tagMind ControlFall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 02

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 02


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh yesssssss!!! Fuck me Masterrrrrrr!!"

Amber screamed as James thrust his cock in and out of her tight ass. He groaned with pleasure, smiling as his sexy slut thrust herself back against him hard. He had been enjoying her body for over a week now and had been very pleased with himself. Amber was a very willing slut and seemed to take even greater pleasure in fucking him than the drug and his brainwashing of her mind would account for.

Amber loved sucking his cock and drank his hot cum down like it was the sweetest cream. She loved the feel of his hard thick shaft buried inside her cunt too, but James had been surprised at the level of her reaction to being fucked in the ass. She became like a bitch in heat, moaning and screaming in ecstacy, her asshole clamping around his cock like a velvet vice as he pumped into her. Amber would orgasm like there was no tomorrow whenever he pounded her bottom, and would then curl up against him and kiss him all over, thanking him over and over again for being such a good Master to her. He was enjoying the benefits of his revenge even more than the revenge itself.

Amber screamed again as she came, her body shaking as she collapsed beneath James. She moaned loudly as he came with her, loving the feel of his thick hot cream filling her tight hole. She smiled as he groaned and collapsed on top of her, then tilted her head back and kissed him hungrily.

"Mmmmmmm thank you Master. You are so good to me."

James smiled, thinking "If she only knew." "You're welcome my sexy slave. You've done very well and deserved a nice reward."

James was not lying to her either. Amber HAD done very well in helping him with setting up the next phase of his plan, the capture and enslavement of Jade. Jade was a lovely Japanese woman with raven black hair and small pert breasts. She was only about 5'3" but her size was deceptive. Jade had the ability to make her body harder than steel and that power, added to her unmatched martial arts skills, made her extremely dangerous. James was glad Amber was going to take her out because Jade had one other amazing ability. She did not lose consciousness and could not be knocked out, ever. Even drugged she could wipe the walls with him without breaking a sweat.

Amber called Jade and invited her over to James' home, having told her all about him over the last week, setting her up to come over. The two were friends and Jade was interested in Amber's new boyfriend. She arrived and knocked on the door, impressed by the lovely home. Amber opened the door, gave her a big hug and led her inside.

"Wait till you meet him!" she gushed.

Jade chuckled, happy that her friend had found someone she liked.

"Well, you must be Jade." a warm and pleasant voice said.

Jade turned and smiled at James. She thought he was rather average, but his smile was nice and the hug and kiss he gave Amber was very sweet.

She shook his hand and said "You have a lovely home James."

"Thank you Jade. I was lucky to get it while it was on the market."

He and Amber gave her a tour of the house, Amber practically dragging her into James' art room to show off his collection. She saw James smiling in amusement and her liking for him increased. She was soon to like him a great deal more, though she didn't know it yet.

They walked into the kitchen and James made them drinks, then they sat and chatted like old friends. James was glad to see she was at her ease. She would be completely surprised when they took her. He finished his drink and stood, then looked at Amber. The sexy slave nodded to him and stood as well.

James turned to Jade and said "I almost forgot. Amber tells me you're a high tech addict."

The lovely hero laughed and nodded.

"Well so am I. I'm also an inventor. Come see my lab."

Jade followed him, Amber walking along behind her. James reached the hidden door and opened it. Jade looked at him in surprise and he shrugged.

"Some of my equipment is very valuable and my house was burglarized once before. This just seemed like a good idea."

He opened the door and walked in, Jade and Amber following along behind him. Jade was impressed as she looked around, noting several very high tech pieces of equipment that must have cost a small fortune.


James smiled at her and she wondered at the odd look on his face. She was still wondering when Amber touched her, channeling energy through her and short-circuiting her nervous system. Jade fell to the floor, her eyes wide and her body temporarily paralyzed.

She was shocked and horrified when she heard James say "Well done my dear." and Amber's reply "Thank you Master."

James looked down into the fallen hero's eyes and smiled coldly.

"In case you're wondering, she is my slave. When I am finished with you, you will be too."

He was rewarded with a look of fear in her lovely eyes. He lifted up her limp body and laid her on his tablelike machine, not bothering with the manacles. He quickly removed her clothes, then picked up the syringe filled with the drug and injected her with it.

Jade moaned as she felt the needle, her mind working as she tried to think of a way out of her predicament. She tried to force her body to move, but Amber's energy burst had immobilized her. What had happened to make her friend this sicko's slave anyway? She was very afraid that she was going to find out. Amber smiled down at her, happy that Jade would soon be a slave. James had implanted a desire for women in her mind, and now Amber was looking forward to licking Jade's sweet looking pussy. She licked her lips and waited for her Master to claim his next slave.

Jade blinked, feeling aroused suddenly. She felt her nipples hardening and her cunt grew moist.

"Now what?" she thought.

James was watching her intently and confirmed her fears.

"You feel the effects of my drug. Soon you will be very horny and when you climax, you will be mine, just like Amber."

He leaned over and began rubbing her hard nipples. She tried not to moan, but it felt so good she couldn't help it. Her pussy throbbed with need and as James rubbed her clit his fingertip, she nearly came. Groaning and breathing deeply, she forced herself not to give in.

James smiled to himself as he watched her struggle to hold on.

"One thing's for sure," he thought, "These ladies are tough. Too bad it won't save them."

He continued to rub Jade's swollen clit, his fingers slick with her juices. He frowned as Jade continued to fight, then reached for the arm with the two vibes attached to it. He lubed them up and turned them on, then slide the first one inside her hot cunt. Jane groaned loudly, the intense pleasure of the vibe nearly overwhelming her control.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh!! Oooohhhhhhhhhh!"

She knew that if she climaxed she was doomed. Focusing her mind, she fought the urge to cum. James shook his head, then slid the second vibe up her ass. She whimpered and moaned loudly, the vibe in her butt nearly breaking her control once again. Summoning the last of her strength, she forced herself to resist cumming.

James scowled, amazed that she continued to hang on and resist. He tried to think of a way to finish her off, then glanced over at Amber and thought of an idea.

"Slut, " he growled, "come suck on her clit."

"Mmmmmmmmm yes Master."

Amber quickly moved up between Jade's thighs and began sucking on her poor friend's clit hungrily, loving the sweet taste of her and feeling her own cunt grow hot and wet. The added sensation was too much for Jade, and the lovely doomed heroine let out a cry of mingled despair and ecstacy

"Nooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm cummminggggggggg!!!!!"

The Pharmacist smiled in satisfaction as he gazed down at the panting, sweat soaked woman. He spoke to her quietly, watching Amber lovingly bathe her friend's cunt with her tongue.

"Jade, can you hear me?"

"Yes." she said softly, still breathing heavily.

"You belong to me now Jade. From now on you are my slut. You love me and live to serve me. Your mind is your own in all other ways, but you will do whatever I want you to do. Your mouth, your cunt and your asshole are to be used for my pleasure. You love Amber and any other slave I have and will love to pleasure them too. From now on, I am your Master. Do you understand?"

Jade looked into James' eyes and smiled. "Yes Master."

Amber clapped her hands and hopped off the table.

"You did it Master!"

She pressed her sexy body against him and kissed him deeply. James kissed her back and smiled.

"Yes I did. And what are we going to do with her now my pet?"

Amber laughed wickedly and licked her lips. "Mmmmmmm break her in Master?"

James laughed and nodded. "Oh yes indeed. Jade, come here and kneel before me."

The lovely Asian slid off the table and dropped to her knees in front of him. "Yes Master."

She smiled up at him, only hoping he would be pleased with her. James pulled open his robe, his cock already thick and throbbing.

"The first thing you will do in your new life is worship your Master's cock. Start sucking slut."

"Oooohhhh with pleasure Master."

Jade quickly wrapped her lips around his hard throbbing meat and began bobbing her head up and down, slurping noisily as her lips slid up and down his cock. James groaned deeply, then pulled Amber to him and kissed her deeply.

"Mmmmmmm get those clothes off my dear. Can't have you be the only...ahhhhhh one with no clothes on."

Amber giggled and quickly slid off her clothes. "Can I play with her now Master?"

James groaned and then looked down into Jade's eyes.

"Your sister wants to lick your cunt slut. Let her slide under you so she can."

Jade moaned in response, her body rising up to give Amber access to her dripping wet pussy, her hot hungry mouth never leaving her Master's wonderful cock. Amber laid down and slid on her back between her friend's thighs, then thrust her tongue deep inside her. Her hands reached up to fondle and squeeze Jade's firm ass as her long tongue explored her cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm she's delicious Master," Amber moaned out before going back to feasting on Jade's sweet sex.

Jade was moaning loudly, sending vibrations up James' hard thick rod as he continued to fuck her mouth. He thrust his hips back and forth, enjoying the sight of his ongoing revenge. One sexy crimefighter happily sucking on the hot cunt of another, while that one was now busy swallowing his cock. It was a dream come true. James slid his cock out of Jade's heavenly mouth and told both women to rise.

"Time for something else. Amber, lie on your back. Jade, it's your turn to lick your sister's cunt."

They quickly moved into position, the buxom blonde playing with her big firm tits while her new "sister" happily slurped and licked her hot wet hole. James stroked his swollen cock for a moment, watching them, then he knelt behind Jade and thrust his aching shaft deep inside her velvety walls.

"Ohhhhhhhh Master yessssssss!! Aaahhhh fuck me!!"

Jade moaned loudly between long licks of Amber's cunt. She quivered and moaned as her Master fucked her hard and deep, loving the way his hard throbbing shaft filled her pussy so completely. She nibbled and sucked on Amber's clit, looking up at her beautiful friend as she played with her rock hard nipples. Amber smiled down at her, moaning with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh that's it baby. Ahhhhh your tongue feels soooooo good!!"

James thrust harder and faster, his new slut's tight cunt squeezing his cock as he fucked her hard. He knew he was getting close and could tell both of his sexy slaves were nearing the edge as well. He smiled as he thought of an appropriate way to finish. He continued to fuck Jade as he commanded them to climax.

"Cum sluts!!"

Both women cried out and climaxed, Jade's hot nectar flowing down her thighs while Amber's hot juices coated Jade's lovely face.

James pulled his cock out of Jade's tight hole and said "Now, both of you kneel before me."

They quickly did so and James stroked his cock until he came, his thick hot cream spurting out his shaft, spraying both women's faces. He looked down into their smiling eyes.

"Now kiss sluts."

They kissed, tasting him and each other as they began licking each others' faces clean. They then quickly moved to clean his cock, licking his shaft until all of Jade's cum and his own had been removed with their soft tongues.

The Pharmacist looked down at them and grinned, then said "What do you say sluts?"

They smiled at each other, and then up at him, saying together "Thank you Master. We love you."

James laughed, imagining a day when there would be 3 more beside them and his revenge would be complete. He began to contemplate his next conquest, the gorgeous redhead Ruby.

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