tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 06

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 06


Cael couldn't help himself as sat down on the hotel bed and laughed.

God, she'd nearly glowed in her anger; her shoulders square, her lips pursed stubbornly and the air around her vibrating with passion. Those tiny limbs had clenched angrily as she shot back over the phone, matching the other vampire's rants word for word, her stunning blue eyes flashing with irritation.

If only Kieran had seen her pouting lips purse angrily, her tiny fist clench, and her eyes glitter in rage as she literally shouted back at him! If only Kieran had seen that this slender creature was the one who'd just stood up to one of his famous, terrifying tirades! What he would give to see his old friend's face when he learned this fiery little kitten had stared him down with her hackles raised, claws bared, hissing angrily? This human, merely a mite in comparison to their kind, was completely undeterred by the powerful vampire's wrath. He could only imagine the priceless look on Kieran's face, but it was enough to send him into another fit of laughter.

Anna looked at him curiously, her pale cheeks flushing insecurely. He knew she couldn't tell whether he was laughing at her or about something else, and it just made him chuckle even more. Kieran Montasse...talked down by a delicate, blushing, little human!

"Are you making fun of me?" she finally demanded, staring at him indignantly and turning her wrath upon him now.

Her crisp tone and fiery eyes amused him even more, and he couldn't help himself as he laughed even harder. She really was like a tiny kitten hissing and growling at a large bulldog.

She threw her hands up in frustration swearing, and then turned around to storm off. In a flash he jumped off the bed and rushed to her, pulling her close to his body in a fierce hug.

"No, I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing because you're incredible," he chuckled. "Do you know you just talked down Kieran Montasse?"

"So?" she returned, stubbornly remaining stiff in his arms. He figured it was just out of principle and not because she was unhappy to be in his embrace.

"No one talks that way to Kieran. No one."

"He was an ass," she retorted as her blood boiled yet again. "And rude. I expect to be treated better than that. I don't have to put up with that kind of crap."

Cael laughed even more and nuzzled her cheek, delighting in her softness. "You probably woke him. Vampires don't like to be awakened. Kieran is especially grumpy when his rest is disturbed."

He could hear her heartbeat accelerate as he caressed her, and smiled as he felt the stiffness leaving her body. He stroked her back and ran his fingers through her long, dark tresses, reveling in her softness.

"You've never been rude like that."

"Mmm," he nuzzled his cheek into her hair, "perhaps because you're my soft-spot."

She sniffed stubbornly.

"How could any man get angry at a beautiful angel such as you? Your glory alone keeps me in awe. How could I possibly deny you?"

"You're teasing me," she returned in irritation.

He couldn't help himself. He kissed those luscious, pouting lips. They were so warm and soft, like brushing his mouth against the smoothest satin. Holding her close he could hear her heartbeat, feel the heat of her body, smell her sweet scent. Everything about her was intoxicating, even her temper. He growled possessively as he deepened the kiss, seeking entrance to her warm moistness with his tongue, longing to taste her again. Her rigid body softened beneath him and she opened her mouth, whimpering slightly as he suckled.

That tiny little sound nearly pushed him over the edge. He needed more contact. He needed to feel her naked flesh in his hands. He wanted to feast on the soft skin of her breasts and to watch her gorgeous eyes literally flare with ecstasy as he pleasured her. He could imagine watching himself slide into her, feeling her heat surround him, take him into her depths, and convulse upon him in pleasure. He lost himself in the sensations that were all her; the smell, the soft coos, the taste...

"Cael!" she gasped pulling away suddenly.

"Yes," he breathed even as he looked at her hungrily.

Her eyes widened as she stared at him. He knew she could see his feral side, the side that was part beast. That part of him ached to possess her, to take the pleasures of her body, and mark her as his own with his essence. Whatever she was going to say seemed to die on her lips, and her passion-glazed blue eyes looked up into his.

"I..." she stammered taking another step back cautiously. He could sense it; the confusion. She wasn't sure what she should be doing. And she was right to question herself. Fuck! She'd just been raped. No matter how much he wanted her, she'd just been raped. God! How could he be such a fucking wretch?

"Anna," he said gently. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't..."

He wanted to swear when he saw tears fill her eyes. He'd hurt her. He moaned and reached out pulling her close again, wrapping his arms about her tightly. He stroked her comfortingly even though he ached with desire and his cock throbbed painfully.

"Why do I want you so much?" she whimpered quietly. "I don't understand. I should be...after everything..." she shook her head, "I shouldn't want you like this. God, what's WRONG with me?"

He couldn't help but to freeze. She wanted him? She was being drawn to him as strongly as he was being drawn to her?


"I'm sorry," she hiccoughed. "I shouldn't have said that." She pulled out of his embrace and wrapped her arms about her body protectively. "I've made you uncomfortable."

He could feel her sudden unease. She wanted to run, to escape the moment of awkwardness. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and her glorious blue eyes were glistening with tears.

He had but one moment to make a choice; either tell her or spurn her.

Did he dare tell her she was right? What would she say when he told her they both craved each other?

At first he thought that the strange pull he'd felt in the cave was because of the emotional agony in such a horrible situation. He'd assumed he just didn't want to hear her die, leaving him all alone to die, too. Then they escaped and the feeling had continued. He brushed it aside, figuring he felt so attached out of obligation. Finally, when she awoke and they began fleeing together towards his secret home, the pull had grown even more intense. It was irrational, unfounded, and completely uncontrollable. He desired her. His mind screamed at him to make love to her, to feed from her, and to possess her in the way vampires possessed their mates.

A mate.

Last night during their drive there was a sense of camaraderie. She teased him, she challenged him, and she laughed with him. It was then he suspected. She seemed to fill an empty spot he'd not acknowledged to anyone, including himself, for nearly three millennia. In all his life he'd never believed those silly old legends; the stories of immortals and their 'true mates' were a bunch of bullshit. He should know; he was one of the oldest alive...but now...


The pull was undeniable. Even her obtuse human senses felt it.


She took another trembling breath and sniffed slightly and moved to turn away from him.

His body made the decision for him. With his vampire speed and strength he rushed her once again and trapped her in his arms. Then he bent down and devoured her mouth with all the intensity he felt and didn't stop until they were both gasping in need.

"There's nothing wrong with you," he breathed. "I feel it too. I want you more than anything. I can't explain why or how. All I know is that I do."

He didn't give her a chance to question him. He pressed his lips against hers demanding entrance into her warm mouth. He tasted her; the saltiness of her tears, the slight hint of the toothpaste she'd used just a little while ago, and the sweetness of her flesh stirred his senses.

Growling possessively, he lifted her into his arms, carried her to the bed and deposited her gently in its middle even as he continued to devour her mouth hungrily.

Her tiny hands clung to his shoulders as though he was the only thing steadying her in the torrent of sensation. He couldn't get enough of her taste, leaving her mouth to kiss her jaw line, her forehead her ears, even her neck where the blood of her life pulsed. Her skin was so sweet, so warm against his mouth. He needed more. He put his hands under her soft knit shirt, feeling her warm stomach and the faint outline of her ribs with his fingers.

She moaned at his touch and impatiently pushed him away to shed her shirt baring her lace encased breasts for him. He moaned in blissful agony seeing her in the sexy lingerie he'd bought. He'd always loved a woman in lace, but he'd never realized how much it would turn him on and drive him insane to see her creamy mounds framed so delectably. His mouth traced her collarbone to her breastbone to rest between those soft mounds, delighting in the feel of her satiny skin against the sensitive flesh of his lips. He cupped one of her full breasts lovingly even as his mouth descended upon the other sucking at the taut nipple through the lacy fabric.

Anna writhed and gasped beneath him whimpering in ecstasy even as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. She was as beautiful as he'd imagined; her black hair framing her face, her pale skin flushed with passion. He turned his attention to her other breast, pulling the lace away to bare her pink nipple that stood erect, waiting for him to suckle into his mouth. He latched onto it, hungrily suckling the tiny nub into his mouth, even as he reached behind her and unclasped the lacy bra. Now that he'd tasted her flesh, the beautiful lingerie only frustrated him.

Desperately she began to divulge him of his clothes, and he helped her, the same desire roaring through him to feel her warm, naked body against his skin. When their soft flesh finally met, an electric shock roared through his body. She was so soft, so warm...she was HIS!

He consumed her mouth again, mating his tongue with hers, groaning as her fingers traced the contours of his muscles and caressed his back. Those delicate hands seemed to be everywhere on his flesh, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine making his pulsing cock throb in agony. He groaned and pushed his pelvis into hers, the friction of their bodies teasing them both.

"Cael," she gasped. She cried out as his mouth latched back onto one of her pink nipples and suckled, twisted and lathed it with hunger.

"Yes," he growled even as he continued to consume her flesh.

"Oh God! Don't stop," she cried even as she raked his back with her nails.

"Never," he groaned as his mouth trailed downwards kissing the protrusion of her ribs and then making their way to her belly button.

His fingers nimbly undid her pants and quickly pulled them from her hips, growling in desire at the thong that graced her mound. His mouth kissed the insides of her thighs and all around that small triangle of lace, making her jump as though his lips were shocking her with some kind of erotic electricity. He hungrily inhaled her musk even as he visually assessed her dampness, purring in satisfaction that he'd been the one to stir such passion. He latched his mouth to the fabric, tasting her arousal smiling as she shrieked and twitched the moment his mouth made contact with her heat.

"Cael," she wailed desperately. "Cael..." she groaned.

Her pleading cries, speaking his true name with such need momentarily shattered his control. He ripped the panties from her body and nearly lost it when he stared her glistening sex; shaved and hairless, red and weeping for his attention. He parted her folds and feasted on her, moaning into her softness at the sweet taste of her arousal.

Anna screeched incoherently at his touch, whimpering with need, but he toyed with her, flicking her clit only for a moment before kissing or licking the juices that coated her. Just before she cried out in frustration he'd suckle or nip her again sending her beautiful head thrashing on the pillows. Even as he licked and supped upon her sensitive flesh, he pushed a finger inside her.

Fuck! Her heat was almost unbearable; her soft walls gripped his digit longingly. He inserted another finger and moved them within her slowly and gently at first, and then with more force and fervor. Her pelvis moved in tandem with his thrusts, her body coated his fingers with its juices her hands balled in the sheets with agony.

"Please," she begged her voice hoarse from desperation. "Please Cael."

He looked up at her flushed body, her almost black eyes, her tousled hair and smiled at her. Taking pity on her, he latched his mouth over her clit suckling hard until she came screeching and bucking beneath him.

For a moment, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath struggling for control. He could hear the pounding of her heart, the blood throbbing in her sex, in the artery in her groin...

He groaned in agony, forcing himself away from her weeping folds and back up her body delighting in the salty taste of her sweat, the musky scent in the air of her arousal.

She reached out to run her fingers through his hair, those tiny fingers on his skin delighting his senses making his moans of need echo her own keening cries. His mouth supped its way up her neck, staying away from her jugular and back to her mouth, kissing her deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips. Suddenly she became more aggressive. With deft fingers, she unbuttoned his pants and put her hands inside to feel him.

Her delicate hand wrapped around his cock stroking him, spreading the moisture of his arousal around the throbbing head with her thumb. It drove him insane to have her touching him while his body was imprisoned in his clothing.

Growling impatiently, he removed his pants and his boxers noting her wide-eyed stare with satisfaction. There was something about seeing her angelic eyes staring in amazement that nearly broke him and when she reached out once again and wrapped her slender fingers around him, he gasped in agony. For a moment all he could do was stare at that delicate hand wrapped around his throbbing erection and watch in mesmerized rapture as she stroked him. He groaned at her touch and closed his eyes for a moment as an image of her beautiful mouth devouring his cock flashed before his mind.

Not this time, he told himself.

Fearing to lose the last threads of control he took her tiny hand in his and held it still.

"Do you want this, Anna?" he growled.

She didn't answer. Instead, she reached out with her other hand and pulled him down upon her again, kissing him passionately and forcing her tongue into his mouth.

He smiled at her unspoken demand. Even in bed she was stubborn and willful.

He kissed her with the same intensity, slipping his fingers back into her folds, stroking her sex, rubbing her clit, making her even hungrier for another release. In moments she was writhing beneath him again with need, both hands clinging to his shoulders as he assaulted her with his tongue and his questing fingers. When she was mindless with need he took his impressive length in his hand and pushed it against her opening, slowly, trying to be mindful that her last penetration had been brutal. Whatever pain she'd last experienced he wanted to erase with pleasure.

They both groaned as he inched inside her. She was unbelievably tight around him, and he filled her so fully that they both lay still panting with the sensation. Cael kissed her ear and then her lips then worked his way down to her breast, suckling on her aching nipple. She groaned and he felt her squirm beneath him. Then he started thrusting with agonizingly slow, steady strokes, watching himself disappear within her depths in rapt concentration.

She moaned beneath him and clasped his shoulders with her tiny hands, holding on as her body spun out of control with sensation.

"Cael," she moaned. The sound of his name on her lips sent a shiver down his spine.

He thrust harder even as he found every sensitive spot on her body with his fingers, making her writhe and squirm beneath him, smiling at his ability to fuel her passions so easily. She was beautiful in the throes of lovemaking and he wanted to watch her face as she came yet again at his expert touch. She whimpered and tossed her head from side to side, her fingers raked his back causing him to shudder deliciously, and in return he lightly twisted one of her hardened nipples making her squeak in bliss.

He slipped his hand between their bodies, flicking her clit as he thrust, earning a delicious whine from her lips and he watched in delight as he worked her into the frenzy of another orgasm. She came with a keening cry, her body convulsing beneath him, her sex gripping his cock. For a moment he almost lost control, but Cael had mastered the art of lovemaking. He wasn't ready to find his release yet. He had so much more pleasure to offer her with his body and his power.

She relaxed and nuzzled against him after she came down from her second orgasm, but he chuckled in her ear. "Oh no, my little Angel," he whispered in a dark, dangerous, masculine voice. "Our evening is far from over."

Those blue eyes looked up at him lazily, uncomprehendingly, and she could only coo her response. Cael growled possessively. This beautiful, delicate creature in his arms was HIS!

He began to kiss her hungrily then, his earlier tenderness turning to forceful passion. She obliged him, mating her tongue with his, suckling on it, nipping at his lips even as he nipped at hers. His hand palmed her breast and his hips began to thrust against hers again.

She groaned into his mouth as her body responded to his passion.

"You are mine, Little One," he growled into her ear with a deadly voice in a language long forgotten. "I am going to fuck you until your only thought is my body in yours. I'm going to make you scream my name in ecstasy."

Anna whimpered at the sound of his dark, dominating voice. Her delicate fingers turned to claws as they raked down his back hungrily.

"That's it my little kitten," he continued. "I'm going to ignite the flames of your body like no man has ever done for you before. You're mine. MINE!"

He felt his fangs elongate hungrily, but he clenched his fist in her hair and with every last shred of his control he forced his beast down. Instead, he plundered her mouth once again mating his tongue with hers fiercely and ground his hips against hers, stimulating her aching clit.

"And soon, Little One," he growled, panting into her ear once again, "I'll fuck you and feed from your blood. I'll devour your essence and mark you with mine; my seed and my blood. You are mine."

She was gasping and moaning beneath him as he pounded her now. He took her legs in his arms and draped them over his shoulders groaning as he penetrated her dripping sex even deeper.

"Cael!" she cried as she built, her tiny claws drawing blood as they sunk into his arms.

"You are MINE!" he growled into her ear.

He touched her mind with his power then, caressing every pleasure center in her brain. This time her moan was a scream and her body convulsed beneath him, her tight walls gripping spasmodically around his cock. He came with a feral roar, cursing in every language he knew as he rode out their mutual orgasm.

Finally as his breathing settled and her whimpers subsided, he caressed her hair from her face. Her eyes were closed, but he connected with her mind and felt her body still tingling with little shockwaves from her orgasm.

"Are you all right?" he whispered.

"Mmm," she replied in dreamy contentment.

"You are amazing, Elianna," he breathed, kissing her lips tenderly. "So incredible," he whispered.

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