tagSci-Fi & FantasyFallout 3 - Megaton Tales Ch. 02

Fallout 3 - Megaton Tales Ch. 02

byMackenzie Taylor©

Fair warning this one is male on male. The next one isn't. Please vote.



Robbie stood on the balcony of the water treatment plant staring down at Fawkes. The Super Mutant was talking to Lucas Simms nodding every so often. He wanted Fawkes so badly he could taste it. God he was such a pervert.

Fawkes looked up as if he'd sensed Robbie watching. Robbie smiled, giving a friendly wave, and then walked back into the plant. He picked up his wrench and started tinkering with the water purifier. This wasn't the first time he'd experienced lust. He'd chased after Butch and his cronies all of his growing up years. It was the first time that he'd experienced such potent lust though. It ran through him, making his breath hitch and his guts clench.

"I'm going to go and get something to eat." Nathan said coming out of the office. "You want to come?"

He shook his head.

"Want me to bring you anything back?"

He shook his head again.

"Okay. If you're sure." He said and walked out of the plant leaving Robbie to get lost in his own thoughts.

The door opened again. Robbie just sighed and shook his head. Everyone was always telling him that he didn't eat enough. He looked down at his arm and flexed his decently sized bicep. His muscled physique obviously told a different story.

"I told you old man, I'm not hungry."

"I'm not the old man." Came the reply of a familiarly rough voice.

Robbie turned quickly and looked up into the face of Fawkes. Robbie was six foot four and muscular but at seven foot plus and very heavily muscled Fawkes made him feel small and delicate in comparison.

"Hi." Robbie said with kind of a silly grin.

"Hello." Fawkes said back with his own grin.

"So, uh," He cleared his throat. "What can I do for you today my mutant friend?"

Robbie turned back to tinker with the purifier trying to hide his slight blush. A blush that made Fawkes curious. Hence the invitation he would make next.

"I was going to go hunting." Fawkes said. "I thought perhaps you might like to join me."

Robbie turned to look up at Fawkes again. He really wanted to say yes but even though he was quite the marksman he honestly wasn't much of a hunter.

"Don't worry my friend. I will protect you." Fawkes assured him.

Robbie nodded. Not many things in the wasteland wanted to mess with a Super Mutant.

"Yeah, okay. That sounds good. I need to stretch my legs anyway." He went and set his wrench back in the tool box. "We'll have to stop by my place and grab my gear."

Fawkes nodded and held out his hand toward the door.

"Lead the way." Fawkes said with a smile and Robbie had to suppress a groan. His voice was so rough and sexy.

Robbie led the way to his place pulling his sniper rifle and leather armor out of the locker next to his bedroom door. He walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

Fawkes looked around curiously while Robbie got ready. He ran his hand over several surfaces but there wasn't one speck of dust. The house was meticulously clean. Fawkes liked that. He'd been living with Aiden's disorganization for so long that he'd forgotten what uncluttered looked like.

"I'm a bit of neat freak." Robbie said self-consciously coming out of the bedroom.

"Not to worry my friend, I like things neat and clean as well."

"You can call me Robbie."

"Then you must call me Fawkes."

"Okay, Fawkes." Robbie said, blushing a bit.

"Are you ready then Robbie?"


Fawkes led the way out of the town and down the road toward Springvale. They walked quietly for a long while, Robbie keeping an eye on his pip-boy radar.

"Uh, so what are we hunting for?" Robbie finally asked.

"Mole rats." Fawkes informed him.

"But I thought Moira made enough repellent to keep them away from Megaton and Springvale." Robbie said.

"She did." Fawkes shrugged. "We don't know how long the repellent will keep them away though. So we must be vigilant."

"Oh, I never thought of that."

"Moira didn't either until Aiden pointed it out." Fawkes told him with a chuckle as he remembered the scowl on Moira's face.

"So Fawkes, tell me about yourself." Robbie asked eager for a few facts.

"What would you like to know?" Fawkes asked.

"Do you like men or women?" Robbie blurted out the question before he could stop himself.

Fawkes smiled. So he was right. The boy did have a crush on him. That wasn't something that he was used to. If most people weren't running or cowering in terror they were definitely wary. Even those that he considered friends. None of them had ever given him a second look let alone lusted after him.

"I shouldn't have asked that." Robbie said his face beet red. "I hope I didn't offend you."

"You didn't." Fawkes said giving him a slight pat on the shoulder. "I can understand how you'd be curious."

Fawkes thought about it for a few moments. He definitely liked women. He thought Moira's red hair a beautiful color and Jenny Stahls curves made his cock stir. But he liked men as well. Lucas Simms voice was pleasantly deep and almost hypnotic at times. Aiden rippled with muscles in places that made Fawkes want to see a bit more.

And of course Robbie was beautiful in a purely masculine way. Tall for a human male. Muscular but not overly so. He had a strait sharp nose and cleft chin. His hair was brown and shaved almost to the scalp. And those blue eyes of his. Fawkes always felt like he was going to fall into those eyes whenever they met his. The best thing about Robbie though was the fact that he wasn't afraid of Fawkes. Not one single bit.

"I like both." Fawkes told Robbie honestly. "What about you?"

"Well, to be honest, I like males."

Fawkes smiled at that. Robbie hadn't said men, he'd said males. As in males that weren't completely human anymore. Males that were mutant. He stopped walking and perched on a boulder off to the side of the road. He just stood against it looking at Robbie as if he were waiting for something.

Robbie knew that Fawkes wanted to hear what was on his mind. He'd been holding it back for months though and he honestly couldn't hold it back anymore.

"God I want you!" Robbie groaned. "I've never felt such lust. It's like a kick in the guts every time that I look at you."

Robbie looked at him with beseeching eyes. Pleading that Fawkes would understand. Fawkes just cocked his head and studied him.

"Why?" Fawkes finally asked, needing to understand what was going through Robbie's head.

"I don't know." Robbie said.

Fawkes was wearing simple black leather pants and a vest. Robbie reached out and ran a finger down the mutant's huge bicep.

"I just like everything about you. Your height, your muscles, your rough voice." He sighed. "Your lovely green skin."

Robbie pulled his hand away but Fawkes caught it and drew him close. He looked down at him and smiled.

"I like you very much." Fawkes told him.

"Really?" Robbie asked uncertainly.

"Oh, yes. Especially your blue eyes." He looked off into the distance. "But they pull at the primal side of me and that's frightening."

Robbie just stayed still and remained silent until Fawkes turned those burning green eyes on him. He slowly moved his hand up to Fawkes's face and caressed the Mutant's lips until they smiled.

"That's just how I like to see you." Robbie told him.

"You are not frightened." Fawkes said with wonder.

"You're not like the other Mutants." Robbie said running a hand soothingly over his chest. "I know you won't hurt me."

"You can't be sure."

"Yes, I can." Robbie said, not backing down. "If you haven't given Aiden with his smart mouth a big backhand by now I know you're not going to hurt me."

Fawkes reached up and ran a large finger over Robbie's lips. Robbie captured it with his mouth and sucked for a moment.

"Have you been with another male?" Fawkes asked.

Robbie just nodded.

"How many?"

"Three." Robbie blushed. "I, uh, tend to prefer my own company usually."

"I'm not like other males." Fawkes told him.

"No?" Robbie asked curiously. "Do you have an extra cock or something?"

Big eye roll.

"I am large." Fawkes told him, grabbing Robbie's hand and pushing it down to his semi-hard cock. "I wouldn't want to hurt you."

Robbie swallowed. Fawkes was very large. That damn lust was kicking him in the gut again.

"I think I can handle you." Robbie said and squeezed Fawkes's cock making him groan.

"You sound confident." Fawkes said, getting himself under control.

Robbie blushed and shrugged.

"I've been doing a little bit of experimenting over the last few months." He told Fawkes, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck self-consciously. "I can take you."

Fawkes looked uncertain.

"Come back to my place and I'll prove it." Robbie said challengingly.

Fawkes nodded and got up from the boulder. Robbie took off toward Megaton and Fawkes lengthened his stride to keep up with the obviously excited young man. Robbie's pip-boy chirped and he stopped dead, Fawkes almost running into the back of him.

"Caravan." Fawkes said and pointed down the road that they'd just come up.

"How can you tell? I can't see anything." Robbie asked.

"I can smell them." Fawkes said with a shrug.

"Really?" Robbie asked with wonder.

"Yes." Fawkes leaned down and whispered in Robbie's ear. "I can smell your desire."

Robbie laughed and headed toward Megaton again.

"You see any?" Lucas asked Fawkes when they walked in. "You weren't out long."

"I didn't see anything." Fawkes said with a shrug, not bothering to justify his short time outside the walls. "Caravan's coming in. It's Crow."

"Good." Lucas said and headed toward the gate. "I need a patch job on my duster."

When they got into Robbie's house he locked the door behind him as if Fawkes was going to change his mind and leave.

"I want to show you something that I made." Robbie said.

He grabbed Fawkes's large hand and dragged him up the stairs. He opened the bedroom door and stepped back so that Fawkes could enter.

"Wow." Fawkes said when he walked in and got a good look at the bed.

It was huge, dominating the room and not leaving room for any other furniture. It would fit him quite comfortably.

"Everyone was wondering why you hauled six mattresses up here." Fawkes said with a chuckle. "Even I was curious."

"You like it?" Robbie asked holding his breath.

"I love it." Fawkes said. "I've never slept on anything more than the floor."

"Try it." Robbie urged.

Fawkes gently sat on the edge of the bed. Robbie rolled his eyes and pointed down. Fawkes laughed and lay down on the bed. He closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. It was plush and soft. A wonderful place to sleep.

"I knew you'd like it." Robbie said and plopped next to him to stare up at the ceiling. "A lot better than those beds in that stinking vault."

"I agree. They're not comfy at all." Fawkes said.

"Aiden said you were a vault dweller like us." Robbie remarked.

Fawkes rubbed his stomach and sighed.

"I was." He shuddered a bit. "I never want to see the inside of another vault as long as I live."

"Me either." Robbie turned on his side to look at Fawkes. "I couldn't breathe in that place."

Robbie reached out and ran hand over the stomach that Fawkes had just finished rubbing.

"You've been planning this." Fawkes commented, tapping the bed.

"I was hoping that I could find my balls and approach you." Robbie said with a shrug. "You took the choice out of my hands though. I appreciate that."

"Yeah?" Fawkes asked. "Why don't you show me how much you appreciate it?"

Robbie could feel his eyes dilating as he moved his hand from Fawkes's stomach down to his cock. He hissed in pleasure as Fawke's cock started to thicken and press against the fly of his pants. He carefully opened the fly of Fawkes pants and his cock popped out.

"Oh, wow." Robbie breathed. Fawkes was even larger than he'd imagined.

A small bead of moisture appeared and Robbie leaned down to run his tongue over the head, making Fawkes groan. He tasted wonderful and Robbie wanted more. He ran his tongue around the head some more and then opened his mouth wide, taking it into his mouth.

Fawkes almost lurched forward but stopped himself at the last second. He shuddered with pleasure. This was something that he'd wanted so badly but never thought to have. He gently ran his hand over the back of Robbie's head and hissed out his name.

Robbie wanted to smile but he couldn't. He tried very valiantly but he couldn't get more than the head of Fawke's cock into his mouth. He rubbed the Mutants huge balls with one hand and pumped up and down his cock with the other hand. His mouth was stretched tautly and his lips were going numb but damn if he wasn't enjoying himself. He started sucking as hard as he could.

"Enough." Fawkes finally said.

Robbie just ignored him.

"I haven't spent myself in days, I'm going to come." Fawkes said almost desperately but Robbie refused to stop.

"Oh, god, I'm coming." Fawkes said, trying to pull out of Robbie's mouth but Robbie grabbed his thighs and held on as Fawkes let himself go.

"Mmm." Robbie said in surprise at the sweet taste.

He pulled away and wiped his mouth. He looked at Fawkes who looked completely flabbergasted.

"You liked it right?" Robbie asked slowly.

Fawkes realized that Robbie was starting to doubt himself a bit. He sat up and pulled him onto his lap and kissed him passionately.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Robbie said when Fawkes finally stopped kissing him.

Fawkes flopped down on the bed pulling Robbie with him. Then Fawkes propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at Robbie, who had an obvious raging hard on.

"I of course wish to reciprocate." Fawkes told him.

"Then how about we go down to the Brass Lantern and you buy me dinner and a beer."


"Yep." Robbie reached down and adjusted himself. "And then we'll come back up here and talk about reciprocating."

"You really wish to be seen with me?" Fawkes asked with wonder.

"Oh, I feel like shouting off the balcony that we're going to fuck tonight." Robbie said with a big grin.

Fawkes just laughed.

"How about we start with dinner."

"And keep our private life private?" Robbie asked with a grumble.

"No." Fawkes chucked him under the chin. "Just dinner."

"Yeah, all right." Robbie perked up. "And then we can come back here?"

"Yes." Fawkes stood up. "We have all night."


(Two months later)

The door of Craterside Supply burst open and Moira threw herself into Aiden's strong arms.

"I'm filthy." He said looking down at her.

"I don't care." She said and kissed him.

"I missed you love." He said when they came up for a breath. "I have just one question."

"What's that?"

"When did that happen?" He asked.


He pointed down at Fawkes and Robbie who were sitting at one of the tables at the Brass Lantern. They were looking into each other eyes intimately and Robbie was caressing one of Fawkes's knees under the table.

"They got together a couple days after you left. Fawkes even moved in with him." Moira smiled down at them. "I think they're a cute couple."

He looked at her like she'd lost her mind.

"Even if you don't like it I advise you not to say anything."


"Because Jericho said something derogatory after they'd gotten together and Fawkes dangled him over the balcony of the water treatment plant by his neck."


"Yeah." Moira shook her head. "I honestly think if Robbie hadn't heard the commotion and come out at the last second to stop him, Fawkes probably would have either dropped Jericho or snapped his neck."

"Well, if you're lucky enough to find love in the wasteland then you protect your mate." Aiden said running a finger down her nose. "I definitely find if different though."

"Things have been a little crazy around here." Moira shrugged. "Gob and Nova are gone. They paid off their debts and headed for Underworld. And Moriarty has been nice."


"Yeah. I mean really relaxed lately."


"Nice isn't a way you should describe me." an Irish accent sneered from behind them.

Moira closed eyes for a second and then turned to look at the sardonic expression on Colin's face. Aiden put his hand around her shoulders and pulled her close. Colin rolled his eyes at the protective gesture.

"I'm here." Lucas Simms said walking up to stand next to Colin.

"What's going on?" Aiden asked with concern.

"Don't worry yourself that way boyo you'll get an ulcer." Colin said. "We need to get our hands on some welding equipment."

"Why?" Aiden asked.

"We need to expand the wall." Colin said pointing a thumb back at the wall that surrounded Megaton. "It's getting too fucking crowded in here."

Aiden thought about it for a couple of seconds.

"I won't dispute that. I can get some welding equipment from the Pitt but for the life of me I can't weld. None of us can."

"I'll do it." Colin said and they all looked at him in surprise.

"You can weld?!" Lucas asked.

Colin rolled his eyes.

"Moira do you have any 10mm ammo?" A little blond asked walking up next to Lucas.

"Yeah, I got a shipment in." Moira said with a smile.

Colin reached over, grabbed the blonds arm, and hauled her close. He leaned down to whispered something in her ear. She pulled back and tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand and spun her around. He put a hand around her neck and squeezed slightly.

"Now. Now. My sweet Colleen, that's just not nice." He said tightening his hand just a bit.

"Fuck you Colin." She said back.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear again and she shook her head. He whispered a bit more and she sighed and nodded. He smiled and let her go. She elbowed him in the stomach hard and walked away. He laughed and rubbed his belly.

"I helped put the fecking wall together the first time." Colin said to the others. "I'll need to refresh myself but I don't think it'll be a problem. I'll show the others that we recruit too."

"Uh, what was that about?" Moira asked after the little blond had walked into the store.

Colin's blue eyes which had been laughing a second ago iced over. Moira felt the chill and moved closer to Aiden.

"Not your business my girl." Colin said in a frosty voice.

Aiden growled menacingly.

"Shut it boyo I'm not afraid of you." Colin told him. "You get the equipment and I'll see about getting more material for the wall."

Colin walked away

"Now you see why I've never crossed him?" Lucas asked. "He's cold that one. And capable of more than you could imagine."

Lucas turned and walked away.

"There's more going on but it can wait for twenty minutes."

Moira said and grabbed his hand to drag him into the store.

"Kane, watch the store for a bit." Moira commanded the merc and dragged Aiden upstairs. "Get Veronica some 10mm."

"I'm not the damn shop keeper!" Kane yelled.

"Do it anyway!" Moira yelled back and slammed the bedroom door.

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