tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFallon's Final Fling Ch. 02

Fallon's Final Fling Ch. 02


Author's note: This story contains extreme sexual situations, including abduction, non-consensual sexual encounters, and pegging. If these subjects offend you, proceed no further.

Chapter 2

Fallon heard footsteps approach from behind her prone body. The impact of the footwear on the pavement was both harder and louder than she considered appropriate for a woman's gait. She must be wearing boots.

The footsteps stopped just inches from her body. Fallon felt a hand clutching her hair and yanking her face off the dirty pavement. She twisted her head in an attempt to see her captor, but the woman's face was outside Fallon's line of sight.

"I don't need to search you," the woman said, "there's nowhere for you to hide anything."

The woman grabbed Fallon's left wrist and snapped a Plasticuff on it. She took Fallon's cell phone and stuffed it into her pocket. She then grabbed the right wrist and repeated the procedure. Fallon was laying face down on the pavement, her hands bound behind her back, while contemplating the fact that her bachelorette party was passing without her. A tear seeped out of her eye and dripped onto the blacktop.

"Please?" she pleaded. "I didn't do anything."

"I am advising you not to say another word until I've read you your rights. But first..."

Bill jumped to his feet and took off running down the alley. Hindered by his partially undone pants, he managed to cover five yards before the officer reached across her body, drew her bulky weapon, and marked her target with a red dot. She paused for a second and then fired. Two metal barbs struck Bill in the lower back. The sound of electricity crackling through two wires pierced the darkness. Bill went down to the pavement face first with the barbs still implanted in his lower back. For several seconds they continued to deliver an electrical charge to his torso. Bill's body twitched as the muscles in his back contracted. He tried to stand up, but his body would not cooperate. After several seconds he stopped struggling and collapsed to the ground in a quivering heap.

"Do I need to warn you?" the officer snarled in Fallon's direction. "Or did you learn something from your boyfriend's mistake?"

"I won't move," Fallon sobbed. "I promise."

The officer stood up and walked over to where Bill lay twitching. She removed the cartridge from the front of the electronic control device and pushed the exposed tip against Bill's rib cage.

"I almost never get a chance to use this thing," she said. "Stand up slowly. Put your hands on top of your head. Don't do anything stupid, or I'll discharge 50,000 volts directly into your kidney."

Bill staggered to his feet. He put his hands on top of his head, and then leaned into the wall when his legs began to wobble.

The officer started at his neck, and then patted his shoulders, chest, arms, waist, and back. She felt his front pockets and then his back pockets. She reached around and found his flaccid cock hanging out of his open fly.

"I'm putting your cock back into your pants. Make sure it stays there."

She continued patting down his legs until she reached his ankles. She then stood up, grabbed his wrists, twisted them behind his back, and snapped the Plasticuffs into place. She pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, looked at his driver's license, and then stuffed it into her pocket.

"Now let's walk over to the car."

Holding Bill by one arm, she led him to her cruiser. The engine was running, the headlights were shining straight ahead, and a spot light was still targeting the area where Fallon was laying on the ground.

"Listen up. The two of you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you free of charge. Do you understand these rights?"

"Yes," Bill answered.

"I do," Fallon sobbed.

The officer opened the rear door of the squad car and pushed Bill inside. She then walked over to Fallon, who was still lying prone on the ground. She grabbed Fallon by her arms and helped her to her feet.

Once Fallon was on her feet, the officer scrunched her nose and glared at Fallon.

"What the fuck? You stink of piss!"

The officer shone her flashlight on Fallon's skirt. It was soaked.

"God dammit, you fucking pissed yourself!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it."

"You aren't getting into my car smelling like piss, god dammit. Stupid fucking cunt."

The officer pulled Fallon's skirt to her ankles.

"Step out of it," she commanded.

Fallon complied. She then ripped Fallon's tank top off her body and used it to wipe her down. Once her stomach, thighs, and crotch were sufficiently dry, she threw the tank on the ground.

"Now get your fucking ass in the car, and you better not piss again. If you do, I'll use your tongue to clean it up."

The officer shoved Fallon's naked body into the back of the car and closed the door. She removed Fallon's cell phone from her pocket, threw it on the ground, and smashed it with her heel. She took her seat behind the wheel, turned the air conditioning as low as it could go, and then turned the fan to maximum.

"Dispatch, this is Alpha Victor three-seven-nine," she barked into the radio handset.

"Go ahead, Alpha Victor three-seven-nine," the radio answered.

"I've got one male and one female suspect under arrest. The male suspect is named Bill Thornton, thirty-six years of age. The female is a Jane Doe, I'd say probably twenty-five or twenty-six years old. They're each to be charged with one count of public intoxication, drunk and disorderly conduct, lewd and lascivious conduct, indecent exposure, resisting arrest without violence, and resisting arrest with violence. I'm leaving the scene now. I should be at the station in fifteen minutes."

"Negative, Alpha Victor three-seven-nine. We can't handle your suspects. Gang detail did a sweep tonight and we have forty-six perps awaiting processing. The earliest we can get to your suspects is approximately three hours from now."

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do with them? Let them walk?"

"Unless you or the suspects need medical treatment, that's what I recommend. Your choices are to release them, babysit them for the next three hours, or drive them out to Metro-West and process them there."

"That's an hour away. No thank you."

"Then you're releasing them?"

"I guess so. Larson out."

Fallon breathed a sigh of relief.

The officer turned off the spot light, put the car in gear, and drove through the dark alley.

"Hey, where are we going?" Fallon asked. "I thought you said you were letting us go."

"Why would I do that? Am I supposed to forget that I caught you in the process of committing several crimes?"

Naked, shivering, and dizzy, Fallon sobbed in the back seat of the car. She was nauseous and her head was spinning from all the alcohol she consumed in the club. Don't puke. Just don't puke. And don't piss.

* * * *

"Has anyone seen Fallon?" Eva asked.

"Yeah, I saw the slut in the ladies room a while back trying to suck tequila out of the end of a dick," Quashondra said. "The bitch is really taking her last night of freedom seriously."

"I'm not kidding, has anyone seen her lately?" Michelle set down her drink and glared at Quashondra. "She's so drunk, she could be passed out in a corner and we wouldn't even know it."

"Relax, ladies, relax," Selena said. "She stopped by here thirty minutes ago. She had two more tasks to complete, and then she's finished. The last one is going to be problematic, so according to my math, she's probably right on schedule."

"Ha, that last one is going to be good," Natalie giggled. "I can't wait to see how she gets a condom full of cum."

"I'm more interested in seeing whom she gets it from," Michelle added.

"You know he'll be gross," Selena said. "She always attracts the desperadoes. The only reason I took her clubbing with me was so she could deflect the losers and chubby chasers, while I went after the hot guys. Worked every time."

"Ryan's pretty hot," Eva interjected.

"Bitch got lucky, that's all I'm saying," Selena answered. "I could have had him too, if you must know. I just wasn't interested."

"Bitch, shut the fuck up," Quashondra scolded. "Ryan can't stand your skinny little ass and he never could. You had about as much chance with him as a hooker at a gay pride convention."

"Fuck off, lard ass. At least my butt doesn't require two seats. How the hell do you go to the bathroom? Do you have to move two toilets side-by-side?"

"Oh hell, bitch, it's on."

Quashondra lunged at Selena, but Eva and Michelle stepped between them.

"Girls! Enough!" Eva shouted. "We're here to have fun, remember?"

"Show us the pictures while we wait for Fallon," Natalie implored. "Let's see what the bride has been up to all night."

* * * *

The police cruiser rolled through an endless labyrinth of alleys, industrial zones, warehouses, and abandoned buildings. Fallon lost track of her location by the second unexpected left turn, and after thirty minutes of riding in the backseat, she had no idea where the dimly lit streets were located. She wasn't even sure if she was still in Miami. She was certain that she was no longer in the entertainment district.

The car stopped in an alley that was closed off at one end. None of the buildings were lit, and there were no street lights. The illumination was provided by the full moon, still partly visible over the buildings on the opposite side of the street.

"Alright, prisoners," officer Larson turned and addressed both backseat occupants, "I've been instructed to hold you for a few hours. We're going to go inside now, and if both of you behave, it's very possible you'll be released before dawn. If either of you misbehave, well, you'll probably spend the rest of the weekend in jail. From this point on, your fate is up to you.

"I'm going to take you inside one at a time. That means both of you are going to be alone for a few minutes. Don't do anything stupid, or I swear you'll regret it. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Bill replied.

"And you?" Officer Larson stared at Fallon.

"Yes," Fallon whimpered.

"Good. Thornton, you're coming out first."

Officer Larson got out of the car, closed the door, and proceeded to walk around to the passenger side rear door. She opened it, grabbed Bill by the collar, and dragged him out of the vehicle. She slammed the door shut, and then herded Bill into the building.

Fallon huddled in the backseat, sobbing and shivering. She was dizzy, cold and scared. Her arms ached as a result of the cuffs securing her wrists behind her back. Her mind was focused on a single thought: She had to get home in time for her wedding.

As she cowered in the back of the car pining for home, a second thought started to push its way through the drunken haze to the forefront of her brain. I have to pee again. Fuck. She'll kill me if I pee in her fucking car. Damn.

Fallon clenched her thighs together and tried to think of anything that reminded her of dry heat. The more she tried not to think about pissing, the more the pressure in her bladder grew. Just when she thought she could no longer hold it, the door opened and Officer Larson grabbed her by the hair.

"Your turn," she said as she dragged Fallon from the vehicle.

"Wait," Fallon cried. "Please."

"Why, so you can run? Where are you going to go, naked and cuffed?"

"No, I won't try to run. I promise. I just have to pee. Can you take me to a bathroom first?"

"Sorry, Jane Doe, the facilities are out of order. If you've got to pee, do it before we go inside."

"Out here? In the street?"


Fallon tried to resist, but her bladder refused to comply. She looked into Officer Larson's eyes, but found no sympathy there. Resigned to her fate, Fallon squatted next to the car, leaned forward until her head was touching the side of the vehicle, and relaxed her bladder. A flood of hot piss streamed out of her crotch and splashed on the pavement between her feet. She continued to crouch near the cruiser, leaning against it for support. When the flow stopped she tried to stand, but lost her balance and stumbled against the cruiser.

"Help?" she whimpered.

"Get up!" Officer Larson grabbed Fallon by the hair and jerked her to her feet. "Let's go."

The officer guided Fallon to the front of the building. She opened a door and pushed her through the entrance. The darkness inside the building was absolute. Officer Larson led Fallon by the hair, dragging her while maintaining a steady pace. The only sounds to be heard were the footsteps of the two women on the cement floor and the heavy breathing of someone else a short distance ahead. Bill. That has to be Bill.

Fallon couldn't see a thing in the darkness. Nonetheless, Officer Larson led her in a straight line fifty feet into the building. Fallon stumbled in the dark, while the officer walked with long, confident strides. Their footsteps echoed in the dark, cavernous void. How the hell can she see anything? Does she have night vision?

"That's far enough," Officer Larson said. Without releasing her grip on Fallon's hair, the officer spun her around and backed her into a pole. Fallon heard a chain rattling and then felt a tug on her Plasticuffs. She's attached me to a pole. How can she see what she's doing?

"I'll be right back. Don't try to escape. You'll only succeed in pissing me off. Understand?"

"Yes," Bill gasped in a strained voice.

Fallon burst into tears.

"I said, do you understand?" Officer Larson reached for Fallon's breast, pinching a nipple between her thumb and forefinger for emphasis.

"Yes. Please–that hurts. Where could I go?"

"Exactly. Where could you go?"

Fallon heard the officer's footsteps growing more distant as she walked away. She heard a door opening on squeaky hinges, and then heard it slam shut. Fallon leaned against the pole and sobbed.

A minute later, she heard the sound of a small gasoline engine starting up. It was impossible to judge the distance, but it did not sound very close. This building must be huge. A minute later she heard a click, and then a single overhead light bulb switched on. The bulb was hanging twenty feet above the floor, and provided just enough light to illuminate a twenty-foot diameter circle.

Fallon blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the light. Once she was able to focus, she saw Bill lying on the floor. His arms were extended over his head and attached to a pole planted in the floor and disappearing into the darkness overhead. His feet were also bound, and were anchored to a heavy metal desk.

"Bill," Fallon whispered. "Are you OK?"

"I'm alive. She hit me with her stick a few times, but I'm alright. I don't think anything is broken."

"Where are we?"

"I have no idea. Some warehouse district, but I don't know if we're still in Miami, Hialeah, Medley, or maybe even Ft. Lauderdale. I know we crossed the causeway and left the Beach. After that, I lost track. We turned and looped around so many times, I got confused."

"Fuck. I have to get home. I'm getting married tomorrow."

"I'm sorry about all this. If I can get you free, just run and don't look back."

"What about you?"

"I can take care of myself. She's shocked me and beat me already. What more can she do?"

"She could put a bullet in you."

* * * *

"It's been another thirty minutes, and I don't see her anywhere," Eva complained.

"I already tried calling her, but it went straight to voice mail," added Michelle.

"Maybe she went home already," suggested Natalie.

"I hope not," Eva responded. "She was way too drunk to drive."

"She's probably fucking some guy in the parking lot," Selena sneered. "I knew that slut would try to ride one last cock before she tied the knot. Eva, go check her car."

"And if you find her on a dick, take plenty of pictures," Quashondra added.

* * * *

Fallon heard Officer Larson's heels pounding against the hard floor from at least fifty feet away. She couldn't see her in the inky darkness, but Fallon knew she was approaching. Fallon's jaw dropped when the officer stepped into the pool of light.

Officer Larson had changed out of her uniform, and returned wearing only a tactical police vest over a black t-shirt, black leather gloves, black knee-high boots, black leather panties, and her weapon belt. Her nightstick, handgun, and electronic control device completed the outfit. Her red hair was pulled back in a tight pony-tail. Her blue eyes glistened in the dim light, and her pale skin stood in stark contrast to the all-black attire.

"Who wants to go first?" she asked.

Fallon sniffled, but said nothing. She prayed that Bill would volunteer. He remained both silent and motionless.

"Nobody wants to be the first to entertain me?" She looked first to Fallon, then at Bill, and then back to Fallon.

"Honey, you and I have some unfinished business. I'm afraid I neglected to search you before placing you under arrest."

She stepped toward Fallon, took off one glove, and used it to slap Fallon in the face. Fallon recoiled from the blow, uncertain of what she did to warrant the abuse.

"Before I get started, why don't you tell me what you're concealing? What am I going to find? Drugs? Cocaine? Crack? Ecstasy? Meth? What are you hiding from me?"

"N-n-nothing," Fallon stammered. "I'm not hiding anything."

Officer Larson slipped her hands through Fallon's hair, massaging her scalp and caressing the back of her neck. She stood with her face just inches from Fallon's. Their noses were almost touching. Their mouths were level, separated by the length of their tongues.

Fallon could taste the officer's breath when she spoke. Minty.

"This is your last chance."

Fallon stared into her eyes, pleading. "I don't have anything. I swear."

Officer Larson reached up with both hands and cupped Fallon's breasts. She slid her hands over, around and underneath Fallon's hanging globes. Fallon gasped as she realized that her already excited nipples were standing at full attention.

The officer also noticed them. With one finger of each hand she flicked the nipples back and forth. Fallon felt them becoming even more rigid in response to the officer's touch. Despite her fear, she also felt a familiar, tingling sensation traveling from her nipples to her clit. The feeling intensified as she tried to focus on the unique sensations stimulating each fleshy nub. A naked finger teased the left nipple, while a gloved hand attended to the right nipple. The feelings were similar, yet different in a way that her foggy mind could not describe.

And then both sensations were gone. Officer Larson released her nipples and resumed her exploration of Fallon's body. Her two hands probed and squeezed Fallon's back, rib cage, sides, and abdomen. By the time they reached her hips, Fallon was squirming beneath her fingers. Officer Larson took another step toward Fallon; their mouths were nearly touching. Fallon's nipples were pressing into the rough surface of the tactical vest, while she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Officer Larson was breathing directly into her mouth. What is this bitch doing? She's driving me crazy.

Without lessening her grip on Fallon's hips, Officer Larson sank to one knee in front of her. She slid her hands around Fallon's hips and grabbed a handful of butt cheek in each palm. She pulled the younger woman's cheeks apart, and then slid her hands to the back of Fallon's thighs. Officer Larson circled her hands around Fallon's right thigh and squeezed. She explored every inch of flesh as her hands slid toward the knee, and then to the ankle. She finished the right leg, and then repeated the process with the left.

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