tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 07

False Alarm Ch. 07


Hello readers that are still with me. Sorry about the wait. I hope you guys think it is worth it. Things just got really hectic. I hate to be one of "those" writers on here lol. This and the other one only got a proofread. Please forgive me. My free downloaded editor wants me to pay now ha. I will so when I do I will re-post. As always I hope you enjoy, Feedback is always appreciated, thanks guys :D



Breath Girl! Whatever little control Niala was trying to hold on to was gone, Austin was driving her crazy. Her breath had gotten caught in her throat. Instead of trying to regain it she decided to focus on what was going on below her navel.

"Austin- you..."

Austin was a man on a mission. A mission to make sure she wouldn't let what they could possibly have go so easily again. He knew at that moment his dreams would have never measured up to what he tasted. His tongue was penetrating her, while a free hand was circling her clit with his thumb.

"You taste so good, I could eat this all day. I can't believe you were going to keep it from me."

"Never again," Niala groaned

She couldn't imagine not letting him touch her again. Her hips began to move in circles as Austin twirled his tongue around her sensitive engorged little bud. Though Austin was the one on his knees, his tongue was making Niala submit to him.

"Never again what, you won't keep this pretty pussy from me?" Austin demanded

"Nev-er" She couldn't think straight, whatever he wanted. She would agree to anything as long as he didn't stop. He began taking long laps at her clit, each one making her buck and moan loudly. Every stroke of his rough tongue was bringing her closer to the edge. It was a slow rise, where each one took her to another level. Niala was in the clouds soaring towards space, her eyes were closed. Austin sped up while adding his fingers again, stroking inside her.

"Im g-gonna come" Niala's hips were beginning to come off the couch. Austin grabbed her cheeks lifting her to his mouth. He held her like bowl his was about to slurp down.

"Austin... baby... ah ah ah," she jerked.

Her breasts were bouncing as she shook from her climax. Austin was still grazing his tongue against her licking up everything she gave him. lt was that best thing he had ever tasted. He sat her back down staring at her flushed face.

Austin got up from the floor to sit back on the sofa; Niala brought his fingers to her lips. She took them gingerly sucking them, tasting herself. The act was so sexy to Austin, he leaned forward to kiss her offering her more of her own sweetness. She twisted her tongue with his, breathing heavy as she came down from her climax. It had been so long, her body felt like a runner who sprinted for the first time after months of no activity. A thought crossed her mind and she laughed against his mouth

"So to get that again all I have to do is keep something important from you?"

Austin laughed too. "To get that from me again,

all you have to do that spread eagle just you did, it was so inviting." He looked her up and down for emphasis.

Niala blushed, "You are nasty"

"I think you like that..." Austin's eyes locked on hers, he continued "Keep something from me again and you will get punished." Her shirt was still up, he began playing with her nipple through her bra. Niala moaned again, he relished in the sound in his ear. It was as soft and sweet like he dreamed it would be. He leaned forward locking their lips again, grabbing her by the waist. She looked in his eyes trying to read his thoughts. What next? Her reservations were gone at this point. Niala felt the familiar hum of anticipation from her core.

Austin began to lean back bringing her to seat on his lap. She broke the kiss to pull off his shirt. He had the body of Adonis she mused. Niala began running her fingers over his chest and abs. His jeans were low enough to see the definition of his Apollo's belt. She willed herself not to be self conscious in the presence of perfection. She tried to work out semi consistently but Austin looked like he never missed a day. Everything was defined and not over worked. His smooth skin stretched over the muscles of his shoulders and arms. He looked strong enough not only to pick her up, but keep her there.

Niala noticed the tip of a tattoo coming over his left shoulder. She shamelessly let her eyes roved over him looking for other tattoos. Guys usually never had just one and it was so sexy. Austin chuckled. He raised his right arm to reveal a firefighter maltese cross. Flames leap out the top with bold black numbers in the center. She was curious to ask questions but, they had more pressing matters.

"We can talk about those later..." Austin stated in a deep voice, his eyes were focused on her chest.


Austin reached between them, she shuddered. Her pussy was still sensitive from being worshiped. He brushed past her to get to his belt so he could slide his pants down. He placed a shinny wrapper beside them. She could feel his strong legs under her flex and relax as he kicked to get his shoes. He shook his legs to get his pants off. It felt like a ride, she was ready for one. Niala felt something hard and thick poking her through his boxer briefs, it aroused her even more.

She brought both hands to Austin face and continued kissing him. He undid her bra freeing her breast they were perfect to him. Creamy honey caramel, topped with little chocolate chip nipples. She pressed her chest against his. Niala's nipples began rubbing against his hard planes as she started rocking her hips against his stiffness. She leaned back to stroke him raising her chest to meet his mouth. They moaned in unison. Niala loved what he was doing to her nipples, his tongue was so talented. He was making little circles around her right nipple then he would suck hard. The sensation it sent to her core over shadowed the slight pain that was caused.

She pulled away, trying to hide the twinge of as she pulled him out his boxer briefs. Austin had to smile even in his lust, she was so cute. His face turned into a grimace as she began to stroke his semi hard cock. She was so pleased with his size he was about 8 ½ inches, only the tips of her finger nails barely touched as she warped her middle finger and thumb around it. Smooth the veins running up and down it was a reddish cream color darker than his skin. If a dick could be pretty it was his. She wrapped her whole hand around, pumping it slow and then speeding up, Austin began raising his hips matching her movement. He growled, he wasn't going to be able to finish the four play he wanted to be inside her now. He needed it, he dreamed about it.

Niala was about to sink to her knees when he gripped her tighter. "Not tonight"

He lifted her and she stood as he got up grabbing the condom. He gave her a look and she pointed the direction to the bed room. He let her lead no way he was going to miss the view of her ass and hip swaying as she walked. Even in the dark it looked as if her skin had a glow to it. Austin let his eyes travel from her calves to her magnificent ass. He took in the sharp dip in her lower back and the small waist. An hour glass, he thought and it all looks soft and smooth as honey. He couldn't imagine her being self conscious. He also couldn't imagine a man seeing what was in front of him and not pouncing. Niala stopped at the edge of her bed. Before she could turn to face him he had bent down and licked the curve of her ass, to her spine, until he reached her neck. Her knees buckled, Austin held her up, while massaging the dimples in her lower back. It was tender but rough. Niala hoped he fucked the same way.

He turned her and ran his hand up her body stopping to play with her nipples rolling them in his fingers. Gently nudging her onto the bed, they fell together. He was one top of her not letting much distance come between them. She brought up her knees and his fingers went for her wet heat like a magnet.

"Can I still have it how I want?" Austin asked finding her clit with his other thumb she immediately began to jerk.

"No fair asking while you do that. I can't think y-you can have almost anything you-," She could finish as the feeling began to build up.

"Not yet, don't you come yet. Lean back and don't move, not even those sexy hips, damn. So, I can have it how I want. You want it too, look how wet my pussy is for me." He removed fingers and continued to circle her clit.

"I know, you can! Just please, now" She did as she was told deciding she was be submissive tonight.

"Someone sounds impatient" I cocked smirk formed on his lips.

"Austin keep playing with me and-"

Her sentence was cut off as he did exactly what she asked.


He reached and grabbed the condom he had thrown on the bed. He tore it with his mouth, sliding it down with one hand. That was smooth Niala thought. If he hadn't put it on at that point, he wouldn't have at all. He wanted to feel all of her so badly, he craved straight skin to skin contact. It would make it even more intimate, make their connection stronger. But they hadn't had that conversation...

He spread her wide again getting between them, rubbing his tip against her clit. She began to try to buck. He pushed her stomach down.

"What did I say?" With his edge but smiling, his words went straight to her pussy. Niala kept still. The sensations heightened because her energy was directed to that spot. He was killing her. She felt his tip slide down her slit to her opening. He lean forward and pushed in fast. She came right then, and saw stars.

She willed tears not to come down as he began pumping in a slow rhythm. Austin was letting her come down off the high. She could feel every inch of him as he moved in and out her sensitive lips quivered around him.

Niala became hungry for his dick like she hadn't come at all. She brought her knees up and spread them wider. Grabbing his ass so that he could plunge deeper into her, letting him know it was ok to speed up. Austin took the cue bending down to kiss her lips as he began ramming into her at full force. He growled as she spread wider to let him in, fucking him back as her hips rose to meet each of his thrust. She was making all types of sounds that went from sweet to animalistic. Not knowing how much time had passed she felt like she was in another world.

"Austin, yess uuuh " she stopped being able to form words as he lifted up her legs pressing them by her shoulders going as deep as he could. She watched the shadow of his body as his hips moved back and forth, it was the sexist thing she has ever seen. She threw her head back and moaned a word he couldn't understand. He didn't need to it sounded beautiful.

He was trying to get lost in her. Her tight pussy convulsing around him if he didn't focus he would explode. She would make a face every time her walls gripped him even tighter. Then she would sigh her lips would part. Her grip would loosen and let him dive all the way in. Her mouth formed an O and she would close her eyes. He could watch her faces all night. He wouldn't last much longer. He leaned forward further to kiss her pushing her legs back and holding them with his shoulders as he grabbed her ass spreading he cheeks to go in even deeper.

Niala started to shake all around his cock he was lost. Her walls squeezed him tightly as she came again, bringing his on. He pulled out to the head and then rammed in her swollen pussy. Austin came so hard he was sure it broke through the condom.

He almost said I love you, shit, it was so good. He could feel her legs trembling around him as she let them down. Their slick skin began to cool against each other as the ceiling fan turned. He didn't want to move as he laid on her chest listening to her breathing calm. One hand was rubbing his head as his hands were still under her back.

After a while Niala pulled at his short hair a little. He looked up like a puppy not wanting to move.

"I wouldn't mind you staying right there, but all your fineness has weight to go with it. I'm starting not to be able to breathe" she strained the last words to make a point.

Austin laughed and rolled over pulling her to his chest and pulling the covers around them. He looked on at her, playing in her soft hair spread on his chest. She looked up at him and yawned. With a smile and sleepy voice she said.

"Who said you were staying the night? Booty call mean you are out before sunrise."

"All that work I just put in?" Austin laughed raising the hand that was rubbing her ass and smacked it." I want breakfast in the morning."

"I thought you weren't a chauvinist," she laughed " Nah you earned it...I can't feel my legs..."

He was about to say something but Austin saw she had drifted to sleep. She was beautiful, wild hair, lips parted it was everything he thought it would be and more. He drifted off to sleep himself without a dream at all.


Austin woke from his peaceful sleep and smiled. He could smell food in the air. She stayed true to her word and cooked for him again. He hopped up and walked to the kitchen picking up his boxer briefs on the way. In the day light he got to actually look at her apartment. It was decorated in modern furniture a large colorful paintings on the walls. She her dark brown leather sofa, two cushioned acrylic chairs on either side facing each other. He noticed what he dismissed as regular coffee the last night, albeit at that moment he had cared less about the furniture, looked like art. It looked like dark wood done in a loop with inlaid with black glass at the top. Her rug looked light bulbs connected by thick black wire. small round shade lamps were on her black round end tables. Different and stylish, it fit her.

"The round coffee table and the acrylics are a life saver when it comes to Sean. It took forever to get everything on my budget but I love it," Niala called out from the kitchen. She had peeked in to see him looking around her living room.

If the living room was like this what was the bed room like? He had been too preoccupied to pay attention to that as well. He walked to the kitchen his dick began to stiffen. Niala was in his shirt bending over to get something out the oven. She didn't have on panties he could see her pussy peeking between her legs. As she laid the biscuits on the stove, it took everything he had not to go bend her over the counter. He came up behind her and began rubbing up her thighs, her smooth skin felt so soft under his finger tips.

He pushed the shirt up and cupped her round mounds.

She giggled. "Good morning" slapping his hands away with a smile. "Down boy, you will have to wait, after last night I am starved, you should be too."

He was, truthfully he had thought about getting up and getting some more spaghetti that night, he was hungry then.

"Get those plates out the washing machine please and help yourself. I am a crispy bacon girl so I hope you are too" She laughed.

She had made eggs, bacon, grits and biscuits. She told Austin there was fruit in the fridge if he wanted, as she brought juice to the table.

Austin inhaled the food. "I might have to keep you." he said while chewing. He had already planned too.

She blushed. "The biscuits aren't from scratch even though I can make them. It's 2010 though. Also don't get too excited. I love to cook but it's not all time...often though. Just don't expect to put it down then get a spread in the morning all the time." She laughed.

"I could care less as long as they aren't burnt! Stop trying to scare me away. It's not working" They both laughed.

When they finished and cleaned Austin couldn't contain himself and took Niala bent over the couch. pistoning in and out of her as she pushed back using her hands on back of the couch to steady her body. It was slower than the night before. She raised up on her toes and arched back to kiss him as he massaged her breast with one hand and her clit with the other. She couldn't remember the last time she had sex; her ever working mind was blank expect for what her body was feeling that moment. She was so focused on him and how he was making her feel. Her brain processing the sensations, the spasms she felt building up again. They came together and fell on the couch.

Austin didn't want to leave her space. She was perfect; it was perfect, like she was made for him. They were cool and relaxed just like when they would hang out. He was comfortable, and content. Hours had past, it was almost 1:00 pm and they still hadn't fully dressed. They laid on her couch her back to his chest, his hands in her soft ruby curls that were wild from all the activity. He thought about canceling his plans but figured they would need their space. If he didn't make a move to go, he wouldn't for another 24 hours.

He showered quickly. Niala took off his shirt to give it back. He chased her as she ran to get her robe. She shrieked still self conscious about being completely naked in front of him. Her eyes were full of energy; it was hard to pull away. He left kissing her at the door. She leaned against the door as she locked it. They only good thing about him leaving was that she could shower and not worry about being self conscious.


Austin was a ball of excitement yet his body felt completely relaxed from all his releases. He didn't know what his honey thought that night and morning meant but they were now together. All he could see ahead of him was a future with her. He had not thought he would be thinking of something serious with any woman. Niala was different. She was, a bunch of contradictions that somehow worked. They fit together to become everything he now knew He wanted in a woman.

His last real relationship didn't seem like an adult one. They mainly went to the movies to eat every once in a while so she wouldn't complain about being a fuck buddy. In his mind it was really all about the sex. He never fully committed to the girl. Honestly, he had never planned too... With Niala there was a connection. He usually ran from them but with her, the thought never occurred to him with her. Even still, she had baggage, and they had crossed a line. So what was next? It was a lot to think about as much of a dog as Josh was, he was still pretty logical. He parked on the street and walked toward the sports bar.

Since he left Niala's later then he had planned, Austin was still in his jeans and shoes from the previous night. He had changed into another white v-neck he had in his truck he threw and a team hat. Josh was sporting a jersey like the players wore, it stretched over his muscles. Training had been good to both of them.

"Dude, was it everything you imagined? Did doves come out the sky and a rainbow sprout from the wall going over the bed with unicorns and roses sliding down the slides?" Josh had the most serious, enthralled look on his face, and then they both broke out into laughter.

"I am not talking about it, you are nuts." They had plans to get out the house and watch the game. It was prearranged incase the talk went badly.

"Aww I just wanted to get the goods before the other guys got here." Ryan and Costa were walking to the table. They were also wearing team wear and jeans.

"Are you guys talking about the Too Live Crew?" Costa asked. He looked like cinnamon with medium brown eyes, was full Puerto Rican. He lived in Texas all his life. Costa was not his real name.


Just one member," Josh started to say more but Austin shot him a look to shut up.

"I guess things aren't back on with Niala then?" Ryan asked noticing the look between the other too.

Ryan looked like a male version Ashley all American Sandy Brown Hair and blue eyes. Except his blue was lighter he had a Ken doll quality, in the good way.

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