tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 14

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 14


Angel awaited the man walking down the street hiding in the darkness of the alley trembling. This was her first time to hunt a human. She'd picked her target and had followed him through keeping to the shadows, gauging when he was alone and no one else would see the feeding.

This is it!

Closing her eyes she reached out to him mentally and lulled him towards her. The mind control thing was difficult, and Mara said that she should be ready to pounce if the contact broke. Angel tried to maintain her mind control; the idea of pouncing made her blood race and she didn't want to hurt the guy. In the last several days she'd learned the difficulties of control. The exercises Mara had put her through showed her just how complicated it really was to be a vampire at first. She shivered and her stomach ached a little. She was hungry. She needed to feed. This had to work.

The man turned towards the alley. His eyes were glazed and he walked up to her docilely. Angel touched his head and bent it to the side baring his neck to her. Her gums tingled and she felt her control waver as she leaned closer. She could smell him; the cheap cologne, his flesh, the smoke in his hair from being at the bar, the alcohol on his breath, but most of all, the smell of his life; his blood. A shiver ran down her spine and she trembled as she fought for control over her desire once again. The thought of pouncing, of dominating this man was overwhelming. It was the nature of the beast and the hunger she would live with for the rest of eternity. Mara had called it 'bloodlust.' It made her feel even more like a monstrous beast.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she tried to look clinically at his neck. Mara had said that it was essential to get the right spot or the blood wouldn't flow right and the human would suffer during the feed. She could see the throb of his pulse at his neck, and with her sensitive hearing, she could hear the rush of blood running through his artery. She shuddered and pulled him close, wrapping her arms about him tightly, just in case she lost the mind control, and bit down feeling her fangs slide through his skin and into his neck.

His sweet essence rushed out on her tongue and all thought left her as she felt her body throb with power from his blood.

Live Blood!

It was nothing like the bagged blood Mara had been managing to steal from blood banks for her the past few weeks. It pulsed into her mouth with each heartbeat; it was warm, full of life, sweet from endorphins, slightly tinged with alcohol. She drank deeply letting the pleasure of feeding take over her logic; it was euphoric.

"Okay, Angel," Mara interrupted. "You're almost to a point where you should stop."

Angel snapped back to reality at her words.

Stop. She needed to stop.

She withdrew her fangs, feeling her gums tingle as they retracted, and then licked the wound at his throat to heal the wound. The healing was important; vampires supposedly didn't exist, and it was every vampire's duty to make sure it stayed that way.

Finally, after another wavering breath, she pulled away and mentally guided him back to his spot where he'd left his normal routine and commanded him not to remember the feeding. Then she faded back into the shadows.

"Angel," said Mara in a strangled voice. "That was amazing!"

She looked at her friend uncertainly. "I was just doing what you told me to do," she replied. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Angel, it takes months for a Little One to have a successful feed. The mind control thing is nearly impossible to manage with battling your hunger."

Mara looked at her strangely and bit her lip uncertainly.

"What's wrong?" Angel asked. "Did I do something to upset you?"

"It's not your fault," Mara said at once. She looked away for a moment. "It's just..."

"What?" Angel demanded. Mara was looking at her and she almost seemed...scared.

"That house I found you in was supposedly a secret dwelling of the Ancient One. Whoever turned you, must have been very old and near the end of his bloodline. You've got incredible power."

"Yeah right," said Angel almost bitterly. "If someone that powerful had turned me, then I wouldn't have been left alone."

Mara sighed. "You need to quit being so bitter and angry, Little One," she said. "Whoever turned you probably thought you were dead, which is why you were left like that."

"If they thought I was dead why even bother turning me?"

Sometimes she wished Mara had a better answer to that question, but it was always the same.

"I don't know, Angel. Come on, let's get back to the hotel and pack up. It's still a long drive to New York."

Angel sighed and nodded.


Mara watched the road as she drove. Angel sat in the passenger seat next her, but was silent. The poor Little One kept looking at her uncertainly, and Mara knew she was being antisocial in comparison to the past few nights. The truth was; the girl had frightened her tonight. No one, NO ONE, had that kind of power. Not right at the beginning, anyway, but here was this newly turned girl who somehow did. She was an absolute wreck; woke up nearly starved, no memory, strange dreams, completely abandoned in a prison cell in a bloodied mansion. It was the kind of thing horror movies were made about. A Little One; an absolute mess, and yet more powerful than...she couldn't even think about it, but it frightened her.

"Mara," the girl finally broke the silence. "Are you mad at me?"

She chuckled. "No, Little One," she replied. "I'm not mad." She sighed. "Just thinking is all."

Angel nodded.

"We're going to make a stop before we get a hotel room this morning," she said trying to be more conversational. "I need to get some money out of my account."

"How is it that you have a bank account? Aren't you...well, dead to the world?"

"Actually, with the internet, it's become easier and easier to have an account," Mara admitted. "This one is on an assumed name, though. My creator set it up for me using his power to get the bank people to do what he wanted."

"I thought you didn't like your creator," said the girl. "You've never said anything but bad stuff about him."

Mara sighed. "He's a monster," she admitted. "In the human world he's a murderer, a serial killer, but he's an Old One. He has the power to do just about anything he wants to."

"Well, shouldn't you have that power, too?" Angel asked. "He created you."

"He created me, yes, but not from his blood." She laughed bitterly. "He knew he wouldn't be able to control me if he sired me, so he found some other weakling street-rat to control and commanded him to turn me. With his ability to control minds..." she shuddered. "No one can resist him, Anna. No one. He just can tell you something, and you'll do it. He's what we call as psychic; he can control the psyches of others."

"How many kinds of vampires are there?" Angel asked.

"We're all the same kind; some of us just have certain 'talents.' Let's see... there's psychics, telekinetics or people who can move things with just thinking about it, vampires with incredible physical capabilities, and the very rare dream walkers."

"What are those?"

"They have the ability to get into your dreams and your head and consciously control your subconscious. Dream walkers have been known to manipulate people from hundreds of miles away by just getting into their heads and messing with their subconscious. Some are reputed to be seers, too."

"That sounds frightening. You said they're rare, so most people are talented in other ways?"

Mara nodded. "Of course your power depends on your bloodline. The fewer people behind you, the more powerful you are. That's why Old Ones are more powerful; they have fewer vampires in their genealogy because they've managed to die. Some vampires show no talent, it just depends on the strength of their blood."

"Do you think I'll have a talent?"

"Only time will tell," Mara admitted. "It seems that with you time is going to have to be the key to just about everything. You'll just have to be patient until your memories return, your power manifests itself, and you learn how to be a vampire."

"I had another dream the other night. I remember some," Angel confessed. "I remember my name, my childhood, everything until a moment where..."

Mara could see the girl shudder out of the corner of her eye.

"I was abducted, raped, tortured, and then...nothing."

"Were you raped by a vampire?" Mara asked wondering if she'd been some Old One's toy.

"No. He was just a man." The girl sighed and looked out the window. "But, there is someone. I keep seeing his face. I know he's a vampire, but he's...wonderful. I see him in my dreams, but I don't know who he is."

Mara chuckled as her cheeks flushed a little. "They must be good dreams, huh?"

"Yeah," Angel replied. "Actually, he's the reason I know what I know, he said my name."

"Well, maybe you should ask him his name in your next dream," Mara said.

If possible, the girl blushed even rosier. "I...uh...kinda get wrapped up in other things when he's around."

Mara couldn't help herself as she burst out laughing. "Not just good dreams, then, huh Little One?"

Angel smiled. "Great dreams," she admitted. She looked out the window wistfully and sighed. "Incredible dreams."

Mara pulled up to the empty bank. It was the only one in this sleepy little town, so it would have to do. She pulled out the card and looked around carefully. Everything seemed in order.

"I'm going to take care of this," she said. "Stay in the car."

Angel nodded.

Mara looked around just to make sure no one saw her, and brushed her bangs over her eyes. She didn't want her face showing up too well on video surveillance, especially since she'd just managed to rob a very powerful vampire's house. She'd not been able to unload as much of the stuff as she thought she could because of Angel. She glanced back to the car to see the girl sitting in the passenger seat watching her. She thought about that. She'd hoped the heist of the mansion would give her a chance to start a new life, she'd prayed for it. She never imagined that her new life would involve taking in a Little One. She'd never imagined herself as a nurturing person, but when the girl had opened those fantastic blue eyes, so confused and so afraid, something in her soul screamed, help her!

She thought that maybe, just maybe, Angel could be her redemption.

She walked up to the ATM and got ready to take out several hundred dollars. They'd be stopping in Chicago on the way, and they both needed new clothes. Hopefully she'd be able to sell some of her booty there, too.

Just as she was about to enter her pin number, the car door slammed and the girl ran up to her.

"Angel? What's wrong?" she asked at once.

The girl's face was white.

"Mara," she said. "We need to leave."

She looked at the girl and then back at the ATM again. "It'll only take a second," she protested.

"No," Angel cried her voice on the verge of hysteria. "Not here." She actually grabbed her arm and started pulling her towards the car.

"Easy, Little One," Mara said.

Something had seriously freaked the girl out, she was relentless. They got in the car and locked the doors.

"Just pull away," Angel said. "Just drive."

The girl was literally panicking.

She decided to humor her and talk her down with the drive. She started the engine and pulled out of the bank, noting that Angel was looking around her blue eyes glittering. With her eyes shining with her power she looked downright impressive for a moment.

"What's going on?" Mara demanded.

The girl just shook her head and kept looking around. Mara felt a strange sizzling clarity in the air of the car.

"Look there!" Angel gasped as a speeding car seemed to swerve out of control and hopped the curb at the bank. With the terrible screech of tires, the car crashed straight into the ATM crumpling like tinfoil upon hitting the brick wall.

Mara gasped. The vehicle must have hit the building at nearly 50 miles an hour. If Angel hadn't moved her she'd be dead. She looked back at the young woman. Her eyes were their normal sky blue again, and the strange feeling in the air was gone. It was like the moment never happened. She swallowed. There was something about this girl; something powerful, something terrifying. Suddenly she was very glad the woman was on her side. Taking one look at the totaled car in front of the ATM she stepped on the gas and sped away.


Kieran looked over the report. The business side of Alexander's empire was as strong as ever. Despite troubling economic times among the humans and the fuel crunch in the states, he was still making record profits. The dark-haired vampire smiled proudly about that. He'd helped a lot with that. Who knew the knife-fighting street rat from Damascus had a sound head for business? He'd managed to almost double the size and value Alexander's business empire. And now, with news of how the Ancient One in America had dispelled the coup and rumors of his incredible power, the vampires in the business world were treading as lightly as the vampires in America. Word had spread quickly; Alexander LeGaulle had returned to rule both the kingdom of America and the corporate world with an iron fist. Kieran couldn't remember the last time he'd received so many calls from the CEO's of Alexander's companies 'just checking in.' It seemed that even the stupid humans could feel the tension in the air and knew when groveling and pandering was appropriate.

He sighed.

Now if only Alexander could pull himself back together as well as he'd pulled the kingdom back together. He would never have imagined that his friend could be so taken with a woman. Surely not Alexander whose conquests were legendary; not the vampire who'd bedded the most beautiful and powerful women in history and then walked away as if they were nothing. How could he have fallen for the tiny, whiney, little Anna? She wasn't anything special in comparison to the women he'd known. Kieran had to admit there was something a little unsettling about looking into those eyes, but she wasn't any more incredibly beautiful than others Alexander had been with. He sighed. And yet, her death had almost destroyed him.

He'd overheard him talking with Darian about how the girl was haunting him in his dreams still. He growled in irritation as he looked over the other stack of reports about Mara; Francisco Paola's Little One. Had she been alone? Why would she take Anna's dead body? Even dead, it seemed that Anna's uncanny ability to find trouble followed her. In a way, he'd rather wished she'd lived just to throw a wrench into Alexander's life. That woman had been like a rocket and he was sure she would have kept Alexander on his toes for many centuries.

His cell phone rang startling him from his reverie.

"Montasse," he growled.

"Sir, we've got some information of the woman named Mara. She's been spotted just outside Chicago."

"Were you able to get some kind of identification on her vehicle? Is there some way to track her?"

"Well," the vampire on the other end paused. "I'm working on getting a copy of the footage from a bank. Something strange happened..."

Kieran heard the strange hesitation in his voice. "What do you mean?" he demanded at once. Couldn't people quit with the bullshit and say what was bothering them?

"Well, from what I've heard she went to the ATM, made ready to withdraw, but then stopped and got back in the car. Just as she pulled out, another car barreled into the side of the bank right into the ATM. The driver was killed instantly. That's all I know," he admitted. "Once I can actually see the video I'll be able to get you your information.

"How long will it take?"

"The human bank is being difficult, but I've got people working on it. Maybe this afternoon."

"The moment you've got it, get me," Kieran replied. "I don't care if you have to wake me up. We owe it to Alexander to get this mess cleaned up."

"Yes sir."


He knew it was a dream the moment he realized he wasn't alone in bed and she was nestled against his side.

Anna...his mind sighed the name with painful recognition. In real life she was lost to him forever, but in his dreams...in his dreams he could relive the happiness for a brief moment.

He relished every sensation as he held her close; the soft feel of her skin, the scent of her hair, the way she breathed. He wrapped his arms about her tightly, delighting in the warmth of her body, the feel of her soft curves, trying once again to memorize everything about her essence to take him through the next night without her. She cooed at his touch, that sweet little sound making the beast within him quiet. Even the vampire side of him missed her little noises.

She seemed to rouse a little for she sighed deeply and nuzzled his chest; the softness of her lips against his skin sending a delicious tingle down his spine. He felt his body respond as she worked her way towards waking, moving seductively against him unconsciously.

"Anna," he breathed. "If you keep that up, I'll lose whatever self-control I have left."

Her glorious eyes opened and she froze suddenly, stiffening rigidly in his arms. She looked at him in confusion, almost fearfully, and then with saddened resignation, as though she felt lost in his arms. He couldn't understand the emotions playing across her face. Perhaps it was his own guilt that his subconscious was using to color his dreams, but he hated that stare; the uncertainty, the doubt, as though she didn't even know him. He couldn't stand that look on her face.

He leaned over and kissed her lips passionately, wanting to erase those damning doubts with desire. She didn't kiss him back, but he wouldn't let her resist him; not in his dreams. He rolled her over on her back, keeping his lips locked with hers in a fiery assault on her mouth. She whined weakly in protest, but he swallowed the cry with a growl. His hands roved her warm silky skin touching her soft belly, gently sliding over her hip, rubbing that little spot that he knew from their strange connection sent shivers of pleasure down her spine.

Once again she whimpered into his mouth and struggled against him for a moment as though she knew if she didn't escape him that she'd lose herself.

He didn't let her go. His fingers slid up her soft stomach, to caress the soft mound of her full breast, cupping it in his palm and delighting once again at how it filled his hand perfectly. As if driven by its own volition, his fingers found her tender nipple tracing it in tiny circles, tweaking it lightly even as his mouth devoured hers.

Whimpering softly in defeat, she softened in his arms. She could never defy him, but the thought that in his dreams she had tried to, incensed him with passion and anger. This was his dream and he was going to ignite every inch of her soft body with the flames of passion, and then smother her in love, so those gorgeous eyes would look into his with loving desire once again.

He released her mouth and kissed his way down her cheek to her neck. For a moment he nuzzled her there, recalling how sweet she'd tasted, how addicting her flavor was to him. This was his dream. He'd take that, too, but not yet. Instead he licked her lightly brushing his sensuous lips across her sensitive skin. She shivered in response and reached out to touch him timidly, her tiny hands just barely stroking his shoulders.

He growled angrily. Since when had his Anna ever been timid? The thought drove him even closer to the edge of his control. She was his lover, his life!

He grabbed her delicate hands from his shoulders roughly and moved them over her head, holding them by the wrists with one of his own as he continued to feast on her soft flesh at her neck. Her eyes widened and she struggled against him suddenly, but he easily subdued her, even with one hand.

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