tagErotic CouplingsFalsely Accused Ch. 05

Falsely Accused Ch. 05


This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 17 - Consequences

Friday, August 18th. It was eerily quiet as I watched the burning body of the man I'd just shot dead as he was about to throw a Molotov cocktail into Laura's office.

"Sir," Cindy said quietly, "I've got to bag your gun."

"Yes." I said. "Hold open the bag." She did so, and I ejected the magazine from my gun into the evidence bag. Then I cleared my weapon, the cartridge flying to one side, and slid it into the bag. Cindy went over and photographed the three expended shells, then used tweezers to pick up the unfired cartridge and the three expended shells, and bagged them all in the same bag with the gun and magazine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Senior Sergeant Hewitt's SWAT Team led the charge up the small hill towards the Psychology Building, Lt. Irwin's 1st Precinct Officers right behind. They drove almost headlong into the protesters, who began screaming and running away to the four winds. The building was quickly secured, and the crime scene (the dead body) was secured for the Crime Lab to process.

Moments later, Captain Teresa Croyle came into Laura's office, tears in her eyes. "I... I'm sorry, sir. I failed to get them here on time..."

"We heard on the radio." I said. "It's not your fault." As more Officers poured in, I began giving orders. "Rudistan! You and Morton take that evidence from Captain Ross and keep two-man control of it." Cindy signed the evidence over to Rudistan and Morton. "Ross, take my family in my SUV to Headquarters." I handed her the car keys. Cindy and Laura carried Carole and Jim out, escorted by other officers. My wife's face was almost gray with what had to be fear... for me.

"Sir," said Lt. Irwin, "I'll take you and Captain Croyle to Headquarters."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Although I had no regrets about shooting the bastard that was trying to kill my family, I knew it was going to be a long, long day. I gave my statement on camera in the Main Conference room, with Lt. Curly Goodwin of Internal Affairs leading the questioning and Inspector General Wellman observing, and the Police Captain Union's rep there as my representation.

"He'd already thrown one Molotov cocktail," said Goodwin, "and was throwing another? And you're sure your only option was to shoot?"

"Yes." I said. "I believe I had no other option to save my family, and Captain Ross, inside the room."

After the inquisition--- er, questioning, the Chief came in. "Okay, Horace," he said to the I.G., "desk duty? Restricted duty?"

"Restricted duty, for now." said I.G. Wellman. "The Sheriff will make the final decision."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"This is John Hardwood, KSTD Five-Alive News!" said a very happy Hardwood. "We have exclusive coverage of Commander Donald Troy murdering a peaceful protester on the University Campus today! You will not see this footage on any other station!"

The camera coverage was actually distant and spotty, and the Molotov cocktail exploding could be clearly seen as part of it, though Hardwood conveniently forgot to mention that part of it.

"Oh wow." said Joanne Warner, nearly in tears. "They were trying to kill the Commander's family!"

"Yeah." said a somber Theo Washington.

"And the Press is calling it murder." said an angry Jerome Davis. "God damn John Hardwood!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At noon, Sheriff Daniel Allgood came to the podium in the City Hall atrium, and spoke into the microphones and before the cameras.

"The shooting at the Psychology Building is under investigation." said the Sheriff. "It is clear that the man that was shot was in the act of throwing a Molotov cocktail at the Psychology Building, having already thrown one and maybe two such incendiary devices already."

"Even so," continued the Sheriff, "the shooting of the man by Commander Donald Troy must be fully investigated. Commander Troy has also has violated internal Police Department policies. Therefore, while the Board of Inquiry investigates, I am suspending Commander Troy without pay for the duration of the investigation."

The shock wave that went through Headquarters and the TCPD was like a bomb blast. I was in my office, watching with the Chiefs... Moynahan and Griswold, who had come over as soon as he'd heard the news.

"For God's sake." muttered Moynahan. "That's a bit excessive."

"Pretty low class of Allgood, too." said Griswold, looking like he'd lost his child. "And what 'internal policies' is he talking about?"

"Internal Affairs bugging our offices and listening in." I said. "Anyway, it's no big surprise... Okay, gentlemen, I've got to pack my personal stuff..."

I did so. The Trojan Horse and the painting were wrapped and put in a box, and into it I added the drawing by Gunny Guernica's son and the framed Marine insignia. I emptied the contents of the safe in my office into a box, and put Bowser's citations in that box. I left everything else. As I packed, I realized that this office had lost that energy it once had, that feeling that I belonged in this office, that it was special, that it was... home...

Chief Griswold helped me take the boxes to his car, the act of doing something helping to ease his own pain. I went back inside, turned in my I.D. card and badge to the Duty Desk Sergeant and signed out...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Teresa Croyle came up the hallway and looked inside the anteroom to my office, she saw Cindy standing in the doorway to the office. Going over, she saw that Cindy was surveying the empty room, tears running down her cheeks.

"It's my fault." Cindy said. "I betrayed him, and this is what has happened. It's my fault."

"No, it's mine." said Teresa. "I did not get people over there in time to stop the riot. It was my fault he had to shoot that punk."

"No, you did what you could." Cindy said. 'It's just... this room... the energy is gone. There used to be an energy to this room, but it's just... emptiness now."

"Ladieeeees," growled the voice of Chief Moynahan behind them, "we have to keep going. Come to my office in ten minutes."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sergeant Charles," said Chief Moynahan to the Officer standing at attention in front of his desk, "why didn't you act when Captain Croyle ordered you to deploy your team?"

"Sir," said Charles, "I was ordered to stand down by Commander Harlow. She outranks Captain Croyle."

"First of all," said the Chief, "you were ordered to move to save another Police Officer's family, that being the family of Commander Troy. How you could fail to act to save lives is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

"Second, Captain Croyle is your direct chain-of-command, and Commander Harlow is not even in your chain-of-command at any point. You should have followed your Captain's direct orders, not Commander Harlow's ill-conceived and improper orders to the contrary."

Sergeant Charles said nothing. Chief Moynahan said "Okay, you are on restricted desk duty until the investigations are complete. You're under investigation for failing to follow your Captain's orders, putting lives in danger. That investigation will be concurrent with Commander Troy's investigation. Dismissed."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

8:30pm, Friday, August 18th. A celebration party was in progress at Thomas P. Cook's home. Also present were State Senator Katherine Woodburn, Councilwomen Kelly Carnes and Malinda Adams, trusted reporter John Hardwood, Deputy Police Chief Della Harlow, Sheriff Deputy (Captain) Scott Peterson, Dr. Jan Camp, and Dr. Lionel Carmela.

"We got him." said Kelly Carnes, with a great deal of satisfaction in her voice. "We finally got rid of the God-damned Iron Crowbar."

"Well, not yet, not completely." said Thomas P. Cook. "But he's suspended, and when the Board of Inquiry finds him in the wrong and not indemnified, he'll be summarily fired from the TCPD."

"And all it took was for some thugs to attack his family." said Carnes. No one seemed to have empathy for the dead man that Commander Troy had blown away.

"We have to act quickly while Commander Troy is suspended." said Katherine Woodburn. "It may be ruled a good shoot... but by that time, we'll have Jared out of the Governor's Mansion."

"What's going to happen with that?" asked Thomas P. Cook.

"Lieutenant Governor Collins is going to go to the State Supreme Court to get authorization to convene the Legislature for an Impeachment vote." said Woodburn. "Recent comments by the Governor show him to be mentally incompetent."

"And the Press has laid that groundwork for you by chanting that every chance we get." said John Hardwood.

"Yes, you have." said Woodburn. "So, are you going to keep pounding away at Troy in the Media, until he is gone?"

"Oh yes." said Hardwood, relishing his words. "But not too much. Our friend on the Board of Inquiry intends to delay action for as long as possible, to keep Troy suspended and in limbo for as long as we can."

"How long will that be?" asked Scott Peterson.

"We're hoping to keep delaying for a month or more." said Thomas P. Cook. "But we expect John Colby and Dagmar Schoen to begin raising hell after a couple of weeks."

"The Sheriff did not want to suspend Troy." said Scott Peterson, which he knew to be an outright lie. "It took a lot of pressure from wealthy political donors to get him to do that much. He probably won't brook a delay more than two weeks."

"So we're ready to put our plans into effect?" asked Carnes.

"Yes. Yes we are." said Cook.

"What about his wife?" asked Dr. Lionel Carmela. "What are we going to do about that fucking bitch?"

"One thing at a time, Dr. Carmela." said Thomas P. Cook. "In due time, she'll be out on her ass, as will Marvin Milton, and persons of your political thought will rule the Campus. And then Conservative speech will be eradicated... by whatever means necessary..."

"Yes, that's true." said Dr. Jan Camp. "Don't worry, Lionel. We will soon be rid of those on Campus that oppose our views... including that piece of dog shit Wellman..." Carmela smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The mood at The Cabin was more somber. Molly had brought the boys, and Cindy had brought Laura and the kids to the Cabin, then went and got Buddy and Bowser and brought them up, as well. Chief Griswold had brought me to the Cabin, where I put the boxes of stuff in my office.

My mother came up and helped cook dinner (which means she actually did the cooking), and Todd and Teresa came with Todd's kids, as well. I was glad to have them all there... despite this day, I was grateful to have this family. They were worth the fight I was fighting.

"Cindy took Callie to 'The Vision' compound." said Teresa. "Cindy was really shaken up by what happened today. I could probably use some of Dr. Eckhart's therapy, too."

"You've got Buddy." Todd said. "He's the best therapy." Indeed, a handsome Cocker Spaniel was in Teresa's lap, enjoying being petted and 'skritched'. Teresa half-smiled.

"Buddy is good therapy, aren't you boy?" Teresa said. Buddy looked up at her and wagged his tail. Meanwhile, Bowser had been 'letting' me give him attention, with Carole helping me pet him. And one thing was for sure...

No matter how bad it gets, good dogs just make things better.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Everyone is asleep." said Laura as she came out on deck where I was sitting, watching the Town, petting Bowser. I picked him up and Laura sat down beside me on the metal loveseat, then I set him in my lap. Laura helped me pet him.

"How are you feeling?" Laura asked me.

"I dunno." I said as I saw the light of a train come out of the western horizon. "I don't regret shooting that piece of shit. I think what bothers me is what the Sheriff did. Suspension without pay? Sheesh."

"We're okay with money." Laura said.

"It's not about the money." I said. "Suspension without pay is a declaration of 'guilty until proved innocent'. The Captain's Union is grieving it, but... well, it doesn't matter."

"I don't think I've ever heard you sound quite this way." Laura said.

"You weren't here the night before I took Westboro on his last helicopter ride." I said. Indeed, I was feeling much worse, much lower than I'd felt on that fateful night. I felt Laura snuggle into my side and put her head on my shoulder. One person there for me when I needed it most, I thought to myself.

"So... you still happy here at the University?" I asked my wife.

"Yes, I think so." said Laura. "Despite some of the hostility, I've got a lot of support, too. And Wellman does not like Jan Camp. But I do know this: I'm ready to follow you wherever you want to go, if you want to leave here."

I nodded. "Not yet. I've still got to find a way to exonerate Peter Gordon. Maybe this suspension is a blessing in disguise. Now I can work on that unabated..."

I felt some life come back into my soul as I realized I still had purpose and a mission to fulfill. And I felt life coming back to a certain part of me.

"Let's go in and go to bed." I said. Laura did not have to be asked twice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The light of the bedside lamp bathed the room in a soft glow of warm light as I pistoned my throbbing cock in and out of Laura's sopping went cunt from the rear. My wife's shoulders were on the bed, her cheek pressed into the mattress, and her succulent ass was high in the air as I held her hips and slammed my turgid meat into her again and again with relentless power.

"Oh, yes!" Laura moaned. "Give it to me! Fuck me with that iron hard cock!" She was pushing her ass back into my groin in perfect time with each of my thrusts. I was gripping her hips, pulling her into me, and her asscheeks slammed into my groin with wet, thudding smacks of raw sexual pleasure.

"Damn, you are so fucking hot!" I grunted as we rutted lustily in marital bliss. Laura had already come hard once, and was working her way to another orgasm. I knew that her spasming, clutching cunt would drive me over the crest, and that I would soon be pumping my load into her hot, wet depths...

... and as the gray mist in my eyes cleared up, I realized that my cock was firing the last pulses of my intense climax into her. Laura's cries of pleasure seemed far away as I felt my body shiver. I was leaning over her, my chest against her curved back, my hands gripping her large, milk-filled breasts as we shivered though the last of our moment of ecstasy.

As I was catching my breath, Laura said "Darling, what is that light on the deck?" I looked over to the window. The blinds were down, but an eerie blue light could be seen between them.

"I don't know. Maybe it's the moon." I said as I eased off of my wife, my cock sliding out of her sperm-filled pussy. I got of the bed and went to the window and peeked out.

The deck was to my lower right, bathed in moonlight. At the far end, just inside the rail overlooking the cliff, I saw a tall man in a dark suit and tie standing there. His head was glowing white and totally featureless, though I could sense he was looking straight ahead at the back door. No, this can't be! I thought to myself. It's the Slender Man!

As Laura came up to the window, the apparition's head seemed to turn. A cold chill ran through me as I realized the Slender Man was looking right up at us!

"What is that?" Laura gasped. I was already in motion, grabbing my pants an my holstered gun.

"Get a leash for Bowser!" I shouted as I ran out of the bedroom and down the hall. I tore down the stairs and into the greatroom to the back door. When I opened it and looked onto the deck, it was empty. Slender Man, or whatever that had been, was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sniff, boy!" I encouraged Bowser, who had a leash attached to his collar. Molly had Buddy likewise restrained. They were both sniffing were I'd asked them to, the end of the deck where Slender Man had been standing. I had them sniff around the deck and around the side towards the driveway. But in the end, they just looked up at us as if they wanted to hear the punch line of the joke, or as if they thought we humans were a bit nuts. They might well have been right about the second part.

"If I hadn't seen Slender Many myself that time," Molly said, "I'd be wondering about you, Don."

"I saw him, too." Laura said. "And someone was here. Look what was taped to the window by the door." She handed me the piece of paper. On it was a drawing of the Slender Man in the trees, 'X's for his eyes, and the words "Don't look back, or he takes you!".

"Another of the Eight Pages." I said as we all went inside. Buddy and Bowser were released, and wasted no time in returning to their guard posts over the kids. We adults might have had a libation or two... though tthe drinks did not get the chill out of the very depths of my soul...

Part 18 - Witnesses Against The Prosecution

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, August 21st, from in front of City Hall. "Fox Two News is bringing you continuing coverage of the Police shooting of a protester on the University Campus!"

Bettina: "Police Commander Donald Troy shot and killed a protester identified as 'Davey Jones' last Friday, as Jones was throwing Molotov cocktails at the Psychology Building, where Commander Troy's wife and children were located. Commander Troy was suspended without pay by Sheriff Daniel Allgood, a move that Police Chief Sean Moynahan called 'excessively harsh'. The Police Captain's Union has grieved the Sheriff's action, saying a full suspension without pay without a Board of Inquiry ruling is 'premature' and 'unwarranted'."

More Bettina: "However, not all of the Police Force is in agreement with the Chief on Commander Troy's actions. Deputy Chief Della Harlow had this to say. Roll tape."

Tape rolled. Harlow was shown saying "Commander Troy's shooting of an unarmed, peaceful protester was nothing short of murder. While I applaud Sheriff Allgood's action, a suspension is not nearly enough; Commander Troy should be arrested."

The tape showed Bettina asking "But we have video showing the man that was shot was throwing Molotov cocktails. How is that peaceful or unarmed?"

"I don't believe the false reports that the unarmed protester was doing those things." said Harlow. "Commander Troy acted irrationally and maliciously, and his actions far exceeded any danger that he or anyone else was in."

Back to Bettina live: "The only other comment by the Town & County Police is that they are demanding an expedited Board of Inquiry. Chief Sean Moynahan warned that any attempt to delay the Board of Inquiry or drag out the proceedings will be met with legal action and possibly other action."

Bettina: "And the TCPD is not taking well to their Commander's suspension: at least 122 tickets were issued over the weekend, for everything from speeding to impaired driving to disorderly conduct and underage drinking at several Fraternity Houses. The crackdown was especially hard in the northern suburbs, the areas represented on the Town Council by Kelly Carnes."

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