tagMind ControlFall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 04

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 04


James sat in his favorite recliner, trying to think of a way to capture his latest target, the Femme Fatale known as Onyx. He frowned as he tried to think of a way around the woman's annoying powers. Onyx was a powerful telepath and she could also teleport. Given the slightest hint of trouble, she would mindscan and then disappear. That just wouldn't do at all. He scowled, irritated greatly by his inability to come up with a solution. With a quiet growl, James got up and headed upstairs. As he reached the top, his lips lifted in an amused smile as he heard moans of pleasure coming from the bedroom.

He peeked around the corner and grinned, watching his 3 lovely girls. Amber was lying on her back, Ruby on all fours between her thighs as she licked the sexy blonde's cunt. Jade was straddling Amber's face, herraven hair swaying back and forth as she rode the long tongue buried in her twat. James felt his cock rapidly growing hard at the sight of his sexy sluts playing.

"I think I've created nymphos," he thought with a grin.

He slid out of his robe and silently strode into the room. Jade saw him and started to say something, but remained silent when her Master winked and put a finger to his lips. James knelt down behind Ruby quietly, lined up the head of his cock with her dripping slit and then slid deep inside her cunt.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!" Ruby groaned loudly in surprise in pleasure, her head snapping up and around to look at him.

"Oooohhhh Master! What a way to say hello!"

She dropped down again and thrust her tongue back inside Amber's delicious pussy, pushing her hips back to drive her Master's wonderful cock deeper inside her cunt. Amber licked Jade's wet hole eagerly, enjoying the sweet taste of her nectar. The sexy blonde moaned with pleasure as her own hot wet slit was ravished by Ruby's swirling tongue. Jade ground her hips against her sister's face, quivering and moaning as her climax built.

"Ohhhhhh yes Amber!! Aaahhhh lick me baby!"

James slide his cock out of Ruby's drenched pussy and slowly pushed it inside her tight asshole. Ruby groaned in ecstacy and thrust back against him, loving the feel of the big hard dick in her butt.

"Mmmmmmmm yeah Masterrrr!!! Aaahhhh fuck my asssss!!"

The gorgeous redhead used one hand to massage her bouncing tits as she slurped and licked Amber's juicy hole. Jade came first, crying out as her hot juices poured over Amber's face. The hungrily licking blonde bathed her friend's pussy with her tongue, moaning loudly as Ruby's tongue drove her over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhh godddd ahhhhhhh!!!"

Ruby drank in Amber's tangy cum, licking her clean. She and James climaxed together, collapsing into a pile of sweaty flesh, his pulsing cock filling her ass with hot sticky cum as her own juices flowed down her thighs. James pulled her head back and kissed her deeply, his other hand mauling her sexy tits. He slid his cock out of her ass and then leaned her back against him.

"Mmmmmmmmm that was just what the doctor ordered."

The women all giggled and hugged him, exchanging kisses with him and each other.

"So Master, any new ideas?" Amber asked.

James shook his head, "No, unfortunately."

They sat and thought, coming up with nothing until Ruby grumbled, "Too bad we can't drug her somehow Master. Get her so horny that she isn't aware of anything else."

James thought about that for a moment, then nodded. "Hmmmmm I could make a liquid form of it, but how do we get her to drink it? She would sense a threat from any of us."

Jade spoke up, "Master, there may be a way around that. What if you created a surface personality in one of us? That way, that person could bring her here and she wouldn't sense that anything was wrong. We could get her to drink the drug and then she'd be horny enough that she wouldn't scan our thoughts."

James nodded and smiled, "I think that would actually work. Good thinking Jade!. You deserve a reward, so cum slut."

Jade moaned loudly as she instantly climaxed, "Aaaahhhhh thank you Masterrr mmmmmmm."

They decided to use Amber to set the trap because she and Onyx were best friends. She would arouse no suspicion. James used the drug on her a second time, leaving a surface memory that she and James were just dating and she wanted to show Onyx the house. They knew that Onyx loved orange juice, so James drugged the pitcher of it, leaving a false memory in Amber's mind that she couldn't drink it because of a muscle relaxant she was taking for a back strain. He even gave her the memory of how it happened and made her feel as if she really had strained it. Ruby and Jade had already left so they wouldn't give the trap away. James told Amber he was leaving, then snuck back in downstairs and went up to the bedroom to hide in the closet.

Onyx appeared at the front door and looked around, admiring the classic lines of the house. She gazed at it for several moments, then a wry smile appeared on her lips and she laughed softly, "Very nice. Amber caught herself a rich one. That's my girl."

She was an African woman with long black hair and a face and body that would give supermodel Tyra Banks a run for her money in the looks department. She was of medium height, with shapely legs and a firm bottom. Her breasts were full and firm, with dark aureolae and large nipples. Her skin was soft and smooth, the color of rich chocolate.

Amber opened the door and let her in, giving her a quick hug. "Heya girl! Come on in."

The two women walked into the kitchen

"Want some orange juice?"

"Sure Amber."

Amber poured her a glass of the drugged juice and then handed it to her. She put it away and then poured herself a glass of water.

"You're not having any?"

"Ohh, I'd have had some of that too, but the meds I'm on don't react well to citric acid."

Onxy looked at her friend and said, "What'd you do to yourself girl?"

Amber blushed hotly, "Ummmm, well James and I uhhh got a little ummmm gymnastic and I uhhh kind of ummmm hurt my back."

Her friend laughed at her, "Wooo damn honey! Sounds like my kind of fun!"

She grinned at the thought and was surprised as she felt herself growing moist.

"Damn, it's been awhile," she thought...not knowing it was the drug beginning to take effect.

"So, he's that good huh?"

Amber blushed again as she laughed and nodded, "VERY good!"

Onyx chuckled and wished she could say that, feeling her nipples harded as she thought of how good a big hard cock would feel buried inside of her.

Amber grinned at her, "Thinking naughty thoughts?" and she laughed as Onyx blushed.

"It's been awhile ok?"

The lovely blonde giggled, "I can tell. Good thing I'm a woman or I might have to worry," she teased.

Onyx grinned wickedly at her sexy friend, "Honey, it's been so long that you SHOULD worry!"

The idea suddenly occurred to her that she really was that horny. She looked at Amber and could see the woman's nipples hardening. She grinned and decided to take a chance, the drug in her bloodstream making her do something she wouldn't normally have considered doing.

"Like that idea huh?"

Amber blushed and nodded, then walked over and hesitantly kissed her. The two women moaned softly as the kiss deepened, their hands sliding over each others' bodies. Onxy stopped and whispered, "What about James?"

"Gone," was the reply.

"Mmmmmm good."

Amber slowly began undressing her friend, pulling her top up and over her head. The pretty blonde girl cupped Onyx's firm tits and began sucking on her dark nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmm," she moaned, holding Amber's head as she pressed her breasts against the woman's hungry mouth. Amber nibbled and sucked on her hard buds, then knelt as she slid down the sexy African's pants.

"Aaaaahhhh yesssssss!!!"

Onyx moaned loudly as Amber's tongue burrowed into her cunt. She quivered and thrust her hips forward, groaning with pleasure. Amber licked her slow and deep, enjoying the sweet taste of her friend.

"Mmmmmmmm you taste good."

She gave Onyx one last deep lick, then stood up and kissed her. "Mmmmmmm let's go upstairs."

Onyx followed followed her up the stairs, a small part of her wondering what made her want to do this. That thought was quickly submerged beneath her rising lust. She watched Amber's ass sway as they walked upstairs, licking her lips in anticipation. They walked into the bedroom and Onyx pounced on her friend, the two women giggling as Amber's clothes were quickly removed. The lusty African nibbled and sucked on her friend's nipples, her hands massaging her big firm tits. She grinned and then moved lower, nipping Amber's inner thighs before plunging her tongue deep inside her hot wet pussy.

"Aaaaahhhh goddddddd!!"

Amber cried out, running her hands over her breasts as her soaking wet hole was thoroughly licked. She bucked and moaned as Onxy nibbled and sucked on her swollen clit. Onyx flicked her tongue rapidly across Amber's clit, thrusting 2 fingers inside her cunt and sliding them in and out as she fucked her friend with them.

"Ohhhhhh I'm cumminggggggg!!!"

Amber screamed as she quickly came. She groaned and squirmed as Onyx hungrily licked her pussy clean. When she was finished, Onyx leaned back and licked her lips, enjoying her first taste of a woman's pussy. Amber pulled Onyx up to her and kissed her deeply, tasting herself on her friend's lips. She rolled the other woman onto her back, then grinned wickedly at her.

"My turn."

She moved between Onyx's thighs and began to lightly nibble and suck on her clit.

"Ohhhh baby mmmmm just like that!!" Onyx moaned, wanting more and more as her lust grew.

She ground her hips against Amber's face as the eager blonde feasted on her pussy.

"Mmmmmm yeah lick me honey!! Ooohhhh godddd that feels goooood!!"

Amber could feel she was getting close to climaxing. She reached under a pillow and pulled out a vibrator, somehow knowing there was one there. She turned it on and then pushed it deep inside the moaning woman's cunt.

Onyx arched her back and cried out, "Ohhhhh goddddd aaahhhhhhh!!!" as she orgasmed. She groaned loudly and collapsed onto the bed, gasping as the ecstacy overwhelmed her.

James heard her scream and then stepped out of the closet where he had been hiding. Amber saw him and started to say something, surprised to see him. James looked at her and said softly, "Remember slut." Amber blinked, memory returning to her as her Master moved over to Onyx.

"Can you hear me Onyx?"

"Uhhh huh," she moaned.

"You belong to me now. You are my willing and eager slut. Your mouth, your cunt and your asshole are mine to fuck anytime I desire. You love and worship me and will obey my every command. You will love your sister sluts and enjoy making love to them frequently. Your mind will remain your own in all other ways, but from now on, I am your Master. Do you understand?"

Onyx opened her eyes, then smiled at her beloved Master, "Yes Master, I understand."

She stood up and kissed him passionately, pressing her naked body against his. The lovely woman then dropped to her knees and looked up at him.

"Can I suck your cock Master?" she begged.

"Of course you may," he said.

James smiled and opened the robe he was wearing, his cock still semi-erect from listening to the two of them earlier.

"Ooohh thank you Master!"

Onyx quickly wrapped her lips around his dick and hungrily sucked, pleased when she felt her Master's big cock growing hard inside her hot mouth. James groaned with pleasure, thrusting his hips back and forth as he fucked his new slave's mouth.

"Mmmmmm that's right baby. Aaaahhh suck that cock!"

He pulled Amber to him and kissed her deeply, "Mmmmm well done slut."

"Thank you Master," she said.

James pulled his cock out of Onyx's hot mouth, then made her lie down on her back. He had Amber straddle her face to have her pussy licked, while he moved between his new slave's thighs and slid his cock deep inside of her. All three of them began moaning as they began to pleasure each other. Amber and James kissed, then he moved his lips to her succulent tits, sucking on her rock hard nipples while he pumped his swollen cock in and out of Onyx's hot juicy cunt.

Amber groaned with pleasure, cradling her Master's head as he sucked on her fat nipples, her hips grinding against her new sister's face as her pussy was invaded by Onyx's skillful tongue. The newest slut lay beneath them both, loving the taste of her friend's sweet essense and in heaven as her Master's magnificent cock fucked her senseless.

All three of them climaxed at the same time, Amber's hot juices pouring over Onyx's lovely face as her own nectar dripped down her thighs, her hot cunt flooded with her Master's thick hot cream. They groaned and slowly untangled themselves, then curled up together on the floor. They exchanged soft kisses and then dozed off, feeling sexually satisfied and happy.

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