Falling Into Darkness Ch. 06


He slid out of her and gathered her limp and sated body in his arms to hold close. He purred in contentment and nuzzled into her slightly damp hair as he drifted off to sleep.


Kieran started as the door to his personal suite opened without a knock. He bared his fangs and growled angrily at whoever dared intrude. He had much to think about.

"And here I though you'd be happy to see me," said a familiar voice.

"Darian?" Kieran said in amazement. "What the hell are you doing here you old bastard?"

"Glad to see you, too, son," the other Ancient chuckled. "I see you haven't lost your sweet demeanor in the last few centuries."

Kieran stopped pacing and embraced his friend warmly. He wouldn't admit it to anyone but having his creator beside him in such dark times was comforting. Losing Alexander had been a sore blow, and he'd spent days awash with grief. There were still moments when he felt an aching loss, and even though he was an ocean away, he knew Darian was feeling the same. They had been brothers for nearly fifteen hundred years.

"So I was right," said Darian. "You needed me."

He nodded. "Without Alexander, this place is going to hell." He paused and looked around meaningfully at the walls.

Darian nodded.

I could sense it when I arrived, he thought to his friend. The place is awash with tension and treachery.

I got a call this morning,
Kieran replied as silently. A woman. She said the ancient oath and then mentioned the location in 2047. Even now the call made his hands tremble.

Darian stared at him for a moment his mouth gaping. Are you sure? Who called? A vampire?

I am sure she was a human.

"Fuck me..." he said aloud. He looked around at the walls curiously and closed his eyes. Kieran could tell he was pushing his thoughts around them, trying to sense anyone listening.

They could have bugged the place. He looked at Darian pointedly. You can't sense modern technology.

I've found a way to detect them, the older vampire replied proudly. The devices give off a slight noise if you know what to listen and feel for.

Kieran chuckled darkly and shook his head in amusement. You have always been my teacher.

His mentor winked outrageously and continued to push out with his mind sweeping the chambers for listening devices.

If he's alive, Alexander will be pissed that you didn't share your technique with him.

Darian chuckled. I have to do something to keep his arrogant Greek ass in line. He froze for a moment and then walked to a small vase near Kieran's desk.

"Stop!" Kieran cried in a strangled voice. "It's priceless. God damn it, Darian!"

"You and your art-collecting," said Darian. "I remember these. I always thought they were a little tacky." He shattered the vase grunting in satisfaction when he pulled a small black device from the shards. "Did you really like it that much?"

Kieran swore a multitude of oaths pouring himself a drink and then offered another glass the expensive brandy to Darian. Of course, the ancient vampire nodded growling in approval at the vintage.

"You must tell me how things are faring," Darian said aloud nodding meaningfully to Kieran.

Aha! Laughed the younger vampire silently, you don't trust your own method.

Moiree replied as though slightly offended. There are two more, but I want them to think I think I've outsmarted them. We'll misdirect them.

Kieran nodded in understanding. "I'm thinking of returning to Europe and leaving America to its vices," he said aloud. "Now that Alexander is gone, I have no desire to stay."

"I'd welcome you home with open arms, Kieran," said Darian sincerely.

We have to go. It could be a trap, but he could be calling out to us, Kieran thought.

Of course we're going, Darian replied in the infuriating calm voice that always drove Kieran insane.

Now he remembered why he'd decided to stay with Alexander. His creator sometimes treated him like a little boy. It was rather infuriating to think that he was nearly a thousand years old, and Moiree still looked upon him like a newly made Little One.

Kieran looked around meaningfully again. There are eyes everywhere. It will be difficult to get away unnoticed.

Darian grinned wickedly. Not at all my son. You'll just return home with me, even as you said. Who will know any better when my private jet deviates from its flight plan?

We'll have to be careful,
Kieran cautioned. He's got to be in need...if he's even alive.

I'm always careful,
replied Darian.

Kieran could sense his thoughts were dark.

~Okay. So here it is. Was it worth waiting for? As always, feedback is welcome. Don't forget to vote if you liked it. :) And thanks to Isobael for looking it over.~

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