tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 02

False Alarm Ch. 02


This is a repost of the original. I did some proof reading. Hopefully, it is better so it can be read and enjoyed...

Hey guys, I want to thank everyone for the feedback so far. I truly appreciate the positive and the negative. At the same time, I know I can't make everyone happy. Like I mentioned before, about 6 chapters are already written. So, some of the suggestions are where I was already headed. I am tweaking them to what I think could help or should be removed. I might have found an editor, but I can't expect them to be on my time. I know you guys have lives and are doing me a huge favor. I decided to post the next one and I did look over it more. I will admit I was being lazy at first, shame on me, but I hope I get better. I haven't really seen a story deal with this particular situation; so, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I hope you all enjoy, feedback is always appreciated. Thanks guys :D



Austin moaned as the he looked down into dark, red, curly hair. It was so soft rubbing against his stomach it almost tickled. They were alone in the fire house. She was teasing him lightly kissing his hip bone. She massaged where his legs connected to his body; it felt like a shock had gone up Austin's spine. How did she know he was so sensitive there? Her breath on his cock was driving him crazy. He wanted to grab her hair and guide her to where he ached for lips to be. When he started to, she pulled away laughing lightly. Just as she was about to wrap her cherry lips around the tip of him, the fire alarm disrupted their pleasure.

Shit, not now! Austin shot up in bed; he was alone in his house. There was no fire alarm; this was his three days off. It was 6:00 am still pretty dark outside. His alarm woke him for his morning run. He stumbled around the dark room, refusing to turn on the light. He was strongly considering going back to sleep, to recapture the dream. She felt so real on top of him. It always happened that way. Just when he was about to experience something with Honey, he would be disturbed. It was a cruel joke; his mind was playing on him.

He called her honey because of her smooth skin. He still didn't know her name. Honey made guest appearances in his dreams. She would tease but never letting him have a taste, even in fantasy. He had yet to see her again. She just kept popping up randomly in his head. It had been almost a month this was crazy.

The last time the alarm went off in her building, he saw her from a distance outside. When they walked in, she was not at the desk. He was actually disappointed; he admitted he was looking for her. Austin shook himself, get it together man it's been almost a month. The dreams felt real none the less.


The sun was streaming in her bedroom window; it had to be about eight in the morning. Niala rolled around not quite ready to deal with the light. She felt her nipple through her shirt, it was like morning wood. This time she rubbed them, her fingers sliding the straps of her tank down. She was thinking about sex, she was so horny. It had been 3 months and had her weak moment with Sam already. After that last time it didn't feel that same, which made it easier to cut him off. Niala he told herself she would wait till someone was worth it.

Then, she had seen fireman; he was the star of many of dreams. As she rubbed her nipples, she imagined him sucking on one. The pictured he's hands, instead of hers playing with the other. She wondered what he was like, probably powerful like his voice. Niala bite her lip softly.

The bottom of her bed sank with the weight of another person. She quickly pulled her straps back up to cover herself from the interrupter. Niala's son was quickly crawling up to meet her face. She smiled; his sandy brown curls were getting long and unruly. His eyebrows, shaped like hers, were up with excitement.

"Mommy it's morning, are you goin to cook breakfast? Can you cook me cereal?" This is another reason why men won't look at her she thought. She pushed fireman out her mind; who would want a girl with baggage? Her little joy was not on a guys list of what he wanted in a woman.

It was fine with Niala. She refused to settle for someone not accepting of her son or putting her in second place. If it had to be just her and little Sean that was fine, she would just be single. Niala just had to figure out a way to get over the drought she saw coming. Mind over matter.

"Mommy, daddy is coming he said he was getting me today," he was so excited.

"Yes Sean, its daddy's week. Let's get you ready," She smiled.

They hopped up and went to the kitchen. They ate their cereal watching Saturday morning cartoons. Sean asked questions about what he didn't understand. When they finished, Niala and Sean brushed their teeth. She helped him pack his stuffed animal and toys he carted from one house to the other. Those were his things he couldn't bare to part with.

One good thing was Sean had a great father. Though Rory and Niala were no longer together, they tried to keep their disagreements out of Sean's life. It already was enough for him they weren't together. They alternated weeks for now since Sean was young. It was possible because they lived in the same city. She would miss him. The little breaks she had allowed her free time most parents didn't have. Tonight she was going out with the girls. She wouldn't have to worry about what time she came home or making breakfast in the morning.


The music in the club was loud, with flashing lights giving people glimpses of who they were really talking too. Things always looked better in club lighting. When the house lights came on it would probably be a different story. Fog machines would periodically, blow cold smoke from the ceiling. It made the palce even more hazy.

Austin wasn't sure he was in the mood for it tonight. Josh had dragged him out with some other friends to a popular club. He wasn't a homebody by any means, just sometimes he didn't feel like doing the club scene. They found a table between the bar and dance floor; a perfect place to see almost everything going on in the club. After the guys took a round of Patron shots, Austin started to loosen up. They begin looking around making comments on what they saw in the club. It was packed with women. Josh was a self proclaimed ladies man. He took the whole firefighter routine to another level.

He dished out bad pick up lines; they got by most of the time because of his looks. Mixed with Irish and Puerto Rican it made for a different sexy combination; Olive skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Most ladies would let his pick up lines slide, all he had to do was smile. They would laugh and later he would be sliding into them while they screamed.

Austin was no angel; he was not Josh either. He could be compared to movie star handsome, so finding a girl was never a problem. He just decided to slow down a little. No relationships, but hardly random bed hopping.

Josh scanned the crowd for his next victim. He spotted a pair of D's, almost bouncing out of their halter dress on the dance floor. After closer examination he shouted, "Hey that's sweetness from the false alarm"!

Austin perked up maybe Honey would be there. He scanned the crown and saw Ashley. She looked damn hot in her dress, but she wasn't the one he was looking for. His excitement turned to disappointment when he didn't see her. The busty girl was with another friend.

Then the song changed from techno pop, to a popular hip hop party song. The crowd screamed as "Get Low" blasted through the speakers. Ashley was joined on the dance floor by two other women. They rushed to squeeze through the crowd. That was when Austin saw her, his mouth fell open. At first glance, it could have been mistaken she didn't have on a dress at all. The tube dress was a tan shade, close to the color of her skin. The designs in the fabric, looked like art work drawn directly on the dress. It hugged every curve of her body and came below mid thigh.

Niala had her hair pulled back. Her curls burst into a pony tail that went past her neck. She looked stunning. As the song played Austin watched her bounce, and gyrate with her friends while laughing. It seem like it was all for fun. The way her body moved was a crime, pure seduction. Austin felt his cock straining against his pants.

Her hips moved like they weren't even connected to her body, snake-like. He had never seen anything like it. A knuckle lightly hit his chin, Austin jumped up. Josh laughed, "I was just trying to close your mouth, can't have your drooling ruining my image." The other guys laughed too.

"I see you saw foxy brown, man, that girl can move right? I wonder if she can move that way in a different setting," Josh had no censor it seemed. Austin wanted to aim the fist at him, but laughed it off. He was a little jealous. Josh was not alone in the direction of his thoughts. Austin started to boil a little with that realization. He and Josh were not the only ones in the club with those thoughts especially, if they watched 'his' Honey.

Niala was having a ball; the DJ was playing all her songs. She loved to dance it was one of her favorite things since she was little. When she was out, the club it was a performance. A slower song came on and she slowed down her pace. Her hips twisted and swayed, whining in different circles. She ran her hands up her body and through her hair. Not stopping until they were in the air.

Her eyes were closed and she didn't have a care in the world. By that time, Austin's whole group was staring at her and her friends. He almost came in his pants when she pushed up her hair. With the nerve to have her eyes closed! What was she thinking about? It had to be on purpose, she knew what she was doing.

Niala was in her own little world, she had no idea what she just did. Josh let out a whistle. Austin friends, Ryan and Costa were on the edge of their seats. From the moment he first laid eyes on her, his mouth watered. Up until that point, he had being trying to talk himself out of going to her. That last move was the last straw. He was on his feet towards the dance floor before he knew it. Someone from the table called out "Put in a word for us"!

Niala was busy, not paying much attention to what was going on around her. She was in the music; she was caught up in the dance. She felt someone's chest hard against her. Her eyes flashed open; she gave her girls 'the look'. Niala usually didn't dance with guys; she preferred not to be felt up. There was always someone who came behind her, without having the decency to face her. She would give her girls the look. The, is this fool cute enough to not embarrass him and let it slide?

Her friend Alyssa's wide eyes said yes. Her other friend, Miko's, face said hell yea. While Ashley mouthed something Niala thought was FIREMAN! She smiled pushing her ass out a little more and felt something pressing back. Niala turn her head to the side to confirm. She smiled wider, not believing she had run into him again. She would have to break out her shell. Who knew if it would happen again?

After they danced for 2 songs and half of another he spoke."I followed you here to warn you about setting off false alarms." Austin breathed in her hear. She could hear the smile in his voice and laughed.

"But sir, I could have sworn something was burning. From the heat I just felt against me, maybe you need a cold shower so you can but back that hose?" Austin actually laughed out loud. She felt his body shake against her.

She turned to face him; in the club lights his eyes looked purple. They were still close; he could feel her chest pressed to his. Niala still was moving her body against him. It was driving him crazy; he could barely form his question. "What's your name"?


"I'm Austin, do you really remember seeing me before," Niala was trying to decided whether to admit it. Honestly was always best. She didn't have to say the whole part about him being in her day dreams. Not to mention just by him being that close, she was extremely hot.

"Yea, you are that one who was talking to me, like my father about the alarm. I thought I was going to get punished."

Austin was thinking how he could punish her at that moment. "While I wouldn't have minded, I was just was in work mode. I wasn't trying to be mean." She slowed her dancing down to a stop."It's ok, nothing wrong with that, excuse me." Niala gave a quick smile and turned away. She told her girls she was going to the ladies room.

She needed to think, her brain was clouded by alcohol. All she could think about was jumping all over him. She thought about pulling Austin to the bathroom with her. Gosh, she couldn't make three months? No, that can't be it she had gone longer than that before Sam.

What was it? She knew the fireman was probably wondering what he said wrong. She didn't mind him sweating a little. She just didn't want to jump into anything, nor did she want to settle for being a hook up after the club.

Part of her was pulling to let go. It could be one night of ecstasy he was keeping up with her on the dance floor. She was curious to see where else he could keep up. Not only was he super sexy but he was a different race. She had never experienced that before. Not that she was against it; the opportunity just never presented itself. She also never thought she would be "their" type.

The other part of her said save it for something real, someone worth it. Curses the struggle between the lady and the slut, for now the lady won. But her drinks made her tongue loose. She decided to tell the fireman what she was thinking anyway, it would be fun.

Austin had followed her wondering what he had said or done wrong. She was dancing back on him, right? Maybe she had his head so gone; he didn't notice she wasn't really feeling him. She did mention cold shower; he thought it was a joke.

At that moment Niala walked out. She was happy to see he followed her; she wouldn't have to look at him. She got real close to Austin, her lips lightly touching his ear as she spoke. "I had to excuse myself. All I could think about was you pushing up my dress and fucking me, it made me so wet. Unfortunately right now I want more than that, and I think you would just want to take me for a ride." She watched for his reaction.

Austin eyes got wide, what a contradiction! How can you be so dirty and then say you want more? His dick started to stiffen again from what she said. It just added to what the dancing had done. Her lips on his ear so soft he wanted to feel them on his. He turned and kissed her. She moaned and responded to him, letting his tongue taste hers.

His hands started tracing the curves of her body. He had one hand on her ass, the other trying to make it up the front of her dress. She moaned louder and pushed him away. They just stared for a minute breathing. Niala knew it was time to walk away. "See you around."

Her hips swayed as she retreated to her girls. Austin was still in shock, he wasn't sure what he wanted yet so, he didn't follow. If he had followed her, he didn't know what he might do to try to sway her. That proclamation of wanting more at that moment was a bit sobering. Sounds like relationship talk, he wasn't trying to go there.

Austin knew he didn't want to jump into anything and he didn't want to lie. All he knew in that moment is he wanted to rip her dress off right then. He traced his lips with his tongue tasting her minty gum. It lingered with traces of the Hypnotic and X-rated she was drinking. It tasted like some naughty bubble gum flavor...for adults.


Niala was regretted her choice as she walked into her apt around 3:00 am. She and her friends had gone to their favorite after hours eating spot. They soaked up the drinks in their stomachs with greasy food and talk. Mostly about whom that guy was dancing with her. Now, she was all riled up and alone. Who knows what could be happening if she were with Austin. She had a name now, a name to say in her dreams. She laughed, he wasn't a piece of meat...but he was.

She had felt his body on hers so hard, but his skin was smooth to the touch. She couldn't believe what she had said; alcohol always made her bolder. If she saw him again she would turn red and giggle like a school girl. She peeled off her dress and walked sideways to the shower, bumping into the wall. She giggled out loud. "Guess I had a really good time" she said to no one.

Letting the water run over her she wet her thick hair; the weight of it made her slightly tilt her had back. Niala began to touch herself, she didn't masturbate. She just explored her body. She could never fully do it, it seemed like she needed someone there to climax. Her thoughts went to Austin he was so fine. She figured she had missed out. Drying herself off, she hit the bed before she even put on clothes.

Austin was dodging question about what happened the rest of the night. When he dragged himself home, he sat in his living room thinking of his Honey. He had known she had a wild streak in her. He wondered if she would even remember what she had said to him. He also thought about her reluctance. Honestly, he didn't even think they would exchange words like that so quickly. When he saw her dancing, it completely changed the directions of his thoughts. He knew where to find her, next time he wouldn't need a false alarm.


Niala woke in a little panic, startled by her phone ringing. This was the last number she expected to see, how did he even have it? She looked over at the clock, 3:45 am? If he thought this was the way to get her, he had lost it. So disrespectful, but still her heart fluttered as little. Niala nervously answered the phone not sure if she was ready for that conversation. Taking in a deep breath she began to speak, she had to show no feeling.

"What the hell Sam! How did you get this number?" Show no feeling but anger.

"Well you won't answer your cell when I call. Who would have thought you had a land line, didn't know they still made those" He chuckled.

She ignored the joke it was no time to be funny. "What is your problem calling at this hour? If you are cracking jokes it's obviously not an emergency. That has never been ok with me even when we had something. It most certainly isn't now."

Sam looked at the ceiling. "Why keep taking it there Nia? I don't want us to be over like this, I need you."

"You are greedy Sam you want it all, me and her. If not that, then you don't want anyone to be mad at you, grow up!"

Samuel sighed. He was losing her; it was a mistake that changed everything. He was so torn. He had just left his boys. One told him that he saw Niala out and how good she looked in her dress. He knew that dress, he was there when she bought it. He knew how she danced too. They told him she was all over some guy. He couldn't sleep. He wanted to hear her soft voice, even thought right now she was close to a lion's roar.

"Nia, I said I was sorry, I want us to get married one day."

"And what?! I should sit and wait for you to tie up loose ends. You did this, not me. Why should I have to wait? I don't even think I look at us the same Sam. Its late you shouldn't have called. This just makes things harder. Bye" Even though she acted hard, the conversation drained her like feelings were still there. They were a little.

"Dammit!" she said to no one.

Niala knew she made the right decision, she just wished she didn't have to see him almost every day. Taking chances my ass, see where that got you. She scolded herself.

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