tagRomanceFalling Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 2

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 2


Mr. Douglas moved around the car and got into the driver's seat, adjusting his mirror and locking the doors. Soon, the car was exiting the driveway and moving smoothly through the lovely neighborhood. Renee was pleased that they were spending the day together and was happily chatting about which stores they should visit and what they should buy. Betsy nodded and occasionally murmured a reply, but she was busily watching Mr. Douglas in the mirror, his eyes perfectly framed.

When they arrived at the first store, Betsy suddenly realized why he was dressed so casually. He intended to shop with them! He walked along between them, talking and laughing, guiding them into different stores, even suggesting some clothes. Renee loved shopping. She had her arms full in each store, pulling Betsy along to the dressing rooms, encouraging her to try on the elegant suits and dresses they found.

Renee had saved her favorite store until last. Poor Mr. Douglas, or Doug, as he insisted they call him, was already loaded down with bags. He didn't seem to mind though, and encouraged them to keep looking and buying. Betsy didn't want to think of how many of her paychecks were going to be needed to pay for this spree. Renee insisted that she needed all new clothes. Both were dressed in only their undies with bare feet, in anticipation of trying on the outfits. They stood together in the large, well-appointed dressing room, looking through all the items they had selected, when Renee noticed her plain undergarments. Apparently even the underwear from Sanctuary was outdated and unacceptable. Betsy heard Renee saying "tsk, tsk" as she grabbed a dress and went out in search of suitable lingerie for her cousin. Feeling more and more like Alice, Betsy stood in the dressing room, not entirely sure how to proceed. Should she wait for new underthings or go ahead and start trying on the myriad of clothing awaiting her?

As she pondered the etiquette of this, the door burst open and Renee and the saleslady, Rebecca, entered with stacks of incredibly beautiful colors. Betsy caught a brief glimpse of Doug as the door closed, and blushed to think he might have seen her too. As Rebecca began displaying the items, Betsy realized that her regular underwear was indeed "plain". Here were stacks of delicate panties, lacy satin bras, slips pretty enough to wear alone and delicate gowns. The colors were kaleidoscopic. Every color was represented and varying shades of many. The woman left, telling them to call if they needed help and Renee immediately unhooked Betsy's white bra. She offered her a shiny red one, with a small delicate hook in the front. When it was on and fastened, Betsy noticed that her breasts, usually adequate, were very voluptuous. Renee handed her a pair of red satin panties with lace trim and turned her back while Betsy replaced her sensible white cotton ones.

It was amazing. Betsy felt prettier and sexier immediately. Very womanly. The clothes seemed to look different, hang better and look smoother. Now Betsy shopped with abandon, trying on and choosing most of the lingerie and then the clothing. She was here in Denver for the work experience, so if she spent every penny on clothes, it would be all right.

They called Rebecca, showing her the clothes they wanted. Betsy kept on the red lingerie, giving the tags to the woman. They dressed again, and exited the room to find Doug waiting patiently. He seemed to sense the difference in Betsy immediately. She seemed more sure of herself, more relaxed.

They walked to the car, Doug placing all the packages in the trunk and then driving to "Package Pick-up" for the newest purchases. The girls were giggly and excited by their day. And nearly faint from hunger. Doug drove them to a trendy restaurant and walked between them to the door. When he would have returned to the car, Betsy took his hand and pulled him inside with them. Still holding his hand, they followed the hostess to the booth, with Doug sliding in after Betsy. They ordered iced tea and then extravagant meals, with lots of appetizers. As the food arrived, they began eating ravenously, offering bites of food to each other. Doug sat beside Betsy, their thighs touching, her warmth seeping through his Dockers and making his skin tingle. She offered him a bite of her cheese stick, her fingers innocently brushing his chin, making the skin burn from the contact.

While they ate, the girls chatted happily about the purchases and what they still needed. Doug listened, smiling appropriately, looking at Betsy and enjoying her face, her voice, her scent. He caught a faint whiff of vanilla when she moved, and he liked that. Once, when she offered a tidbit to her cousin, he saw her blouse open and glimpsed the lacy red bra....and the luscious breasts they contained.

Doug had been aware from the first time he saw Betsy that she was special. Even at the airport, when she looked at him so gratefully, he had felt a little spark. She had looked so frightened and lost that day. Now,it seemed so long ago. Today, she seemed confident and comfortable and very happy to be in Denver. He was glad.

They decided to leave more shopping for another day and to go home and relax. When they arrived home, Doug carried all Betsy's new things into her house and left her there. She changed into a bathing suit and joined Renee at the pool. The girls swam and sunned and just enjoyed being young and together.

That evening, Betsy occupied herself with putting away all her new clothes. She touched them reverently, loving the feel of all the soft knits and sleek suits. She placed her lingerie carefully in the lined drawers, appreciating once again the delicate workmanship and beauty.

She soaked in the tub, remembering the day. Her mind kept returning to Doug, his presence so palpable all day. He was so nice, so friendly. She thought how she felt a little tingle when his fingers touched hers, how his eyes mesmerized her. She wondered if his moustache would tickle or feel sexy touching her. Her eyes flew open. Oh, my! Such thoughts! She reminded herself that she was only a job to him, and that he thought of her as a kid. Looking at her body in the bubbly bath, she thought her breasts were anything but childish. Her fingers slipped below the bubbles and found her curlies. She combed them with her fingertips, thinking that was, indeed, womanly too.

She shook her head to clear all these thoughts and stepped from the tub. She dressed in one of her new gowns, a baby blue that clung to her breasts and fell to the floor in soft gathers. She left her hair pinned up from the bath and went into her bedroom. It was a lovely night, the fairy lights twinkling outside her windows.

Betsy walked through the darkened house and opened the massive front door, stepping out onto her veranda. She climbed into a wicker rocker and hugged her knees to her chest, her heart pounding with excitement for the summer ahead. As she rocked, her head lolled back and she drifted into sleep.

She didn't hear Doug approaching, in his hand a shopping bag overlooked earlier today. He stopped in front of Betsy, watching her sleep, her face relaxed and so pretty in the moonlight. The breeze ruffled the few strands framing her face and he could smell the soft vanilla scent he would always associate with her. He felt, once again, the tingle she seemed to create in him.

Betsy heard something and looked up to see Doug, dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, standing before her. He held a shopping bag and looked quite content to remain in that spot for a long time. She smiled at him, very happy to see the object of her many thoughts. When she reached for the bag, their fingers rubbed together, making them both startle.

As Betsy stood, Doug was able to see the way the gown fit her body, molding her breasts and hard nipples. He looked away and became formal, moving back off the porch even as he said goodnight to Betsy.

"Good, at least now he knows I am a woman," Betsy thought. And smiled.

To Be Continued...

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