Falling Prey


Oh, and poor Bobby. Of course I'll have to show Bobby how filthy his wife has become. I'll have to show him how she begged. Eventually of course; not too soon; I want to enjoy her, to have my fill. Then Bobby can have her back, if he wants her by then, although I doubt he will.


"Tell me what you're doing, Helen. Describe what you're doing."

"Pleasing you, Matthew, I'm pleasing you with my mouth."

"No you're not," he scoffed." Pleasing me? You're not pleasing me. This isn't the Victorian era, you uptight bitch" Matthew gripped a fistful of Helen's hair, twisting it viciously. He grinned at Helen's wince. "What you're doing is sucking my cock. Tell me, tell me what you're doing. I want to hear the words. Tell me how much you enjoy gagging on my meat"

Matthew tossed Helen's head aside in a gesture of contempt. The woman's eyes were moist with her tears. She gulped and choked back her sobs; she gulped air into her lungs, and then complied. "I'm sucking your cock you vicious bastard. Is that what you want to hear? Am I coarse enough? I'm sucking your cock; slurping, licking, and loving it. I want to eat your cock; I want to drink your come."

"Not nearly coarse enough," Matthew snarled, "but I'll soon have you trained. You'll soon be dripping with depravity." He gripped Helen's hair again and challenged her with his stare. "You'll be begging for me to fuck your sodden cunt. You'll be grovelling for me to ravage your arsehole, but for now just suck me. Suck me and take my load on your face."

"Matthew... Oh God, Matthew. That's so vulgar, so nasty and vulgar... It excites me; that filthy language is so arousing. I'll say those things for you. I want you to fuck me. I want you to use my... my..." Helen struggled with the word before, eventually, it dropped from her mouth. "I want you to use my cunt." Her face crumpled into a rictus of lust as Helen fingered herself to a climax. "I'm coming," she sobbed before her mouth hung slack and her orgasm rippled through her body.

Matthew took his cock in hand and tugged at it with ferocious strokes while Helen's climax finally tapered. He gave a great grunt at the first of several vehement spurts of semen. A gout of the stuff spattered against Helen's face, with further drops of ooze splatting in generous dollops over the upper slopes of her breasts. Helen exclaimed in delight when she felt the shower raining down onto her skin. Cords of come clung to Helen's hair, thick and tenacious, while her skin shone with splashes of the sticky residue. Helen moaned before taking the head of Matthew's cock into her mouth and swallowed the final teardrop. Matthew looked down and smiled when he saw Helen sucking; her cheeks concave with effort; her eyes aflame with excitement, and her pretty features smeared with goo.

Helen grinned as, finally, she let Matthew's penis drop from her lips. "I didn't know I could behave like that," she whispered, both appalled and thrilled by what she had just taken part in. "I still need to fuck, Matthew," she suggested.

"Not tonight," he shook his head. "I want you to come back another night; sometime soon when we can spend more time together. I want it to be perfect."


Time to send my whore home to her husband. Perhaps he can satisfy her? I doubt it though. Not now. Now she's beyond redemption; tainted with the stench of me. How very delightful.

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