tagNonHumanFalling for Fae Ch. 01-02

Falling for Fae Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1

She walked into the room, wearing all black. No one had seen her before. That was not unusual, everyone in this class was new. Professor Anthony Sadore watched her. This was not his first time teaching Mythology if the eighteenth century. However, he had never seen any female like her. She sat in the front row, her eyes hidden behind a dark pair of sunglasses.

Sadore was captivated. She looked so familiar. If was a man that believed in myths, he'd say she was the woman he dreamed of. And she did have the same features of the mystery woman in his dreams.

She looked around, her mane of black hair cascading across her shoulders. Her ruby red lips were plush and ripe. Her skin, so pale, it was almost eerie. Then he cleared his throat and everyone sat. He looked around and was about to welcome his students when her eyes zeroed in on him. She removed her glasses and he choked.

He'd seen those eyes before, fairy eyes, in his dreams. She was the fairy he dreamed of. Composing himself, Anthony forced himself to focus. Fairies are not real. She is just a young woman who, like the others, has to take this class. He told himself.

Then he heard a feminine voice giggle, Wrong, I don't need this class. You know why I'm here.

His eyes flew to her once more, as she seared him with her vision. Anthony shook his head. Now he was imagining things, He heard her laugh. He shook his head and introduced his curriculum.

"Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Professor Anthony Sadore. I am your guide through mythical creatures of the eighteenth century. We will learn the truth behind the most famous characters of all time. This won't be a fluff course. As future writers, directors, producers, and entertainers, you need to be aware of many things. Know your craft as some would say. So for the next four months, sit down, buckle in, and get ready for an amazing journey."

She smiled, and his body reacted. Chastising himself, Anthony reminded himself that she was a student. No matter how sexy she was she was off limits. Some of the students had questions. He answered and day one ended. Everyone stood to leave, except her. She sat and watched him. Soon the very last student left, leaving the two of them alone.

Anthony walked over to her and said, "Miss, class is over. Unless you needed to talk about something, you can go."

She faced him and smiled, "I'm not leaving. When I do leave, you'll come with me. Anthony, for four years you have delved into our world. I allowed it, but now it's time for you to decide. This will be your last term teaching this class because in six months, I will come for you. You will join me in the world of fae. You are the one I choose, my companion, my lover, my mate."

Anthony was rendered speechless. She smiled as she stroked his cheek and sauntered out of the room. He sat at his desk, staring at the closed door. At forty years old, he had never felt so aroused by any woman. Anthony was not new at this. He dated several women in the past. He was not a player though. He never was involved with more than one woman at once, and the women he dated were bookish types. The young woman that just walked out of his classroom was definitely not bookish.


"Rhyannon, where have you been?" A deep voice asked. Rhy fluttered into the throne room and bowed before her king. The throne room was gold, with two gold plated thrones in the center. She loved being in this room, when she and her sisters were little they would sneak in ad sit in their mother's seat. Their caretaker often chastised them, but she never stayed mad long.

"Sire, I was on top. I went to see him." Before he could chastise her, she hurriedly and spoke. "Sire, I am of age now. If I plan to have a family, then I must mate soon. Anthony is my companion. I need to be with him"

"Rhyannon, you know they cannot know we exist. For a human to join us, he has to leave his or her old life. He will be dead to all of his loved ones. For you to have your happiness, are you willing to rip his family apart?" He asked.

Rhy looked at her king, her father and opened her mouth to speak. "Father, am I condemned to be barren and alone? Can I not have a life with the man the fates have chosen for me? Give me six months, if he falls for me, I will tell him of us and give him a choice. However, if he does not succumb, I will come home and live as you wish."

"Daughter, you make this harder than it must be. I know of one male that has loved you for as long as I can remember. He is our kind, and he will be able to protect you and your children. Who's to say a human can adapt, and if he does, you will have to be the protector." King Alfendae sighed, "I don't want that for you. Your sisters chose men from other fae families. They are happy. Give up this human, and choose one of our kind."

Rhyannon sighed. Her father meant well. However, she did not want to settle. Anthony was hers and from his reaction tonight, he was going to be fun to chase.

"Father, I know I have come to you many times with many schemes. You and all of our people have been tolerable. But this time, I know Anthony is my companion. Yes, I was wrong in the past, but this time I'm sure." Rhy smiled and her father gave in.

"OK, six months, but you cannot use magic to persuade him." He exhaled. "You will live as a human. No one here will contact you and only your mother or I will reach you mentally. I have arranged an apartment for you and covered the cost for you to attend his class. At the end of six months, if he is not hopelessly in love with you, and is willing to give up everything for you, then you must return home, never to interfere in his life again.

But, if he loves you, then you must reveal yourself to him and ask him to give up his life to live here. He has to choose. If he has an ounce of doubt, then you are to free him. I will erase all memory of you and you will be just another girl in his class. You then will find a companion amongst our kind." He stopped.

Rhy smiled, "Thank you father. You will see. Anthony is my life mate. We belong together." She hugged her father and rushed to tell her sisters.

As she rushed out, her mother, Queen Fezira entered. "You should stop this. That man is not her soul mate and we both know this. Why are you allowing her to expose herself to such heartache?"

King Alfendae faced his upset spouse. "She won't listen, my love. In life there are three ways to earn. One is to watch someone go through something and two experience it yourself. Our daughter is the latter. She has to experience to learn."

The Queen understood, but her worry did not lessen. What if someone else recognized her daughter as fey? She would be in danger. She would recover from a broken heart, but if a vampire, wolf, gargoyle, witch, or God forbid, a Demon decided to take her. On top, she would be defenseless.

Queen Fezira joined her daughter. "So, you are going above ground. Up there is not like it is here. You will be on your own Rhyannon; I want you to think about this."

"Mother, I know what I'm doing. I knew who he was the first night I spied him through his window. He was so handsome and bored." She spoke dreamily, "I decided to liven up his evening and made his date spill her drink. She was mortified, but at least he was not bored." Rhy giggled as she lay across her hammock.

"That sounds awful. Really Rhy, you know better." The Queen sighed, "I don't like this, but your father has decreed it, so I will be silent. Just remember, you can always come home."

Rhy squealed and hugged her mother. Traveling to her new home was quick and easy. She appeared in her apartment and was greeted by the landlord. The landlord was the only person who knew what she was. He had his own secrets. Being a gnome, he would not say anything. Rhys loved her small one bedroom home. It wasn't decorated like her room at the palace, but that didn't matter. She had to devise a plan to woo her male.


Warren was on a mission. The king was concerned about the humans destroying their fields. Human annoyed Warren. They were so selfish and inconsiderate. They thought only humans and the animals they held hostage existed. He was stalking a small family in a park. Their children were digging holes, destroying a flower garden that was a source for nectar for their drinks. The parents said very little. Then one of their pets spotted him. The big furry, slobbery animal charged him and he had to fly into tree to escape. His fellow soldiers did the same. He watched the dog then fluttered down to meet him. The poor animal was miserable.

Don't worry. I will fix it. Warren sent. Looking at the family, he sent a glamour. For a second, they did not see their dog. The dog was right before them, watching as the father , mother, and children frantically searched.

Warren laughed, Old boy, I'm going to place you in a small pit for them to find you. They will take better care of you now. The dog whined.

Transporting the animal, one of the girls screamed. The dad couldn't reach him and the authorities were called. When he was rescued, each member hugged him and promised not to be so careless again. Warren watched the exchange and smiled. The dog looked at him and barked. Warren sent, You're welcome.

He and his men head home when he heard her. The guys looked at each other. They all heard her. What was Princess Rhyannon doing here? They wondered.

More than curious, Warren flew to the surface and saw her. She was living on top, as a human. She didn't see him, could not hear him. He felt strange, threatened. It made no sense. So sending an all call, he and his soldiers returned home to report to the king.

King Alfendae welcomed them. He knew something bothered the young warrior, so he waited. Warren started to question, but dismissed his thoughts. The king told the men to rest for the day.

Rhyannon loved being in the park. Humans were so simple, and apparently they had never seen a beautiful woman alone before. Well, they could flirt, but her mind was on her professor. His class was tomorrow and she was sitting in the front row.


Rhyannon finished her evening stroll and realized she had not eaten since morning. Returning to her apartment, she was surprised to see no one had left her a meal. Mother, I hunger. What gives? She sent.

The queen said, My daughter, you are to live as a human; that means you must feed yourself.

Rhy was shocked. She had no idea how to cook, then she smiled. She'd call and order something. Then she realized that she could go out. However, she was tired from her excursion earlier. So she opted to call and order from a local diner. After selecting a local Thai food establishment, Rhys relaxed and waited for her food to be delivered.

One of the guards assigned by the Queen would handle her deliveries. Thirty minutes later, a pimply faced kid knocked. Rhys opened the door. She frowned, the guy looked familiar. Then she smiled and paid him, giving him a generous tip. He thanked her and left, reporting the the queen.


After their outing, and meeting with the King, Warren lighted on the petal of a flower watching the fae dance around and play. Laughter filled the forest floor.

"Warren, come, Krystal wants to dance with you." His best friend Roan called. Warren laughed and drifted to the ground. He joined in on the fun. Nearby, at the center of a great oak, in the throne room, the King and Queen watched their subjects frolic. They were not alone long, as their two oldest daughters flew in.

"Mother, Father, we have heard about Rhyannon. Did you really send her on top?" Aria asked.

The king was about to answer when his middle daughter, Rue, spoke up. "She always does as she wishes. You should have refused this. If she messes up and expose us, you know what could happen."

"My beautiful daughters, how on earth did I rule for a century before either of you were born? I am so relieved that you ladies have such faith in my judgment." King Alfendae sighed.

Queen Fezira laughed. "Husband, we all know that Rhyannon has you wrapped around her finger." Then she faced her daughters, "She is being watched. Your father and I have sent several guards on top with her. She thinks she is unguarded, but they have been authorized to interfere and bring her home at any time."

The girls sighed in relief. Their mother asked about their husbands. Like a bad joke, both guys joined them, each kissing his wife. Tyler, Rue's husband, hugged the queen as King Alfendae entered grumbling about young thunder cats. He released the queen and bantered with his father-in-law. Aria's husband, Brock, greeted his mother-in-law as well. He loved his queen dearly. Queen Fezira laughed and told them to join her and Alfendae at their table for dinner. They were happy to stay. Soon the group grew hungry and everyone flitted to the palace to share a meal.


The next morning, Rhyannon arrived at class a few minutes early. She wanted to see him when he came in. The object of her musings arrived early. Anthony entered his classroom. It was a large studio. This term, he was overloaded as many non-theatrical majors were taking this class. The different departments decided that their students could benefit from the exposure.

He saw her sitting in the front row. He'd have to be blind, dumb, and crazy not to notice her. She was gorgeous. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, her petite frame filling the small sun dress she wore. She was sitting, reading a magazine. It was not time for the class to start. They had at least thirty more minutes before everyone was in. Anthony walked over to his desk. "Good morning, Miss Devale. I see you are early."

Rhy looked at him, her eyes smoldering, "Good morning, Professor. I couldn't wait to see you."

His collar heated, every cell reacting to the sound of her voice. Knowing she had his attention, Rhys dropped her sandal from her foot. The shoe tumbled and she giggles as that action directed his eyes at her legs. Anthony swallowed. Damn, her legs look smooth. Unable to coach his reaction, his eyes traveled upward to the short hem at the top of her thighs.

"Oooops," Rhys gasped. "Silly me, let me get that." She stood, and he could not help but notice how her tiny dress barely covered her small frame. "Professor, will you help me?" She asked, walking toward him. Stopping as his desk, Rhy hoisted her bottom on his desk. "Professor, will you fasten this for me?" She lifted her foot. Anthony cleared his throat.

"Ms. Devale, this is inappropriate. Please remove your body from my desk." He ordered as sternly as he could as all of his blood rushed to a certain part of his body.

Rhy laughed. She lifted her foot, placing her foot against his crotch. He could not hide the obvious affect she had on him. The evidence was front and center.

"Just fasten my sandal professor. That's all, nothing more." She whispered as she massaged his crotch slowly.

Anthony stepped back. This was not going to happen. "Ms Devale, return to your seat. I'm sure you can fix the shoe without my assistance."

Rhy sighed. She'd move but not because he was so stern but others were coming. Rhy sauntered back to her seat and sat. Reaching down, she claimed her sandal. She saw him staring at her legs once more.

I will have you, lover. Keep resisting, that makes the chase all the more fun. She giggled as several more people entered. She knew he heard her. She smiled and class began. Rhyannon watched her mate. He loved this material. He was so animated, so alive. She noticed that several females were enamored by him as well. She didn't blame them. He was simply perfection.

Anthony forced himself to focus. His second day in class went by easily. He had two more classes today, then he could go home. He dismissed class ten minutes early, and everyone filed out, except her. Soon the two of them were alone.

"Ms. Devale, I apologize for my reaction earlier. It was not called for. I'm asking that you please refrain from approaching me in that manner again. It was unbecoming." Anthony explained.

Rhys laughed, "You're right. I was unfair. I'll stop by your office later." She blew him a kiss and then walked out. She knew his eyes never left her taut behind.

What in the hell am I doing? She is a student. I need to get a handle on this. I'm calling Roddrick. Anthony decided and then dialed his best friend.

Chapter 2

"Hello, Anthony, what's going on?" Roddrick asked immediately. He knew his buddy. If he called something was up.

Anthony sighed, "Look, I need help. There is this girl in my class. She has come on to me twice. You know my situation. I can't go to the dean. He might find out about Kinlock. We buried that shit, but I don't want to fan the flames. I need you to come down here. She's meeting me at my office at four. I want you there."

Roddrick nodded. Anthony had no idea that nothing that happened at Kinlock was his fault. Roddrick staged the incidents to secure his loyalty. Then he went out of his way to cover up the fake crime. By the time the police came and went, Roddrick helped the police rule the situation an accident, sealing the loyalty of Anthony. That was over five years ago. Then to make sure he had him, he revealed his secret of not being quite human. That was when he told him that other beings lived amongst them.

Others were drawn to the professor, which suited his needs. He could feed and free Anthony from unwanted attention. Since he believed he participated in a crime and Roddrick saved him, then he was forever loyal. Roddrick smiled to himself and replied. "I'll be there. Tell me this, is she human?"

Anthony sighed, "I think so. You know I can't tell. Just meet me, alright."

Roddrick consented, "Don't worry. We'll sort her out."

Roddrick hang up the phone and looked at the mirror which reflected his true form. He was Briar Demon. Not a high level demon, but strong enough to be successful on this plane. When he met Anthony a decade ago, he latched on to him. Anthony was a magnet. He attracted mythical creatures. He unknowingly kept Roddrick fed. Roddrick needed to feed again. A few years ago, Anthony had a she wolf stalking him, he fed from her for days. He was certain this female was some type of other as well. He wondered what kind.

He looked at the time. It was only two. He had a couple of hours, so he'd rest. The time flew, Roddrick morphed into his human form. His human form was a charming bastard. Deep mahogany skin, a low fro and goatee, he was a handsome devil and he knew it. His body was a sculpted piece of work. He exited his building, climbing into is BMW and head to the college. At three fifty, he was at Anthony's office. He sat and waited on his friend.

Soon Anthony walked up. "Hey, Rod, thanks for coming. Come on in." They entered his office.

At four ten, Rhyannon headed to his office. A lady stopped her. "Miss, are you going to see Professor Sadore?" she asked.

Rhy smiled, "Yes, ma'am I told him I'd stop by." She explained.

The woman eyes glowed, "That's not a good idea. As a matter of fact, you should leave right now." She warned.

Rhy was confused."Excuse me, do you work here?" she asked.

The lady answered, "No, but if you see him right now, your life will be forfeit. I beg you, on your father's throne, leave now little fairy." Rhy gasped. No one should know what she was unless her parents had her watched.

The woman realized she would be difficult so she called the Queen.

Rhyannon, get away from there now. You are in danger. Just go! The queen sent. This scared the willful fairy princess, and she ran.

Queen Fezira called her husband. "This human is friends with a Briar. We need to get her out of there."

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