tagIncest/TabooFallen Family Ch. 01

Fallen Family Ch. 01


Troy Ridgley had just returned home from a hard day at work. He was looking forward to a relaxing family vacation to mark the end of summer. His wife Aubrey and their two children, Shaun and Heather, would be taking their annual trip to Cape Cod. Shaun had just turned 20 and Heather was 21; to them these family vacations were nothing more than a week of boredom, Troy knew this was probably their last trip together so he wanted to make it memorable.

Troy was 54 years old and was an accountant. He was in relatively good shape, he worked out in a gym during the weekends. His wife Aubrey, was a little older, 57 years old but she was still a knock-out. She had a curvy body with a great set of natural boobs and a nice large bubble ass. Despite her large 38D bust and wide butt, Aubrey did not give the appearance of being fat. In fact, most of her son's friends still tried to hit on her and would always try to catch a glimpse of her when she wore a bikini or tight shirt.

Their children were equally attractive. Shaun had turned into quite a ladies' man and was extremely popular. He could not wait to return to college in the fall because it meant more opportunities to meet some hot sorority girls. Heather was built similar to her mother. She was on the short side but had very large breasts, 36D, a nice plump ass that drove the guys wild. Unlike her brother, Heather was not into school or studying; she recently flunked out of college and was stuck working in the local mall until she decided what she wanted to do with her life.

The family set off for their trip on a Monday morning. Troy always insisted on driving up north. He thought it was foolish to spend so much money flying his family up to the Cape when he could simply drive. Once the Ridgleys were on the road, things went as expected. Aubrey quickly fell asleep; Shaun was listening to his head phones and looking out the window while Heather had her eyes glued to a trashy romance novel. Troy took a quick glance at his family and thought to himself that things could not be better. Their last vacation as a family and everything was going smoothly.

Unfortunately for Troy and his family, things were about to take a disturbing turn. Troy was driving on the interstate when a beat up, dirty pick-up truck cut him off, nearly causing him to swerve into traffic. Troy cursed out loud, "Stupid truck! That guy should watch where he is going!"

Troy always had a bit of road rage in him. His loud words startled his wife and she urged Troy to relax. Aubrey pleaded with him, "Troy, honey, please. We do not know who is in that truck. It could be some lunatic. Just calm down."

Despite his wife's attempts, Troy was still angry. The driver in that truck could have caused serious harm to Troy and his family. Troy decided to speed up and tail the truck. His wife Aubrey once again pleaded with him to stop, "Troy! What are you doing? This is not going to solve anything. If you get into an accident, it will ruin our vacation. Just slow down."

Troy was in no mood, he once again raised his voice, "Aubrey, don't tell me how to drive. This guy nearly killed us. I just want to teach him a little lesson."

This little game continued on for about 5 minutes or so and then the truck suddenly stopped short in the middle of the road. Troy slammed on the breaks and his car just missed ramming into the truck. His family jerked forward in their seats, Aubrey's head narrowly missed hitting the dash board. Tom was furious. He yelled out to his family, "That son of a bitch! That's it! The next red light we stop at, I am getting out of this car and I am going to kick that guy's butt!"

Aubrey and her children were now completely silent. They knew Troy had a temper and he could only be pushed so far. It was clear that talking to him would be no use. They just hoped that whomever was in that truck would not try to harm them or Troy. As Troy sped up, the truck unexpectedly turned off on the next exit. The exit was for a rural town, about 2 hours from the Ridgley's home town. Troy was still too angry to let the truck get away so he decided to get off at the same exit. Aubrey immediately began to beg her husband to stop, "Troy, please don't do this. We have no idea who that person is. You cannot just follow him all over the place. Besides, we are only going to get lost."

But Troy would not have any of it. He was going to follow this guy and teach him a lesson, "It's no use Aubrey. Twice this guy tried to kill us. I just want to have a friendly chat with him, that is all." Aubrey and her children could literally see the sarcasm dripping off Troy's words.

Meanwhile, the driver and passenger of the truck noticed that Troy's mercedes was following them. The driver's name was Luke, a 50 year old farmer who had a rough background. He was a common criminal and had done jail time for robbery and assault. He was a nasty man and had no use for high-class snobs from the suburbs. His son, Butch, was the passenger. Butch was 25 years old and was a real chip off the old block. Butch had an attitude and would fight anyone or anything that looked at him the wrong way.

Luke looked at Troy's car in his side-view mirror and spoke to his son, "You know what? I think that asshole back there is following us. I guess he does not like my driving. How about we have some fun with him?"

Butch liked the sound of his father's idea. He knew what his father had in mind and definitely wanted to do it. Luke sped up and decided to drive home. Troy had no idea where the truck was going but he was determined to follow it. After several minutes, the truck turned into a dirt driveway leading up to beat up, old house that looked more like a shack. Troy pulled up behind the truck and got out of his car screaming, "Hey mister! Do you have any idea of how to drive? You almost killed us back there!"

Luke and his son slowly got out of the truck, laughing and snickering. Troy took one look at the two men and realized he may have made a big mistake. Luke sneered as he looked at Troy, "Is that so? Well what are you going to do about it?"

Troy knew this man was dangerous and he began to regret his decision. He decided it was best to just take his family and leave Luke alone, "I just wanted to tell you to be more careful next time. I do not want any trouble. I am leaving now."

But Luke noticed Troy's busty wife and beautiful daughter in the car, he realized he had a chance to make this family do whatever he wanted. He laughed as he spoke to Troy, "Oh no. No, no, no. Sorry sir but you are not going anywhere. You are trespassing on my property and I need to teach you a lesson." Luke started coming closer to Troy. His wife and kids looked on in a state of fear. His son, Shaun wanted to get out and help his father but Aubrey would not let him leave the car.

Troy once again tried to reason with the man, "Look, what is it you want? Is it money? I have enough of that, let me give you some to make up for the trouble and I will be on my way." Troy began to sweat and became very nervous as he realized that Luke and his son had a look of hate in their eyes.

For the first time, Butch spoke up, "Sorry sir but we do not want your money. We want to teach you some manners. You just cannot go on people's property without permission."

Troy decided to make a run for his car but Luke had other ideas. He grabbed Troy's shirt and spun him to the ground. Troy hit the driveway hard and was momentarily stunned. Luke barked out orders to Troy and his family, "Now, it looks like I am in control here. Everyone just do what I say and you can get out of here alive. Any funny business and I have no problems blowing your brains out!"

With that, Luke gave Troy a quick kick to the stomach. Troy started coughing and struggled to catch his breath. He realized he was in deep trouble.

Luke opened the door of the Troy's car and spoke to his family again, "Everyone out of the car. You have no choice. Daddy over there is not stupid, he will not try to help you. Everybody out."

Aubrey was terrified but she would not let this man harm her children. She mustered up enough courage to speak, "Look, I will do whatever you want but just leave my children alone. Let them stay here and I will come with you."

Aubrey's pleading only caused Luke to laugh harder, "Sorry lady but that is not an option. All of you are getting out of this car and going into my house. If you do not want to, I will go get my shot-gun!"

Tears began to roll down Aubrey's face. She hated Troy for following this dirty man. She wished her husband would have listened to her just one time. Aubrey realized she had no choice. Her husband was too scared to help and her son Shaun would be no match for these two men. She got out of the car, followed by her daughter and son.

Butch began to size up the Ridgley family, "Wow Pops! Look at those titties. Looks like we found ourselves some busty women! We are going to have fun tonight!" Aubrey grabbed hold of her daughter and held her tight. She was not going to let either of these men touch her children.

Troy was still on the ground. He heard the way Luke and Butch spoke to his family. He wanted to help them but he was injured. He was certain Luke had broken a rib, it was a struggle for him to even breathe. He lay there in pain, wishing he could take his family away from these men.

Meanwhile, Shaun stood in front of his mother and sister. He vowed to himself that he would protect them at all costs. He spoke to Luke, "You leave us alone or you will pay! You hear me! Leave us alone!" Luke simply laughed at him. Shaun was in good shape but he was no match for either Luke or his son.

Luke walked up to Shaun and looked him right in the eye before speaking to him, "Listen boy, if you try anything, you will be the one who is sorry. You hear me? I am not playing with you people!" Shaun could smell the alcohol on Luke's breath. Luke's eyes were burning with hatred; Shaun began to fear the worst. Just then, Luke punched Shaun in the stomach causing him to fall to the ground.

Aubrey rushed to her son's side and screamed at Luke, "You animal! What do you want from us! Just let us go!"

Luke's plan was beginning to take shape, he spoke to Aubrey in a low tone, "It's simple. I want the four of you to come into my beautiful home and do as I say. If you do, you can go home. If you do not, well...let me say that it will not be pretty."

Aubrey decided she had to do what was right for her family. She saw the way Luke hurt Troy and Shaun. She thought it was best to not anger this man anymore and just do what he wanted. Maybe he would let them go if they did not cause any more trouble. Aubrey spoke out in a defiant tone, "Ok, we will go with you but you promise that no one else gets hurt?"

Luke smiled and responded, "You have my word. No violence if you do what I say."

With that, Aubrey and Heather followed Luke and Butch into the beat up house. Troy was led in the house by his daughter Heather. Aubrey helped up her son and he gingerly walked in as well.

The house was an absolute mess. It smelled awful. There was trash and dirty dishes all around the floor. The furniture was falling apart and there was no sign of a television or telephone. The house was also dark and dingy, no lights or open windows. Aubrey and Heather began to fear the worst.

Luke once again took control of the situation, "Ok, here is the deal. Mom and Daughter, I want you to stand next to me and I want the two men to stand across the way. Remember, do what I say or I get my gun out." Aubrey and Heather lowered their heads and did as the man said. Troy and Shaun did as well. They were being closely watched by Butch, any move to escape or save Aubrey and Heather would be met with certain violence.

Aubrey and Heather were now standing next to Luke. He gave another order, "Ok, now I want you two ladies to take off your clothes."

Aubrey could not believe her ears. She was not about to get naked in front of her own children. Aubrey was a proud woman. In fact, Troy was the only man she had ever slept with. She would not degrade herself like this. She lashed out at Luke, "Not a chance, you pig! My daugther and I will not do it!"

Luke was not concerned. He knew Aubrey would listen to him, he spoke to her again, "Well, then, I guess me and Butch could take your son and husband outside and show them our rifles up close!" Aubrey did not know what to do. She honestly believed Luke would harm Troy and Shaun. He looked like he did not care about anyone. She was not ready to risk her family. She thought it was best to just take off her clothes and suffer the humiliation.

Aubrey went first. She took off her white t-shirt and linen shorts. There she was in her white bra and panties. Aubrey's boobs were massive. It looked like her tits were about to spill out of her 38D cups. Despite her attempts to stay in shape, Aubrey had developed a little bit of a belly over the years. Her large plump ass was also on display. She blushed as she noticed her son Shaun look up at her large breasts and plump stomach. Shaun tried to look away, he felt ashamed.

Luke was not satisfied, "Sorry Mom but you are not done yet. Lose the bra and panties or I will take sonny boy outside and teach him a lesson."

Aubrey was dejected but she was under Luke's control. She cared too much about her family to risk having them hurt or even killed. She undid her bra clasp and removed it. Her breasts were massive. Aubrey always wore supportive bras to make her boobs look perky but once she took the bra off, her breasts were quite fat and saggy. They dropped down to her naval. Shaun looked on in awe. His mom's tits were the biggest he had ever seen. Aubrey was humiliated. Her aereolas were 6 inches wide and colored a light pink. Her son and husband saw everything. She wanted to die.

Next up was her underwear. Aubrey pulled them out from under he plump ass and brought them down around her ankles. Her face was now bright red as she was blushing. Luke could not believe his eyes, "DAMN lady! Don't you know what a razor is!"

The truth was, Aubrey had not shaved her pubic hair in years. Her and Troy had not had sex very often lately, so she did not think there was a reason to trim her pubics. Her pubic hair was a mess, it ran up to the bottom of her naval and along her thighs. Shaun and Heather could not believe their eyes. Aubrey fell to the ground in tears, completely humiliated. Her boobs hung on her stomach as she cried.

Luke loved it, "Looks like the rich bitch is not so tough anymore! You are up next girl! You better take off your clothes like mommy!" Heather was not about to disobey this man. She feared for her life. She took off her t-shirt and denim shorts. Like her mother, her boobs looked ready to spill out of her bra. She was quite busty and like her mom, had a fat ass. She was blushing as she took off her bra. Shaun could not believe it! His little sister was as big as his mom! Despite her age, Heather's boobs were also quite saggy and they hung low on her stomach. Her aereolas were also massive. She could not understand why her brother and father seemed to stare at her boobs. Next, she took off her underwear. She did tend to shave her pubic region but had not done so in a few weeks. While she was hairy, she was not anywhere near as bad as her mother. She lowered her head and stood in silence.

Luke admired the young girl's body, "I must say, you have some nice fat tits, just like your mom's. I sure do like that hairy pussy!" Heather wanted to die. Luke walked up to Butch and whispered something in his ear.

When Luke returned to the center of the room, he gave a shocking command. "Ok, ladies and gentleman. My son, Butch is just dying to fuck that big tit girl over there and I say he is going to. If anyone tries to stop it, I will literally kill you!"

Heather began to scream and cry hysterically. The thought of Butch inside her made her sick. Troy had seen enough. He was not going to let this pervert rape his daughter. He shouted at Luke, "You bastard! You are going to pay!" Troy lunged at Luke but Luke simply stepped out of the way causing Troy to hit the floor with a thud. Troy lay on the ground, he was injured and could no longer save anyone.

Aubrey pleaded with the man one more time, "Please. Take me. Leave Heather alone!"

Luke simply mocked the lady, "Sorry but Butch does not want a flabby bitch like you. He wants some fresh meat!" Luke and Butch laughed hysterically. Aubrey simply began to cry again and looked away, she would not watch this.

Shaun looked on in horror. He wanted to save his sister but did not know what to do. Luke glanced over at Shaun and decided to give him a warning, "Listen boy, you even think about being a hero and you will be sorry!" Shaun knew he was hopeless. He went to a corner of the room and lowered his head in disgust.

Butch took Heather and placed her on a chair in the center of the room. Heather was sobbing now but she knew this was going to happen. Butch took one of her fat, saggy tits and brought it to his mouth. He began to suck on her massive aereolas and nipples. Heather closed her eyes. She was disgusted. This animal was sucking on her tits in front of her family. She wanted to die. But after several minutes of her having her boobs sucked on, her body began to betray her. She tried with all her might to resist but her nipples were becoming hard. Butch began to tongue her boobs faster and harder. Heather's breathing picked up. She could not believe this was happening. After a while, Heather began to lose control of her body, "mmmph, mmmph, oh, oh, oh!" No one could believe it. This big-tittied bitch was getting off on this! Butch sensed it and decided to push her over the top. He bit down hard on her nipple and sucked on it like a baby boy breastfeeding. Heather had reached her breaking point, "OH! Oh my, oh, oh, ahhhhhh."

Luke and Butch simply laughed at the poor girl. She was no match for Butch, he made her like it. Aubrey and Troy were disgusted. How could Heather have liked that! Butch was not done. Heather was putting up less resistance now. He kissed her bulging belly and slowly worked his way down to her hairy snatch. He stuck his tongue in her pubic hair and thrashed his head around in the girl's pussy. Heather's juices instantly began to flow. She prayed Butch would stop but she knew he was going to make her cum. Within seconds, her plump ass was rising off the chair in an effort to meet Butch's tongue. Her big fat tits swung in the air as Heather lifted her thighs and hips. She could not believe her body betrayed her like this. Butch continued to work her pussy. Poor Heather lost all conrol, "OH YEAH!!!!!!! OHHHHH! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!!" She grinded her pussy on the man's face and fell back in the chair exhausted. Her pussy was covered in her own juices, her nipples rock solid. No one could believe it. Butch made Heather enjoy every minute of it.

Luke loved it. He taunted Aubrey and Troy, "Well, well, well! Looks like the little whore enjoyed it! Lucky for her, Butch isn't done."

Butch took off his pants and revealed a massive cock. He was at least 9 inches long and 6 inches thick. Heather gasped when she saw it. Her own boyfriend was on the small side, she was certain Butch would tear her apart but she had no choice. Heather was forced to lay on the ground and she spread her legs. She was shocked how Butch easily slid into her, her pussy was already moist. Butch began to slide his cock in and out of Heather's hairy pussy. Heather once again was being made to like it, it felt so good. After a while, her head began to thrash about on the floor and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her fat boobs sagged down on her stomach and rocked back and forth. Heather let out a passionate cry, "OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" She grabbed the man's ass and pressed him further inside her. She brought her own plump ass off the floor to meet Butch's thrusts. Her ass shook as Butch filled her with his seed. Butch did not stop until he shot load after load into her pussy.

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