tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 09

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 09


Cael awoke to the sunset and for the first time in centuries, he regretted that it was time to rise. Anna was snuggled against him her back to his chest, her body fitting snugly against his. He couldn't believe how much she'd changed him in a few short weeks. For time untold he'd only viewed women as entertainment; something to satisfy his urges for pleasure and occasionally companionship, but he'd never imagined that he'd want to make any of his relationships eternal. Not in nearly twelve hundred years had he even considered having a mate; and he had cared for many women. But in less than a month, he found he couldn't live without this woman. He wanted to spend the next 2 thousand years of his life waking up just like this.

She stirred against him and made one of those little coos that he found so endearing.

He sighed despondently. Why was it that the instant he felt absolute contentment, was the very same moment that something horrible was slowly creeping up on him? For a second he dreamed of trading his rule in America simply for peace; peace to wake up beside this woman for the rest of his immortal life. He nuzzled into her silky, black tresses and breathed in her sweet scent. This was the closest he would ever get to heaven. But it seemed that even for powerful ancient vampires, all good things must come to an end.

"Angel," he breathed. "Wake up."

She whimpered again. Her eyes peeped open and she looked at him blearily.

"Good evening," he teased in his best Transylvanian accent.

She chuckled and then stretched languidly against him.

His breath caught a little in his throat as he felt her soft skin rub against his, and he stifled a groan as he felt his body respond. He couldn't help himself; her scent surrounded him, her skin enticed him, and those eyes were rapturous.

"What?" she asked curiously.

"Nothing," he sighed. "We need to get moving."

"No breakfast in bed?" She teased as she rolled over and laid her head on his shoulder nuzzling into his skin, breathing in his scent.

Whatever restraint he had on his passions were gone the moment she nuzzled him so affectionately.

Fuck it. Plans could wait.

"Of course, there's breakfast in bed," he returned his voice growing predatory with lust. "You."

He wrapped his arms about her suddenly and rolled her onto her back, locking his mouth with hers and thrusting his tongue demandingly into her mouth. For a moment her glorious blue eyes widened with surprise, but then she moaned in supplication to the desire she felt through their connection. She clutched to him as he overwhelmed her with passion. Her tiny hands traced the muscles on his back, and she ran her fingers through his unruly golden hair moaning and squirming beneath him. Cael shivered at her tender caresses, something about the way she touched him made his body ache with passion. She seemed to know exactly how to drive him insane with need.

Growling appreciatively into her mouth he slipped between her thighs spreading her wide for him and grinding his erection against her soft mound. Anna whimpered and thrust her hips back against his, silently begging him to fill her aching emptiness. Her warm skin was like satin as he traced his fingers down her side and caressed her thighs smiling as she squirmed and moaned even more at his touch. He was starting to learn all the little places on her body that drove her crazy and for a while he played her like a musical instrument listening to her keening cries as he drove her higher and higher into the heavenly realms of passion. She panted and writhed beneath him, her body sweating, her heart pounding and her lungs gasping for air.

His heightened senses heard the blood rush beneath her skin, felt the moisture between their bodies like warm oil and smelled the musk of her arousal. The beast inside of him roared to life exulting in her human body's primal reactions to his ministrations and it took every ounce of his control to fight the desire to feed from her. Last night she had given him the greatest pleasure a vampire could experience; the ecstasy of feeding and the bliss of sexual climax combined together in the same moment. Her human body was still fragile, and he knew it would be harmful for him to take from her again so soon. Instead, he slipped his fingers in her wet folds making her squeak and gasp.

"Cael!" she gasped as he played with her clit. "How do you do this to me? God! It's like I'm addicted to you."

He reached out and caught one of her tiny hands and guided it down his sweat-slicked abdomen wrapping her fingers around his rigid erection.

"The magic goes both ways," he groaned as she explored him eagerly, running her fingers over the tip and spreading the moisture around the aching head. "I'm just as addicted to you as you are to me."

Her blue eyes seemed to flare with passion at his words and with her other hand she reached out, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down towards her once again. She kissed him demandingly, mating her tongue fiercely with his stroking his cock and thrusting her hips against his fingers as he alternated flicking her clit and plunging them inside her.

"Then show me," she commanded gasping from the intensity of their kiss. "Show me how addicted you are."

Growling hungrily, he took his stiff cock in hand and thrust slowly into her soft womanhood. Her sky blue eyes darkened to a deep indigo as he entered her and her head arched back into the pillow. Her breast heaved as they shared the sensations of his penetration, their minds linked by the strange magic that connected them. Cael reached out even further into her mind longing to know exactly how she felt, wanting to bring her pleasure like she'd never imagined. Instead he nearly gasped as he felt how tightly he fit inside her, how his skin tantalized hers, how her pink nipples throbbed in time with the same aching need between her legs.

He took one of those breasts in his hand and caressed it, worshiped it, and smiled as he could feel how much it pleased her through their link. The more he played with her soft mounds the more he sensed the desire to feel him move between her legs. She squirmed beneath him, clenching her muscles to entice him but he ground his teeth together and continued to torment her. He wanted to show her just how addicted she was to him; and he was to her.

Suddenly, with a strangled cry, she reached out and grabbed his hair forcing him to look into her eyes.

"Stop playing with me and fuck me," she demanded.

He chuckled sensing her impatience. Her usually musical voice was husky with need, her eyes were almost black, and her pale cheeks were colored a soft pink from the heat of her passion.

GOD! She was beautiful!

"I want you, my Angel," he breathed. "I want to taste every inch of your skin."

He suckled hungrily on a nipple making her gasp and her head thrash on the pillow once again.

"I want to feel your heat gripping my cock."

He pulled out of her with agonizing slowness and then slowly inched back in feeling every millimeter of her satiny sheath as he filled her.

"I want to hear your cries as I torture you with bliss," he continued as he began to develop a tempo to his thrusts.

"I want the only thing in your mind, the only word on your lips, the only sensation you feel to be me."

She reached up and stroked his shoulders, lightly running her palms down his arms, then clutching to them as he thrust into her with more force.

"That's it, my angel," he breathed as he felt her body build. "Come for me."

Her darkened eyes suddenly widened, her swollen lips parted, and her head fell back onto the pillow as her body convulsed beneath him. She cried out in ecstasy and as her muscles clamped down on him he thrust forcibly. With a growl of satisfaction he released deep inside of her his body exploding with passion. Gasping, he collapsed upon his elbows to spare her his weight and he nuzzled his cheek against hers.

"You see, my angel?" he panted against her ear. "I'm as addicted as you are."

He lay down beside her wrapping his arms about her sated body holding her close once again. Nuzzled against her, he listened to her heartbeat as it slowed and then grew lazy with rest. Yes. He'd give up his rule for an eternity of this. He sighed. Why were perfect moments always destroyed by the demands of necessity?

"Okay, Angel," he sighed sadly. "We're really getting up now."

She rolled over kissing his lips lightly and smiling. "That was entirely your fault."

He almost believed she was rebuking him except for the look of dreamy contentment in her eyes.

"Guilty as charged," he said kissing her back just as sweetly. "Let's get a shower and get moving."

She moaned in protest and rolled away from him, pulling the covers up around her shoulders and burying her head in the pillow.

He chuckled to himself and slid out of bed, then walked around to her side. He ripped the covers from her body and grabbing one arm and one leg pulled her to the edge of bed smiling as she squeaked and giggled.

"Now, Angel," he threatened playfully. "Either get your sexy ass out of bed, or I'll toss you in and turn cold water on you."

She rolled over indignantly. "You wouldn't DARE!"

He arched a brow at her.

Grumbling, she rolled out of bed. He surveyed her naked body with a twinge of possessive satisfaction. Her lips were still swollen, her long black hair was awry and she smelled of him. He took her hand and pulled her towards the bathroom. Too bad they had to clean up, but he fully intended on mussing her again later.

"Now," he said as they stood among the multiple jets in the luxurious shower. "Let me tell you my plans for the day."

"Yes, Ancient One," she teased as she squeezed some of the expensive body wash into her palm and began to soap her limbs.

"First," he began, "I'm going to give you a tour of the house. There are some peculiarities that I'd like to show you that might just come in handy."

She smiled and continued to soap her body making her way to her breasts. For a moment he stared at her in complete distraction as he watched the soap make creamy bubbles on her skin.

"Then?" she prompted giving him that look every woman seemed to have when she knew she had a man's undivided attention.

He chuckled and kissed her pouting lips softly. "Then I'm going to go out to the security bunker on the west end of the property and activate it. That should give us access to all the artillery that surrounds the house."

"You're kidding. This place has weapons and such?"

"This is a dwelling of the Ancient One. It's built to withstand a small army."

"Hmm," she sniffed thoughtfully as she turned her attention to washing her hair.

"And then finally, once I've placed a few calls for reinforcements," he added grinning devilishly, "We're going to spend some time in the dining room."

"Oh? Are you going to cook me dinner?"

He gave her a heated gaze. "Something like that."

For a moment her eyes widened and then she chuckled to herself blushing. "I see."

Once they'd showered and dressed, Cael led her through the opulent mansion. Some wings he didn't bother to show her; they were for staff when they stayed, but there were a few places he wanted her to commit to memory.

"This is one of the rooms I was telling you about," he said pushing the code into the panel. "It's a safe room. If something happens or you are afraid you need to make your way to one of these. No one can get inside without the appropriate code."

He opened the door and walked inside. Anna stared at the room in surprise. There was a bed, a living room, television, bathroom, and small kitchenette in what looked like a luxurious studio apartment.

"The idea is that you could survive here for several days if necessary."

She nodded.

"Let me show you the ones on the other floors."

She followed him to the other two rooms and committed the code to memory.

Then he took her to the kitchens where they raided the cabinets for some breakfast. Cael explained that he always had a few humans on his staff to make sure the vampires who usually accompanied him were protected during the day. His great power made day and night seem the same to him, but it was not so with weaker vampires. They were weaker during the sunlight hours and were difficult to rouse when sleeping during the day. For that very reason, many vampires had human attendants, so therefore the cabinets always had regular food. Anna scrounged and found some canned soup and crackers; not the best breakfast, but it sufficed. There seemed to be meals in the freezer that just needed to be defrosted so she pulled a couple that looked appetizing out and put them in the refrigerator that was filled with...blood bags.

"I was just about to ask what you were going to do for feeding," she said. "Now I know."

Cael pulled a bag out and checked the date. "They're keeping them up to date, too. Good."

He sat across from her as she ate her soup and crackers stealing a cracker or two and smirking at her as he did. She smiled back.

"I'm going to go out for a few hours," he said when she finished. "In order for me to activate the defenses of this place, I'm going to have to disable the security system on the house as well. I want you to stay in the main area of the house or my rooms. Preferably close to one of the security rooms, just in case someone enters while the system is down."

She nodded. "There isn't anyone around, is there?"

"Not for a mile," he said. "But the west side of the property is about three miles away. I'll be as fast as I can."

"Do you know how to do all this?" she asked. She couldn't imagine this rich vampire being much of a techie.

"I'll do what I have to," he said. "Kaiden will know better than to come here with just a few vampires. He'll bring a decent number, probably a hundred or more. If I don't get everything up and running now, it'll be you and me against an army." He looked away thoughtfully. "He's only a day or so behind."

Anna nodded. Things were coming to a head very quickly.

"Come. Let's get you situated."

She followed him back to one of the many rooms on the second floor. This one happened to have a huge flat screen television and remote. There was also a laptop charging on the coffee table.

"Watch TV," he suggested, "or," he pulled out his credit card, "you're probably due for some new clothes. The closet here is full of more for me, but you've only got a few things." He looked her up and down. "I know you probably don't shop the way I do, but, if things work out the way I'm planning, my people will be coming here soon. Try to stick to designer clothing, and jeans are probably not quite appropriate anymore."

She looked at him uncertainly. "How about I just look but wait until you're back to buy?"

He nodded. "If you want. I'll leave you with the card anyway. Buy anything you like, Anna. I want you to be happy here with me."

She smiled. "You make me happy," she said kissing him softly. "I don't need 'stuff' to make me happy."

He held her close and kissed her seriously.

"One more thing."

He pushed a button on the wall and a panel slid away. Behind that panel were several handguns.

"Have you ever fired a gun?"

"A long time ago," she admitted eying the guns warily.

He nodded and selected a smallish one from the assortment. "This gun looks small but it's a .45mm semi-automatic. The kick isn't too bad, and you've got seven shots without reloading." He pulled the slide and chambered a bullet. "If anyone other than me comes in here, I want you to fire at him and then run to the safe room. The best way to slow a vampire is to shoot him in the legs, but since you're not familiar with shooting weapons, aim for the body. It won't kill him, but it still smarts."

Anna looked at the gun and shook her head. "Cael," she said in a tiny voice. "I can't shoot anybody."

He put the weapon in her hand. "You hold it like this." He adjusted her fingers around the trigger. "Use your other arm for stability," he said bringing it up and showing her how to brace with her other hand.

Tears filled her eyes. "Cael," she almost sobbed.

"Listen to me," he said in her ear. The deadly tone in his voice made her shiver. "The people after us will have no problem raping and torturing you again. I have to get the system up and running, which means I need to leave you for a while. I don't expect anything to happen, but I'm not leaving you defenseless. Remember. You can't kill a vampire with a handgun...well..." he paused. "You can kill a vampire with a handgun. A shot to the head and a shot to the heart at point blank range ought to do it. But don't you DARE get that close. You spend your clip on the bastard and run." He took the gun from her shaking fingers and turned her around forcibly. "Do you hear me?"

Anna nodded feeling suddenly sick.

He kissed her seriously then.

"You're going to be okay," he breathed. "I promise."

He put the gun back in her hands and started to walk away.

She turned to stare after him with tears in her eyes. She couldn't imagine shooting another being, but he'd been so serious. Since they'd met this would be the first time he was leaving her all alone and going more than a few feet away. She felt terribly empty knowing he wasn't just down the hall feeding, or only a word away, and she felt very tiny and scared.

"Anna!" he called from in the hall.

"What?" she sniffed back.

He walked back in the room and after carefully pointing the gun away from his body he drew her close and kissed her lips.

"My angel," he breathed. "Be strong for me."

She looked up into his strange jade eyes. They were so gentle and tender. She nodded mutely and kissed him.

He sighed and then left her alone.

Anna put the gun pointing away from her on the coffee table. Then she grabbed the laptop and opened it hoping that there wasn't a security code to get into the system. To her delight, there were directions inside about the login information and after a few moments she'd logged in and was happily surfing the net.

Just for kicks she went to a couple designer stores and looked at clothes. She felt her jaw drop as she looked at the prices of things... Cael must not have been serious about designer clothes...right? She looked around at the opulent mansion and then looked at the prices online again. She was definitely waiting for him to shop for her, but she did have a good time checking things out. She went to every designer she could think of, staring in open-mouthed amazement at some of the crap they called clothes. She doubted whether Cael would ever expect her to dress like a runway model. She did manage to find a couple things she liked that didn't seem to outlandish...until she saw the price tags. People were insane if they expected her to pay that much for a cashmere turtleneck.

After she grew bored of shopping, she logged on to some news sites and caught up on politics and world events. Suddenly she wondered if Cael and the other vampires even cared about human politics...or perhaps they controlled them. Suddenly she had this vision of vampires using humans as their puppets, controlling the outcomes of elections and other world events. She shuddered. They could. They had the power. She wondered if they did.

Curiously she entered the name "Alexander LeGaulle" onto Google. Hundreds of pages came up.

"New York City's most Eligible Bachelor: Alexander LeGaulle."

"ALG Corp. makes hefty donation to children's hospital...ALG Corp. the brainchild of entrepreneur Alexander LeGaulle..."

Anna read them all curiously. It seemed that Cael existed in the human world as well, as a millionaire entrepreneur who had shrewd business acumen and made brilliant deals to better his company. Anna sniffed. Of course he made brilliant decisions; he was twenty-five centuries old. He probably had money stashed away in Swiss accounts that totaled the net worth of small countries. She began to wonder with a twinge of paranoia. Did the vampire world secretly rule the human world? Or perhaps their dealings were separate and cursory; the superior race and the subordinate race never once paying attention to the other...save the midnight feedings?

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