Fall of an Angel


"...so weak..." the dammed angel moaned. "...help me..."

"Shhh," Lilith caressed the pale blonde hair of the kneeling girl. "You've fallen..."


"...and I will help you up. But before you can rise again, you must fall all the way to the bottom. So..." The sultry demoness stood before her beaten angel, her legs slightly apart, her thick member close to Melissa's face. "Touch it, angel. Taste it."

"Yes...," came the obedient reply. The girl's hands slid up Lilith's legs, cupping her heavy, hellish ballsack, fondling them as she explored the demoness's strong, sensual body. "...so big..." Her lips brushed along the full length, dripping and slimed with pre-cum, becoming glazed with foulness as Melissa fell into the yawning pit of desire.

Lilith shivered as she felt Melissa's hands and lips on her throbbing, pulsing cock. "It is... big, and strong, virile, full of my seed," she hissed, her head back, enjoying her angel's ministrations, and the knowledge that with every passing second, Melissa moved farther from the possibility of redemption as she willingly surrendered herself, performing each depraved act of lust as ordered.

"Mmmm," the angel-girl moaned with growing lust, "tasty... delicious...."

"Yes," Lilith hissed, her hand buried in the white-gold locks. "Lick it even more... try to get it in your mouth."

Melissa didn't speak further; instead she simply moaned more, longer, her voice producing a truly amazing range of noises of animalistic pleasure. She wrapped her tongue around the shaft, licking the underside right down to Lilith's sheath, slurping the fleshy spikes lewdly, nuzzling and kissing the mighty mass of turgid muscle, then letting her tongue rove freely over the surface of the succubus's hell-spawned sack.

"Yeeessss...." Lilith growled throatily. "Suck on it... and touch my sack, hold my sack in your hands..." She tugged urgently on the girl's hair as her hips rocked forward, mashing her thick, throbbing cock against Melissa's face.

"Oooooh...." Melissa crooned in a lust-crazed voice. She shifted, her knees spreading further apart, and she smiled sensually up at Lilith as she continued handling the demon-woman's monstrous balls, hefting them in one hand, feeling the throbbing warmth of her testicles. "So much cum... so delicious..." One hand crept under the flimsy, sheer skirt as she began stroking herself, teasing where Lilith's hand had teased, and she moaned, her voice filled with dark desire. "I want to drink it all..."

"You will, pretty angel," Lilith answered, savouring each evidence of the angel's complete and utter degradation. "It will be the wine that lifts you..."

"Fill me with your cum," the fallen angel begged, her lips caressing the massive tube of flesh jutting from Lilith's groin. "I can't stop tasting it... I need to drink it all..."

"You want to drink it?" Lilith ground out as her hips bucked, her straining hell-cock fucking the air. "Over here, angel...!" Seized with lust, she gripped Melissa's collar tightly, dragging the girl, stumbling and off-balance, over to the urinal. Demonic strength fuelled her as she forced her prey back down to her knees. "Then open wide!"

"Yes, please...!" she assented eagerly.

Melissa's head bobbed hungrily, and the succubus groaned in unholy lust as she felt the angelic mouth stretching wide, the angel taking Lilith's hot, hard hell-shaft into her mouth. Lilith's knees locked as her satanic balls filled with unholy seed. "Mmmmm... so good, little angel-slut." She smiled down at the creature kneeling before her, a willing slave to her dark lust. "You like my cock now, don't you?"

Eagerly, panting with her desire, Melissa nodded and pulled her angelic mouth off the dark, hellish cock filling her face, daring to raise her eyes to meet Lilith's. "Yes, yes! I love it!" she averred fervently, her eyes shining with unholy lust. "It's so delicious!" Her tongue ran around her lips, cleaning the pre smeared over her face from the thick shaft.

Lilith moved, turning her slave, then stood with one foot braced on the urinal. "Your fall is nearly complete... then you can try to rise again..." she said, her stiff demonic cock angled downward. "Now get your throat around my cock again!" She grinned as her captive nuzzled hungrily, her sinful mouth gobbling the demoness' thick cock-pole down until Lilith's thick-lipped sheath pressed against Melissa's nose, her balls slapping against the perfect, piquant little chin.

"Oooh.... Yesss!!!! Drink deep!!!" Lilith groaned loudly as she felt her balls contracting rhythmically, beginning to pump hellish semen down the length of her demon-cock and into the angelic slut's throat and stomach. Her hips bucked as she fucked Melissa's face hard, and as more and more spunk spurted from her heavy sack, she gripped her captive's hair tightly.

Melissa, her face shining, swallowed eagerly, striving to drink every drop from the massive baby-makers swinging beneath the thick, muscled tube filling her throat. The demoness's load was far too massive for the fallen angel, though, and much of the hot, thick streamers of infernal girl-goo bubbled from Melissa's lips, running freely down her cheeks and chin, dripping onto her perfect breasts. She pulled her mouth off the thick, slimy fuck-tube, cum running down her neck, and gasped, "...so delicious... I need more... please...."

Lilith smiled, her heart bursting with pride at what she had wrought, at the complete domination and ruin she had brought to one of Heaven's host. Already she was seeing herself presenting her prize in Hell's court, receiving the special favour of His Infernal Majesty. "Are you thirsty?" she grinned as she stroked herself, aiming her spurting weapon at Melissa's face, now alight with depraved desire. She brought her leg down from its bracing position on the lip of the urinal, leaning forward, gripping Melissa's hair tightly. "Then drink deeply, Melissa-angel," she urged her as she drove herself back into the girl's mouth.

Only a supernatural being could survive the demoness's brutal assault, and while fallen, Melissa still possessed all the powers and abilities of her angelic heritage. Her mouth stretched impossibly wide as she deep-throated Lilith's wicked shaft. Lilith groaned loud and lustily as she felt her balls tightening again, pumping her hellish seed into Melissa's mouth, down her throat. Gurgling moans of wicked, sinful lust came to her ears as the former angel's mouth and throat squeezed and rippled around the thick, meaty shaft plundering its way into her, and the demoness' balls drained the last of her cock-juice into the angel's belly.

Lilith smiled down at her dominated victim, hellfire flashing in her eyes. "Now... now you will take my demonic shaft!"

"Yesss!!! I need you to take me!" she exclaimed. Her hands fumbled briefly at her flimsy top, shredded by Lilith's fangs, and ripped the remnants from her, freeing her beautiful firm breasts to sway enticingly as she knelt before the succubus. Those remnants were followed quickly by her filmy skirt, likewise ripped from her hips, exposing herself completely.

The succubus picked Melissa up, raising her easily by her collar, turned her to face the wall... and brutally thrust her mighty shaft into the angelic pussy.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" the ex-angel's scream ripped from her throat. "So big!!!" She gasped as she was bent over the urinal and Lilith's booted foot kicked hers apart, opening her thighs as her quivering, dripping sex gripped tightly around the invader suddenly plundering her. "You... you're filling me... so full...!" Her face was locked in a rictus of pleasure as she rode the monster shaft.

"Yes... I'll breed you with demon seed, angel-slut...", the demon hissed through clenched teeth. "I'll fill your heavenly little cunt with hell-spawn...!" With that, she pulled Melissa away from the wall and thrust her roughly down on the filthy floor, dropping with her as she kept her hell-cock buried, thrusting, still fucking the former angel without a break.

"Please! Take me, use me, rape me!" came the urgent, lust-crazed plea, and Lilith grinned as her triumph was complete, the angel colluding in and demanding her own degradation.

Still hard from fucking Melissa's mouth, the demoness was more than ready and willing; indeed, she would have done so anyway, regardless of Melissa's demand. She straddled the sprawled ex-angle, her tails whipping behind her, and released all control of herself. She growled through clenched teeth and gave herself completely to her hell-wrought lust, ramming herself into the former angel with brutal abandon. Her balls slapped against Melissa's ass with wet, meaty smacks, driving her fucking frenzy to even greater heights. She plastered herself against Melissa's back, her breasts warm against the shuddering body, her hips rocking, bucking, thrusting as she did exactly what Melissa had demanded and used her pussy brutally, stretching her cunt with each stroke of her powerful hell-cock.

Nothing existed anymore, for either of them; only the need to fuck, for a demoness to fill an ex-angel's cunt, pounding herself again and again with deep, powerful strokes until she felt her release upon her. Both women quaked, screaming their lust to the night, and a torrent of white, wicked semen blasted from her monstrous, massive shaft, filling her angel's womb with hell-seed, damming her irrevocably. Lilith panted and grunted, thrusting, fucking, pumping her full load of cock-juice until the excess squirted out around her shaft, spraying them both with sticky ropes, until both of them finally subsided and lay gasping on the broken-tiled floor in a spreading pool of demonic jizz.

Finally sated, Lilith pulled herself out of Melissa, heedless of the thick coating of jizz glazing her cock, balls and legs. In the frenzy of her lust she had let go of her self-changes, and her skin had reverted to its usual deep red and oily sheen, her hair once again the mass of living flame it truly was. Her boots had likewise disappeared, along with her spiked arm- and thigh-bands. Now she stood, naked, her infernal member still rampantly hard, glistening, the remnants of her seed dripping from the spade-shaped knob adorning the end of her cock, more sperm smeared over her ball-sack and legs. She smiled down at the ex-angel sprawled in the sticky puddle, legs parted, semen leaking from her gaping pussy. Slowly the girl stirred, turned... her face glowed with utter, lustful contentment and she licked her lips, smiling seductively up at the woman who had just finished plundering her cunt.

"Come, my Melissa," Lilith said, reaching a hand down to her. The dammed angel smiled wider, as her skin flushed darkly, suffusing with color until she had become as ruddy as the succubus, her skin taking on the same oily sheen. Her wings reappeared, white, but somehow now absorbing the light around them, casting a pall of darkness. Horns, shiny and black, sprouted from her forehead, pushing through her white-blonde mane of hair. She reached up, taking Lilith's hand and as she rose to her feet, the flesh of her groin crawled and rippled as a thick, meaty cock and heavy, swelling balls sprouted in front of her pussy.

"Yes, my Dark Mistress," she replied obediently.

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