tagRomanceFallen Girls and Holidays Ch. 01

Fallen Girls and Holidays Ch. 01


Authors' note: This is my first attempt at a story. So feedback is certainly appreciated. It gets off to a rather slow start but hopefully will pick up a bit in later chapters. I have the first few chapters mostly done but I can't make any promises as to how quickly I'll be posting new ones after that. I can however promise that I'll finish it at some point if you're patient. Hope you enjoy the experience of reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hats off to little_blonde_jug for her thoughtful editing.

Chapter 1: Bad Start to a Good Night

There's something oddly liberating about catching your girlfriend in bed with your roommate.

I'd opened the door of my dorm room only to find my roommate, Steve, plowing into someone from behind. It really wasn't a very pretty sight and got less so when I realized the aforementioned plowee was my girlfriend Jen.

Now Jen and I had been having issues ever since school started and while we'd gone through the motions of trying to 'fix' things, our hearts weren't really in it. So the blow was more to my ego than to my heart. I suppose there was a bit of sadness mixed in there as well- I'd thought better of Jen. I guess I should be used to folks disappointing me by now though.

Steve, on the other hand, was doing exactly the sort of thing I would have expected based on my experiences with him over the last few months. We'd found ourselves stuck in the same dorm room together and there was really no love lost between the two of us. He was the typical High School 'Big Man on Camps' sort, just starting his first year of college and soon to discover that he wasn't the big fish in a small pond anymore. I unfortunately already knew exactly how big and uncaring the pond was and, at the relatively ancient age of 21, just didn't have the patience to deal with the stupidity that comes so naturally to a guy who's just getting out from under his parents thumb for the first time. He'd been flirting with Jen since classes started and, as annoying as it was, I hadn't thought much of it. Like I said, I'd thought better of her.

So here I am, two months into my Jr. year of college, stuck living in a dorm, watching my jackass of a roommate do my girlfriend from behind.

Neither of them noticed me open the door, so I suppose I could have stepped out and pretended it all never happened. But that didn't really appeal. The problem was that the other alternative, beating the crap out of the son of a bitch, really wasn't all the appealing either. Don't get me wrong, it was appealing in an abstract sort of way, but given the last few months and now the scene in front of me, I just can't quite convince myself that Jen was worth it.

The only really good option was to try to have some fun with it I supposed.

As soon as I start stomping into the room Jens little squeaks turn into a shout. Her "Ty! Oh my God!" was quickly drowned out by Steve's "What the fuck?!"

She huddled up in the corner with a pillow pulled up to cover herself and Steve was left kneeling in the bed with what looked to be a rather average dick rapidly deflating. I took the whole thing in with a forced grin.

"Please, don't let me spoil your fun. She likes it if you spank her ass now and again and don't let those fake moans fool you. She gets really quiet when she comes."

With that I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the room, not bothering to close the door. I could hear Steve's bare feet hit the floor and then the door slammed. The muffled shouting started soon after.

In truth, Jen absolutely hated to have her ass slapped and she was really quite loud when she came. Steve probably wasn't smart enough to figure that out though and if I was lucky he was dumb enough to think the real ones were fake and the nonexistent ones were real. One can only hope.

So now what the fuck do I do? I'd skipped the gym tonight and planned to get some extra studying done. Somehow I wasn't in the mood to study anymore and a little gym time was looking better and better.

By the time I got back it was pushing 11pm, but I really didn't feel like heading back to the room yet. In fact, I didn't feel like heading there are all, but I suppose it was inevitable that I'd have to. That didn't mean I had to look forward to it though. I grabbed a seat in the common area and kicked back with a book to kill some time.

You ever have one of those moments you know you're going to remember till the day you die? Now given my day today, you'd think Jen and Steve on a dorm room bed would fall into the category. But I suppose this was a day of surprises, because that wasn't the moment that would stick with me. This one was.

She was sitting back around the corner, curled up on a couch with a book. You'd never notice her from the main hall, but from where I sat I could just catch a glimpse of her over in her little cubby hole. She had medium length strawberry blond hair- a bit tangled, and wore an old ratty pair of jeans and a baggy sweat shirt. You couldn't really tell anything about her figure and I couldn't even see her face, covered as it was by her hair. But there was something about her. I was reminded of that first moment you catch sight of a deer, when you are afraid to make any sound so you don't spook it. To this day I can't tell you why, but there was such a sense of vulnerability, of skittishness about her.

She had a book with her, but after a moment it became clear that she wasn't reading it. She just sat there cradling the book, not moving.

How odd.

By this point it was rather late and we were the only folks in the room. Now and again someone would walk through on their way somewhere, but we really had the whole place to ourselves. So I got up and walked over.

"You all right?"

I'd clearly startled her as she jumped suddenly and turned to face me. This was really my first clear view of her. She had a cute little button of a nose, high cheekbones, a few freckles, generous lips, and the most piecing green eyes I'd ever seen. She was really quite pretty. She was also silently crying.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that. You okay?"

She looked at me for a second, like she didn't know what I was saying and pushed herself into the side of the couch that was furthest from where I was standing. She seemed to shake herself and, after the briefest of moments, wiped the tears away.

"I... I'm fine. Just having a moment," she said.

He voice was soft, and there was the barest trace of an accent of some sort.

I could almost see her gathering herself up. The vulnerability I'd seen earlier seemed to fall away. Her back straightened and she sat up. It was the oddest thing. She seemed to gain years in the process. She almost seemed like a different person. Distant. Guarded.

"Rough weekend?" I asked.

She looked at me for a moment, then said quietly "Rough... weekend."

It was the pause before weekend that really hooked me.

What was she going to say? Week? Month? Summer? Year? Life? God did I ever know how that pause felt from the other side. I almost sat down on the couch next to her right then, but something about the way she sat, the fact that she was as far away from me as she could get, made me pull up a chair instead. I turned it around backwards so I was sitting facing her with the back of the chair between us before I sat down.

"Well let me tell you about my weekend..." I said and launched into a slightly exaggerated story of my Sunday. I got a grimace of sympathy when I told her about opening the door to Steve's ass and ever so slight a smile at the comments I'd made as I breezed out of the room. It was amazing how pleasant even a small smile was on her face.

"So you think they're still there?" she asked.

"I hope not," I said "it's going to hard enough to go in there and get some sleep if he's there alone. I don't even want to contemplate what things are going to be like if she's still there. My plan is to hide out here for a while before trying to get some sleep. I expect I'll be looking into the process for trading up on roommates in the morning."

That got another smile. But then a small frown.

"You don't seem very broken up about the whole thing?"

"You know, Jen was a great girl, but I think it would have ended soon anyway. We met while I was home this summer. She just graduated high school and knew she was coming here in the fall. I think the idea of having a boyfriend to 'show her around' once she got here appealed all the way up to the day she arrived. Once she got here I guess she decided she didn't really want be tied down. She's a really sweet girl- smart, cute, fun... I'd say tasteful but then I caught her with Steve... but I don't think she knew how to break it off. More than anything else I think I'm disappointed in her."

I think I may have choked up a bit on this last, though she was kind enough to pretend she didn't notice. Jen really was a sweet girl and it had been a fun summer. It didn't hurt that she was a petite little girl next door type with a bit of a naughty streak. Truth be told I was going to miss her and I really wish she'd found a way to end it on a better note.

I laughed a bit. "Here I am talking about myself when you're the one over here obviously having the bad... weekend."

I think she caught the pause when I said it. That got me yet another smile.

"Nothing much to talk about. Just a bad... weekend." she said.

I smiled as much to let her know that I'd caught the pause as to let he know I wasn't going to push.

"Fair enough, I'm Ty by the way..."

She tightened up for just a movement, but then a hint of that vulnerability came back. She gave me her name like it was a gift, which in retrospect I suppose it was. "Bree... Bree Harper."

"Nice to meet you Bree, care to keep me company while I wait for my jackass of a roommate and my recently ex girlfriend to clear out of my soon to be ex dorm room?"

She didn't say yes, she didn't nod her head. But she did turn it to the side a bit as if to say she'd think about it. That was good enough for me.

We talked all night.

Turns out she was from Kansas City and was just starting her Freshman year here at KU. She seemed to shy away from talking about her family or of high school and I didn't push. The "accent" was actually the ghost of a childhood speech thing of some sort. I think I got some points for my observation that something as traumatic as a childhood lisp can turn into something so cute later in life. It really did lend a rather sexy little lilt to her speech.

She was amazingly well read, and had any number of off the wall ideas about off the wall things. We chatted about all sorts of trivial stuff for hours. I never did make it over to the couch and she never did make it out of that corner as far away from me as she could possibly get. But by the end of the first hour all the stiffness had left her and a new version of the girl I'd fist noticed was curled up there in the corner again. She was beautiful.

I learned at an early age that boys who talk about themselves too much don't tend to get very far with girls, so I made a point of trying to draw her out but there were clearly subjects that she wanted to avoid. She never did say anything about her family and her high school stories all seemed to focus on the first few years. I guess I ended up talking about myself a bit more than I normally would have; telling her about growing up on a farm in small town in Kansas, sharing some funny stories about my mom and sister. I think she noticed that I never talked about my dad, but she was thoughtful enough not to press. Maybe she noticed I was doing the same about her family, maybe she just didn't care. I actually got a few laughs out of her telling stories about this and that. They made me want to get more.

I honestly couldn't tell you what she thought of me. I'm smart enough to know that girls don't chat with you all night long if they find you repulsive, and I suppose I'm decent looking. Call it 6ft, a buck ninety, brown eyes, sandy light brown hair. Nothing special really. However, by 5am I was thoroughly convinced that she was something special.

The conversation had slowed by this point and she quietly nodded off just as I was about to ask her if she knew any places that served an early breakfast. So I sat back in that chair and watched the sun come up through the window over her shoulder as she slept. It was a surprisingly pleasant way to end an evening that hadn't started particularly well.

6am rolled around and I decided to wake her so that we could both get on with our days. I wasn't prepared for the reaction when I reached over to wake her though. She screamed... and screamed... on and on, all the while struggling to move back against the side of the couch trying to get away from my hand. It took a moment for her to realize what was happening. Eventually the screams stopped, but she continued to hyperventilate, obviously terrified.

I wish I could say I had the presence of mind to back off as soon as I saw her reaction, but honestly it was fear and not any larger considerations that made me jump back. Hell, I might even have screamed along with her for all I knew.

"Oh my God... Bree, I'm so sorry!" I said as I held up my hands and backed away. She looked at me for a moment as if she was trying to place my face and didn't say anything as she tried to calm herself. Then her lips started to quiver and she blinked away a few tears.

"I... I'm so sorry, I have to go..."

With that she got up and started to walk by me, flinching away as I reached out to touch her shoulder. I stared at her back as she headed down towards the girls wing.

So what the hell was that?

There was no chance I was getting any sleep at this point so I headed back to my room to grab some cloths for a shower. The room was empty when I got there, so I assume Steve and Jen had retreated to her room sometime last night. A cold shower, 2 cups of coffee, and a short walk later I was standing outside the student housing office when it opened. After hearing my story about Steve the rather nice women working the counter was happy to help me with the process of finding a new room. In fact she even managed to get me into an unoccupied room two floors up in the same building. She couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't get a roommate later but she did guarantee that Steve would quickly end up with the worst possible replacement roommate she could find. This was music to my ears.

The rest of the morning was spent moving my stuff up two floors. I really didn't have all that much so it didn't take too long. Dragging myself to my classes was a lot harder than I would have liked though. It had been a long night and an even longer morning.

By the end of the day I was dead tired and more than ready to call it an early night in my new digs.

My last thought as I nodded off to sleep was that she had looked to be about 5'4 when she walked away and that her ass was damn near perfect.

I'm a guy, so sue me...

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