Falling Into Darkness Ch. 18


His hands once again took up their caresses, but this time he firmly clasped a breast in his hand, kneading it as he flicked and twisted her aching nipple with his fingers making her wince in pleasure-pain. Her body pressed seductively into his, pleading for even more contact, and she moaned pleadingly into his dominating mouth. Suddenly he pulled away from her lips, leaving her gasping. She struggled wildly against her bonds, longing to pull him close to her again, to lock her mouth onto his and get drunk off his taste. His eyes roved her possessively, and she knew how wanton she must look to him; her eyes were probably black with desire, she could feel her lips swollen from his kiss and she was wet and sweaty with anticipation.

"You're so beautiful, Anna," he breathed. "God, you're beautiful!"

"Cael," she begged. "Oh God, please."

He started, his hands froze upon her body, and then he stared at her in amazement.

For a moment she was unsure of what to do. She tried to read the emotions behind his jade eyes as they flickered with amazement, triumph, and then grew even darker with desire.

"Say my name," he growled his voice grating with hunger.

Her eyes sparkled mischievously. She remembered the dream where she couldn't remember, how he'd tortured her with pleasure, wanting her to screech his name in climax, but she'd broken both their hearts when she couldn't recall it.


Suddenly he chuckled. "So you want to play again, kitten? Do you want me to fuck your tight little pussy until you scream?"

Anna shivered. Cael had never talked like this to her before, but she wasn't about to give in now. "Let me go, and I'll say your name."

He smiled, his eyes getting a predatory gleam, flashing like fire. "Prisoners don't get to bargain, Little One."

His fingers traced their way down her pelvis to play in her soaked folds, flicking her aching clit.

She whimpered a little and bit her lip, but said nothing.

"Unacceptable," he growled. His mouth latched over hers, taking her breath away with his force. He twisted her nipple and traced his fingers through her folds stroking her clit. Involuntarily her body arched against his, wanting his fingers deeper inside of her, wanting his hands groping her breasts with hunger. She whimpered in frustration and he chuckled with male arrogance and satisfaction into her mouth.

"Let my hands go," she gasped when he finally released her mouth.

"No," he growled. "I'm not letting you escape me until I'm finished with you, woman."

He continued to kiss her with his velvety lips, suckling on her as he went down her neck, her throat and her sternum.

"You're torturing me," she cried as she arched her chest against his mouth and her hips tried to thrust into his fingers as they stroked her folds.

"It's nothing compared to the torture you've put me through," he returned mercilessly.

He kissed his way down her chest, between her breasts and traced her lowest ribs with his lips for a moment as his fingers caressed that sensitive spot on her hipbone. She gasped and jumped at his touch, her back arching off the bed but he was relentless; his mouth descend upon her navel, licking at it teasingly and then continued its way down her pelvis. His hands firmly grasped her legs and spread them to so that he could stare at her dripping core. She panted in anticipation as he studied her, the world around her awash with sensation. She could smell the musk of their desire in the air, her body was throbbing in time with the beat of her heart, and the cool air licked at her fully exposed sex. Whatever jade that was left in his eyes turned black with desire as he stared at her most intimate parts.

She squealed in surprise as he descended like a predator licking at her juices, teasing her over-sensitized folds with his tongue. His gorgeous golden head bent eagerly between her thighs as his fingers lightly followed his questing tongue and thrust inside her was a picture of pure eroticism. This powerful vampire, worshiping her like some kind of goddess tantalizing her senses... it was too much.

She screeched as she came hard, her back arching off the bed, though he held her thighs down with his hands as he continued to tease her. She was numb. Her heart raced, her body jumped and shivered as her pussy convulsed beneath his mouth.

Suddenly he looked up, his mouth glistening with the juices of her orgasm and licked his lips wickedly at her.

"Very tasty, kitten," he purred. "You're as sweet as I remembered."

"Alexander LeGaulle," she gasped, trying to sound firm and demanding. "You release my hands at once."

His eyes glinted wickedly. "Or else what?"

She shrieked angrily and struggled against his power, but the way his smile seemed to grow broader at her struggles made her stop suddenly.

"You're enjoying this," she cried indignantly.

"And you're not?"

"I want to touch you," she pleaded.

"Say my name and I'll give you what you want," he growled.

Anna wanted to resist him, she hated giving into him, but she was beyond caring anymore. She wanted him. She needed to feel his skin on her fingers; she needed to worship him like he'd worshiped her.

"Cael," she whispered. "Cael, I need you."

That arrogant, dominant stare instantly melted from his face. He caught his breath and stared at her, his eyes softening with emotion. For a moment, she felt what it was like to be him; his aching loneliness, how his centuries of longing had weighed so heavily upon him. She reached out for him, pulling him towards her, wanting to hold and comfort him; to somehow assuage that loneliness that had consumed him for his long life.

"Cael," she said gently stroking his face, "I need you."

"God, Anna," he groaned as he pounced on her again, covering her mouth with his.

She could taste the salty tang of her juices on his lips and once again moaned in supplication as he devoured her. There was desperation in his kiss now, desire for comfort, desire to possess, and the aching need to be inside of her and feel her warmth envelop his aching cock.

She pushed on his shoulders with eager, trembling hands, silently demanding that he lie on his back. He only partially complied, pulling her with him as he rolled, drowning her surprised squeal with his mouth. Anna lay atop him and kissed him with passion, surrounding their faces in a silky curtain of her black hair, as they mated their tongues fiercely.

She ground her aching clit against him in a frenzy of hunger, longing to feel him deep inside her. She was past the point of words and sweet talk. She pulled her mouth away from his, gasping for air and kissed her way down his chest, licking his nipples and stroking his body hungrily. She heard him gasp and moan at her touch, but she didn't dare look up into his eyes yet. She knew the minute she saw those shining eyes glittering with hunger she'd be done; the look alone could make her orgasm yet again.

"Anna," he gasped as she trailed her way down his stomach.

His flesh was so warm and soft to her lips. He tasted like sex, like heaven, the saltiness of his sweat making her even hungrier. She slipped her fingers around his cock, noting once again how tiny her little hand seemed in comparison. She stared at it with the same appreciation he'd surveyed her; licking her lips at the glistening fluid on its tip, luxuriating in the smell of his musk. She licked the bead of moisture on the tip, tasting his essence, and he gasped at the tiny flick.

"You better quit playing, Little One," Cael warned with a husky growl.

She chuckled and began to lick and suck at the throbbing head. Whatever scathing remark he'd had on his lips disintegrated into a needful groan as she pleasured him. It turned her on even more to know that at this moment, she had one of the most powerful creatures in the world begging her...well, it wasn't quite begging, but it was probably as close as she'd ever get. She took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, reveling in the velvety texture of his skin on her lips, the hot tightness of his balls as she caressed them, and the shuddering gasps he took each time she suckled him and swallowed him into her throat.

He ran his fingers through her hair, stroking her, encouraging her with a dark sexy voice.

"That's it, Anna," he groaned. "Oh fuck!"

Suddenly he cried out, grabbed her roughly and pulled her up his body. He pulled her down dragging, her face to his and kissed her hungrily. She struggled a moment, but she knew at once she'd pushed her lover over the edge of his control. He rolled with her once again, pinning her slender body beneath his panting desperately.

Anna could only stare at him wide-eyed and gasping as he kissed her punishingly again even as he pushed her thighs apart with his. He didn't speak. She could see the need boiling in his eyes, the primal part of him completely in control. He took his cock in his hand, pointed it at her entrance, and with a powerful thrust slid deep inside her body.

Anna shrieked in pleasure and pain. She'd not been intimate with anyone since she became a vampire, and she realized that her body had regained some of the tightness she had when she first became sexually active. Cael was almost too big for her, and yet she wanted him deeper, and harder inside of her. Her fingers turned to claws and raked down his back eagerly and she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside.

He began to thrust; long slow strokes, his muscular body bunching atop her with his effort to maintain his control. Anna thrashed her head from side to side in exquisite agony as he moved within her; she felt every ridge of his cock penetrating her tender depths. Despite the obvious hunger in his eyes, Cael's hands once again roved her body, flicking all her tender spots, driving her higher, letting the sensation of their lovemaking build inside her like a coil about to snap.

His pace quickened and the sound of their flesh and their gasps filled the room as they both climbed toward climax. Anna clung to him as his thrusts grew more desperate, her world was spinning, she was barely holding on by a thread.

"Now Anna!" he gasped out desperately grinding his pelvis against her clit.

She screeched as the tightly wound coil in her body snapped. Her body throbbed, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't see, she could barely hear her hoarse cries. All she could feel was the buzz in her body, the pounding of her heart, and her powerful lover convulsing above her, his arms wrapped about her as he came inside her with one, two and then three uncontrollable thrusts.

For a moment she simply luxuriated in the satiated feeling of her body as her heart still pounded, and her sex still quivered around Cael's cock. He buried his head between her neck and shoulder, supporting his body to spare her his weight, but gasping and shuddering above her still. Then he groaned and rolled on his back pulling her with him yet again. Anna didn't have the energy to protest this time, she simply clung to him limply.

Finally when she'd cooled down, and her heart rate returned to normal she cooed dreamily and nuzzled his chest affectionately. His flaccid organ was still inside of her and his arms wrapped tightly about her. She'd never felt so wonderful. It was as though her heart was finally at peace, as though she finally knew where she belonged.

"Welcome home, Anna," he breathed softly.


First of all, a huge SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to CopyCarver, for his excellent editing. I couldn't have gotten this done and posted the way I'd like without him!

Okay. I know I didn't finish up with Mara and Kieran. You guys begged and pleaded SO much I thought a sequel with the two of them might be in order. I also left Darian open for later exploration if you haven't noticed. I didn't spend too much time developing his character in this, which I might have to go back and remedy, but I think he could become quite lovable, too. I don't know when I'll get to these, so give me a little time, but...I think this is the end of Cael's and Anna's story for now. As always I appreciate your votes and comments. You guys have been so supportive.



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