tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 02

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 02


~~~ Okay so here's the second chapter. Sorry no sex, yet. Trust me, I've got an outline of where this is going; it'll get there as long as you want it to get there.

Thanks so much for your support on my first post. I really appreciate any constructive feedback, and positive feedback (of course). ~~~

Anna screamed and tried to wriggle away as his cock ripped into her ass tearing her flesh brutally. She struggled and flailed against him trying to escape the ripping pain, but he slugged her in the side with his fist, knocking the breath out of her. She lay gasping even as he pounded into her viciously. She begged, she pleaded, but as her shrieks grew more desperate, he grew more violent. He started chuckling darkly.

"That's it you little bitch!" he snarled as he slammed into her. "Squeal like the little whore you are. You know you love it. You know you wanted it all along."

She could feel the blood as it dripped down her legs. She sobbed brokenly. "No, please," she begged. "Please..." She repeated it over and over again choking and trembling.

He pulled out of her and grabbed her turning her roughly to face him. He stuck his fingers in her hair and twisted it around his fist, to pull her head into his lap. She stared in horror at his blood-soaked cock.

"If I feel your teeth," he said evilly, "I'll knock them out."

She choked as he thrust into her mouth. She tasted her blood and she gagged as he pushed into the back of her throat. She began to convulse as he pushed deeper into her.

She couldn't breathe! She couldn't breathe!

She struggled madly to get away, flailing wildly, uncontrollably. But he restrained her. He was so much bigger...

She struggled towards consciousness.

Fight. The voice in her head screamed at her.


Her eyes flew open only to be in darkness. Someone was restraining her; a man. She was lying on top of him and he had pinned her arms to her sides and she could feel his legs wrapped about hers to keep her from kicking.


She shrieked and pulled with all her might trying to flail wildly, but his grip was like iron crushing her limbs against her body rendering them immobile.

"No!" she wailed. "No, please! Please!"

"Easy, Anna," said a smooth, sensual voice. "Easy," he breathed.

His words felt warm and soft, and they flowed over her like a tender caress; calming her, soothing her. It was almost like the light brush of a lover's fingertips across her sensitive flesh and she felt her body tingling and trembling. Her struggles subsided as she let the strange, sensual warmth of his words slide over her body and her mind. Her heart and her breathing slowed as she came off the adrenaline high from her struggle and she breathed heavily once again, almost like someone emerging from a deep comforting sleep.

"Cael?" she whispered at last.


"Oh God," she choked as the nightmare of her dream overshadowed the warmth once again.

She sobbed brokenly, but he held her close, rocking her, stroking his fingers through her hair.

Finally she quieted. She had nothing left to feel, except that strange echoing voice in the back of her mind... fight.

"I don't want to die," she said to him after a while. "I want to go home."

"I wish I could take us both home," he agreed. "I have spent many an hour crying for my home the same as you."

"You?" she asked in amazement. She hadn't considered that a vampire might cry, too.

"Me," he admitted. "You do not understand the agony of slowly dying after having lived for so long. I have been left with only my thoughts and memories and demons for a long time now. They offer me little comfort."

Suddenly she had a mental picture; a man on his knees, his head in his hands sobbing in despair. It was so powerful that she felt her heart scream along with him, an unearthly wail of unfathomable loss. It was the kind of loss that she could never comprehend.

"How did you become trapped here?" she asked him. "Aren't you supposed to be powerful?"

He chuckled darkly at that. "Perhaps 'supposed to be' is the key. I 'suppose' I am not as powerful as I thought."

"I don't understand," she said.

"I was betrayed," he said his voice changing from the sensual tones that had comforted her into something powerful, rage-filled and harsh.

"I was betrayed by my own people!" he snarled.

She cringed at the anger and malice that radiated off of him as he spat the words. Suddenly she didn't want to be touching him. Her heart started to pound and once again she tried to pull away from him. This time he let her go and she squirmed out of his embrace with her back to the cold door panting fearfully.

The minute she left his embrace the cold bit into her. His embrace had shielded her from the bitter cold of the concrete floor and the freezing metal of the steel door. She shivered and drew her knees close to her body, wincing in pain as the tears in her body protested to the movement.

"I didn't mean to frighten you," he said quietly, his voice more controlled again. "I have been cursing them for a month, but still my rage hasn't abated. I won't hurt you, Anna."

Sure, she thought bitterly, just wait until you're hungry again. Her fingers unwillingly brushed the place where he'd bitten her making her shiver.

He reached out and took her hand into his much larger one, holding it tightly, comfortingly, as though he sought to assuage those very fears. In the end she wasn't sure who was holding whose hand. Actually, she found that thought at once disturbing and comforting.

"I am what my people call an Ancient One," he continued when she'd settled down. "Because I am so old I have gained great power. There are very few of us left, and we respectively govern our lands. I am responsible for North America and have been watching over it since your American Revolution."

"Wow," she breathed. "That was 200 years ago."

He chuckled a little in wry amusement and squeezed her hand almost affectionately.

"Yes," he said. "There are many vampires here in America. Some of us are older than others. There is one, Kaiden, who has been a thorn in my side since I came here. He isn't young, but he isn't quite an Old One, either. In our society your power comes with age. Inevitably those who share your bloodline die out, so as you age the power seems to grow within you. Kaiden has grown strong faster than I would have imagined."

He sniffed, "He is probably hunting his bloodline down and slaughtering them, but I have always been more powerful than he could ever dream of."

She could hear the arrogance in his voice. "Pride goes before destruction?" she asked quietly.

He sighed bitterly. "Yes, Anna. I had forgotten the Proverb. He got to my people. I don't know how; blackmail maybe? I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. I was oblivious to it all. I'd always believed myself to be so strong, infallible..." he paused thoughtfully.

"When Elizabeth, one of my closest friend's new mate, turned up missing," he continued, "I called for a massive search. I'd been hearing about strange disappearances for several months, but never anyone close to me. My people did their job and after several days, we thought we'd located her; in this place."

"I should have known it was all too easy. There were so many warning signs...Jack was agitated, Lee...even Gregory. If I had just searched their minds...but I trusted them."

"God defend me from my friends; from my enemies

I can defend myself," she said softly.

"How true," he agreed. "Of course, I accompanied the team. I owed it to Michael to bring Elizabeth back safely, Kaiden knew I did."

He took a deep breath then. She wondered if he was trying to control his rage. She wondered what she'd do if he flew off the handle.

"She was here," he said. His voice was quiet now; deadly.

She scooted further away from him and let go of his hand.

"Her throat was ripped out," he said. "She was still warm. When I handed her body to Lee, I knew. I could see it in his eyes. And then Kaiden stood there with a smug smile on his face. He stood right there, with Jack, Lee and Gregory. God, even Gregory. I used my power then, but it was too late. I knew I was betrayed and hopelessly outnumbered." He sniffed bitterly. "That bastard laughed at me. He shut the fucking door on me laughing."

"Why can't you use your power to open the door?" said Anna.

"I've tried," he said. "It's a vault door; solid steel. Even with all my strength I cannot break these walls; penetrate this room." He sniffed in anger. "This place could probably survive a nuclear bomb. Maybe that was once its purpose. Kaiden has been preparing this trap for me for a very long time."

She sighed. "So despite your great power, in this place, you are as helpless as me."

"Yes," he agreed. "But it will be several weeks before my body finally succumbs to starvation and death. My suffering will be greater, Anna." He sighed. "Which is why, I am sure, he didn't just try to kill me. Perhaps he wasn't sure he could, even with all those forces at his back."

Finally the vampire sighed in resignation. "And so I have fallen from glory by my own folly and pride. Now I wait in this black hole for starvation to overwhelm me, and my long life on this planet will end."

She was silent for a while.

She was going to die. They were both going to die...how could she fight it? There was nothing left to fight.

The ancient vampire could feel her internal struggle. For such a tiny creature her will to live was strong. She must have struggled against her captor like a hellion and in the process brought more agony upon herself.

Poor little wretch.

"How old are you?" she asked suddenly interrupting his thoughts.

He paused. Usually he didn't answer this question, but why not? It wouldn't matter in a few days anyway.

"Probably about twenty-five centuries or so," he replied.

"You're kidding," she said in disbelief.

"No, though I know mortals struggle with such things as time. I don't pay attention to it anymore."

"Where were you born?" she asked.

"Greece," he replied, "I'm an Athenian."

Cael smiled as he still referred to himself as such. Athens was so different back then, the world was so different. This girl probably had no clue what Athens really looked like even now.

"So twenty five hundred years ago," she said thoughtfully. "That's Ancient Greece?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied a little surprised. Most people didn't associate him with Ancient Greece. He didn't look like the Mediterranean folk of today. Of course, she'd never even seen him; she only knew his voice and the touch of his hands.

"Your name doesn't sound Greek," she accused.

"Not everyone who lived in Greece was Greek," he replied smiling a little. For a mortal, she was pretty sharp.

"So what are you really?" she asked curiously.

"To be honest," he admitted, "I don't know. I was a poor wretch. My mother died when I was a boy, and I never had a father. Cael is the name my mother gave me."

"Cael sounds Gaelic," she commented.

"It is," he admitted. "Well, it's Celtic in origin, at least. Many inhabitants of Northern Europe spoke a form of Celtic language back then. I never really thought about it," he mused.

Here they were dying in a vault that could survive the worst nuclear attack imaginable, debating the origins of a name he hadn't shared with more than five people since he became a vampire. He couldn't be sure why he told her, but every time she said it, it brought him comfort. It would be the last time he'd hear it spoken aloud. It was nice to hear it on such a lovely voice.

"What was Ancient Greece really like? Was it beautiful?" she asked curiously.

"Yes," he replied his mind lost in memory. "It was the most beautiful city in the world." He sighed. "There were so many great things in Greece during that time, and I was such a young, arrogant fool I did not appreciate them until they had long been destroyed."

"It seems the arrogance has followed you a little," she observed.

Cael froze in rage. No one would DARE call him arrogant! He couldn't believe it. Didn't she know who she was talking to? She should be cowering on the floor before him!

"I'm sorry," she said when he was quiet. "That was an awful thing to say. I didn't mean to..." she started trembling.

Her heartbeat was accelerating again and the fear fell off of her in waves. He wanted to revel in it; power, control, evocation of fear, but then he would be no better than the bastard who'd raped her. And he'd left that part of his own monster behind long ago.

He sighed. "You're right," he admitted at last. "Fuck," he said bitterly. "You're right."

There were several more moments of silence.

"I always loved Greek Mythology," she began again. "From the first time I read a story in fourth grade, I was...enchanted." She sighed a little. "I hunted down every little story I could find."

"Oh?" he asked. "Did you read much Greek Literature?"

"Yeah," she admitted. "I thirsted for stories when I was younger. Now I don't remember them as well," she admitted. "Life takes you from lusting for stories to making meaning on your own; making your own story." Suddenly she laughed bitterly. "Our plight is a true Greek tragedy."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Everyone dies, with a wicked lament," she said with bitter sarcasm.

The vampire laughed then. It was a strange sound in that black pit; rich, warm and melodious. "You would have been a treasure back in those days with your quick wit and your way with words. Educated?"

"Yeah," she admitted. "Not that it mattered in the end, huh?"

"Perhaps not," he agreed.

"You speak Ancient Greek, then," she said.

"Yes," he admitted.

"Cool," she said. He could almost feel her smile nostalgically. "My brother would love to speak to you. I can hear him now pulling out his manuscripts and debating with you the meaning," she mused. "If you think I can't shut up..."

Cael chuckled. He was thinking exactly that. He rather liked that she didn't shut up. It had been silent for a long time.

"Your brother is a scholar then?" he asked.

"Biblical scholar," she admitted.

"Your family is religious," he noted.

"I guess so," she admitted. "But honestly, I hated going to Sunday school; I couldn't sit still. I did like the Bible stories, though."

"Many of the Christian religions have strong folklore about vampires," he commented. "They believe that we are the devil incarnate. Actually many religions have such legends."

"Are you sure it's just religious people and not everyone?" she asked in wry amusement. "There's something a little...creepy about sucking someone's blood."

He could feel her mind making the natural connections.

"Dark things," he agreed. "Spiders, bats, mosquitoes, leeches..."

He smiled when he felt her shiver. That was part of a vampire's power, to create fear and control the minds of others. Humans made it easier with their vampire lore.

"Um," she said squirming a little. "Right. Well, anyway I sort of gave up on religion."


She shuddered. "After last night, I don't think I believe in anything. If there was someone out there, how could he let us suffer so much?"

"I believe in something," Cael said softly. "There's some kind of being out there. As I've grown older, I've felt closer to it."

"You think he's sending most of the world to hell?" she asked.

"No," he admitted. "When you've seen so many die like I have, you realize that Hell would be far too overcrowded."

She sniffed in amusement. "And probably full of more interesting people anyway."

It was his turn to chuckle. "True."

"Would you tell me a story, Cael?" she asked quietly.

"What kind of story would you like me to tell?" he asked.

"Tell me about... the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Did you ever see them?"

Cael smiled to himself. What a delightful little creature. What delightful dreams she must have had as a child.

"Yes," he breathed as he lost himself in memories.


The girl was humming to herself. She was getting wearier. He could feel her strength, her life, slipping from her body.

"What are you singing, Anna?" he asked.

"It's a song that's been stuck in my head since I got here," she said. "A Chopin Nocturne," she murmured.

"I see," he replied.

"I think you should drink my blood and end it," she said to him quietly. "At least it will give you back your strength."

"No, Anna," he said. "You are my friend. I have been growing fond of you these past few days. I can't do that."

"I'm dying," she replied bitterly.

"Yes," he agreed. "I know. You're breaking my heart," he added.

"I'm scared."

He kissed her gently on her swollen lips. They were dried and cracked like sandpaper against his; a sign of her dehydration. "I know," he breathed.

She hummed to herself again.

He heard it now. Yes. It was a Nocturne.

"Tell me another story," she said. "Have you ever been to India?"

"Yes, many times," he replied. "My first was back during the time of the Dark Ages in Europe," he said.

She closed her eyes as he spoke, imagining the places he'd seen that had been lost to time.

Fight...It wasn't as strong as it used to be.


She was being carried back down the hall to her black prison; her prison with Cael. Tears were in her eyes and her body was throbbing again. Then she heard her mother's Nocturne as she was tossed to the hard, freezing ground. Mom's Nocturne...


Anna sat up her heart racing.

"What's wrong?" asked Cael. He could hear her blood pounding. He could smell her sweat.

"Do you know where the keypad is?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "But we figured it out already. What were our odds? Impossible."

"Show me anyway," she said.

"Okay, child," he said. He helped her stand, noting that she was wobbly. She wouldn't last but a few more days. "Here it is," he said putting her hand on the keypad.

Anna pushed every number on the pad listening to the tone. Then she started playing.

"Anna?" he asked hovering behind her. He felt strangely protective of this dying girl. He didn't want her to suffer any more. She'd been begging him to just end her life, but he couldn't. He wouldn't give up hope until she was at death's door.

"Little One," he said. "What are you trying to accomplish?"

"It's the last thing I heard before I was tossed in here Cael," she said. "I keep hearing it in my dreams," she sniffed bitterly. "Besides, I have nothing to lose."

"Except every time you try it and you get it wrong it shocks you," he reminded her.

"I'm only going to try this song," she said. "I promise."

"It's up to you, Anna," he said quietly. "I understand your desperation."

Finally after about three minutes she pushed in the song. "I have it," she said quietly. "If I'm wrong does it hurt badly?"

"Yes," he admitted. "I could only tolerate it a couple times, and I can tolerate a great amount of pain."

He wanted to pull her away then. He couldn't bear the thought of her whimpering in any more hurt. The shock could kill her. He didn't want her to die. If Kaiden was doing this to add to his torture, he'd succeeded.

She took a deep breath. "Okay," she said bravely. "I'm going to do it anyway."

He pulled her close to him and kissed her cracked lips, then feathered light kisses on her cheeks and forehead. "For luck," he whispered. He held her steady and turned her around to feel the keypad.

"Here it goes," she breathed.

She punched in the numbers, listening to the song, then hit the enter key, cringing.

"Anna!" Cael cried.

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