tagSci-Fi & FantasyFallen Angel Ch. 13

Fallen Angel Ch. 13


Luciel heard a beautiful masculine voice singing.

". . . Waiting for the winter sun...and the cold light of day...."

She stirred, feeling disorientated. The last thing she recalled was...Davariel and Remuel kissing each other—Holy crap! Dava made Remu go down on me! They both made me c.... She gasped and clamped her thighs tight with a moan. Drakken was right. Davariel was losing control more and more to sate his hunger.

"I throw myself into the sea...release the wave...let it wash over me . . ."

Again, the singing drew her attention. Blinking open her eyes, she discovered herself naked on the cream-colored couch in the twins nursery. One of the balcony's glass panes was open, making the billowy cream curtains dance delicately with the tropical ocean breeze.

". . . to face the fear...I once believed...the tears of the dragon...for you and for me."

She rose, wondering if this was another one of Davariel's projected dreams, and drifted dazed to the open balcony.

The sight took her breath away.

Davariel sat reclined on a lounger. His hair draped over the back of the chair and moved like the silken curtains in the breeze. His sinewy body was relaxed, naked except for the large pillow covering his loins, upon which he'd reclined the babies' plump little bodies. They were also naked, moving their chubby legs and smiling up in adoration into their father's face.

He stopped singing and turned his head to her. She almost wanted to cry, fall to her knees and beg him to continue.

She bit her tongue instead, knowing his ability to enthrall made him uncomfortable. Still, he regarded her with those big, brilliant, blue irises. They barely glowed anymore, revealing how beautiful and rare the original color was; a shock of vibrant blue surrounded by a dark ring.

"Trying to get the boys used to your nudist ways, eh?"

His lips kicked up in a lazy smile. "They don't like clothes either. Look how happy and free they seem now." He gripped two little ankles and brought his head down to kiss their pudgy feet. They gurgled in delight, flailing tiny fists. "My love, you're too far away. Come join us."

She'd barely finished snuggling up to him when he began devouring her mouth.

"Davariel, the babes!"

"The babes will delight in seeing how much their parents love each other," he groaned against her lips. "Luci, my Luci...I love you so much it hurts."

"Oh, Dava...."

She let him kiss her, but then he stiffened and looked down.

Luciel covered her mouth trying to stifle her guffaw. Two little streams wet his muscled belly. The babies squealed in delight at their shocked father. "Oh, yeah. They definitely look free and happy now, Dava. Let's just hope they don't free anything else."


Later, that evening, Drakken returned to find Davariel trying to apologize and convince everyone to gather for dinner.

The vampire didn't ask anything, only watched in amusement. From what little he heard, it seemed as though he'd missed out on an exquisite orgy. Davariel's cambion abilities were already manifesting themselves.

"You needed to feed, Davariel. You don't see them begging their food for forgiveness when they eat," he finally drawled.

"They're my friends, not food," Davariel answered, annoyed.

Drakken laughed. He remembered an Edenian cartoon about fish that said a similar thing. "Okay, Nemo, I gottcha."

"Now you're talking weird like Luci." Davariel screwed up his face in a confused grimace.

Drakken drifted to him, stopping a breath away from his lips. He sniffed at the cambion, rolling his eyes. "Your blood becomes cleaner of the evil that polluted it. You smell like...love, Davariel. I want a sip." He dipped his head and tasted Davariel's lips. The golden beauty tasted of chocolate, champagne...and lust in its purest essence. Drakken shuddered, feeling his fangs elongate.

"Haven't you indulged enough, vampire?"

Drakken ceased licking across Davariel's lush lips at the angry sound of Luciel's voice behind them. He frowned at her for interrupting his snack. "Do you ever tire of Davariel making love to you?"

Davariel snickered.

"How could you compare-" she began.

"Because, for me feeding is more pleasurable than sex," Drakken interjected. "Even Davariel feels more alive when he feeds from the sexual energy generated by others around him. Sex is just an appetizer."

Davariel snorted this time. When they both looked at him in irritation, he merely replied in Luciel's Edenian jargon, "not!"


Luciel knew Davariel needed to feed this way as he came of age for a cambion, but seeing how he let others touch him so intimately made her feel jealous.

There were other problems arising as well. Seraphia's new high priest knew where they were. Ashriel had requested to meet with her in the Master Guardians' space station orbiting Sjoria.

She'd heard he was young, but she hadn't expected a boy as young as Abdiel. Ashriel was very impressive, though. Already, he towered over Luciel by at least a foot, and his body was more muscular than Dava's.

Luciel gave him a curt nod when she finally met him. The reaper looked like he never smiled, his handsome face wearing a perpetual scowl.

He folded his meaty arms over his chest, regarding her with keen, silver eyes. "How is Davariel?"

"In good health. Thank you." She kept her tone as cold and impersonal as his.

"And his spawn?"

Luciel gritted her teeth, reminding herself that different species of humanoids used different mannerisms of speech. "Our babies are fine."

Finally, Luciel saw emotion flash in the reaper's face. His eyes went as round as his mouth, and his wings folded straight back, as if praying. "Babies? Davariel has fathered a brood of demons?"

Luciel clenched her fists. "My babies are not demons!"

Ashriel went back to scowling. "Davariel's blood was still tainted when he mated you."

The way he said mated made her feel dirty, like a whore. "He was changing. His blood wasn't black anymore. It was red."

Ashriel took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing to tiny slits. "And what color of blood do your babies carry?"

Luciel summoned her divine sword. "What does it matter? They're just babies. I believe they're entitled to free will because they carry my blood as well."

"You can't protect them forever, Luciel. I'll be watching...closely...always. If one of them so much as goes near any of the portals to hell...."

"Don't" Luciel's words hissed through clenched teeth "threaten my boys."

"How many are there?"

"They're twins."



Ashriel buried his face in his hands and fell to his knees. "God, no. It isn't over yet then."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Ashriel's head snapped back up. "Sit, because this is going to take a long time to explain, Master Guardian."


At dinnertime, everyone made their appearance, subdued. The only ones that laughed and chatted as if nothing happened were the reapers...of course. They had no decency.

Luciel did note, however, that the wolves no longer growled at the tigers and the latter no longer hissed whenever their hands happened to touch when reaching for something on the table.

Davariel's eyes glittered with happiness as he surveyed everyone around him. He practically glowed, looking more stunning than ever before.

She couldn't help staring at him. He was an angel. A real one...and he didn't even realize it...didn't remember fully. According to Ashriel, two more were missing. Their essences were either within one of the babes, or locked away somewhere else, lost.

God had created seven angels of love; he called them his Alpha angels. Lucifer had become jealous of them and cast them down into this realm.

The first one, the youngest of the seven, he'd turned into a horrible beast, with the head and tail of a lion, the horns and body of an ox, the talons and wings of an eagle, and thousands of eyes covering her deformed body. He then tossed her far, on the very outskirts of creation, alone.

The second angel, one of the stronger ones, had sprouted wings as she fell, trying to fly back up to heaven, but she fell upon a planet and shattered her new body. A kind-hearted humanoid tended to her until she grew strong again. Instead of leaving, she chose to remain because she'd fallen in love with the man. She became the mother of the Seraphian race.

Lucifer tried to seduce the third angel. When she refused his advances, he tossed her into this realm also, cursing her to become a slave to sex by turning her into a succubus.

As she fell, the last four angels saw what happened and confronted Lucifer. He pretended that it had all been an accident and pitched a golden rope down to save her. When the last four angels began pulling their sister up, Lucifer got behind them with the excuse that he was going to tether the rope to a column. What he did was finish pushing the last four into the portal to this realm. As the five angels hurtled down, they began crashing into each other. Since they still had no physical form, their essences combined into one, and finished trapped inside the angel turned succubus.

Davariel was born of her, and, as such, one or both of her babies was an angel in disguise. And one of those missing angels would be the one to set Lucifer free—an angel, with stars for eyes and hair of gold.

That night Davariel wore some of the clothing she had purchased for him; a loose fitting tunic with billowy sleeves that fit tight on his forearms. The tunic had a deep v cut exposing his sun-kissed chest. His blond hair poured like molten gold over his broad shoulders, past his trim waist, the candlelight making the abundant white streaks in it shimmer like silver. He wore a pair of black pants that molded to his lean hips and long sinewy legs like a dream. Knee-high boots finished the look, making him look rakish and sexy as hell.

Luciel watched as he gazed at everyone, his eyes brimming with love...for all of them. This was his true nature. He was an angel of love, after all. He turned his gaze to her and his eyes smoldered. The love he felt for her was special, more intense. He smiled.

After a while, the shyness seemed to evaporate and laughter drifted into the night air, perfumed with the lush flowers that grew beyond the balconies around the glass and steel mansion. The open glass panes in the dining room let in the ocean breeze and she activated the sound system to play soothing music for their entertainment.

Remuel retrieved a few bottles of liquor and soon everyone was pawing at each other again...this time without Davariel's intervention.

The heightened sensual tension affected Davariel the same way a bleeding wound would affect Drakken and once more, he fed...until he fell, drunken with lust on Luciel.

The golden crescent moon glowed high in the star-speckled sky.

Mournful cries of babies drifted in the dead of night. Naked bodies lay strewn in various poses of intimate embrace, unmoving, for they all slept, drained of energy by the cambion's voracious appetite.

The sound of the babes crying, along with the hum of reaper wings, awakened Luciel. Davariel wasn't around...and neither were the reapers.

Her skin was crawling. Something was wrong.

She got up, pushing an unconscious naked Zakreel off her, blushing as she recalled what they'd all been doing.

Holy shit!

The ghostly memories of the orgy dissipated when a small black devil skittered into the dining hall. It stared at her with terrified yellow eyes, its claws scratching the slick shiny floor as it slid across its surface, tail whipping and wings slapping the granite as it flipped over and fled.

"Oh, my God! It's got one of the babies," she screamed in horror.

The others began to stir on the floor.

She summoned her divine sword, tearing out of the dining room, down the open corridor on the other side of the cooking gallery. She stopped just inside the gathering hall. It was empty.

Luciel was just about to run up the stairwell to her left when something caught her eye. The mirror over the fireplace looked strange. It rippled. She gasped as she saw Megdoluc looming on the other side of the liquid-like glass. There was black ash scattered over the gleaming floors of the gathering hall.

"What the hell's going on," Remuel roared running to her with Zakreel close behind.

At that moment, three flashes zipped by them, red, green, purple, going through the portal to Megdoluc. Eriel followed in close pursuit, swooping down from the third level balcony over their heads, black wings spread. Luciel barely ducked out in time. His wings could decapitate.

More fluttering. There was a loud crash from somewhere in the house. Drakken appeared at the silver railing of the second level balcony, panting. His eyes were wide with terror. He turned and disappeared in a blur.

Luciel gathered her power around herself trying to locate the babies' life force. Immediately, a raven-haired angel engaged her in battle. It appeared out of nowhere. She recognized the bastard as one of the ones that had taken pleasure torturing her Davariel.

She fought with hatred and fury firing through her veins. The androgynous faced creature only laughed in her face.

Despite her efforts, it knocked her clear across the room, letting out a high-pitched sound she'd never heard in her life. It hurt her ears. She screamed and tried to cover them, feeling blood ooze down her hands. Remuel and Zakreel fell writhing to the floor, and from the dining room came the pitiful howls and roars of the were-creatures.

A cloud of devils sailed down from the third and second level balconies into the mirror. Some of them never made it out as they crumpled into black ash, including the raven-haired angel.

There was a loud humming and rumbling, and the reapers, wielding their blades swooped down into the portal. Davariel clung to Abdiel's, and jumped off on the other side. The reaper circled and landed next to him. They were both gazing at the ground bewildered.

Luciel shook her head, dazed, looking at the blood on her hands as she heard an annoying ringing in her ears. She saw Drakken run to the mirror and leap onto the mantle.

Davariel stopped him from crossing. "Wait!" He and the reaper bent and picked up two ash-stained bundles from the ground. Davariel began to sob as he kissed each little bundle. "I'll love you forever...even beyond death...my sons." He pushed the babes into Drakken's arms saying, "You know what to do."

Drakken stepped back, dropping down from the high mantle.

Luciel scrambled to her feet screaming, "Davariel!"

Remuel's arms kept her from breaking every bone in her face as she tried to propel herself through the now solid mirror. On the other side, Davariel pressed his hands and face to the glass barrier. The wind blew tendrils of his golden hair across his face. His tear filled eyes blazed into hers. She saw his lips move. "I'll love you beyond death, my love...my Luci. Tell me you love me, again."

The image faded.

"Noooo!" Luciel screamed pounding the glass.

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