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Fallen Seraph


The world past is shrouded in a fine mist, obscuring the history and concealing the lies of which it beholds. It was a time of which we chose to forget about, whether it was intentional or a natural as the passing of time that wears away even the mightiest of structures. Many things have been lost, covered with the aging of time, secrets to the world that we can only guess. How had it come that a time of such life and beauty is lost and forgotten to the world, only remembered by those nameless few whose presence is unacknowledged to the world.

The modern man seeks the answers to the universe. He must know all that he can, for knowledge is what fuels us to strive and evolve into the civilization that we behold today. We wish to receive consolation that we are the highest beings on this earth and nothing shall overcome and dominate us for as long as we have that fighting spirit in us. But alas, that ambition of ours shall ultimately lead to our demise. We seek the truths in good and evil, in life and death. We seek answers in places where there are none, or shouldn’t have any. Why? Insecurities and a feeling of loneliness have overcome our bodies and consumed us with materialistic greed and selfish thoughts.

We have given up of what fueled the spirits of Man before our interests of knowledge: faith. We were once mortally strong, but that time is gone, blown away by the evening wind and those people were sacrificed in the evolution of the modern man, nameless among people, lost in the history of time.

We dare not say it, but we know it to be true to our hearts. We are a corrupted race even the newest born child, in all its purity is already corrupted by the blood of which the child is a descendant from. Life and morality, like a flowing river, can be forever disdained for generations to come with a single drop of pollution, a single mistake in the flow of life. Faith is what is lacked among people, not of a God or of a future, but faith amongst virtues we no longer hold true to ourselves, that of fate. We refuse to believe that control of our lives are no longer within our grasps and so the concept of free will is presented, but truth be known, it is only because of fear that drives us to fabricate such foolishness to provide some solace for our souls.

The corruption is as natural as the dream of peace. What peace can there be in a world of such beliefs? As natural as wilting of every flower death of every tree, so shall be the dreams of peace. When there shall be more than one, there shall be war and hatred. But the dream of peace still lives on because so many of us fail to let go of that, holding on for something to live for, to look forward to in the future. But war shall never dissipate nor the fighting disperse. From the highest and most luminescent reaches of the heavens to the darkest, evilest depths of Hell, there wages of war over power. The cause is long forgotten, no longer cared as the prize of being the greatest consumes and overpowers them to continue their futile efforts of gaining an advantage that doesn’t exist and will never come into focus.

But who am I to judge the worth of Man. I am no judge, no jury, no executioner. I am merely a messenger, not from the divine or higher authorities, but a messenger in my own sense. Even the greatest of species fall and wither and a new one emerges: pure and full of life until the first taste of power and knowledge reaches their lips, knowledge that there can be more, more built and constructed, more to learn and to know in the universe about life…and death.

The Seraphim were those of the greatest power, highest among the classes of angels. Those who didn’t emerge from the death of a mortal, nor created from unknown celestial beings. Nay, the Seraphim just were, and no explanation is necessary for those whose faith drives them to believe once again. Highest among the heavenly divine, set upon this earth to guide and interact with the mortals. How ironic is it that we fear and awe at them yet we continue to rebel against the will and power of those higher than ourselves. Even amongst those who we respect and support, we shall conquer and resort to such animalistic and barbaric terms when weakness is shown.

Yet ere long, it soon came to realize that even the mightiest shall fall and all that is required is for but one Seraph to stray and the balance shall be lost and a new breed shall emerge from the ashes of the conquered and even the lost, shall rise somehow, like the rising of the phoenix from its own death. It is a cycle that knows no ends, but with the fighting spirit that all develop sooner or later despite what one may attempt to do to suppress it, we think of ourselves that we are higher above the cycle. We manipulate nature, tempt fate, and push the limits of the unknown. We attempt to break that circle in which the cycle resides in. We dance around the edges of the ring and surmise a solution, but truth lies in the center, all-knowing, being sought after by those on the exterior.

And what do we do to those who cause a threat to our survival? They are incarcerated for we attempt to resist our urge to eliminate. Cast off to the furthest reaches with no opportunities to reveal the potential that may lead to the demise of all. And so it was with the lone Seraph, who was tossed from the paradise of Heaven and cast among the toil of the lives of Man. Yet like a mastermind of crime, one cannot trust him to be amongst others, even those below the status of a civilized being. Because even the lowliest of creatures that we pity and despise all the same can rise up together and strike out in their fit of anger. And so was similar to the Seraph, whose mighty angelic glory amazed the simple minds of Man and gave new feelings of power with the presence of such a being stronger than themselves. Those in the heavens saw this new founded spirit from the simple race of Man and sought to save themselves for what surely was to come. The Seraph was captured and condemn to the fires of Hell where no mercy would be shown and his power only a incitement for those unholy and ghastly beings feared more greatly than any nightmare. For even the greatest among beings, those considered holy and those sent to help the lesser, fearing the fate of annihilation. Even those innocent of crimes will be punished and there is nothing to be done except accept that fate.

And so the Seraph, mightiest of angels, whose glory could tame the wildest creatures, whose voice commanded that of men and swoon women with their passion, stepped up to the Gates of Hell. And without hesitation, he stepped across the threshold without fear or spite for those corrupted “holiest” that passed the sentence for he knew that with this act, it was the beginning of their long-awaited corruption. One step in and he had stepped onto the soil that bounded him to an eternal pain. The wrought-iron gates creaked closed behind him, swinging inward and clicking with a deafening sound to announce a new soul lost forever.

Immediately, he wings caught fire, the temperature higher than any could expect. He fell to the ground on his knees as his once six beautiful wings, large and glamorous, were charred to burnt ash, he bare body unable to be concealed and revealed for the world to see. And how the mighty has fallen. We have yet to learn from our mistakes and so history shall once repeat itself. But even in the end, the ashes of life shall be scattered in the winds, never to be truly gone. And true to this word, the Seraph, falling with its glory gone, once a savior of life and servant of the life, became shrouded in evil, donned a cloak of darkness, and weapon of death. Thus born the reaper of lives, slave of the darkness, seeking revenge for the injustice never to be forgiven. And so the rest of the Seraphim fell, unknown that their fighting spirit and compassion for life, despite their fears, for they attempt to rise above the lesser species, would lead to their own demise. But the work is not done, for a slave is never righteously freed and the reaper continues to steal lives of the innocent, not because it seeks revenge, but because it desperately wants to suppress it and consequently our deepest feelings are brought to life. But no longer are the innocent truly innocent for the race of Man has seized its opportunity, a mistake unable of correction, so many years later.

It is but a matter of time before our attempt to break that cycle within the circle’s strengthen stronghold shall fail as all who attempt to eventually learn. And from the ashes, like the fallen Seraph, shall rise another and we can only pray, though we know it in our hearts that it will fail, that this twisted game of corruption shall end.

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