Falling Snow


Her words left no room for debate. Feeling lost in the moment, Tom tentatively reached up and grasped the material of her panties, slowly pulling them down her legs. She helped him remove them from her feet, leaving Tom to stare at the bare mound of her pussy, glistening with arousal.

"Like what you see?" She didn't give him a chance to answer before squatting down on his face, mashing her arousal onto his open mouth.

He tried to squirm away but Shyira held him in place with her powerful thighs. "That's it baby, lick me. You need to learn how to please a woman sometime and I can be a great teacher."

Tom pushed is his tongue into her pussy and began to explore her. He got his first taste of her sweet nectar and he liked it. He wasn't sure if this was how a woman was supposed to taste, given that he had nothing to compare this experience too. For all me knew a succubus was completely different from a mortal woman.

"Oh fuck, that it baby," she moaned, "that's the spot."

He must be doing something right, he thought, so he paid more attention to where she directed.

Under her careful direction, Tom soon had Shyira breathing hard, a slight tremble in her muscles. After another minute of his attention, explosions went off in her head as the orgasm ripped through her.

"Baby, that was great" she breathed, "I think there's hope for you yet."

Hope wasn't an emotion he was feeling much of right now.

"Now I think it's time for the main course."

Tom noticed that he was hard again. Although with the euphoric fog he was immersed in, he wasn't sure he had ever gone soft. Going down on her hadn't helped. Her juices, or should he say venom was having an impact on his body. His whole body buzzed, like pins and needles.

She repositioned herself over his erection, a predatory gleam in her eye, "It's time to have some real fun."

He wasn't sure if he wanted to know what real fun entailed. He felt something wrap around his cock and it wasn't her hands. Looking over he saw her tail guiding him to the entrance of her pussy.

"Ready to lose your virginity?"

"Do I have a choice?"

She ignored him.

I guess not, he thought. If he was being honest he didn't really want to stop. If sex with her was anything like her blow jobs, he could find himself getting addicted real quick. Assuming he lived long enough to get addicted that is.

His thoughts were interrupted as Shyira began her downward movement. The head of his cock pushed into the warm folds of her pussy.

Oh shit, he thought.

His head was swimming in pleasure. He thought her blow jobs were heaven. Being inside her warm embrace was like nothing he had ever experienced and that was only the head of his dick.

"Heavenly," he whispered.

That earned him a smile, "Far from it."

Through the fog of his pleasure, Tom vaguely recognized that something was very strange about her pussy. It seemed to have latched onto his cock and Tom doubted that it would be letting go anytime soon. It was like a strange type of suction threatened to draw him further into her pussy, this was beside the fact that Shyira hadn't moved any further down his shaft. For some reason the image of a starving animal latching onto fresh meat popped into his head.

She let gravity do the work as she slammed the rest of his cock into her pussy.

"FUCK," he yelled.

"That's the spirit baby."

With no further talking, she began to fuck him in earnest.

They fell into a rhythm as Shyira bounced on Tom's cock. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of their sexes slapping together and the grunts and moans of their exertion.

Had it gotten colder? It was certainly cold in the room. Long trails of fog emanated from Shyira's mouth as she fucked him. But despite the strenuous physical activity Tom was far from warm. In fact, Tom felt like he was getting colder. Like all of the heat in his body was gravitating towards his balls. Pooling there as if waiting for release. No...not heat, he thought, energy. She was fucking the life force out of him. Getting ready to drink from the pool of Tom's life.

He was terrified and utterly powerless to stop the proceedings. He was quickly finding out that once inside a succubus, there was no disengaging their sexes until she was done with him and she was nowhere near done.

She once again laid herself across his body as she continued fuck him. She leaned in and gave him a sloppy kiss. She pinned his arms down as she did. Further demonstrating who was in control. Breaking her kiss she looked at him with a hungry expression.

"Almost there baby. Once more and you're mine."

Tom could feel it too. He was close. A few more seconds and he would fall off the cliff into pure bliss and probably keep falling.

He resisted as long as he could. He didn't want to die. Ultimately it was futile. A mortal simply couldn't resist a succubus. They were humanity's natural predator.

His orgasm exploded, ropes of cum sprayed out of his cock. The pool of energy seemed to drain with every release. He felt like a tap had been turned and he had no idea how to turn it off, even if he wanted to turn it off. Tom plastered the inside of her pussy. His whole body seemed to be feeding his balls as his energy level dropped through the floor. Just when he felt like his balls were empty, another shot of cum came out. Black spots danced in front of his vision.

His reaction seemed to send Shyira over the edge. Her wings fully extended, her body arced in pleasure, she tilted her head back and screamed out into the night, "MINE!"

The storm raged outside as darkness took him.


There was light streaming through the window when Tom awoke. The storm, it seemed, had passed.

I'm alive, was his first thought.

Shyira lay on his side, their legs entangled. Her breasts pressed into his arm. Her tail wrapped affectionately around his thigh. One of her wings stretched out across him, covering him like a blanket. Between her fever hot body and her leathery wing he felt quite cozy. She looked almost innocent as she slept. Or at least as innocent as a succubus can look.

As he was looking at her she began to stir. She disengaged their limbs until she was able to look him in the eyes.

"I may have taken too much," she murmured, "you slept like a rock."

"We never did make it to the bed."

"No, we'll have to rectify that problem at some point," she giggled.

Tom gave words to what he had been thinking since he woke up, "You didn't kill me," he said.

"I don't remember telling you I was going to kill you," she flicked her tail innocently.

Tom thought on the events of the night a moment. No, I suppose she hadn't.

"I thought you were going to take my soul."

She gave him a look, "I could have, very easily."

Tom shivered at the thought, "Why didn't you?"

She once again buried her head into his chest, "There are many paths through the forest, little mortal. If it was your fate to die you would have wandered until the storm took you. Instead your path led to me," she smiled, "besides, I've taken a liking to you."

"You saved me over that."

She traced the muscles of his chest with her fingers.

"I could feel you, you know," she whispered. "The moment you stepped foot on this mountain I could feel your presence. I watched you out in the storm last night."

"You watched me? Why?"

"You have a spark of talent in you. I felt myself drawn to your aura the moment you stepped onto this mountain. With some training, you and I could do amazing things together. I was already planning on visiting you. If you hadn't found me last night, I would have come to you. "

Tom considered that.

"What makes you think I want that?"

"Oh baby warlock, what makes you think you have a choice? Besides, I told you to be careful of sex and attachments."

"What do you mean?"

"I did more than just take your virginity last night...Master."

Tom's eyes opened very wide at that.


Big thanks to mbrow for looking over this story for me. Your time and energy are greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this will be the only adventure of Tom. This story was originally written as a standalone story with an open-ended ending. Although now that my brain is mulling over new ideas it will probably get a sequel at some point.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.

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