tagBDSMFalling into Her

Falling into Her


I stand in the center of my room, as instructed. I've stood there, naked, for several minutes. I am waiting. I am waiting for my Queen. Soon, She will come for me. Soon, a relative term in this case to mean when She intends to.

The door opens, and it's like I am complete again. She walks in, clad in a luxurious white robe that covers Her alabaster skin. There's a twinkle in Her eye, and I can tell Her soul is smiling, but the rest of Her face shows quiet seriousness. She looks me over and gives the faintest sign of approval. I am glad, for it is my purpose to please Her. I am bare before my Queen.

She walks around me, and I lose sight of Her. I stay where I am and hope She approves. Her fingers take both of my wrists and pull them behind me. I soon feel cool metal around them...until they tighten. They cut, only slightly, but I take it in. I am exploring, and I am safe when I focus on my Queen and her intentions. I am still before my Queen.

A soft hand briefly touches my ass, causing my hardening cock to jump. Every part of me is for Her, including and perhaps especially my ass. My sight is blessed once again as my Queen walks back around. She stands directly before me, and I can already feel my chest crowd for feelings. Her right hand lovingly caresses my left cheek, and I want to fall into Her. From Her pocket comes a blindfold. The last vision I see is of Her, my whole world. Then my sight is dark, but that only gives my other senses freer reign. My Queen knows what a visual person I am. She is teaching me, always teaching. I feel a hand enclose around my stiffened cock, and I hear Her voice. "Come with me," somewhat playfully as she pulls me along. That part is for Her as well. I am wanting before my Queen.

She leads me through the house, though I'm losing my bearings a bit. We seem to take longer than it would take to get anywhere, so I'm sure She's deliberately disorienting me. I do not fear though, for I am in the hands (in this case, quite literally) of my Queen and I trust Her as no other. Finally, She tells me to stop and to kneel. I do so, right where I stand. I hear Her walk away without any indication. I am soon alone.

I am bound and sightless, naked and vulnerable, but I am overjoyed. I wait, and strive to let loose any expectations or markings of time. There is only me, this room, and eventually my Queen. I do not know what will happen, but I know I trust my Queen. I also know there is so much more to explore. I do not fear and I will not flinch. Every part of me is alive with purpose and possibility. My mind is sharp even as it knows it will be tested and pushed. I kneel there, simply because my Queen wants it. I am submissive before my Queen.

I can tell from the acoustics of the room that we are in our special room. I can tell from the acoustics that something is directly before me. What it is, I do not know and I will not speculate. Further, I will not move for I haven't been instructed to do so. My wrists hurt a little, and I take a moment to concentrate on the feeling. Such a thing IS new to me, but I know there is more to pain. It is Her will for me to experience it and so I will. Strangely, the pain doesn't even hurt in a way.

I remain calm, turning my attention to my Queen and what it is to be Her slave. I gave my power to Her, and every day I submit my will to Her. It is freeing, it is joyous. She is training me to be her knight, and I could never in my life think of a higher calling. I am proud to be kneeling, naked and shackled, a form with function. I stay, still.

After a while, I hear the quiet sound of bare feet and the air brushing against a moving form. My Queen has returned, and I am thrilled. I hear motion in front of me, but I stay still and wait for her instruction. The movement stops. In my mind's eye, I see her looking me over. Reflexively, I open my knees a bit. It is simply a reaction now, and I smile in spite of myself. I am open before my Queen.

A finger touches my chin, and I respond to the gentle pressure. I pull my face forward as She wills. I hear Her voice. "Breathe." I take a deep breath through my nose and am rewarded with the aroma of my Queen! I know now where I am, the solitary point in the world where I want to be. I know now where I am. I am kneeling before my Queen, who sits in Her pink LayZBoy. She is naked, probably with one leg straddling the furniture. My face is between Her legs, and I am so close that I feel Her heat. I breathe in again, that sweet and pungent scent filling my lungs and stirring my sex. My heart opens up and I can feel myself begin to fall. I allow my head to loll to the side, and my cheek rests on the inside of Her thigh. I continue to breathe in deeply, my love for my Queen filling my body as her essence fills my lungs. My heavy lids close behind my blindfold.

I feel fingers in my hair, over and over again. I feel my Queen, petting me. I hear her purring. My Queen is the most kind, and I can't stop taking in the heady scent. It is the air my true self needs to exist. Over and over, She pets me. Her gentle sighs fill the room I can hardly notice anymore.

My concentration is so much on this gift she's given me that I feel myself falling. Falling of a different nature. I am touching the outskirts of a whole new experience, but I refocus to stay where I am. My Queen will decide when and how, and She will be with me every step of the way.

Fingers on the back of my head gently pull my face forward. I hear Her voice again. "Drink."

Her orders were specific, and I treat them as such. My lips are parted as I move closer. Finally, my lips touch hers. I extend my tongue and push it between the folds of my Queen's glorious pussy. My tongue, shaped as it is, collects the nectar. I withdraw, taste and swallow my Queen. I know She is making me more hers, and that's all I want to be. I continue to do this, tasting her magnificence.

I hear her breath change a bit, and my natural inclination is to move on, to do more. I want to please my Queen so bad, the handcuffs are cutting into my wrists and my legs are straining. I want to devour my Queen, cause unbridled pleasure. I want this so bad. Yet, I practice discipline and patience, as my Queen wishes. I continue to lap between Her folds, drinking in the ambrosia.

It is getting easier and easier to lose myself, so I refocus yet again. I refocus on my Queen, and everything instantly becomes clear again. I drink, as She instructed, content to be exactly where I want and doing just what She asks.

Then, She speaks, with an air of deviousness. "Make me proud." My cock jumps as my heart leaps yet again. I drive my sharpened tongue deep inside Her, thrusting repeatedly. I pull my tongue out and suck on Her engorged pussy lips. I find and flick Her clit. I flatten my tongue and lick Her entire pussy, long and slow. I keep doing so, and I am rewarded with movements and sounds that indicate I am pleasing my Queen.

I am in heaven, kissing and licking, sucking and nibbling my Queen's glorious pussy. Time has lost all meaning. I ignore the pain of my wrists, the shakiness of my legs, the dripping of my cock and the tiredness of my mouth. None of that matters. I am pleasing my Queen. That's all that matters. I take Her clit, sucking it into my mouth, and She jumps. I flick at it, inside my mouth. All I want to do is please Her. All I want to do is make Her cry out. All I want to do is make Her cum.

I hear some cleansing breaths, and then feel a hand on my face. I pull away, as indicated, and wait. "Is my pet thirsty?" Licking my lips, I say yes. "Open." I feel a slender piece of ice enter my mouth. It starts to melt, and the cold water invigorates my mouth. The drops fall down my throat. She gives me another piece when I am done with the first. My Queen takes such good care of me.

I feel another long piece of ice at my lips, and I utter, "My Queen...?"

There is a pause, a long pause. I cannot hear the shape of Her mouth and there are not yet words to gauge connotations. Yet, She knows what I ask and I await her answer. My Queen knows me.

"You may." I am surprised my body could contain so much joy. I take the ice into my mouth, and move down again. My lips find Hers, and then Her opening. Using my mouth and tongue, I push the piece of ice inside of Her. My tongue pushes it deep inside, and I can feel and hear Her reaction. Her body convulses just a bit, and Her breathing gets a little ragged.

The ice inside Her, I redouble my efforts. My cold lips and tongue assail her Clit. My Queen squirms and moans approval. I move my face down, and my icy tongue flicks at Her anus. I lick it gently, then with more force. Finally, I push inside just a bit. All of her nerve endings are shooting signals of pleasure throughout her body.

I sit up and open my mouth. I am given another piece of ice. Quickly, I move back down. My lips cover Her precious anus, and I push the piece of ice into the dark, forbidden place. My heart feels like it will break. Soon, the ice is all the way inside, and my tongue follows just a bit. The actions are bringing Her close, almost teetering.

I take the initiative. I suck Her clit deep into my cold mouth. I suck Her clit fiercely, and wrap my tongue around it. I start slow, encircling Her clit with my tongue, but soon pick up the pace. Around and around clockwise, I keep up the pressure. I am insistent with the pushing pressure of my tongue, as I am with the pulling pressure as I suck.

My body is screaming, but I ignore it. The world is gone, the room has fallen away, and the only thing that exists is my Queen.

Suddenly, Her hands grip my head and hold it in place. I feel Her body thrash about me, and I keep doing exactly what I had been doing. I suck a little harder, flick a little faster. Finally, Her hands clench my hair and She screams. I suck, pull on Her clit and hold it there. Her body convulses and I can hardly breathe at times, but I don't care. She wraps her legs around me and I could honestly die right there. Without the use of my hands, the only thing I can hold onto is Her clit, even as the desperately hangs on to me.

The wave continues a bit, and I do what I can to let Her ride it without disrupting it. I gently lap at Her pussy. Soft, repetitive, as I catch my breath. The gasps become moans, and then purrs. I have to smile when I even get a, "Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm."

I collapse, crumpled a bit between Her legs. What a picture we are in, something I would love to see. Soon, I feel Her fingers in my hair again. I hear whispers. "My dear, dear pet..."

Time passes without notice. Some time after, She pulls me up. She takes me in Her arms and supports me as She leads me. When She takes the blindfold off, we are back in my room. She removes the handcuffs. My arms come back around, sore and stiff. My Queen kisses my wounds and applies some salve.

My Queen then takes me by the hand to Her room. She lies down and takes me into Her arms. Skin to skin, we melt together. The last words I hear before I drift off in my Queen's embraces are, "Get your rest, it's going to be a LONG night," and then, softly, "I love you."

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