False Awakening


You hissed as you pulled your mouth away from mine.

"Feisty," you said, burning a trail of fast kisses down my neck, heading towards my right breast.

"Stop screwing around and fuck me," I replied.

You groaned, gave my nipple a playful nip. "Thought you'd never ask."

My mouth was agape. "You were waiting for me to ask?"

"I was going to get there eventually."

"Too much talking, not enough.... aaaaaah!"

You entered me with one smooth motion, not stopping until you bottomed out inside me. The both of us moaned with sweet relief.

"Better?" you asked. The humour was gone from your voice. In its place was intensity. You gave me what I asked for but you were making it clear who was in control here.

I mewled in response as you withdrew slowly, until the head of your cock was only just inside me. When you slammed it back into me roughly, I was too shocked to protest. Gone was the sweet lover who teased until I melted. In its place, a feral beast who growled into my ear as you gave me what I asked for and fucked me over and over, until each of my breaths was forced out of me in a moan.

I was a little frightened but also incredibly turned on, holding on to you as pounded your hard cock into me, chased me down the slippery slope to the ultimate fulfilment waiting at the bottom. My hips moved upwards to meet your thrusts again and again.

The familiar sensation rose and hovered, holding me at the edge. You seem to sense this, sensing that I need a little more. The moment your fingers touched my clit, I was lost to you and lost to myself. My muscles clenched and my body arched into you.

My juices covered every inch of your cock and trickled out to coat your balls, and the walls of my pussy squeezed down as you continued thrusting into me. I clutched wildly at your back, nails biting down into your skin.

As my walls began to spasm around your cock, you let out a grunt, followed by a long, almost painful sounding groan. Panting hard, you pounded into me a last few times before you exploded and shot your hot cum shoot deep into me.

When you were done, we laid there quietly for a couple of minute, still joined, our hearts thundering and our breaths heavy. And in that one perfect, unguarded moment, I drifted off in the rosy afterglow. When the thought occurred to me it was already too late.

You were gone, leaving behind nothing but the scent of our lovemaking. I groped along the bed frantically, looking for you but found nothing except damp sheets.

I touched myself between the legs and found myself dripping wet. Much too wet. Your cum was still dribbling out of me.

The room was silent except for my breathing. I remembered that I still had the blindfold on. The light blinded me then it hit my eyes. I kept them closed for a while, then opened them cautiously, shielded under my hand.

The room was empty and utterly normal. You were truly gone, into the same thin air you came from.

It was morning.

I flopped back down on the bed and wilted. Your side of the bed was still warm.

As I stared at the ceiling, I became aware that I was at the verge of sobbing. A few minutes ago, all this was real. You were real. And you were gone before either of us had a chance to say...

To say what?

The way your body felt wrapped around me and the way your voice sounded was already melting away like a dream. Your name... it was at the tip of my tongue and slipping away fast.

My heart hurt in a way that surprised me, the way you are surprised to discover muscles you've not used in a while. I curled up on my side and cried a little before falling asleep. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I was convinced it was all a very weird dream.

My body ached. As I sat up gingerly and got ready to slip out of bed, my hand got tangled in something next to me. I looked down.

It was my blindfold.

It was your necktie.

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