tagIncest/TabooFallen Family Ch. 03

Fallen Family Ch. 03


Luke walked over to Shaun. Luke did not have to say anything, Shaun knew he was next; he would be forced to have sex with his mother. Shaun was your typical good boy, he never even thought about having sex with his mom, in fact, incest was something that turned him off completely. And now in front of everyone, he would be forced to fuck his own mother!

Luke turned to Shaun with a menacing look, "Ok, boy, go get momma over there and show her that incest could be fun!"

Shaun had a defiant look on his face. He wanted nothing more than to punch this loser right in the face but the rifle lying on the floor made Shaun think twice. Luke was losing patience and spoke in a more threatening tone, "Of course, if you do not want to, I could pick up my trusty rifle and take you outside." Shaun knew he had no choice. This maniac just made his own sister and father fuck each other, he probably would have no problem shooting him. He gingerly walked over to his mother. Aubrey sat there, completely nude; she refused to even look at her son. She wanted all of this to go away.

Luke had grown considerably angrier as Shaun stalled, "DAMN YOU! Take off your clothes now and get to work, you saw how sis and daddy enjoyed it!"

Shaun did not know what to do but the thought of making Luke any angrier scared the crap out of him so he decided to take off his clothes. When Shaun took off his boxer shorts, Heather could not help but notice just how large her brother was. He was not even erect and he was at least 6 inches. Luke found the size of Shaun's cock to be quite humorous, he taunted Aubrey, "Wow. Look's like your son is hung like a horse. You are going to enjoy this momma!"

Aubrey was not amused, if anything she was even more furious than before. Aubrey had only been with one man in her entire life, her husband, Troy. She had watched her daughter and husband fuck like rabbits...and enjoy it. She would not be like them. She had too much pride and self respect. She was not fucking anyone, let alone her own son. For the first time since they entered the house, Aubrey rose to her feet, exposing her unbelievably hairy pussy and her heavy hangers. She looked at Luke with hatred and yelled out, "You son of a bitch! This is going to end. You want to shoot me? Fine. I would rather be dead than have sex with my own son! Shoot me first!"

Aubrey's hysterics only caused Luke to laugh harder. He looked at the woman and mocked her, "Sorry honey. I am not going to shoot you. I will shoot your son there. Go ahead Shaun, you know what to do."

Shaun's heart was pounding. He saw Butch make a motion towards the rifle so Shaun moved closer to his mother and took his massive cock in his hand, he brought it close to her mouth. His choices were simple: have sex with his mom or get shot. He knew this was wrong and disgusting but it beat being dead.

Aubrey ordered her son to stop, "SHAUN! Get away from me. STOP IT! NO, NO, NO, NO! Don't do this to me!" Those were the last words Aubrey uttered. Shaun had stuck his massive dick into her mouth and began to slowly thrust his hips, he was face fucking his mother! Luke and Butch were practically on the floor, rolling with laughter.

Aubrey's eyes nearly exploded out of her head. She had no idea her son was so big and the longer his dick was in her mouth, the harder and bigger it became. The thought of sucking his cock made her ill but Aubrey had no choice. The only way to avoid choking was by sucking him off. Aubrey closed her eyes and defiantly began to slowly give her son a blow job. She wished she was dead. Her heavy, saggy tits began to slowly slap up against her bulging belly. In the background, Luke cheered her on. Her face was crimson red as she blushed in shame. Her only hope was that her son was strong enough to resist an orgasm.

Shaun was determined to not shoot his load in his mother's mouth. He closed his eyes and fought with all his strength. He clenched his fists and ass and gritted his teeth. There was no way he would get off on something so wrong and gross. But Shaun could not fight the urge. As his mother continued to suck his dick against her will, Shaun's body began to betray him. The more Aubrey sucked, the more sensitive Shaun's cock became. He could feel the tip of his dick tingling, he began to cry, he knew he was losing control. His own mother was about to get him off. Shaun looked down at this mother, tears his eyes, and screamed out, "Oh Momma, I'm so sorry. Forgive me!" With that, Shaun emptied his seed on to his mother.

The second Shaun began to get off, Aubrey screamed out in horror, "Oh my god! No, Shaun what are you doing!" She was in shock. Aubrey managed to pull her mouth away but she still swallowed some of her son's cum. To make matters worse, Shaun shot his load all over his mother's face and massive tits as she pulled away from him. Aubrey collapsed to the floor, hysterically crying. Luke was breaking her.

The sight of this rich, snobby prude, lying in her own son's cum with her fat tits hanging drove Luke wild. He loved every minute of it and he was not even close to being done. He continued to insult the poor woman, "Wow, look at your big old titties. You have your son's cum all over them. Well, we can help you with that."

Luke looked over at Shaun who was in total disbelief, he could not believe his own mother got him off like that. Luke ordered him, "I want you to suck those big, saggy, fat tits and you better make her enjoy it!" Shaun was humiliated. He wanted to stop this man but he was helpless. He walked up to his mother and sat down beside her. He knew he would soon be fucking her.

Aubrey was still not going to give in to Luke. She sucked her son's dick but that was enough. This ended here. She yelled out at Luke and her son, "ENOUGH! This ends right now! My family and I are leaving!"

Aubrey was ready to stand up and get her clothes on when Luke once again spoke to Shaun, "Damn boy. I really did not want to have to get my rifle but I have no choice!" Shaun started shaking. He saw Butch move closer to the gun, he buried his face in his mother's humongous titties and began to tongue her 7-inch wide aereolas and big nipples.

Aubrey yelled out in horror and she began to hit her son on the head, she could not let this happen. She screamed with all her might, "SON! I am telling you to stop! I will not let them hurt you! Just stop this!"

But Shaun was too scared, he pleaded with his mother, "I'm sorry mom, I have no choice." With that, Shaun lowered his head down to his mom's nipples and began to suck on them. He could not believe how big his mom's tits were. He had never seen anything like them. Shaun was not enjoying this at all but he knew he had to do it. He sucked on her nipples and licked all around her aereolas. He licked from the top of her tits all the way down to where they ended, by her naval. Shaun did not realize but his erection was growing by the second.

Aubrey had grown tired of trying to fight her son. She knew he would not stop. She laid there silently, determined to hate this incest and determined to not give in the way her daughter and husband did. But after several minutes of her son sucking and slobbering on her fat tits, Aubrey noticed a strange tingling feeling in her hairy pussy. She felt her nipples growing hard and her heart was racing. She could not believe this was happening to her. She had always been a prude! She lost her virginity on her wedding day! How could this happen to her. Aubrey tensed up her entire body and closed her mouth tight. She was going to fight these urges. The poor woman was only seconds from letting out a passionate cry and giving into this hideous act but lucky for her, Luke had seen enough.

Luke walked up to Shaun and Aubrey. He noticed that Shaun's penis was fully erect, it was clear that he enjoyed sucking on his mother's fat 38D tits. And Aubrey's nipples stuck out from her ridiculously large aereolas. Despite her kicking and screaming, the prudish woman was aroused. Luke mocked them yet again, "See. I told you guys that you would like it! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Luke's hideous laugh sent a chill down Aubrey's spine. She was afraid he was right, maybe she did enjoy this. Luke's next command caused Aubrey to completely flip out. Luke looked at Shaun and spoke in a menacing tone, "Well, you sucked those tits, now suck on that hairy, meaty pussy!"

Aubrey nearly jumped out of her skin. No man had ever performed oral sex on her, not even her husband. The thought of someone eating her pussy made her sick. This could not happen. Aubrey had fire in her eyes as she spoke to Luke, "Do not do this to me. I will do anything you want. I will fuck you and Butch, just do not make me do this!"

Luke could tell Aubrey was going to be a handful. He had no intention of killing or shooting anyone but he could not let them know that. He decided to recruit Aubrey's daughter, Heather to help him. Heather had lost all sense of pride and self control after fucking her father. She still looked horny as hell and would have no problems degrading her mother. Luke shouted out to Heather, "hey baby, since I let you fuck your daddy over there, how about you help me?"

Heather was stunned that Luke needed her help but the man turned her on, she felt dirty and she liked it. She wanted her mother and brother to feel the same way. She answered him, "what do you need, I'll do it."

Luke's plan worked like a charm, he spoke to Heather in a soft voice, "Help hold down mommy here why your brother eats out that bitch's hairy cunt!"

Heather had a wicked grin on her face, "with pleasure!"

Aubrey could not believe her ears. Her daughter was a complete slut. How could she do this to her. Aubrey began to scream and protest, "Heather! You little bitch! I am your mother! Don't do this!"

But it was no use. Heather had taken her mother's arms and held them over her head. Aubrey tried to get up but she knew her daughter was too strong. Aubrey was exhausted, she stopped trying to escape. To add insult, Heather let her own 36Ds hang in her mom's face. Heather began to mock Aubrey, "here mommy, suck on these!"

Aubrey knew she was about to be gang-raped by her own children. She just prayed her body would not give in. Shaun willingly drove his tongue into his mom's hairy pussy. He too had given into the taboo and lust. He wildly tossed his tongue around in his mom's fat pussy, he began to bite down hard on her clit.

Aubrey was fighting a losing battle. Her pussy began to become moist and subconciously she began to raise her fat, cellulite filled ass off the ground to meet her son's tongue. She spread her fat thighs even further apart so her son would have better access to her pussy. Her nipples were now hard as rocks. Aubrey's body had enough, she could not resist any longer. Her body tensed up, her plump ass rose all the way off the ground and she arched her back. Aubrey had reached an orgasm! Juices shot out from her pussy; it had been years since she reached climax. She tried hard not to yell out but it felt too good, she screamed in delight, "uh-huh, uh-huh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ahhhh, uh, uh, OH MY GOD! OH NO!"

Heather noticed her mom losing control and it drove her wild, she cheered her brother on and mocked her mom, "YEAH! That's it Shaun. Mommy likes it. Mommy's a slut whore! Lick her, lick her good! Yeah Mommy, take it!"

Aubrey's body had completely betrayed her. Shaun's face was covered in his mother's juices. Aubrey was disgusted. She laid there, weeping. Luke was so proud of himself but he was not done. He looked at Shaun again and again told him what to do, "Ok Shaun, now fuck that pig!"

Aubrey wanted to scream and stop this but she was helpless. Heather hovered over her mother and would surely hold her in place if she tried to resist. Shaun approached his mother's soaking wet pussy and pressed his 12-inch cock up against her vagina. It had been years since Troy had fucked Aubrey. There was no way she could take her son's huge dick, he would rip her apart. But Shaun did not care. He slid his penis in gradually at first. Aubrey's eyes bulged out of her head and she yelled out in pain, "ugh, uh, uh, no, no, it's too big!"

But Shaun did not care. He continued to lubricate his dick with his mom's juices and then began to thrust it in and out of her pubic hair. Aubrey felt pleasure like never before. Her son filled her entire pussy, it felt like he would pop out of her ass. Her eyes had rolled all the way back to her head and her mouth was wide open. Shaun picked up steam and was now fucking her with such force that the woman's massive tits could be heard slamming up against her belly. Shaun began to talk dirty to his own mother, he had lost control, "Yeah slut! You like it, you like it! How you like that big dick!"

Aubrey's juices were once again flowing. It was clear she had given in. She was raising her ass off the ground to meet her son's thrusts. Heather wanted to hear her mom call out in pleasure, she urged her on, "come on mommy! tell me how good it is! you like big dick momma! you like fucking your own son!"

Aubrey never thought she would say it but she did, "OH! uh-huh, uh-huh, oh, oh yeah, that's it baby, fuck mommy good, fuck me hard!" Heather and Luke began to laugh and Shaun only fucked his mother harder. Within seconds, Shaun had shot his load into his mom's hairy snatch. Her pubics, which ran from her naval and along her thighs was completely coated in her son's cum. Shaun took his cock out of the mess of hair and slapped it against his mom's cellulite filled belly.

Luke had one thing left to do, he turned to Aubrey and spoke, "Well, how about you ride that huge pecker now or do you still think you are too good to fuck your son!"

Aubrey hated herself but she needed to feel her son inside her, she did not resist, "no, no, I'll ride his dick!"

Heather loved every minute of it, "that's right momma, fuck your son good, WOO-HOO!" Shaun laid on his back and Aubrey guided his massive dick into her sloppy cunt. She was easily able to handle him now, her cunt was dripping wet. Aubrey's tits were scraping against her son's stomach because they hung so low. She grabbed on to his hips for leverage and grinded her enormous, fat ass on her son's dick. She tossed her head back and began to moan out load. Shaun had closed his eyes and rolled his head back as well.

Heather was too turned on not to join the action. She took her mom's heavy hanger and began to eagerly suck on her nipple! Heather sucked her own mom's flabby tits! The passion was too great. Aubrey arched back, thrusting her fat belly and tits out, she moaned in delight, "URRRGH! OHHHHH!"

She once again ejaculated on her son's cock. Exhausted and tired, she collapsed on to her son's chest while her daughter massaged her ass and thighs.

Luke could not believe how he had broken this family but he was still not satisfied.

UP NEXT - Heather fucks her mom!

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