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Falling for Brooklyn


Jason flipped lazily through the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition that sat on the kitchen counter. 'I finally made the front cover,' read the Post-it note attached to the glossy magazine, and seeing it caused Jason to flip the magazine back closed and sigh heavily, tossing the periodical back on the counter. 'Of all the people in the world, MY sister Brooklyn had to end up nearly topless on the cover of the most popular sports magazine ever.

It hadn't really always been an issue, his sister's beauty, not really anyway. She had almost always concealed to some degree her sculpted figure and magnificent chest. That had kept the comments at bay throughout Jason's childhood. But his sister, known to the world as Brooklyn Decker, hadn't escaped anybody's notice. Once in a bathing suit or anything of the like there wasn't much chance of hiding a body like hers. The family had obviously grown accustomed to her and her looks had become a point of pride for them at times. And god forbid any of Jason's friends happened to see Brooklyn after a workout or in anything less than a burlap sack -- horny teenage boys just don't miss that kind of hot.

Jason had to laugh; it wasn't exactly a punishment having a sister like her, because even a family relation doesn't erase the value of catching a glance at a half-dressed soon-to-be swimsuit model. However, Jason had simply learned to live with it, and did his best not to let the occasional 'Dude I would give my left nut for a night with your sister,' type of comment bother him.

When he'd first heard of his sister's success he'd been taken aback. Someone had discovered her on the beach, he heard through his mother (who was infinitely proud of her offspring and the fact that she believed strongly her daughter had gotten her good looks from her mother.) And after that it had been an action-packed few months of her coming out into the world. Before long, Brooklyn was showing up in more than just her initial Swimsuit Illustrated calendar month, but fashion ads, TV spots and finally this magazine cover that now sat in front of Jason had become the norm.

Truthfully, Brooklyn often felt bad for her little brother. He had always been so good to her when they were growing up. Despite their three-year age difference, Jason had always tried to act like a protective older brother, and Brooklyn had never forgotten that. So when she could see that Jason's buddies were cracking a joke to him about his big sister she always felt a tad guilty that he'd done nothing to deserve it but be born to the same parents. And Brooklyn hadn't let the poor guy down; sending some of her favorite cheerleader friends Jason's way was often her way of tagging him back. After all, they weren't exactly complaining, for her brother had been a handsome guy ever since he bulked up in high school -- 'genes,' she supposed.

But the schedule of the busy bee, Brooklyn, had kept her away from her family more than she would have hoped. So, after her first big movie debut and its subsequently large payday, she decided it was about time she treated her family to a vacation on her dime. After all, she knew she owed much more to them than her good looks. So when Jason's mom had received the same magazine only a week earlier, she had flipped through its pages to find three plane tickets out to an exotic island retreat, all expenses paid and another Post-it that read: "See you there, No Excuses!"

It hadn't been hard for the family to arrange getting off work and such to fit in Brooklyn's gift, just a shift of the calendar here, and a quick call to find a place for their puppy while they were away and two months later Jason was standing in the kitchen looking at the magazine on the morning of the day they were about to leave. A slightly mischievous part inside him hoped he might catch his big sister in the very swimsuit she bore on the cover, though the top was casually slung over her shoulder with nothing covering her swelling chest but a casually placed arm -- that wouldn't be so bad either.

'Cut it out,' Jason scolded himself -- reminding himself that she was still his sister and shifting his attention to the fact that he might get to see some of the other beauties that graced the pages of the magazine as well. After all, the vacation was happening before another photo shoot that Brooklyn had been invited to on the very same island and she had seen it as a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. It didn't hurt that the resort had upgraded her family members to VIP bungalows at no additional charge.

Looking forward to reuniting with her family, Brooklyn had arrived a few days early at the resort to get the lay of the land. She knew her parents would love it, especially the gorgeous view from the balcony of their private residence. She'd even scoped out a few night activities her brother would like, and she hoped he wouldn't mind her tagging along with him on some of the dancing and drinking events.

When the family arrived they were essentially in heaven from the first step off the plane. The warm tropical air filled their lungs and they took it in eagerly. And who minded a quick drive in a non-English speaker's cab when the sun was painted on your face as you gazed out the window. Jason certainly didn't, and the goodness just kept on coming when he saw his own private wing of the bungalow with its complete privacy despite a gorgeous outdoor shower. He couldn't wait to try out the hot tub that sat on the deck of his private balcony. Hey lay down, spread like a starfish on the ultra-soft bed when he first heard his sister's voice entering their new home for the week.

"Helllllooooo..." her sweet voice rang out, "Anybody home?"

He could hear his mother fawning over the beauty of both his sister and her gift to them as he lazily rolled over and sat up from the bed. Brooklyn was just coming out of a hug with her father as Jason rounded the corner and smiled at her as he approached. Even the cool-headed brother was barely able to keep his jaw from dropping straight to the floor. She looked like an angel in a light blue sundress that clung to her and boasted her beautiful curves as much as it revealed the equally awesome bikini beneath it. Jason shook the immediate thoughts out of his head as Brooklyn cast herself into his arms and squealed with delight at seeing her brother for the first time in too long.

"Ohhhh I missed you!" She giggled and held him tight. "I want to hear all about school and everything."

"You bet Bronx," said her brother, which sent Brooklyn into another adorable giggling fit as she recalled how clever but mostly corny her brother could be. He had long teased her for the name her parents had given her after the fated New York City borough they had fallen in love in. "But not before you fill me in on the life of a movie-star-slash-model-whatever the hell else you're up to these days."

"You'd better bet missy," chimed in their mother, "I'm going to squeeze every bit of info I can out of you before the end of this trip for all the time we've spent without knowing what you're up to!"

"Whoa," Brooklyn responded with wide eyes and her voice exuding sarcasm, "I can't wait for that."

"So where does a guy get one of those fruity drinks with extra rum and that little paper umbrella around here?" interjected their father.

"I know just the place," said Brooklyn, bouncing with excitement as she did, "throw on your most comfortable swimsuit and I'll lead the way."

In minutes they were headed toward the core of the island following the bubbly swimsuit model to her favorite spot to have their first celebratory drink of the week. Jason couldn't help but notice the way everyone seemed to stop dead in their tracks when his sister walked by, and he wondered if he was going to be able to stand all the attention his sister got now that she was no longer concealing her God-given perfection. A few pina-coladas calmed his nerves, however, and it was hours before the family had finally caught each other up on the updates of each member's time apart, though Brooklyn's stories were obviously the most interesting.

"So, Mom and Dad, I thought I'd start the week off with a bang for you two, so I set you up for a full massage and then candle-lit dinner on the beach this evening." Brooklyn happily reported "Jason and I will just have to put up with each other and grab dinner together while you two surrender to the most relaxing few hours you've ever had."

"Oh my God.... Honey!" exclaimed their mother.

"Wowww..." followed their dad.

"Yeah, I thought you'd say that, I'm so excited for you guys." Brooklyn was glowing at her parents' appreciation. And after she sold the treatment a little further she quickly hurried them off to get ready for their evening, leaving Jason and her sitting and staring out over the ocean at the bar.

"So, there's a ton to do here, but I thought I'd ask you what you want since you're my guest here," said Brooklyn with an adorable smile.

"Hmm... I was planning on sleeping all day and maybe just staying in to play some video games, but...."

"Ughhh! Are you kidding me?!" Brooklyn fired back at him with hurt look on her face; she really hoped he was kidding.

"Of course not sis!" Jason assured her, "but to tell you the truth I'd be happy starting off with dinner, just the two of us, I've just barely scratched the surface of my sister's newfound life of fame and glory."

Brooklyn was positively touched by her brother's reply, thinking he quite reasonably might have wanted to immediately find some girls his own age to chase after all week. She relished the idea of hanging out with him for an evening, she hadn't realized until seeing her family how much she missed the comfort and value of a conversation with someone that wasn't either trying to pick her up or convince her to star in their ad-campaign.

"Well then, you little charmer, I will figure something out for us and you meet me right here in say, two hours?" Brooklyn prompted him.

"Sounds good to me, what are you wearing?"

"Geez bro, a little forward before our first date don't you think?" Brooklyn quickly responded with a sly grin.

"Oh come on, I didn't mean it like th-..." Jason defended himself.

"I know what you meant, dork; I'd recommend you wear something with a collar is all, I don't plan on bringing us to the really nice restaurant here until we're all together."

With that the two headed off to get ready, chatting, with Brooklyn leaning familiarly into her brother as they headed back and then parted ways, Brooklyn's bungalow being a slight distance from her family's. Jason couldn't help but see her hips sway a bit as she navigated the stepping stones away from him... Yep, it wasn't going to be as easy as he thought ignoring his sister's looks this week. She had truly become the cover-girl he had seen in that absurdly gorgeous shot that still lay on the kitchen counter at home.

Jason collected himself as he lay on the bed once again, the tropical breeze caressing his face and helping him and all his worries to melt away into a restful slumber before he needed to prepare for the evening.


Brooklyn was late coming down for dinner, of course, she always was. Should they arrive late to any event or family gathering, the safest bet was always that Brooklyn hadn't quite gotten her make-up right or the dress she tried on was too tight somewhere. Jason supposed that it simply took that much effort to maintain that level of beauty, 'but frankly,' he thought, 'she looked equally good at the breakfast table fifteen minutes after she'd woken up.'

However, when Brooklyn finally showed up, Jason couldn't dream of regretting the fifteen minutes of waiting he'd done. She lit up like a star in a simple white dress, clinging just right to her tall frame and sporting a matching flower in her hair. She was ever so slightly browned against the stark white of the dress, and cut short, there were miles of the sun-kissed skin in the legs that made their way toward Jason in his seat. Her face was what always did it, with her gleaming white smile and the piercing of her slate-blue eyes. Crowned by her bounty of golden hair she seemed to float through the air on the way to her brother.

She reached out her hands for her brothers, and he took her in, holding her hands wide as she twisted about and the hem of her dress lifted a bit.

"You look.....gorgeous.... Staten Island."

Brooklyn blushed and poked him in the chest, "firstly, that one was terrible and you know it, and secondly... you don't look so bad yourself, handsome, and if I didn't know any better I'd say we were a perfect match,"

She was referring to the white shirt, open slightly at the collar that Jason wore and quite pleasantly matched his sister's dress. Jason couldn't help but thinking how they were a bit more perfect of a match than she might have meant. Once again gathering his thoughts, pushing them away from the dazzling display in front of him, Jason offered his arm which she took with an exaggerated grasp and a childish smile at first, which subdued into a mild lean.

She led them down to a quite café that overlooked the water, in perfect angle with the sunset so that as they sipped at fruity cocktails and other tropical drinks, they were both feeling the warmth of the alcohol as that of the sun began to fade.

They quizzed each other back and forth, Jason figuring out that the more he heard from his now-famous sister, the more he realized her life had taken an amazing and exciting turn. She did the usual, grilling him about girlfriends (he hadn't one) and prying him for any information he might give up about the girls he had seen over the last year or so. The alcohol had her asking for more information than he had anticipated, and Jason giving up more information than he usually would. Yet Brooklyn soaked it all up like a sponge, and Jason had practically described his perfect girl for her before he even realized he should probably reel himself in.

"Blonde, definitely," he said enthusiastically, "and tall, but not to taller than me."

"Hmm..." Brooklyn touched finger to lips, sitting up to gauge his height and responded; she was legitimately trying to think of whom of her model friends she might be able to set him up with. "Like my hair color, lighter, darker?"

"Just like yours." Jason spit it out without thinking, seeing from another grin on Brooklyn's face that she had been flattered by his preference.

"What kind of body type, athletic, petite? Are you a breasts man or an ass man?" She toyed with him, trying to embarrass him a bit.

Jason didn't miss a beat though, stating without hesitation, "Breast man, definitely."

"Well, I might know one or two girls I could set you up with, they'll be flying in all week," she offered with a little attitude. Though both of them peeked briefly down Brooklyn's dress to acknowledge yet another asset she happened to have, neither noticed the other. Brooke might have taken it a bit further but she thought better of it.

They went on chatting like that through the meal, back and forth, giggling and catching up on everything they possibly could. Brooklyn told him of some of the highlights of the past year or so and how she felt through some of it. He was a good listener, and he couldn't help but have a bit of a bias toward listening to extensive tales of the most beautiful women in the world rather than those his dad's rough and tumble days of helping grandpa in the lumberyard. He had to merge the two realities that his sister was Brooklyn Decker who's dad had yanked out of the car a few times for her newest boy 'parking the car' too close to home, and the was Brooklyn Decker the one of the biggest names in pay-commercial modeling. He almost wasn't surprised to hear about the second big movie contract she was wrapping up. He would have gone on listening enthusiastically for hours if she let him.

"... You're telling me that Andy Roddick, the Andy Roddick, wants a date with you?" Jason said incredulously, "And you're thinking of saying no??"

Brooklyn laughed and defended herself, "His agent let on to mine that he saw me on the cover of S.I. and decided he wanted a date, which is a little too ballsy of him if you ask me."

"I don't know Brooklyn, I'd certainly date the guy but I get it. I can't blame him though, I certainly wish I could go shopping in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition," Jason admitted.

"Shopping! Is that so? And who would you pay the most for then?" Brooklyn quizzed him

He appeared to be deep in thought, "Well that Bar Raf-a-something girl is up there, but I like the other blonde in there too, Esti - I think her name is."

"Somebody has been spending a lot of time staring at the swimsuit edition, and just so you know, my boobs are bigger than both of those girls." She fired back, feigning hurt.

"Well I can't very well choose my own sister can I?" Jason rebounded

"Let's say it wasn't totally against the rules and you wanted to," Jason flinched when she said that, Brooklyn noticing, "How much would you pay?" She held her hands up girlishly and playfully stuck a pose.

"I'd say about...." Jason needed to redeem himself a bit here, "twelve bucks."

"Why you little!" Brooklyn lunged at her little brother, but having finished their meal a while ago and already getting antsy; Jason backed away from her and hopped the short railing into the sand next to their spot. Brooklyn did the same, the hem of her dress accidentally popping up to reveal matching white panties below which Brooklyn quickly worked to hide, looking around to see if anyone else had seen her. Jason had, but he continued backing away from Brooklyn as she began to chase after him, wolf whistling to try and embarrass her.

"Come here you little shit," she yelled, ambling after him. Her large breasts bounced uncontrollably in their fragile home as she tried to catch her little brother, but he was too quick for her. Backward they went until Jason could feel water nipping at his heels. Just then, Brooklyn stopped moving and looked daringly at her brother.

"Don't..." he warned her.

But Brooklyn was set on her purpose, and this time her brother wasn't going to escape her grasp. She took two quick steps toward him, her daily workout had left her stronger than her brother remembered, and then she lunged.

Jason didn't even try to side step her; he just prepared for impact as she tangled her legs in his and leapt onto him like a monkey. He tried to stay up, taking a few stutter-steps backward but somewhere he lost his footing and down they went. The water was still shallow where they landed, but laughing and spitting out the salty water, Jason found himself straddled by his sister and sitting in it, both of them now soaked in their dinner clothes. The water was warm, and Jason didn't even mind it, still reeling from Brooklyn's attack.

"Got you, punk! Now give me all your money, and it better be more than twelve dollars." She banged on his chest a few times before he grabbed her wrists and kept her from pounding on him again. That only left Brooklyn's legs free, which she proceeded to thrash about. Unfortunately for Jason, that meant her hips were grinding into his and though he hadn't even given it any thought, his body had and was beginning to respond. Still not knowing that he was hardening at the touch of his sister, Jason flipped her about and pinned her to the ground just as she had, remaining there only a second before he popped up and dove out deeper into the water.

"Hey where are you going?" Brooklyn shouted as she dove after him, Jason stopped swimming when the water was just at his shoulders and Brooklyn reprimanded him: "Not too deep!"

"That's what she said," Jason jested.

"Oh my god, so lame," teased Brooklyn as she jumped, less forcefully at her brother this time.

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