tagRomanceFalling For The Teacher

Falling For The Teacher


Hey guys, this is my first story so go easy on me. English is not my first language so please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors. When I posted this on other site many people commented that my language is too formal. I could have re-written but as this is my first work I felt like sharing the original version. Some day I will Improvise it and re-post. Please comment and let me know your thoughts and how I can improve. And here we go....

Hi. I am Jake. I am 19 years old and have a well-built body with the height of 6.1. I used to play football and part of the high school team. I am not extremely famous among girls but I had my share and none of them are serious relationships.

And here I am sitting in front of my Quantum Physics professor looking over her shoulders and not meeting her eyes. This time I am done for. One word from her and I am in serious trouble from college committee. But still sitting in front of her is killing me. One look at her and some wild desire stir in my gut.

"You didn't answer my question Jake." she said. "Do you think I am sexy and hot?"

"Oh, Yeah" I thought. "With that body of yours I want to fuck you the first chance I get." An image flashed in my brain me fucking her from behind while she is bent over her desk. It took all my effort to stop a stupid grin spreading over my face at that thought.

"Still no answer." She repeated. "Do you want me to report?"

How the fucking hell did I get into this mess?

It began in some stupid physics lab (yeah, it's really is stupid Why the hell should I take course in this lab when it has got nothing to do with my major or minor. Some stupid college rules) Anyway it's our first session and assistant instructor is going on about the safety measures to be followed.

There she is listening with a pen between her lips which are covered with red lip gloss. A red color top and tight denim jeans. Approximately 5.7 in height with a figure all women would kill for. Her breasts stood pointed defying gravity and her slim waist extended into an ass in shape of an apple. Man nicest ass I had ever seen.

Oh god her face with every part in perfect place is like an Angel. Her eyes are blue and her long black hair loosely hung around her shoulder. She brought her long eyebrows together in concentration.

"How long this goanna take?" Ben my new roommate complained regarding the speech.

"Mm..." I said still staring at her.

"Are you even listen-"he stopped in middle catching my eye and looking at the beauty in front of us.

"Who the hell is she? And what the fucking hell a model is doing in our college?" ben asked.

"How the hell I would know. Go and ask her." I replied.

Suddenly she turned towards us and caught us staring. Ben immediately got tensed and looked away but I was still looking at her. After our eyes met she turned her head back smiling.

My cell vibrated and I took it out. A message from Ashley 'Pick me up at 7. A friend is coming along.'

Great, this the thing with Ash she takes everything for granted. She is my neighbor and best friend as long as I can remember and now we are in the same college.

'Why?' I replied back.

'Because I don't have a car yet and it is Friday night'


Lab session ended soon and I scanned for the girl among the leaving crowd but I didn't find her. Ben and I returned to our rooms. It's already 5.

"Any plans tonight?" I asked Ben.

"Nope" he replied.

"I am going out. Want to tag along?"


By 7 all four of us are in my car racing towards the nearest pub. Me and Ben sat in the front and Ash and Lucy (Ash's roommate) in the back.

Ashley is one of the hot girls in high school with chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair. She's 5.9 and a cheerleader with 34c breasts. And Lucy is 5.6 with relatively small tits. Her eyes are hazel and hair is strawberry blonde.

Soon Lucy and me are on the dance floor. Ben is flirting with Ash at the table. Lucy started grinding her ass into my crouch. I took the hint and placed my hands on her ass pulled her tighter into me. she started sliding along the length of my dick and soon I am hard as rock. Ben and Ash joined us and quickly Lucy broke the contact.

Rest of the night was un event full. I exchanged my number with Lucy's. Ash hugged me really tighter than normal and thanked me for picking them up. Not that I am complaining but I never had sexual feelings towards Ash even though I have seen her naked many times.

On Monday I am late to the Quantum Physics class. Another compulsory subject and I sincerely prayed that the girl from the lab will be in my class.

"In hurry?" Ben asked.

"Yep. I will be late for the class by 5 mints I guess." I replied.

"Who's the prof?"

"Someone named Williams. Old geezer I guess." Or who the hell would teach Quantum Physics.

As I guessed I am late by 5 mints and entered the class in a hurry but stood there by the door completely out of words. 'Beauty with brains' that is first thought that crossed my mind.

"Better late than never. And you are Mr." she asked.

There she is the same girl I am thinking about in a blue blazer and matching blue skirt that came up to her knees and she is Prof Williams (Rachel Williams, as I came to know later) as my course guide says.

"J-Jake Scott Ma'am" I stammered.

"Then Mr. Scott if you take a seat we can continue." she said and turned towards the board to write something.

I saw a hand waving towards me and quickly took a seat beside Lucy.

"You better wipe that look off your face before someone notice." Lucy said with coldness in her voice. Yeah, I know it's definitely hard when your teacher is sexier than you.

Most of the time I kept staring at her not listening to a single word she spoke. And I at least imagined hundred positions of me fucking her throughout the class.

"So Mr. Scott will be answering this question." she said suddenly.

It broke me out of my fantasy and by some miracle I knew answer to her question.

"Considering relative physics..." I started but tailed off as a small hand caught my cock through the jeans. Lucy started rubbing my dick under the desk.

"Do you know the answer or not?" Ms. Williams asked me plainly.

"No ma'am" I replied. It's hard to answer when a hot girl is rubbing your dick so I let it pass. She turned to asked somebody else and Lucy removed her hand.

Great Late to the class, didn't answered a simple question. So much for the first impression.

"What was that for?" I asked Lucy angrily. Bell rang signaling the end of the class.

Lucy caught my arm and said "let's go to my room." Biting her lower lip and lust in her eyes.

We practically ran to her room and I am really glad that Ash is not in the room. As soon as the door closed I started ripping her clothes and she is doing the same.

I pulled her head closer to mine and planted heavy kiss on her lips. Soon our tongues started to wrestle and she started sucking on my lips. Now we are naked. Lucy pushed me on to her bed and started kissing my neck. She slowly moved down kissing my chest, nipples and belly. She caught my dick in one hand ball in the other. My cock stood with full attention (forgot to mention its 7 inches). Lucy started pumping my dick.

"I wanted this the first time I saw you." She said. She wrapped her around my cock and started sucking it. I caught her and turned around so that I had access to her cunt. We are in a 69 position and she is wet down there. I started licking her pussy running my lips over her outer lips. She managed to get all the 7 inches inside her mouth. I struck my tongue in to her and she moaned on my dick. I put a finger into her cunt and started finger fucking her.

"Ah-ah Jake don't stop it. Please lick me hard." She said and started sucking my cock wildly. I am close to my orgasm so I shoved two more fingers into her cunt.

"I am cumming." I shouted over her pussy.

"Me too Jake. Don't stop it" she shouted back and came all over my face. I started shooting my load deep down her throat. I stopped after five or six shorts and she swallowed the whole.

She turned around kissing my lips. Soon I am hard again. I rolled over her. Me on the top and placed her legs over my shoulder. I placed my cock over her entrance, which is radiating heat, and started teasing her. She grabbed my ass pulled me completely into her in one stroke. I started with slow long strokes and increased the pace.

"Faster ah Jake ah-ah faster" she said. I started ramming her pussy like a wild animal and started sucking on her boobs.

"I am cumming Lucy."

"Come in me Jake. Please come in me." No need to ask me twice I grabbed her ass rammed my cock deep inside her and started shooting my load into her. It did it for her and her pussy started milking my cock. I collapsed on her still my cock inside her and our juices leaking out of her pussy.

Room door opened and Ash walked in. Lucy forgot to lock the door in hurry. Lucy pulled the covers over us immediately.

"What the fuck. You just met once and already hooked up." Ash screamed. Lucy struck out her tongue at Ash and started kissing me.

"Whatever. I need to use the bathroom." saying Ash hurried into the bath room.

We started fucking every chance we got and soon Ben and Ash started doing the same. It became normal for one of us to walk over while the other couple is having sex.

One month passed and Ms. Williams is having more and more effect on me. I barely listened to her classes. Most of time I spent dreaming of fucking her or playing with Lucy under the table. I always failed to answer the questions she asked me (mostly because of Lucy).

During one class I started rubbing Lucy's thigh and slowly slid my hand in to her panties. She tightened when I struck one finger in her cunt but acted as if she is really interested in the class.

"Don't stop Jake. Rub me." She whispered. I started moving my finger in and out of her.

"Lucy what does the equation on the board indicate?" Ms. Williams asked.

"Yes Ms. Williams. It indicates relation between uncertainties of..." Lucy started answering coolly as though my hand doesn't have any effect on her. 'Oh no. You don't answer that. Time for revenge.' I thought and shoved two more fingers roughly in her pussy. Lucy went dead pale and disguised a low moan as cough.

"Uncertainties of?" Ms. Williams asked again. She started coming closer and I didn't notice until she came near to us. I quickly removed my hand and I am not sure whether she caught us or not.

Lucy recovered quickly. "Position and velocity." She finished. Ms. Williams eyed me differently and continued with her lesson. Rest of the hour seemed like an eternity as I want to get out of the class as soon as possible. Finally the bell rang.

"Mr. Scott please stay back as I have something to discuss regarding your internal exam." Ms. Williams announced.

"Good luck." Lucy whispered as she hurried out of the class. I sincerely hoped that she didn't catch me before. I walked to her desk as the class emptied.

"Take a seat." She said and sat in her chair. She pulled out a paper from a bunch lying on her desk. She handed it to me. You got to be kidding. Eight out of ten. No way.

"So you aren't a complete spoilt brat, are you?" she asked me plainly.

"I sure hope not." I said.

"Then what the hell are you doing during my class?" she asked with a rising edge of anger in her voice. Damn got caught during my little act. Then how come Lucy is not sitting with me?

"Thinking of your body, of course" I said. I honestly don't know what made me say that and I am as surprised as she is.

"What?" she said with a tone of anger and surprise.

"Yeah with hot and sexy body of yours how did you expect me to concentrate on the class?" Fuck, what hell am I speaking?

"What the hell that supposed mean?" she asked "You think I am hot and sexy?"

And here I am sitting in front of my Quantum Physics professor looking over her shoulders and not meeting her eyes. This time I am done for. One word from her and I am in serious trouble from college committee. But still sitting in front of her is killing me. One look at her and some wild desire stir in my gut.

"You didn't answer my question Jake." she said. "Do you think I am sexy and hot?"

"Oh, Yeah" I thought. "With that body of yours I want to fuck you the first chance I get." An image flashed in my brain me fucking her from behind while she is bent over her desk. It took all my effort to stop a stupid grin spreading over my face at that thought.

"Still no answer." She repeated. "Do you want me to report?"

"Yes, I do think you are hot and sexy." I replied truthfully.

"Listen kid, it's just the hormones talking. Why don't stop acting stupid and concentrate in the class." She stood up and walked towards me. Now I can smell perfume. I looked down only to see her long legs coming out of her green skirt. I kept staring at them.

"Uh-uh" she cleared her throat. "So what do you say?"

I stood up towering over her. The distance between us is very small now. "Fuck the hormones. Who cares?"

"Mind you lang--" she started angrily. But I cut her off by kissing her on the lips. I laced my hands around her and started rubbing her back. I felt some sort of electric shock through my body the moment my lips touched hers. She tried to push me away. I tightened my hold and she finally gave in. She started kissing me back. The next moment her body tightened and she shoved me back. I fell backwards.

"You bastard don't you dare do that again. This is the last time I excuse you." screaming she walked out of the class. I just stood there, holding my paper, can't believing what I just did.

Immediately I ran after her. Apology seemed to be the best way to get out of this mess. I met her in the corridor, which is luckily deserted.

"Ms. Williams" I hurried after her. She slowed down her pace.

"What do you want now?" She asked me angrily folding her hands over her chest.

"I am sorry I shouldn't have done that. I am really sorry. Please forgive me." I apologized.

She softened a bit and said "It's ok. Do not repeat it ever again. Go find a girl of your own age."

"I already have a girlfriend. One of the main reasons to apologize" I mumbled.

Hearing that she knitted her eye brows in concentration probably remembering something and replied after a few seconds. "Get out of here before I change my mind"

Next Friday all four of us hit the pub again. Lucy and me sneaked in to a bathroom. I quickly pulled her t-shirt down exposing her tits and started licking on them. She struggled with my pants for few seconds but managed to pull them down along with my boxers. She bent down and started sucking on my cock. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. Soon I started cumming in her mouth.

I lifted her and started sucking on her boobs. Slowly I moved down to her pussy. I lifted her skirt upwards and pushed the panties aside. I started licking her and she went crazy.

"Don't stop Jake." She pulled my head closer and wrapped her legs around me. "I am cumming Jake. Ah-ah Jake. Jake." She shouted my name and came all over my face.

I was hard again and I pushed Lucy against the wall. I positioned my cock behind her and started fucking her from behind.

"Jake faster. Please faster." She pleaded. I increased my pace and she started moaning loudly.

"Can you people keep it low? Or else we goanna get caught." Ben shouted from the next one.

I turned Lucy's head backwards and started kissing her to stop her moaning. She started slowly moaning in my mouth and suddenly her eyes went wide. Her pussy tightened around my cock and started milking it. I started getting close and increased my speed further.

"Lucy I am close. Very close." I said. She got on her knees immediately and started sucking my dick and swallowed the whole load.

We dressed and came out of the booth. Thankfully it's empty outside and low moans are coming from another. Ben and Ash didn't finish yet. We came out of the bathroom sat at a table.

Lucy phone beeped indicating a text message. She checked it and said "I got to go. Something is wrong with Amy. She broke with her boyfriend."

"Wait. I will come with you." I said rising.

"No. Wait for Ben and Ash. Tell them I left and get started afterwards." Saying she ran out. Great now I am struck here. Soon they came out.

"Guys Lucy left and I am leaving too. What about you?" I asked them.

"We will hang out for a while." Ben answered.

"I am leaving then."

Down in the parking lot I was about to open my car door when I heard something.

"Leave me alone. I told you I won't do that." Ms. Williams's voice came in. I bent over my truck to get clear view. She was struggling with some guy and both of them seemed pretty drunk. I walked over to them and caught his arm.

"Hey leave her alone." I said tightening my grip.

"Ja-Jake Scott" Ms. Williams stammered seeing my face.

"Who are you? Hey Bitch is this your boyfriend? I told you belong to me and me alone." He said and started attacking me. Reflexes took over and I hit him on the jaw. He stumbled and fell down. He passed out. Like I said he is pretty drunk.

"Wh-What are you d-doing? Th-This is my p-problem. Leave now." She started.

"No. I am not leaving without you and you are drunk. You can't drive." I argued.

"Please leave Jake. It's not you problem." She started again.

I just said no and stood there for a few minutes. She looked at passed out guy once and said "Fine. Let's go"

I took her hand to lead her to my truck but she shook it off and started walking. After a couple of steps she tripped and I caught her. She started to shake me off but I pinned her arms. She stopped struggling and walked with me towards my truck.

"Where do you leave?" I asked. She gave me her address. It's a half an hour drive. I helped her into passenger's seat and started driving.

She is wearing a tight yellow top and a small skirt which barely covered her thighs. As we are free now I noticed that her white bra is visible through her top.

"Who's that guy?" I asked.

"None of your business." she replied curtly.

I shut my mouth and drove silently the next ten minutes sneaking glances at her. She was staring into space thinking about something.

"Hope my mother is not home." She said suddenly.

"You still leave with your mother?" I asked her.

"What's wrong with that? Contrary to what you thick I am not that older. I am 22." She announced.

"But you teach in a college. You should have at least got your Ph.D." I asked.

"Yes I got one when I am 21. I graduated from high school when I was fifteen." She said. Great she some super genius then.

"Who's that guy in parking lot?" I asked her again.

"As I told it's none of your business." She replied.

I didn't ask her anything again. She fell asleep and leaned on my shoulder for rest of the time. We reached her place in less than half hour.

"Wake up Ms. Williams. We are at you home." I shook her.

She woke up with a jolt and hurried to get out. As soon as she got out she fell down. I hurried to her side and picked her up in my arms, I walked to her house but the front door was locked.

"Key is under the big vase beside the door." She mumbled. I dropped on her legs still catching her I searched for the key. I found it and opened the door. She guided me to her bed room and dumped her on bed in a hurry to get rid of her. Holding her in my arms is driving me crazy. I started leaving the house when she caught my arm and pulled me back. She kissed me on the lips. God this woman is really driving me crazy.

"Thanks Jake and be careful with your girlfriend." Saying she fell asleep. What the hell did she say now? Any way I hurried out of the house not wanting her mother to come home when I was there. I locked the door again hoping that her mother would come home tonight. Or else she is will be locked up in her own house.

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