tagNonHumanFallen Ch. 03

Fallen Ch. 03


I dress and leave the room, closing the door softly behind me. Sacha, Chancey's second in command, is waiting tensely in the living room. He rises to meet me.

"David and Pen...?"

"Are sleeping. Do not disturb them. They will sleep for some time."

"Are they...?"

"They are sleeping Sacha, there is no need for you to clean up. They will be fine. Let them sleep."

"Yes, My Lord."

He looks relieved and, on a whim, as he bows and turns away I take him into my arms from behind and burrow my nose into his hair. My recent sexual experiences have left me sated and I have no desire to take him. I do, however desire to taste him. I do it rarely and he is exquisite. He shudders as I bite but stands quiescent and strong as I drink, just enough to give us both pleasure.

When I withdraw, he is slightly shaky but composed. His eyes are glazed with pleasure and there is a significant bulge in his trousers.

"Thank you, My Lord," he murmurs.

"You should... take care of yourself, Sacha. You will need release and I have other arrangements to make."

"Yes, My Lord."

He is shivering. I melt at the look in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Gently, I lead him to a chair in front of the fire, and sit him down. He looks a little stunned but complies. He is absolutely obedient, which is why I like him. Releasing him from his trousers I inhale deeply at the musky sent and bring him to climax smoothly, taking my time and swallowing him greedily at the end.

While he is still high I lean forwards and kiss him. "Thank you, My Lord," he whispers enthusiastically and kisses me freely. I let him, rejoicing in something I haven't had for a while and suddenly realise I miss; affection freely given, with full awareness and true feeling. I draw my head back and stare into his eyes. He smiles uncertainly, and I raise my hand to caress his cheek.

"You are truly beautiful, Sacha."

He lowers his head shyly. "Thank you, My Lord."

"What is it that you desire most in all the world?" I whisper as I brush his lips with my thumb. They tremble under it."

"You, My Lord," he whispers huskily, making me smile.

"No, seriously Sacha, what is you greatest desire?"

He looks up at me, giving me the most direct look I have had for a long time, from a human. "You, My Lord," he repeats, and with a shock I realise that he is telling the truth.

"You love me?" Confused by my reaction he drops his chin and turns his head away. I stop him and make him look at me. "Do you?" I ask softy.

"Yes, My Lord," he whispers.

There are no words to describe what I feel in this moment as I stare into eyes that actually and truly care for me.

"I cannot return your love, Sacha."

"I know, My Lord."

"There is someone I would love. He is not what he seems, not human, not really. He is... someone I have known before, but he does not remember. Be a friend to him, Sacha. Be a true friend and although I cannot give you love I will offer you true friendship, and my bed for your pleasure as well as mine."

His eyes widen and he stares at me with an expression of disbelief.

"Don't get me wrong, Sacha, I will not tolerate envy or spitefulness again Aqua. He will be as I am one day; he will be your master too. For now he is weak and confused and he believes that he hates me. That will change, but in the meantime he needs a confidante, someone who will take care of him while he changes. I want someone to be gentle with him, to be a friend and to listen to his anger and pain without judgement. I want someone who will sleep with him and prepare him for me. Is that you, Sacha? Can you be unselfish with your love to please me?"

"Oh yes, My Lord. It would be my honour."

"Yes it is. Make no mistake, if you fail me in this, Sacha, the consequences will be dire. But if you are honest and true, you will earn a place in my family and in my heart, not as an equal but as close as any human can become."

"Yes, My Lord." His eyes are lit up with something I cannot define and which is so beautiful it makes me ache.

"Rest now and I will send him to you in a while."

I kiss him again and he responds eagerly, until I brush my fingers across his skin and my venom sends him gently to sleep. I tuck him away and drape a rug over his knees then head back to my room.

I think it's time to get back to Aqua. Have I been avoiding him? Probably. But the urge to look into those blue eyes and see the spark that is my love is unbearable now.

Chancey is sitting reading in the big red velvet chair, which he has pulled to the side of the bed. I'm impressed; that chair is heavy. He gets to his feet as I enter.

"My Lord."

I have no eyes for him. Aqua is as pale as the pillows on which he lies and, if it were not for the fact that I can hear his heart beat and smell the blood moving in his veins, I would think that he was already dead. That would not have pleased me at all.

Chancey's eyes are anxious when eventually I force mine to leave the pale beauty, so close, within my reach.

"You have done your job well, Chancey. You may leave him to me now."

"My Lord he... I fear that he is close to the edge, My Lord. If you care for him and wish him to live then I beg you let me take care of him."

"That will not be necessary, Chancey. I will take care of him myself. You will find David and Pen in the bathing room." His eyes widen for a moment. "They are asleep. Do not disturb them. Let them wake in their own time." He lets his breath out in a sigh. "And Sacha sleeps too. I wish him to have the charge of Aqua when he wakes. When Sacha is ready he may come to me, but not today."

Chancey looks curious now. I have no need to explain anything to him but I fear there may be reprisals if I do not. "I have decided that Sacha will be more... involved, with myself and Aqua. You will need to find someone else to take over his duties. I would suggest Pen, he is unusually perceptive and organised; although David shows promise too. For Hel's sake don't chose Serif or Taz."

Chancey frowns. "I don't understand, My Lord."

"You don't need to understand Chancey. I have decided to make my household more... defined and less fluid. I will need to take in some new boys but, barring accidents, none that we already have will be 'leaving'. I will have my own personal household and the rest will be deployed as needed. I will be taking nourishment from the boys, but less pleasure. That will be provided by Aqua and Sacha. That is their role. In time, Aqua will become as I and will be afforded status equal to mine, and Sacha will be our personal aide and second to us. You will retain your position as head of the general household the status of the rest of the household will be yours to decide."

Better to get a few things clear right from the start. Chancey will not like the fact that Sacha has been raised above him, but he will not challenge it, either with me or with him.

"I don't understand, My Lord, but I don't need to. It will be as you wish."

"Of course it will, Chancey. Now, you may leave."

"Yes, My Lord."

When Chancey has gone I climb onto the bed and take Aqua into my arms. He is cold. I cradle his lolling head against my shoulder and stroke the hair away from his face. It is even more beautiful now that I know the truth of the soul that lies within. Knowing what to look for, I clearly see what it was that drew me to him so strongly and strangely. He looks nothing like Astaria, not really. He is as beautiful as she is but not in a feminine way. He is a man, or at least he would have been if he had had the chance to grow for a year or two. Yet, there is something about the cast of his features that is familiar, achingly familiar.

"Oh my love," I whisper. "How could I have failed to see what was always before my eyes?"

Aqua does not stir, and I realise that Chancey was right. I have drained him too much and he is sliding towards the arms of death. If it had not been that the soul of Astaria was sustaining him, he would have been embraced by them long since; and even she could not keep him safe forever. Fool!

Raising my wrist to my lips I bite down. Not, as I usually do, sliding the fangs in with as little disruption as possible but ripping, tearing open the vein until my blood spurts over the pristine whiteness that surrounds me.

At first, when I hold my bleeding wrist to his lips he doesn't stir and the precious fluid runs from the corner of his mouth, to trickle over his chin and stain his white hair. Shifting position I tilt his head back and stroke his throat, carefully avoiding the release of enzymes into my fingers. I don't realise that I am holding my breath until I release it in a long sigh, when he swallows. His action is not by conscious design but because his body has been left no choice and acts purely on impulse.

After the first swallow there is another one and then another. Eventually he begins to suck weakly and then, gradually, with more strength.

After a time, when I know the danger is past I pull my wrist away. The blood of a vampire is not like that of a human. It does not lie in the stomach but is absorbed direct into the blood, which is why my venom works so quickly and why his diminished supply is replenished so fast. By the time I have finished his lips and cheeks are pink.

I have not given him all that he needs, as it would drain me too much, but the rest he can manage himself. I move his head back to my shoulder and settle down, watching his face. As I consume him with my eyes, his flutter and my heart skips as his eyelids rise, to give me a flash of that incredible, intense blue.

He cannot open his eyes fully. When he tries they roll. And so he settles for a heavy, drugged stare from half closed lids. I watch him steadily as he slowly blinks and a puzzled expression comes over his face.

"Who are you?" he whispers.

"A friend."

He considers for a while, then shakes his head. "No." He frowns more deeply. "You stole me."

I can't help but smile. "Stole? Yes, maybe I did."


"To be my pet."

"Yes... pet... you said..." His eyes open wider and a flash of anger lights the red flame within.

"Easy, beautiful one. That is no longer the case. You will not be my pet. You will be no one's pet."

"Then... what?" The lassitude is close to taking him, but he fights it with the same fierce determination.

"You will be my consort, take a position that has been vacant for centuries, millennia."

"No I... I will... will not."

"You will. In time, you will."

"No. You...I... don't... Don't touch me." He actually tries to rise, to push me away, but he is too weak.

"Hush now. You need to sleep. When you are stronger, we will talk."

"What's wrong... with me?"

"I asked too much of you. But, no more. You will be safe now. Safe from me. Safe from everyone."

"Safe?" he whispers as he finally succumbs.

I watch him sleep for what seems like only a short time, but in which the sun sets and then rises again. I am shocked out of my reverie by a hesitant knock on the door. I look up, slightly dazed, as Sacha enters. He looks spectacular. Clearly he has dressed carefully for me, and he is glowing.

I blink at him and his eyes widen slightly at the sight of all the blood, and the sleeping figure cradled so gently in my arms. They widen again when they see my wrist.

Stiffly, I slide out from under Aqua, and lay him gently back on the pillows. I pause to tuck the covers warmly around him and, with a last glance and stroke of his cheek, I turn reluctantly away.

"He needs to be bathed and cared for." Sacha nods. "Do not do this yourself. You are part of my personal household now. You defer only to myself and Aqua."

"Yes, My Lord. Chancey has already informed me of my new status." He says it with neither pride nor rancour, but with a light in his eyes that warms me. I pause to consider the change. I have not been warm like this for many, many years.

Smiling, with a smile that comes from the warm place inside, I walk over to Sacha and caress his face.

"I need to hunt and feed. I hope that this will be for the last time, as I intend to care for the boys under my control from now on. Some of the rooms will need... renovation. I will see to the plans when I have time. Ensure that Aqua is properly bathed and taken care of." As an afterthought I add. "Have Pen and David take care of it, and to take care of him until he is well enough to walk and then bring him here. After that he will be your charge. I will give you instructions at the time."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Tonight, I wish you to share my bed. Be here by eight and bring fine wine and good food. I shall be here no later than nine, once I have initiated the new pets." As an afterthought I run my hand over his shoulder and arm. "Wear what you are wearing now."

He lights up even more and his eyes are glowing when he whispers. "Yes, My Lord."

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