tagBDSMFalling into Subspace Ch. 04

Falling into Subspace Ch. 04


John woke with a shudder, his body covered with sweat and his cock rock hard in his boxers. The one thought running through his mind was "not again". It had been three days since Sarah had last let him release and his thoughts kept turning right back to the sensations he felt when he was firmly under her thumb. Each time the after effects became more and more intense and his fantasies more and more vivid. He laid in bed for a while thinking about falling to Sarah over and over feeling the waves of pleasure roll over his body before he reluctantly got up for a cold shower.

He was dreading another long day of torment watching her as she put on a show for him, driving him insane and finally when he approached to ask her for relief have her giggle at him and tell him not yet then ask him to do some work assignment which of course he did. "John I only ask you because I know you'll do a really good job for me," was what she would always say. He was at her mercy and one minute he would be dreading it and the next falling into an endless pit of euphoria that came from giving his power to her. Today he would go and ask again and hope she would give him the release he needed.

It was a dress down Friday and John was delighted to see Sarah was wearing pants today. The pants were red and complimented by a little black top. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail again and John could only think how lovely she looked, but he was glad not to see her legs clad in stockings for just one day, it might be more than he could take.

It was late and once again John and Sarah were alone in the office as John made his daily approach to her desk to ask the same question. He knew what she was doing, soon he was to be asking her what he could do for her and that was one thing he dreaded. He loved the feeling of surrender but was not sure he would like her putting him into complete servitude. He was already there somewhat unwillingly, but would it soon be of his own free will? Would he just ask her what he could do to make her day any easier on a daily basis? Was that feeling of surrender worth all that? Would his adoration of Sarah become that strong?

He lowered himself to his knees next to her, "Miss?" Sarah turned in her chair and looked at John with a little smile on her face, "Hello baby, is it getting too much for you?" A soft little laugh followed the question just as it always did.

"It's been four days now Miss, I can't take this any longer, please," he could hear his own pleading and could not believe how he sounded but still he asked.

"Oh poor thing, I'll tell you what let's finish up here and we can go back to your place and see if we can't help you with your little problem," John could not believe what he was hearing. His mind could only center on spending the night with this beautiful woman and getting his release in just such a fashion might just cause him to lose himself forever. "Now if you could help me with a couple things first it will help to get us out of here a lot quicker sweetie."

John obliged Sarah's wishes and eagerly helped with the rest of her work for the day. He was so focused he finished the work in half the time he normally would have which Sarah complimented him on making him beam with joy. "Now let's get out of here baby I know how good you've been holding it in for me."

John drove them back to his apartment without even exceeding the speed limit as Sarah had warned him how awful it would be to get in an accident or get a speeding ticket just making the trip take longer. He was careful there were no mistakes on the road after her suggestions.

Once they arrived at his place he offered her a drink," A glass of wine would be lovely honey," she said as she placed her purse on the coffee table and took a seat on the couch. John returned from the kitchen a couple minutes later with a glass of an Italian Barera he had recently found that was quite lovely. "Mmmm that is nice Johnny, I'm glad you take care to only give me nice things. Now I think it might help things here if you were to undress for me baby. Nice and slow for me Johnny," Sarah sat back sipping her wine watching as John slowly disrobed in a bit of an awkward strip tease. "Oh that's okay honey but with my help you'll get better. Now go up to the bedroom and kneel on the bed facing away from the door with your hands behind your back. Do it exactly as I say, I want to be a surprise for you honey." John responded with a brief "yes Miss" before speeding off to his bedroom as Sarah had asked.

John waited for what seemed an eternity but was more than likely ten or fifteen minutes as visions of Sarah coming into his bedroom filled his mind. What would she do? Would she allow him to please her orally? He longed to do that. Sex did not cross his mind, John knew these types of relationships too well to think that a possibility and it seemed to be the last piece of resistance he had. The thought of being sexually submissive with no actual sex rankled him. Finally he thought he heard her moving behind him. He felt something touch his wrists and quickly thereafter something binding them together. "That's a lovely belt you have baby," Sarah's voice spoke just behind his left ear as her hand came up on the same shoulder and pushed him to the bed on his side. He felt her clothed body press up against the back of him as he lay curled up on his side. Her hand came around and slid around his already hard cock and slowly began to move up and down.

"Your poor thing, so long without release. You want me to give you that release now John?" His voice quivered out what sounded like a "please Miss" and Sarah only giggled in response as her stroke moved faster. John's body began to tense up and Sarah's hand stopped and gripped the base of his cock until the shaking subsided. "Oh Johnny that was close, but not yet," her hand started moving slowly up and down again. "Now baby I know you want to cum but you might want other things that you're not telling me. Don't be shy baby, you can tell me." Sarah increased the pace again and when John began to tense stopped and gripped the base of his cock hard until he once again stopped shaking.

Sarah completed the same process another three times before she spoke again," Oh Johnny this has to be so maddening for you, but so wonderful too baby. It's like a fever baby and you can't decide if you want to keep it or make it go away. You're weak and trembling, helpless to me and my wishes. Does that turn you on?"

"Yesssss.....Misssss.....Sss....Sarah," his answer came out in long, haggard breaths.

"What else turns you on baby? What other things make you so weak?" Sarah had to stop stroking once again as John came close again to an orgasm. "Mmmmm baby feel that. You're mine. So tell me, have you ever been spanked baby?"

"Nnn...no Miss."

"But you'd like to be?" Sarah left the question hang on the air for a moment before, "yyyes" left John's lips. "Ohhhh Johnny that could get you in trouble telling me things like that. So let's find out more baby." Sarah continued her slow question and torture routine and John lost track of what was or was not said. Sarah would ask questions and if he did not answer bring him to the edge of orgasm and pull him back again and again until he finally answered. At one point he thought he remembered her speak with a soft droning voice right next to his ear, "My thoughts seem like your thoughts John, my ideas always seem like they are yours. My thoughts seem like your thoughts....." and on and on it continued.

The last thing John remembered before waking on the floor at the foot of his bed was the mind blowing orgasm he was finally granted, the rest was all vague dreamlike memories. He looked around thankful he at least had a blanket, it was morning and he heard movement on the bed above him. Sarah had decided to stay the night it seemed and the rest of his morning was filled with serving his Mistress breakfast in bed and taking her back to her car thanking her over and over again, for what he did not quite know, he only knew he had to thank her. Then he had to thank her again.

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