tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 12

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 12


Elise walked in the living room and stared at the human kneeling before Kaiden. She was stunning; her black hair tumbled about her shoulders in soft waves, her eyes were an electrifying blue. Even though she was in jeans and a knit shirt, she could tell her body had curves in all the right places. For several moments, she watched the girl as he ran his fingers through her hair. Her eyes were glassy and filled with tears that were streaking down her cheeks and she flinched each time he touched her.

Kaiden was thoroughly enjoying himself. He loved it when his women cringed before him in fear. He got off on the feeling of dominance and power. She could imagine him taking the girl to his bedroom and using her body. She could also imagine how the little snit would weep and sob as he graced her with his attentions spurring him on to ravage her even more.

She pursed her lips irritably. Things were not going as well as he'd planned. The Ancient One had managed to escape and had somehow controlled half of their army making them kill each other. It had been absolute bedlam. Their well-planned attack had completely fallen apart and they were lucky that they had even managed to take the house. They had been in the opulent mansion for only three days, but she was getting antsy and concerned.

The force that held the house was much weaker than they had initially planned. It was definitely not sufficient enough to hold the place against any kind of seige, and the Ancient One now had three days to gather his own warriors against them. Even worse was that for the first time in years, the Ancient One knew exactly where Kaiden was, and even if his kingdom was shaky, he had the power to bring it to heel quite easily.

She looked at Kaiden with annoyance. Now that he had a now toy to amuse himself with, a creature that been under the protection of the Ancient One, he would want to torture her for his amusement. She could see it in his eyes; the hunger for her blood, the need to cause her pain. She looked at his pants, he was getting hard.

He had to snap out of it.

"We've lost about half our forces," she said sharply. "We need to pack up and get out of here before the Ancient One is able to muster his own army."

"He's not coming back, Elise," said Kaiden with confidence as his fingers stroked the little human's cheek. "Even with the strange behavior of our forces, he had to abandon the place. He'll probably run and lick his wounds a little more."

"You think he didn't mean to come back for the human?" she mused looking at the beautiful girl at his feet again. It seemed the Ancient One had shown a lot of care and concern for a creature he was abandoning.

"If he meant to come back for her, he surely won't now. Alexander won't risk his own life for a mere human. He was lucky to escape himself." She shook her head. "It doesn't make any sense. What happened to our army? How did he slip past us? How did he do it?"

"I've heard of dream walkers being able to do things like it, but the power is rare. I didn't know he had the gift," Kaiden mused. "I thought his powers were telekinetic."

"Ask your pet," Elise said. "She might know."


She smiled as he grabbed the human by her hair and hauled her into his lap. The girl screeched in pain and began sobbing.

"Silence!" Kaiden said sharply.

Elise smiled at the girl as she struggled a little more.

Kaiden growled, baring his fangs and twisted her arm behind her mercilessly until she shrieked and then froze panting.

"Is Alexander a dream walker?" he asked her.

The girl stared at him and bit her lip.

"What can he do, Little One? In order to fight him, we need to know his power."

Once again the human was silent.

"Just read her mind, Kaiden," Elise said in exasperation.

"I've been trying," he returned. He smiled and stroked her cheek again making the girl flinch. "She knows how to block us."

"Then beat the shit out of her until she doesn't have the strength."

Irritably she walked across the room and reached out to grab the girl from him to prove her point.

Kaiden snarled baring his fangs and pulling her into a possessive embrace. "The only one who gets to sully Alexander's pet is me, Elise."

"Sully her?" Elise snapped. "We need answers and now, Kaiden. You can screw what's left later, unless you've changed your mind about becoming the Ancient One in America."

She smiled in satisfaction at Kaiden's grunt of consent. Without warning, he threw the girl off of him sending her crashing over the coffee table and tumbling on the floor. The girl whimpered and curled into a ball trembling.

"Tell me Elianna," he snapped rising. "How did he control our forces?"

Elise smiled smugly. The human was nothing to be worried about. Kaiden was still hers.


Anna lay on the floor in shock and in pain. She couldn't think clearly. The voice in the back of her mind that was always so logical at times like these had abandoned her. She looked at the vampires standing over her in terror.

Oh God. Please.

"Perhaps you didn't understand the question," said Kaiden. "How did Alexander control our forces?"

It was like she was hearing his voice from afar. She shook her head. She didn't know how to answer. She didn't know what to say.

"Bradford," Kaiden said. "Perhaps you'd like to remind her of the last time you spent time together."

Anna's eyes widened in terror as she heard him approach. Desperately she tried to get up, to get away from him, but he grabbed her roughly and forced her on her back his eyes glittering at her darkly. He knelt over her, straddling her body and reached out to palm one of her breasts squeezing it painfully and twisting her nipple crudely. Anna squealed and tried to pull away from him again, but Bradford chuckled and slapped her hard across the face splitting her lip.

"I thought I'd already trained you to be quiet, whore," he snarled.

He reached for the button to her pants and pulled it ripping the zipper, too.

No. No. No. Not again...

She screeched and struggled then, but once again with a powerful blow, Bradford almost knocked her senseless. He continued to abuse her breast making her whimper and cry in pain and also in humiliation as Kaiden and the female vampire stared at them.

Bradford pulled her jeans and her underwear off her hips, leaving them bunched around her knees and thrust his fingers roughly into her dry passage.

She sobbed in pain.

"Please!" Anna screamed desperately.

"Please what, Little One," Kaiden said as he watched Bradford molest her.

"I'll tell you what you want. Please. Please. Please."

She broke down sobbing imagining Bradford's body invading and ripping hers once again. She couldn't do it again. She couldn't.

"Is Alexander is Dream Walker?" Kaiden snapped.

Not Alexander...but...she had to protect him and his friends somehow. Let them think he was alone.

"Yes!" She answered through her tears.

"Did he tell you how powerful he was?"

She shook her head.

"Does he have reinforcements on his way?"

She shook her head. "I don't know. I don't know what he's doing anymore."

"Well at least we know he's a dream walker," said Bradford quietly as he continued to play with her folds.

"You idiot," Elise snapped. "We already knew that. The girl isn't giving us anything new."

"She's right, Little One," said Kaiden. "You're not being helpful. I think we should watch Bradford do his magic."

In response he pinched her clit painfully causing her to screech and squirm, and she felt him tear brutally at her channel with his fingers.

Anna writhed and wailed in pain.

No. No.

"Who was he in contact with?" the female demanded.

She shook her head. She couldn't betray Cael. She wouldn't. He was her love her life...

But he'd never once told her he loved her. Not even when he shut her away in the safe room, knowing they might never see each other again. Knowing they might never see each other again.

The thought hit her again more forcibly than any of the abuse she'd been suffering. He'd abandoned her to her rapist. He'd abandoned her to his enemies.

Whatever will to fight she had remaining in her bruised body left her as the thought sunk in. He was gone. He'd fled with Darian and Kieran and left her to a fate more horrible than death.

Anna began to cry, but not from the pain Bradford was intentionally inflicting. Her stomach was in knots, she wanted to vomit, her world spun. Cael had abandoned her to...this.

She didn't even hear Kaiden's voice or the female's or even Bradford's. They were screaming at her now, but she didn't care. Bradford struck her hard across the face again and then twisted her wrist painfully. Anna just kept sobbing in despair.

Let them kill her.


"We are at your service Great One," said the vampire bowing low to Alexander.

"That should give us over 150 now," said Moiree looking at the heavily armed vampires in green fatigues that were piling out of the large trucks.

They were the personal army of another Ancient One who lived in south Brazil who had come to their aid. Capac and Alexander had been friends for centuries, since the European explorers had crossed the sea had had tried to "Christianize" the native populations. As the Ancient One in Europe at the time, Alexander had strongly disagreed with the practice. He'd seen more people die in the name of Christianity in his lifetime than he could stand. With his assistance, he'd won Capac's friendship.

Darian smiled at his friend. Alexander could be an absolute prick sometimes, but he'd managed to help just about every land in his lifetime. He was one of the most feared and respected vampires in the world.

"Thank you, General," said Alexander noting the rank. "We're going to take the house. I have the plans here and all the secret passages are labeled. I doubt Kaiden has found them."

The general looked over the plans with a professional eye. Darian liked him at once. He seemed to have the "no nonsense" attitude that was inherent with all military folk, but he could tell by the glint in his eye and also with his special abilities that this was a vampire not to be underestimated.

For several moments the general studied the map in silence. Sometimes he looked at the terrain around him and then nodded.

"I am sure you have already determined this as well," he began bowing respectfully to Alexander.

At first Darian couldn't understand the gesture, but then he cursed silently to himself. He had forgotten that Alexander had some tactical skills. In recent years, their wars had been those of commerce, not weapons and fighting. Alexander had become gifted in so many things, but when you knew someone for so long, sometimes those things didn't matter anymore. Friendship; eternal friendship was what mattered.

"I feel the best way to invade the house is here and here," he continued pointing. "Taking several entrances at once and holding them will ensure Rice does not escape."

Alexander nodded. "I also think that getting a force in the house as soon as possible is essential." He pointed to the underground tunnel. "This is a secret entrance to the mansion. I'd like to send a force through here to attack from within."

The general nodded in agreement. "Adding to the confusion, but my people are well trained for this kind of invasion."

"Capac indicated that your people have special abilities as well," Kieran said.

"Yes. I have several with abilities to move things with the mind, and many with superior speed and healing. They have all been trained to use their abilities in their fighting."

Kieran's dark eyes glittered. "Good."

Darian smiled at his friend. There were times when Kieran's darkness and slightly wicked tendencies were so refreshing; like now. His devotion to Alexander was obvious as he paced in anger watching the Ancient One look longingly at the house where the little human was still locked inside the safe room. It was obvious Kieran didn't really like the girl, but it was just as obvious that he would fight tooth and nail for her for Alexander's sake.

He stared back at Alexander. He'd never seen his friend so close to breaking as he paced anxiously constantly sensing the girl's emotions. In a way, he couldn't blame him. As one of the oldest vampires alive, he'd been with many women, but had never found his 'true mate.' Now he'd found her only to fear losing her. He was surprised to hear him gasp. For a moment the Ancient One clenched his fists before he let out a shaking breath.

"Alexander?" he asked quietly.

Suddenly his friend's green eyes glittered with rage and his fangs elongated. Everyone standing near him took a cautious step back and stared as his power literally sizzled through the air. He roared into the night with rage making the vampires about freeze and stare fearfully. The last thing anyone wanted to be around was a seriously pissed Ancient One.

"Brother?" Darian repeated. He didn't really need to ask. He knew it had to do with the girl.

"They have her," he said in a deadly voice. "They're hurting her."

"What is this?"

"A human," explained Darian as he looked sidelong at his friend's enraged face. "We were unable to flee with her during the battle. Obviously she didn't have the speed or strength to make it, so we secured her in one of the safe rooms in the house. It seems that Kaiden took the time to crack the code and is harming her. She is very dear to us."

"A human?" the general asked in amazement.

Kieran growled angrily. "Yes, a human," he snarled. "Your men will help us find her and protect her at all costs. Understood?"

"Yes," said the general bowing to him again and backing away from the notoriously ill-tempered vampire. No one fucked with an angry Kieran Montasse.

Darian almost chuckled as the general looked at the three of them his eyes wide. Kieran and Alexander were pissed enough to destroy the plain, and his silver eyes glowed eerily as he continued to manipulate the minds of Kaiden's forces from afar. Judging the way the general and his forces behaved, they were an intimidating sight.

"When will your forces be ready to move?" Alexander asked his voice tight with rage.

"Within the hour."

He nodded and stared at the house his green eyes glowing.

"Let's gear up," he said quietly. "I don't care what you do to Rice," he said turning to Kieran. "I just pray to God Anna is okay," he said quietly.

"So do we," said Darian.


Anna wasn't sure what was happening to her anymore. People were screaming at her, Bradford was hitting her, but all she could do was sob. He clawed at her flesh drawing blood and twisted her arm painfully, but still she sobbed, her heart aching with despair.

"Shut her the fuck up!" screamed Kaiden angrily as he ripped Bradford off of her and threw him aside. "You wanna scream, little bitch?" He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

Anna whimpered in pain even as she continued to cry.

"I'll give you a reason to scream!"

He threw her over the arm of the couch so she lay face first in the cushions, her body exposed to him over the arm.

Anna wept hysterically.

She felt his hands clawing at her flesh and then she felt something else against her pressing against the opening to her ass. She swallowed the panic. Kaiden was going to brutalize her.

Cael! Why did you abandon me!

Even in her state of absolute hysteria, Anna heard the explosion.

"What the hell was that?" Kaiden snarled still poised over her.

"I'll look," she heard Bradford say. There was another loud detonation and the windows in the living room rattled.

Kaiden swore. "We're under attack."

"We need to get out of here, now," the woman said.

Kaiden grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her to her feet.

Anna wavered as she stood, her body throbbing in pain, her head spinning from being almost upside down.

"Put your clothes on," he snarled at her.

Anna's hands shook, but obediently and almost gratefully she righted her clothing and covered her abused and bleeding flesh.

Kaiden grabbed her arm.

"Come on, Elise," he said to the beautiful redhead. "Let's get out of here."

"You're taking this human with us?" she asked in disbelief.

"Sure," said Kaiden. "She's beautiful, and Alexander wants her. I'll have you turn her and then I'll make her mine. Just another way to get back at Alexander."

"You want me to turn her so you can fuck her brains out?" Elise snarled.

"I'll let you have her, too," Kaiden replied. "Just think, Elise," he said as he pulled Anna along. "Completely destroying Alexander's human. The human that probably saved his life."

"No," Elise snarled. "I won't go with you. Not with that human."

He looked at her for a moment.


He pulled Anna along and left her standing there her mouth gaping.

"You bastard!" Elise shrieked.

Anna saw Elise run towards Kaiden, her fangs bared at the last moment. The woman's body slammed into his and they both tumbled to the ground. For a moment she stared at them in horror. Elise was screeching, clawing at Kaiden's face. She'd fallen into another language and her gorgeous red hair tumbled about her like flames. Then she saw Kaiden slug her hard in the stomach, Elise roared in pain, the sound more animalistic than human.

For a moment she could only stare, but then her voice. The voice of reason that had abandoned her since her capture came back.


Anna ran back to the living room and through the hall upstairs to the TV room. She pressed the button in the wall and it slid aside to reveal the guns Cael had shown her. She recognized the small one he'd acquainted her with and she chambered a bullet like he showed her. She put the weapon in her jeans in the small of her back shivering as the cold metal touched her. She'd never hurt a soul in her life, but if these people came towards her, she prayed that she'd have the strength to change all that.

Her first thought was to just hide. Perhaps Kaiden and Bradford would be more worried about their own hides than finding her again, so she dashed down a hallway that she knew led to servant's quarters and opened a door, closing it behind her panting. Her heart raced and for a while all she could hear was the blood pounding in her head. She tried desperately to calm herself and listen for the signs of pursuit, but it was impossible to decipher anything with the cacophony below. There were gunshots everywhere and sounds of crashing and roaring all through the house. Even though this part was deserted she could hear the sounds clearly.

Suddenly the door slammed open and she stared in horror.

"Miss me, Ms. Kennan?" Bradford growled. "I guess I should have told you that my sense of smell is incredible now that I'm a vampire. And I could smell that filthy cunt of yours all the way down the hall."

He growled and lunged for her, but once again the voice in her mind screamed.

He's slower than Kieran was! Fight!

Anna dodged out of the way, though he managed to catch her wrist.

She screamed and struggled violently, but Bradford threw her sending her slamming into the wall. It knocked the wind out of her and she tumbled to the ground gasping.

"Would you like me to fuck you on this bed?" he purred. He chuckled and walked towards her again.

Anna's hands shook as she reached behind her back.


It seemed like slow motion to her. She pulled the gun in front of her and held it just as Cael had shown her. Closing her eyes, she pulled the trigger and fired.

Bradford roared in pain.

She screamed in terror and opened her eyes to see that the shot hadn't stopped him.

Oh my god! He's still coming!

Sobbing, she fired again.

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