Fallen Ch. 27


Bridge and Star are so obviously 'special'; out of the ordinary, extraordinary, remarkable, superhuman even. Sacha isn't... but he is. Sacha is human. He is gentle and loving and loyal and he is the one who is going to keep our feet on the ground. I smile at him but it is Star who reacts. Reaching out he places his hand over Bridge and Sacha's and for a moment that bright light flares again.

Almost instantly Bridge's hand relaxes releasing Sacha's. He pulls it back with a cry. His hand is twisted and misshapen, a very strange colour. Star reaches out and takes the hand in his. The same soft glow appears and strengthens to a bright light between their palms. Sacha gasps and his hand twitches. When Star drops it, it is perfect.

While Sacha examines his healed hand I turn my whole attention to Bridge. He still looks the same; fragile and ill, black smudges around his eyes. His lips are parted and his breath hissing and shallow.

"Bridge," I say softly, stroking his hair. He moans and turns his head to the side, towards my voice. "Bridge, it's time to wake up now. Wake up Bridge."

Bridge shudders deeply and groans; a pathetic, helpless sound that tugs at my heart. "Bridge," Star calls gently taking his hand and lifting it to hold it in both of his and raised it to his lips. Bridge doesn't acknowledge the gesture at all. I exchange a glance with Star; we are both frowning.

"Bridge sweetheart, you need to wake up now. We have to know that what we did worked. We have to know that you're alright now. I know it's hard, little one but please try... try hard. You need to come back to us now. It's over, honey. It's all over and you're better now, please come back.

Sacha lies down and cuddles into his side and I do the same. Together we stroke his body and try to massage warmth into his cold, lifeless limbs. Star just kneels, still between his knees staring down at him helplessly. He looks exhausted.

"Bridge. Come on Bridge. It can't have been for nothing. All this just can't have been for nothing."

It is almost five minutes before Bridge stirs; apart from a few deep shivers and the occasional pathetic whimper or moan. It is the longest five minutes I have ever lived through.

Finally Bridge gives a huge shuddering sigh and coughs and then moans and tries to turn towards me. Of course he can't because of Star and he makes a strange little puzzled sound, his face settling into a frown. He smacks his lips a few times then yawns. I allow tentative tendrils of relief to creep through me and smile, thinking how cute he looks.

Stretching he blinks his eyes open and his frown deepens when he sees Star. Still frowning in confusion he turns his head first towards Sacha and then towards me.

"What's going on?" He asked sleepily and then gets even more confused when we all throw ourselves at him, hugging him and speaking at the same time. He fends us off as best he can and eventually we back off and leave him, breathless but giggling.

"How do you feel, Bridge?" I ask finally, injecting a note of seriousness into the situation again. He frowns and then his eyes widen.

"I feel different," he says carefully. "I feel..." He sighs and relaxes, closing his eyes. "I still feel tired."

"But apart from tired how do you feel?"

He lies quietly for a while, his eyes closed and then a smile twitches the corners of his mouth and spreads rapidly.

He opens his eyes and grins at me. "I'm not going to die am I?"

"Well... eventually, I suppose..."

He slaps me. "You know what I mean. Now."

"No, you're not going to die now; not for a long time."

"It's gone isn't it?"

I nod and smile. "It's gone, Bridge; it's all gone. You're well now. You're going to get stronger every day, not weaker. You're going to be alright."

"I feel it. I feel... clean."

His eyes show it; they show that he is well now; they show a new life; a new passion. I can't help myself. There is only one thing I could possibly do, I bend forward and kiss him. He responds eagerly, lifting himself off the bed to cling to me. A grinning Star moves so that Bridge can throw himself fully into my arms hooking a leg over my hip.

Sacha moves in behind Bridge, pressing his body against him making him sigh. "Are you still tired?"

"Mmm." He murmurs which, as he is holding me in a vice with his leg, pulling in my hips so he can grind himself against me, I take it as a 'no'. I relax as the last of the fear and tension leaves me and I let my hands rove over his body, feeling it shiver and tremble under me.

I close my eyes and lose myself in the sweetness of Bridge. After a few minutes his body jerks and I assume that Sacha is getting in on the game. Then I hear Sacha yelp and figure Star's not being left out either.

At some point Bridge pushes me over onto my back and his lips leave mine, travelling down over my chin and throat. I moan softly and tip my head further back to allow him better access. There is a moment of disorientation when he writhes over me and it feels as if he is sliding down but staying in the same place at the same time. When I feel his sharp little teeth nipping the skin on my belly, moving lower I work out that someone has taken his place.

Before he takes me into his mouth I hear Bridge whimper and moan and figure that he is not being left unattended while he pleasures me. I smile to myself, my body sliding into the familiar pleasure, totally relaxed, totally at peace. But then... suddenly, shockingly, unexpectedly I am catapulted into a cataclysm of sensation that takes me completely by surprise and literally steals my breath.

I can't describe it. I can't explain what's happening to me. I can't understand it. I can't... I can't. "Aaaggghhhh." I am incoherent. I try to cry out. I try to struggle, to find a foothold, some common ground, something I can cling to, but I am totally lost. I am beginning to get scared. What's happening to me? I struggle harder.

I can feel Bridge's mouth around me, someone's hands on me, something... someone... Wave after wave of sensation wash over me, each one taking my breath so my heaving chest is forced to take a gasp between. My head is expanding, my mind a whirlpool of colour, experiences and precious little thought.

Something is happening to my body, it feels as if the insides are liquidising and the shell is not big enough to hold it all. I am really afraid now and I try my hardest to fight it, but I can't.

"Ssssh." A voice whispers next to my ear. "Relax, Luma; it's alright. It's only me. Trust me."

And then it all starts again. But this time it's alright, because I know.

Star's venom is nothing like mine, his hands on my body are sparking and his teeth in my throat are sending me catapulting out of my body. I swim in an ocean of sensation, drifting past stars, colliding with planets. And the pulsing gold sun gets hotter and hotter, faster and faster... and then the whole thing explodes with fizzing fireworks, flashes of colour, sparks of gold, red and green, and when I become aware of my body it is to a racing heart, gasping breath and trembling limbs.

I lie still, hearing moans and whimpers around me and then Bridge cries out, Sacha yells and they all collapse pretty much on top of me. Winded, I lie still as Bridge squirms and starts to giggle. I open my eyes and turn my head to look at Star. He is grinning at me, his face smeared with my blood. He looks demonic, beautiful. My loins tingle but it's not comfortable. I realise that I am aching, really tooth-achingly aching in significant areas. What the hell did he do to me? Bridge giggles again... what did they do to me?

I narrow my eyes and turn my head the other way. Both Bridge and Sacha are looking at me. They are bathed with sweat and panting. The looks on their faces are nothing less than feral. I grin at them and motion with my eyes. They both nod and, as I turn towards Star, they pounce.

Star gasps as they force him backwards and then struggles half heartedly, giggling. Sacha lies half across him biting his chest and nipples and Bridge is burrowing between his legs and I don't really want to think about what, exactly he is doing to him. I stroke his hair and smile down into the amazingly blue eyes and watch them widen and glaze over as he gasps and tenses. He stares at me in shock. I don't know what the other two are doing to him but I know very well what I am doing to him.

I lean forward and lick his ear. "Payback's a bitch," I whisper, as his head slams back, his back arches and he howls.

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