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Fallen Angels


Devanshi sat at her desk, brushing her long red hair. Her wings, folded against her back, shone in the candlelight like mirrors of pure white light, each feather seeming to reflect a pure white light. She sat humming to herself, not noticing another figure entering the room. Her startled jump told the other figure he had been well silent enough, flying through the skylight, and her gasp rang musically in his ears. She smiled, seeing his reflection in the mirror, then stuck out her tongue. "Dredekea, you know better than to sneak up on me like that," Her clear alto voice rang, as pure as child's prayer.

His low voice rumbled in her ears as he turns to survey the room. "Well, you are five minutes from being late for your work, so I felt it might be a good idea to make sure you were up and around. It seems to me that everything is in order." He turns back, to see her standing before him, her nude form glowing in the candlelight. She turned and walked over to her closet, her beautiful rear end swaying. Any mortal would be overcome with lust at the sight of her curvaceous backside, framed elegantly by snow-white wings, but Dredekea stood waiting idly as she selected her uniform for the day, a low-cut white shift, the lower hem terminating above her knees. He smiled as she walked back out, and took to flight. He followed her, his battle armor glimmering as they flew into the dawn's light.

They both flew back to Devanshi's quarters, exhausted, at the end of the day. Devanshi turned to Dredekea, who had just landed in a chair and was slumping with weariness, as she sat on her bed. "What would ever drive mortals to copulate?" She asked him, slowly stripping off her shift. "It seems to me that with all of the screaming, moaning, and profanity that they utter during the process, they would come to realize that it just isn't worth it."

Dredekea sighed as he looked to the window, the starlight glimmering like a thousand fireflies in the blackness of night. "I do not know, but it would appear that they enjoy it." He snickered as he thought. "But they are a good source of entertainment. Did you see the look on that man's face when he was kneeling behind that woman, and found two angels standing next to him. If he hadn't died by then, he would have done so." He yawned, his perfect white teeth glimmering. "Pardon me," he said. "Would it be possible for me to stay with you tonight? I do not think I have enough energy to fly back to my quarters."

"Certainly," Devanshi said, yawning herself. "My bed is quite large enough for the both of us. Make yourself at home, while I freshen up." She rose, her nipples twin points of pink on her flawless white skin. Dredekea felt his breathing quicken, but shook it off as trying not to yawn as he stripped off his body armor, and the leather tunic and pants that were beneath. He cast the covers aside as Devanshi walked back in, wearing a nearly transparent nightgown. She climbed into bed, and Dredekea wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he drew the blanket above them. Before long, both of them were snoring lightly in the bliss of slumber.

When Dredekea awoke in the middle of the night, he was astounded to find that his member was not only larger than usual, but also very hard as it pressed between the cheeks of Devanshi's ass. He shook his head, and rose to retreive a glass of water from the pitcher that sat full on Devanshi's nightstand. He poured the liquid with a trembling hand, and downed the contents before turning back to her.

Her baby blue eyes were wide open in shock as she stared at his member. Her mind was filled with the oddest sense of curiosity, wonderment, and lust as she rose. She was equally suprised to find that her thighs were very wet, and that the light red hair covering her venus's mound was plastered to her skin by the juice. She ran her fingers along the flesh of her calves, and lifted it to her nose. "What is this," she thought, as she tasted it. Clear like water, but having a subtle aroma, and slick texture against her tongue, she shook her head in wonderment.

Dredekea's eyes noticed the change as well, and he stepped towards her. He shuddered as her fingers wrapped themselves about his throbbing member, as she did when his fingers brushed the mound of flesh at the junction of her thighs. "What in the name of everything holy is this?" Devanshi whispered, running her nails along the length of the smooth shaft.

He groaned slightly, his voice matching hers as he ran his fingers along her mound. "I think, Devanshi, that it is what humans call a cock - I never did understand it, but it certainly feels like it isn't evil."

Her body quaked as his fingers brushed her engorged clit. "I think you are right, Dredekea, and that mine is what they call a pussy. I don't know why it got wet, but it feels pretty good - I wonder if any of our comrades noticed it either." Her eyes half-closed as his fingers stroked the length of her slit. "Mmm, that feels nice. Keep going..."

Devanshi's hand stroked up and down his cock. His eyes were closed, his breathing rapidly accelerating, as his fingers ran up and down her crotch, from the bottom of her slit all the way up to the top of the triangle of her pubic hair, before moving back down again. He noticed that, as his fingers moved faster, so did her hand, and the pleasurable sensations moving through his belly increased, so he started stroking her with increasing rapidity, hearing her little cries of pleasure as her hand moved up and down the length of his hard-on. She nearly screamed as his hand got moving too fast, and one of his fingers found it's way into her channel, her grip on his cock tightening and sending a wave of endorphins coursing through his blood. "Oh, please, that feels so good. Do it again..."

His heart skipped a beat as he moves his fingers back within her lithe body. The feeling was exquisite, like hot, wet velvet around his finger. He looked down at his cock, and saw Devanshi's hand a blur as she stroked it faster and faster, her breasts heaving as she gasped for air. She suddenly stopped breathing, then her voice lifted in a high squeal as her body was wracked with spasms, her pussy rippling around his invading digit like the undulating waves of the ocean. He removed his finger and cradled her close, his heart reacing in panic. "Devanshi, speak to me. Are you alright?"

Her smile was one of deep contentment as she opened her eyes. "Oh, yes, Dredekea. Much better." Her grin turned wicked as she kissed him, hard, her tongue probing into his mouth. Taken aback slightly, he nevertheless kissed her with equal lust, his tongue wrapping around hers like mating snakes. He fell atop her as they both collapsed onto the bed. Her hands released his member and clawed at his back as they kissed. "Take that cock of yours and put it inside my pussy, like we saw that man doing before we took him away today." He lifted his hips, and let her fingers guide him to the opening of her channel. He groaned as he pressed his hips forward, the bloated purple head sliding past her clinging lips, matching her soft squeal of pleasure. "Further... as far as you can. I want to feel it inside me."

He bent down to kiss her again as he moved further in, to the hilt. Her moan coursed through his body, sending electric tingles through his spine. He started to pull back, and felt her whimper in need. He pushed back in, and felt her body tense, then relax around his throbbing member. The feeling of her sucking pussy as he pulled out was exquisite, and he decided to try it again. As he thrust back inside her, he was met with Devanshi's hips rising to meet his, forcing him deeper within her. He started moving faster, her hips bucking against his, mashing her clit against his pubic bone. Her cries of ecstasy rang out through the chamber as her back arched, throwing her breasts out.

He instinctively took a rosy nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it, pulling it with his lips and teeth as he thrust harder, feeling her fire-hot pussy ripple around his invading member. Her cries became higher in pitch, and she hooked her ankles around the small of his back, forcing him even deeper into her sucking channel. Her body stiffened, then her shriek of pure pleasure reverberated around the chamber. Her cry of ecstasy, could with the rippling of her vaginal muscles around his cock, forced him over the edge, and he released a primal growl as he shot his thick white cream deep inside her small body. He bit her nipple, sending her into another orgasm as his cock shot wave after wave of warm sticky cum into her. Panting, they both fell onto the bed, her face radiating the beauty of a satisfied woman. "I guess that is why the mortals like it," she smirked, drawing him in for a long, passionate slow kiss.

He smiled as he kissed her back, thinking to himself, "this could be the start of something beautiful..."

To Be Continued...

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