tagRomanceFalling For My Boss's Spouse

Falling For My Boss's Spouse


I was only 19 when I started this nanny job. The reason that I was looking for a job in the first place was because I needed to pay for college. My family didn't have much money, and if I wanted to go to college I'd have to pay for it on my own.

I began working as a nanny by day and using the money I earned to attend college courses at night. I moved in with the family and struck a deal to get a reduced rent in exchange for a lower weekly paycheck.

As soon as I started the job I knew that I was attracted to the husband/father of the family. His name was Gabriel, and he was over 6". He had strawberry blonde hair and a pretty lean body type. I found out that he was almost 30, but strangely the age gap didn't turn me off. I tried to avoid him in the beginning; I knew that if I got close to him I might get myself into a situation that I couldn't handle. I tried to only speak to him when spoken to - and even then only about things that mattered for my job. I suspected that he was attracted to me, but I didn't want to mix business with pleasure and tried to stay out of his way.

My room was in the attic, along with the playroom for the kids and the washer and dryer. I came across Gabriel one night, throwing in a load of laundry into the machine. Honey, his wife, was puttering around in the kitchen downstairs while he and I started chatting. We realized we were similar in many ways. We shared common interests, had similar personalities, and experienced similar situations in our youth. Gabriel seemed eager to hear more about me, and he made me feel valued and special. I cut the conversation short that night because I couldn't handle the emotions I was feeling towards him. That night was a turning point in our relationship.

We started talking about all kinds of stuff after that one night up in the attic, and we had a lot of fun sitting around getting to know each other. Sometimes Honey was present while we talked, sometimes she wasn't. When she wasn't, I shared some personal secrets with him that I'd never tell anyone else. He divulged some secrets of his own. When his wife wasn't around he would say little things that made me blush. Once he told me that I looked beautiful and attractive. Another time he told me that I smelled good. I'd look away and smile, embarrassed by his attentions.

Honey suggested that I drive Gabriel to the train one morning because he was running late and he needed to catch a certain train to make it to work on time. My heart was thumping in anticipation of spending a few minutes alone with him.

He drove us to the station, but the train hadn't pulled in yet, so he parked the car in the lot. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and smiled shyly. Gabriel was looking at me, and I knew that he loved me. Then there was the sound of the train pulling in, and he pulled his eyes away from me and told me he had to leave. Just before he left the car, he reached over and squeezed my hand. "See you later." He said. Then he was gone.

I was flushed from the encounter, and drove back to my job in a haze. When I got back to the house, Honey asked me if I was ok. "I'm fine, don't worry." I said. At that moment my phone dinged with a text message entering my inbox. I rushed over to my phone and opened a text from Gabriel; "Thanks for the ride -- I'll be thinking about you today. xoxo" I grinned. He was thinking about me! I looked up into the face of his wife who was asking me a question. My heart sank. How was I going to do this?

Though I practically swooned whenever I saw him, I attempted to keep a low profile in the house for a while. I knew that a relationship would never work out between Gabriel and I, especially while I was living in his house with his family! Meanwhile, he kept connecting with me. A meaningful glance thrown my way during dinner, more personal texts, smiles meant just for me.

Honey headed a committee that met in her house once a month. I happened to be home the night that one night of the month that committee met in the living room, and Gabriel and I were kicked off the main floor so as not to disturb the meeting. We went up to the attic and sat around playing a board game and talking. The game playing stopped after a while and we were just talking. I spoke with him about my past that night, and talking about that stuff left me feeling emotionally vulnerable and teary eyed.

Gabriel looked pained at my pain, and he scooted over to be closer to me on the couch. I looked down into my lap, tears in my eyes. "Hey, hey, don't cry" he said, pulling my chin up to look at him. "I'm here for you. I'll always be here for you." Then he hugged me. We sat there on the couch for what felt like eternity, holding onto each other. He rubbed my back and told me he'd never leave me. Then he pulled back, and before I knew it he was kissing me passionately.

I didn't know how to react, so I jerked away suddenly. I stared up into his eyes. I knew that I loved Gabriel, but he was married! I couldn't have him. "I love you." He lowered his head to kiss me again. I felt the warmth of his lips on mine, and was swayed by the comfort I felt in this embrace.

Just then, I heard footsteps on the stairs. The meeting must've ended, because I heard Honey calling a hello up to us. I jumped up from the couch and ran into my room. I had just closed the door when I heard Gabriel explaining to Honey that I wasn't feeling well and had went to bed early. I don't know how he reacted to seeing his wife seconds after kissing me. I sank down to the ground, my back against the door. I knew that I would have him, even though he was married. It was just a matter of time.

The following week passed in a blur of watching kids and cleaning house. I was pining after this married man, and he took up all of my thoughts. We texted quite often, and the texting wasn't as innocent as it once was. I'd flirt, trying to incite him to say something naughty. I succeeded sometimes, and he must've deleted those texts that described how much he loved and wanted me.

Saturday night was a cold one. The kids were all in bed, and Honey had to attend a conference that promised to end late. So it was just Gabriel and I alone in the house that night. We ate a quick dinner, and visited with the neighbors who came to say hello. Then we sat down on the couch and talked. I felt so close to Gabriel at that point, so I didn't protest at all he leaned in close and kissed me. I pushed down my guilt when I felt his hands reach up and cup my breasts.

It felt good for him to caress my body, to help me heal from the pain of my past. I couldn't keep my hands from roaming across his back, his chest, and even venturing down to his nether regions. He shuddered the first time my fingertips strayed across his bulge in his pants. I smiled and asked him if he liked it when I did that. He looked at me with a sexy, meaningful look in his eyes. His hands creeped up underneath my shirt and danced across the bare skin of my stomach.

I was breathing heavily, and knew that there was no going back. It occurred to me that we were in the living room; in full view of the front door should his wife walk into the room. "Not in here..." I whispered to him, in between the soft sounds I was making in reaction to the attention he was paying my body. So he stood up and led me by the hand up the stairs to my attic room.

Gabriel and I stumbled upon my bed in the darkness, giggling from the adrenaline rush of what was happening. He laid me down on my bed and climbed on top of me. Our bodies were flush together, and I could feel every part of him against me.

We kissed, and he pulled off my shirt. I shivered slightly from the cold air, but smiled suggestively and pulled off his shirt. He unhooked my bra and took my firm breasts in his hands. My nipples were rock hard and sensitive, and I inhaled sharply at his every touch. He kissed each nipple slowly, and I almost laughed at how wonderful it felt.

He made his way down my torso, bestowing kisses all the way down my navel, right to the waistband of my pants. He glanced at my face to check if he had permission, and he gently tugged my pants and underwear off my body. "You're absolutely beautiful, do you know that?" Gabriel breathed, and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

I was completely aroused, and in a frenzy to see him in all his nakedness. I pulled at the top of his pants and moaned, and he quickly shucked them. I had never seen a man naked before, and I just stared at his erect member for a few seconds. It was long and stiff, the tip of its head circumcised.

Now when Gabriel lay down on top of me, it was skin on skin contact. I had never felt this turned on in my life. I felt his hard manhood twitch between my legs and I squirmed beneath him. I wanted him inside of me. "I've never done this before, but I want you to be my first." I whispered. He looked into my eyes and nodded. He positioned himself at my entrance. "It's going to hurt a little at first, but I'll help you through it. Then it'll feel good. I promise." And he thrust his rigid rod into me.

He couldn't go so far in at first, and I cried out in pain. I clutched at him, and he held me tight while making soothing noises in my ear. He pulled out and thrusted in again and again, and soon the pain gave way to pleasure.

I bucked my hips and made little noises whenever he pushed inside of me or brushed his hands across my skin in the way I was coming to like so much. "I love you" I gasped "you're the only one for me, this feels so amazing!" "You make me feel so hot," he panted "I love you too!"

Suddenly the sensations climaxed into a crescendo. "Oh my God..." I managed to say before my back arched in ecstasy, and the whole world stopped as he and I climaxed. It seemed to go on and on, and I loved that I felt that Gabriel and I would be intertwined forever.

Then it was over. All my muscles relaxed as he collapsed on top of me. We lay there together, laughing and looking into each other's eyes.

As we lay there, I remember knowing that this wouldn't end well. I knew he was married, and that I was the hired help. This would be beyond complicated, but I so overwhelmed by what we had just experienced together that I ignored the future and just settled down into his comfortable warmth.

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