreetly give her the bracelets.

The following week, Rachel donned her Raven costume and went to Lemmy's business premises. After overpowering his henchmen, she confronted him in his office. At first he laughed at her and derided her costume, which made her angry. Raven lost her temper and lashed out with a karate kick that dislocated Lemmy's knee. During the scuffle, he opened a hidden panel which revealed a gun and his crooked business records. Raven fired a dart to paralyse him, and when the police arrived, they found the gun to be the same one which killed Chris. Lemmy was re-tried and given a life sentence.

Rachel realised that Raven had been able to act in a way which Rachel never could. Raven could bend the law to catch criminals without being bound by red tape. From that day Rachel Benton had been a police detective by day, and costumed crimefighter Raven by night.

Rachel was currently on a two month secondment to assist the local police with combat training, and was staying in room 66 of The Palace Hotel. Three weeks ago, she had discovered the hotel was hosting a costumed superhero's convention. As she had her costume with her, she decided to attend for her amusement. Then amongst all the fans in fancy dress, she spotted Falcon with a blonde woman. The woman had said something to him, to make him remove his mask in public.

She had also discovered him in embarrassing predicaments on two other occasions since, and knew he was in trouble. Rachel would be returning home in a few days, and was determined to help Falcon before she left.

The following morning, Dirk Peterson met his girlfriend Sadie for brunch at his favorite diner. Sadie told him that she had handed in her resignation to her employer, in preparation for her move back to the Midwest.

'What did Mr Lansdown say?' asked Dirk.

'That he was sorry to lose me, but he wished me well. Although I know all he really cares about is getting his land cleared. I'm not surprised he offered Falcon a million dollar reward to help him.'

'I wouldn't be so sure,' said Dirk. 'I think Falcon's just a fruitcake in a costume.'

'I read in the papers that there's a new mysterious crimefighter called Raven,' she said. 'What do you know about her? Is she Falcon's new partner?'

'No. I think she wants to help him, but Falcon works alone. She's just an overzealous vigilante, albeit a very strong one.' Sadie didn't pursue this, and changed the subject.

'Have you handed in your notice yet Dirk? I want you to come with me.'

'Not yet,' he replied, and could see the look of disappointment on her face. 'But I will soon.'

After brunch, Dirk took Sadie home, and then drove to the suburbs. As he passed the neat houses with picket fences, he saw some families had even started erecting their Christmas lights in preparation for the festive season. He drove to Pilkington Lane and parked his car. He then checked his cell phone, to confirm that Domino had instructed him to go to number 1217 Pilkington Lane in plain clothes, at 2.00 pm to meet Charlotte.

As he walked up the front path, he admired the manicured lawn and shrubs. The door was opened by a woman with short blonde hair, and casually dressed in a sweater and jeans. 'Hello, you must be Dirk,' she said. 'I'm Charlotte. Please come in.' She led him into her lounge, where three other women were present. They were also wearing casual sweaters and jeans, and sipping from china teacups. 'Our meeting's running late, I'm afraid. But you're welcome to join us,' said Charlotte, as she poured Dirk a cup of tea from an ornate teapot, and offered him a cupcake. 'OK ladies. Item 7 on the Pilkington Lane Ladies Social Group agenda- The Chinese New Year buffet in January.'

'Soo Li will arrange this,' said a dark-haired woman. 'And I'll arrange the trip to the home baking convention in February.'

'Thank you Anna,' said Charlotte, before turning to a black woman. 'What about you Prudence?'

'I'll plan the embroidery contest in March,' Prudence replied.

'I've enrolled us on the jam making course in February,' said a blonde woman, in a bright pink sweater.

'Thank you Sally,' said Charlotte. The four women continued discussing their agenda for another twenty minutes, and Dirk found himself struggling to stay awake. Had Domino grown tired of humiliating him, and had resorted to punishing him through boredom? 'That just brings us to the issue of club funding.'

'I have an idea,' said Prudence. 'We could organise a yard sale to raise money. It's something we did recently at my church, and we raised over eight hundred dollars.'

'My church did something similar,' said Anna,

'Excellent,' said Charlotte. 'Then we'll arrange a yard sale, to raise money for The Kandy Klub. That's everything, so I hereby declare this meeting closed.' She turned to face Dirk, who had now become alert. 'What did you think of The Kandy Klub, Dirk?'

'The Kandy Klub?' he said, in a state of shock.

'Yes,' Charlotte replied. 'You visited us last weekend. Don't you remember? First you saw Anna, also known as Mistress Delite. Then you saw Mistress Imelda, who is Prudence.' Prudence smiled and gave him a wave. 'Then you saw Mistress Ruby, but Soo Li couldn't be here today. And finally Sally, otherwise known as the shocking pink, and very naughty, Mistress Kandy.'

Dirk looked at Sally, and could see faint traces of pink dye still in her hair. He was stunned. Three of the mistresses who had casually written on the most private part of his anatomy, were now sitting with him drinking tea, and discussing baking conventions and embroidery contests.

'Well done for winning the endurance contest last weekend,' said Sally. 'You're the first slave of mine to do so,' before offering him a tray. 'Would you like a cupcake?'

'Er. Yes, thank you,' he replied.

'I can give you my recipe if you like,' Sally added. Dirk couldn't comprehend that a woman who had jerked him off was making small talk about cupcakes. 'You must excuse us, as we have to go now. It's been nice meeting you Dirk.' Moments later, Sally, Prudence and Anna left, leaving Dirk alone with Charlotte.

'I'm sorry our meeting over-ran,' said Charlotte. 'The Pilkington Lane Ladies Social Group are usually very punctual. Anyway, we can start the session now.'


'Yes. You won the endurance contest last weekend, despite Sally's best efforts. Tradition states that the winner has a session with Mistress Lashes, which is me of course. Di explained about your medical conditional, and that you had to leave The Kandy Klub to take urgent medication. But you're here now, and we can have the session today. I've got my own dungeon here.'

'You really don't have to do this,' Dirk pleaded.

'Of course I do. Di would hate it if I didn't honour The Kandy Klub tradition. Let me tell you the rules. My dungeon is in the basement and everything is hygienically cleaned to the highest standard. Our session will be purely role play, and you must address me as "Mistress", and I will call you "Slave". As this is your first time, I will be gentle will you, but if it becomes too much, you must use the safe word which is "Paris". Finally, I do not offer any sexual services. I'm a dominatrix, not a prostitute. If you feel you're about to orgasm, you must say the safe word immediately. I keep a clean dungeon and no slave has ever ejaculated in it. It must be enjoyable for both of us, but it's only role play and nothing more.'

Charlotte led Dirk into the basement and a room with red painted walls and gothic style lights. There were various pieces of furniture scattered around, and a selection of whips and other accessories hung on the wall.

'I'll go and get changed,' said Charlotte. 'While I'm gone, I want you to undress and kneel against the wall.' Charlotte left and as Dirk stood alone, he tried to comprehend his situation. Domino was obviously using Charlotte to humiliate him further. He suspected Charlotte had no idea who Domino really was, or that he was Falcon. He knew he had to comply with her instructions and play along. He undressed and a few minutes later, heard the sound of footsteps and knew Charlotte had returned – in her persona of Mistress Lashes.

'Stand up and turn around slave,' she said. Dirk stood up and saw that Mistress Lashes was wearing a black leather body, with opaque tights and stiletto shoes. Her outfit revealed her curvaceous figure, and large breasts. She attached a leather collar around his neck and led him to a padded table, where she instructed him to lie face up, before restraining his wrists and ankles. She attached two clamps to his nipples, which caused him to cry out in pain. Mistress Lashes ignored Dirk's cry and then he remembered the safe word.

'Paris,' he yelled, and when she looked at him, he said. 'Please remove them Mistress.' She instantly removed the nipple clamps, not wanting to cause him any undue pain. She then placed a blindfold over his eyes, and started stroking his nipples with a feather tickler. She moved the tickler up to his chin before bringing it down to his stomach.

'Do you prefer that slave?' she asked 'Then you'll enjoy this,' as she moved the tickler to his cock and started to tease it. As Dirk felt the gentle strokes of the feathers, he felt himself becoming erect. Mistress Lashes removed his blindfold, and placed an electro stimulation unit beside him, before attaching two of the rings to his cock. She turned the unit on, and Dirk felt the electrical pulse running through his shaft. She gradually increased the power, and after several minutes she had him groaning in ecstasy. She then disconnected the unit and released his restraints.

Mistress Lashes ordered him to kneel before her and kiss her shoes. When he finished, she led him onto a whipping bench, and restrained his wrists and ankles. With his head facing the wall, Dirk could only look between his legs, where he saw her shoes and slender ankles standing behind him.

'Prepare to be spanked slave,' she said, as she struck his ass lightly with a paddle. Mistress Lashes continued spanking him, increasing her force, but without causing him any real pain. When she stopped, Dirk heard her footsteps walk away and then return. He looked through his legs and saw her shoes behind him, as she started spanking him lightly with a whip. Once again, she increased the force of her lashes without inflicting any significant pain. After a few minutes, she stopped and Dirk heard her walk away and her footsteps disappeared.

As he lay on the whipping bench, Dirk was aware of the eerie silence in the dungeon. Several minutes passed and then he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. When he looked through his legs, he saw a pair of black stiletto boots standing behind him. 'I thought you'd forgotten me,' he said.

He felt a hand touch his balls and then gently caress them. He quickly became erect, and sighed with pleasure. Then slender fingers were wrapped around his cock, and slowly started to stimulate him. 'Shouldn't you use your electric device to do that?' he said. When there was no reply, he looked behind again, but could only see the boots, as the angle prevented him from seeing anything higher. The hand continued to stimulate him, and he could now feel his body shuddering as he realised he was reaching an orgasm.

'Paris!' he shouted, but the hand's pace increased frantically. 'Paris, Stop please, Paris!' he called, but to no avail. He felt his body go into spasm, and knew he couldn't contain himself any longer. Dirk cried out as he came, and the hand continued to milk him until the very last drop had been pumped out of his cock.

As Dirk lay there unable to speak, he felt his flaccid cock being wiped clean with a towel, before the footsteps walked away, and he knew he was alone again. Several minutes passed, before the footsteps returned and his restraints were released. When he stood up, he saw Mistress Lashes standing before him. She was wearing the same black shoes.

'The session is now over slave,' she said, and left the dungeon. Dirk quickly got dressed, and when he went upstairs, found Charlotte had changed back into her regular clothes. 'Did you enjoy the session Dirk?' she asked.

'Er, yes. Thank you,' he stuttered.

'I would offer you more tea and cakes, but I have to go somewhere soon. I hope you don't mind.'

'Not at all,' he replied, and left the house.

When he reached his car, Dirk looked over at her house and tried to make sense of what had happened. Charlotte, in her persona as Mistress Lashes, had left the dungeon wearing shoes. Minutes later someone had entered wearing boots, and had jerked him off. One explanation was that Charlotte had changed her footwear and returned to silently milk him. Another possibility was that a second person had entered – almost certainly Domino. Dirk knew that there was also a third possibility. That Charlotte, the cupcake baking, suburban dominatrix, was really Falcon's nemesis Domino.

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