tagNovels and NovellasFall of '69 Ch. 07

Fall of '69 Ch. 07


I was lying in bed with two naked women -- one of the most common male fantasies. Why wasn't I thrilled?

I'll tell you why. I only wanted one of the women -- Becky.

Skinny Lisa was only there for entertainment purposes. But the show was over, and now she was in the way. Granted, it had been exciting to watch Becky orgasm at the hands and lips of another woman -- a truly novel experience. Now, the thrill was gone. I wanted Becky all to myself. I wanted Lisa gone. But what was the proper threesome etiquette? What would Emily Post do?

Maybe Emily would've said: Be polite, but only show affection to the woman you want to keep.

I'd try that.

Becky lay sandwiched between Lisa and I, which made my advances easier. I began by kissing Becky's face with small pecks all over.

Suffering from post-orgasmic exhaustion, it took a while for her to respond.

"How are you feeling, Beckster?"

"I'm not sure. Wasted. Satisfied. Embarrassed."

"It was fun, Honey. Don't be embarrassed." Lisa reached over and put her fingers under my nose. "Smell."

Becky's scent coated them and I smiled. "Smells delicious."

Lisa leaned over Becky, and said, "Kiss me and get a good taste."

Before I had a chance to say, 'I'd rather go to the source', she pulled me by the back of the head into a sloppy tongue twister. Becky-juice coated her lips and face. The carnal flavor whetted my Becky-appetite.

In a low, sultry voice as Lisa could muster, she asked, "Is it my turn now, Doc?"

Becky had rolled onto her back, to watch us kiss above her. She answered for me with matter-of-fact coolness, "Of course it is, Skinny."

Because I started this whole debauchery, I wasn't in a position to argue. A twinge of regret tickled the back of my brain.

Becky sat up, hugged her knees against her chest while looking at me, and said, "Someone is way over dressed" -- a bold statement coming from her.

Lisa put it bluntly. "Get naked!"

Other than wolf whistles and hoots of encouragement from Lisa, the ladies didn't offer any help, as I stood beside the bed and complied. Becky just stared and grinned.

I can't deny I was turned on. My body spoke for itself when I dropped my pants.

"Wow, Beckster, he's a hunk!"

Becky nodded her head in agreement. "I know."

I sat down and took Becky into my arms to show her how I felt, enjoying her skin against mine. But after a few seconds, she said, "Now give Lisa a hug and a kiss."

Lisa didn't wait. Aggressively, she pushed me down and lay on my chest. Her hand grabbed my cock as her lips met mine, moaning with desire.

She weighed so little, I easily rolled her over and made an excuse to leave. "Too much beer. I need to pee."

Groaning with disappointment, she reluctantly released me as I pulled away.

Becky lay on her side, watching it all with detached interest. I wondered if my last chance for loving monogamy had slipped away. The uneasy thought ran through my head, and then was quickly tripped up when Lisa slid close to Becky, saying, "Master, tell her to fool around with me until you get back."

So, we were playing the master/submissive game again, were we?

Becky's eyes grew round in surprise, but she didn't argue for or against Lisa's request, which I understood to mean, 'Whatever you say, Master.'

Thinking with my dick again, I wanted to see if Becky would obey. "Beckster, play with Lisa's tits until I return."

After a momentary hesitation and a look of vacillation, Becky silently rolled toward Lisa and rubbed the flat-chested girl's erect nipple with an index finger.

Lisa arched her back and moaned.

All of a sudden I didn't want to leave, and I was so hard I couldn't pee even if my eyes were floating.

Becky switched nipples, and said, "Hurry back, Master." Then she bent down and suckled.

Lisa gripped Becky's head to keep her there. "Take your time, Master."

I took Becky's advice and hurried.

The shopping bag with my recent purchases sat on the bathroom counter. Quickly, I pulled out the box of condoms to take back with me. I hadn't washed since Becky and I made love in the barn, so after draining the main-vein I washed it to restore the fresh, manly taste.

Rushing back into the bedroom, I said, "What'd I miss?" Not much from appearances.

Lisa complained, "She's just teasing me."

Becky stopped sucking Lisa's nipple to look at me with fiery eyes, and said, "No I'm not. Master said to play with your breasts until he returned. I obeyed his command. That's all."

"Excellent job, Beckster."

Good, I didn't miss anything, and from Becky's edgy expression, she'd been impatient for my return. Feminine pheromones filled the air, and I was drawn to the women like a bear to dripping honey pots. In fact, I think I growled as I crawled onto the bed.

Lisa now lay in the middle with Becky and me kneeling by her hips. "Take me now!"

Becky laughed. "Demanding, isn't she."

"I'd say horny." Lisa was the kind of girl I was accustomed to -- enjoying sex for the rush, the release, the sensations.

"What should we do first?"

I ran my fingers through Lisa's sparse pubic hair, and asked, "Do you want to return the favor?"

Wrinkling her nose, Becky said, "I don't know."

My index finger wormed its way between Lisa's pussy lips. I worked it back and forth, until her hips responded.

Becky's eyes were fixed on the action with no appearance of jealousy on her face, only blushing curiosity. Although this threesome was electrifying, I began to wonder if Becky would want to try other things in the future, such as another man. I wouldn't be as open to that experience as she seemed to be about sharing me with Lisa. Double standards ruled my heterosexual love life. But for now, today's pleasures were all that mattered.

Lisa bent her knees and let her legs fall apart, opening up for us. My finger glistened with Lisa-lube, and I offered it to Becky. "Taste?"

Shaking her head, she said, "You first."

Lisa reached down, grabbed Becky's wrist and pulled the inactive hand to her chest. "Please?"

Smiling briefly at Lisa, Becky toyed with the offered nipple, while returning her attention to me.

I put the damp finger in my mouth. When the taste was gone, I put the finger back for a reload, this time using both hands to spread her lips wide apart, exposing Lisa's shiny pinkness.

Once again, I offered my coated digit to Becky.

She stared at it a while, then grabbed my wrist and stuck the finger in her mouth. The suction of her lips and swirl of her tongue reminded my stiff cock it was being neglected.

"Not terrible."

Lisa laughed. "Well, that's not very flattering."

"Sorry. I'm new to all this."

Lisa rubbed Becky's thigh. "I know. And that makes it all the more exciting." I knew exactly how she felt.

"Show Beckster how it's done, Doc."

"What makes you think I know?"

Both women laughed, but Becky answered, "I know you know."

"Ooo, show me, Master!" Lisa reached down and spread her engorged pussy. The erect clitoris popped out of its cover.

I looked at Becky.

Her face was flushed. "Go on. Show me." Then she rubbed Lisa's boney hip.

How could I say no?

Positioning myself between Lisa's legs, I lay on my stomach and threaded my arms gently around her stick legs. She seemed so fragile, but she did smell good. Keeping the mood light, I said, "Women's clits are very sensitive, so I like to numb the area first."

Lisa's hips jerked when I placed the flat of my tongue against her soft pussy, and vibrated it with, "Num, num, num..." It was an old joke, but effective.

Then I twirled the stiff little nub with the tip of my tongue.

Lisa gripped the back of my head. "I like you're stubble," she said, and then ground her pussy against my bristly mouth. She'd been turned on for a while, and it wasn't long before Lisa's abdomen and hips bucked in spasms of release. When the sensations diminished she released her grip on my hair. My scalp thanked her.

Becky had been watching intently, while teasing Lisa's tits. Her face and chest were flush with arousal.

"Kiss?" I leaned toward her.

Her glance flicked from my mouth to my eyes with indecision, and then she moved in.

We kissed tenderly at first. As she grew accustomed to the other-pussy taste, Becky's lips moved passionately over mine. Her weight shift and her body move sideways, so I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

Whether on her own accord or guided by Lisa's hand, Becky had straddled Lisa's chest.

"Num, num, num," said Lisa.

Becky moaned and arched her back, planting her pussy firmly on Lisa's face.

I backed away.

Overcome, Becky closed her eyes and fell onto her elbows above Lisa's hips.

Moving off to the side, I reached over, slid two fingers into Lisa's pussy, and twiddled her clit with my thumb. When she bucked and squeaked from the pleasure, Becky peeked to see what happened. Watching through slitted eyes, she lay down closer to the action, placing her hands under Lisa's bottom. Tentatively, she softly kissed Lisa's thighs, while watching my fingers plunge in and out.

"Yes, Beckster," groaned Lisa. "I love the feel of your smooth skin after Doc's rough face."

Becky kissed Lisa just above her mons, and then moaned as Lisa continued to eat her, reminding her how delightful a woman's mouth can feel. Gradually Becky's lips moved lower, until they touched Lisa's clit. I continued to thrust my fingers in and out, while Becky experimentally probed with a pointed tongue.

Both women began to squirm, as dueling climaxes approached. I pulled my fingers out to allow Becky full access to Lisa and, with sudden rush of purpose, she covered the sodden pussy with an open mouth. Becky lost control and rubbed against Lisa's face so hard that Lisa began to struggle against suffocation. I could see her pushing Becky's hips away, but her head was locked in a vice of flexing thighs, so I came to her rescue by pulling up on Becky's ass cheeks.

When she caught her breath, Lisa laughed. "God, you horny bitch, are you trying to kill me?"

Becky turned and sheepishly said, with her pouting, glistening mouth, "Sorry."

"But what a way to go!" Lisa spread Becky open with one hand and plunged two fingers in and out. The squishy sounds and moans from Becky made my dick bounce with my heartbeat.

Lisa grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her open mouth. I got the message, and knee walked to be within range.

"Num, num, num."

Skinny was a cocksucker -- a good one. She continued to plug Becky's pussy with her fingers, while working my dick with tick-tock-suck-cock Swiss precision movements. Maybe I'd change her nickname to Heidi. Her incredible coordination made me wonder how often she'd done this ménage à trios thing. Our little skinny girl made me feel like a party animal from the petting zoo, while she was a circus animal -- a performing lioness trained with a whip and a chair. For as good as it felt, I didn't want to spend in Lisa's mouth. I wanted Becky's pussy. Becky thrust passionately against Lisa's hand, grunting with increasing urgency, which ignited a jealousy in me I hadn't felt before.

Pulling out of Lisa's mouth, I straddled her head, grabbed Becky's hips, and held them steady. My cock tip pressed in when Lisa removed her fingers.

"Oh, god." Becky put her face down on the bed between Lisa's legs as my slow penetration became overwhelming. In to the hilt, I withdrew and reentered a little quicker.

"Nice view." Lisa pushed a folded pillow underneath her head and I soon felt her tongue licking at our union.

Becky murmured, "Oh fuck... that feels good."

I laughed. "What did you say?"

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" She was slamming back against me now, in the grip of coital frenzy.

"That's what I thought you said." I pulled on her hips for added thrust. Our skin slapped together with juicy smacks.

I felt Lisa's hand on my balls and her other one appeared to be mauling Becky's swinging tits.

Becky began a shuddering climax. Her body jerked in erratic spasm around my dick, and her screams of release echoed off the walls.

My own orgasm overcame self-control, and I pounded into Becky with animal lust -- grunting like a love-sick moose.

Spent and exhausted, I pulled Becky down and rolled her onto her back. Still stiff enough to function, I re-entered, kissing and fondling her in a show of true affection.

After a quick recovery, Becky returned my kisses and moved her hips with mine. She squeezed my ass and rubbed my back, with reassuring warmth.

At some point Lisa left the room quietly, and we did not see her again until morning. Not that we missed her.

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