tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 01

False Alarm Ch. 01


Don't everyone jump out of yours seats but...I did some editing/proof reading lol. So this is the re-posted version. It should be at least, a little better. If you are just joining me, you will not have to suffer as much as the others :). This was my very first story on here. I hope you enjoy it, as well as the chapters that follow. I'm going over ch. 2 next so bare with me. Grammar police and others thank you for the constructive criticism.



Niala pressed the end of the pen into her cheek. She didn't even feel it was about to cause a mark on her smooth skin. Lost in thought, she wondered how it had gotten this point with men. She was sure that she deserved better. So why, did she keep giving herself away to people who didn't deserve it? The last guy she "talked to", Samuel, had been after her forever. He worked in her building and would always stop by and flirt. He was cute and funny, Niala had decided she liked him enough. After a year of constant flirting she gave him a chance.

They had easy conversation and he made her laugh. Their casual lunches turned into actual dates. She felt comfortable enough to take the next step and sleep with him. Then, it seemed like he was hooked on her. Sam said she blew his mind. He even said he wanted to marry her one day. Things between them were moving too fast for her. It seemed he had gone from zero to sixty.

Niala said they needed to take a step back. On the surface between them things seemed the same, just no sex. One day Sam said he needed to talk to her about something important. The big thing turned out to be a baby. Since she cut off the sex, he started messing around. Sam had gotten his ex pregnant, while, they were still supposed to be dating. After that she was done. Trying to put the whole thing behind her was becoming difficult. He just kept coming around...apologizing. Yes, they were always so sorry after the fact.

"Isn't that how it always goes?" she wondered aloud.

She had thought they were on the way to something real. Niala sighed looking around. Ashley, the girl who manned the receptionist desk with her was staring. "What?" Ashley rolled her eyes. They had quickly become friends but, sometimes she still reacted to Niala's quirks.

"Big red dents on the cheek aren't very attractive La La, neither talking to yourself." Niala cringed. She didn't like the nickname. It sounded like Ashley was talking to a child or someone incompetent.

"Well I have to do something to push the attention away from myself, and onto you. Without attention you shrivel up." The zing was well deserved that bitch knows I hate that, she thought. She smiled at her they always joked.

They both worked reception in front of a slightly large office building. While most buildings in the city had taken the security route, hers opted to keep some eye candy around. Niala didn't consider herself eye candy; she felt Ashley fit the bill more than she. Ash was slim with slightly spa tanned skin, long light brown hair and big blue eyes. She stood 5'3 the definition of petite. Though she was small in frame she still had curves. Naila felt most men would go crazy for her big chest and smaller butt. That iswhat "they" go for, she would muse. Men would always stare at Ashley as she walked by.

Niala felt she was the complete opposite. She was taller about 5'6 and a quarter. In heels she felt like an Amazon. Her body was not slim at all in her eyes. She was too thick, extra curvy with an hour glass shape. At a C cup she was full, but not as big as Ash. Then there was the butt problem. She wasn't extra big like Buffy the body or anything, but, she did have a big butt. The way her pencil skirts hugged her hips and firm bottom, everybody noticed. She just didn't figure she was, the people in the buildings definition of beauty.

Her hair was natural, no relaxers to keep it strait. She wore her hair curly most of the time. That was another thing she figured was a turn off. She had thick finger wide curls that went a little wild. It was dark auburn red at the moment. The color made the red tones in her honey brown skin even more noticeable. A lot of people thought it wasn't her hair; a lot of people thought she was mixed. Naila thought she was too much, too different. People stared, children gazed in wonder By the reactions she got from people she couldn't tell how she was being perceived, positive or negative. Not that Niala sat for hours trying to work out what people thought of her. At the end of the day, she could give a flying fat rat. Her mind moved a mile a minute, that was one of the many thoughts that streaked past.

She was once again pulled from her thoughts when the fire alarm went off.

"Really? Again? I swear, it's like the alarm that cried fire. When there is a real fire, someone is going to burn up cause they won't believe it!" Ashley complained. Each grabbed their phones and purses, not rushing out the building. This was the third time in two weeks.

"It's really too hot for this. I'm about the strip," Niala breathed fanning herself like she had caught the vapors. The sun was bearing down in front of the building. All the people bunched around didn't help either.

"I know I would like to see that show," Sam had slinked up behind her. She smirked and rolled her eyes.

"Too bad those days are over, ask baby mama."

"La la you know after we sort everything out, I want us to be together. I love you," he grabed her arm, and she jerked it away.

"If you loved me, you wouldn't have went raw into your ex and became a cliché." Samuel looked wounded like she kicked him in the balls.

Inside she flinched, wow, that was really harsh and out of character. But he did call her La la. Then had the nerve to say he loved her, while probably telling his ex the same to keep peace. He might have meant it when he told his ex, who knows. She apologized and moved away, she really was in no place to call someone a cliché in that respect...

Ashley and Niala took their places back behind the desk, fanning like crazy women once they were cleared to go in. Texas heat is no joke. They knew the fire captain was coming soon and Ashley got excited. She had a sick Santa Clause crush on him. She said he looked like sexy Santa fireman without the belly. Ash always joked about riding his sleigh. How sick is that? Since the alarms kept going off, soon the building would be fined.

Ashley got ready unbuttoning her shirt a little and putting on lip gloss. Niala shook her head, " I see you setting out the milk but, where are the cookies??" Ash shot her the finger.

The door opened and a group walked in; the captain was not alone. In fact he wasn't there at all.Niala saw his face react to her before she fully took him in. She was standing and saw his eyes get wide. He looked at her then after a second, they went normal. Did she really just see that? She couldn't tell if the look was a good or bad thing.

When he walked up to the desk, she really got a look at him. He was tall, about 6'2 with sun kissed skin. His blue eyes had specks of topaz, they were beautiful. They set in a symmetrical, handsome face. His hair was blonde and cut close the scalp. The way the t-shirt hugged him, Niala could make out the definitions of his muscles. He looked extra sexy with his turnout gear hanging off him. She pictured herself rubbing his chest as she laid on it. Had it been that long? She could barely pay attention, while he scolded them.

"I will have to let the captain know this was a false alarm. Then he will have to tell the Marshall about the repeated occurrences. The fines can get pretty hefty if the alarm keeps going off. Y'all need to get that fixed pronto. Pass this warning to the building manager."

"W-we're sorry, we have someone coming to look at it later this week. It just went off before the guy had time to come out". She stammered feeling like a child. Hell, she almost said daddy and that was not her thing. No daddy issues here, she almost laughed. He was just so commanding.

The firemen left soon after that. Naila breathed deep. He was so fine, she knew she had that 'deer in head lights' look. Part of her wanted to go after him; he stared at her the whole time. But was it a good stare, she questioned. No matter, she would probably never see him again.


When they got back to the station Austin found himself thinking of the girl at the front desk. He was grinning for now reason. He shook his head; she was cute stumbling over her words. Her body sure wasn't sweet and innocent. Her hair was had a little wildness to it as well. To hear voice soft and stumbling, it seemed out of place with the outer appearance. He was putting his gear away when another fireman came in.

"Did you see those two at the desk bro? Josh's eyes were wild with excitement, he loved women.


Austin brushed it off like he didn't really care. Truth was, he was thinking about her. He had never seen anyone like that. They were only in front of each other for a little over ten minutes. She had affected him in that short amount of time.

"That sweet one with the rack and the darker one with her. She looked like, I don't know but, she was hot! Like a coke bottle! "

Austin sighed, Josh's description of Naila made his cock twitch. He didn't know her name but her face was so pretty and her body so curvy. He could imagine himself griping by the waist, as he slammed into her from behind. She looked like she had a wild streak in her. She seemed like she'd like it that way. He thought of her voice, it was so soft. He thought of how she would say his name, if he buried his head between her soft thighs. He another deep breath he shook his head. He would probably never see her again. Plus he wasn't looking right now anyway.

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