tagBDSMFame and the Maiden

Fame and the Maiden


[This is a story of BDSM activity that is not intended for all tastes. Please do not read this is you are bothered by extreme activities such as humiliation, fisting, pee play, and so on.]

In this evolving age, it is becoming less and less true that there are certain commonly agreed upon ways that one does and does not act. And perhaps the last vestiges of the old propriety break down most completely in the face of celebrity, especially so-called superstars.

Our hero (?) was one of these. He was the lust object of hundreds of millions of women, probably tens of millions of men, and the object of envy of most of the rest. He knew he could have almost any woman for the asking, and when he got bored or mischievous he sometimes enjoyed exploiting this. Tonight was one such occasion.

It was a small private party on a rural estate with very rich and connected guests. Business types, powerful and respected. Not celebrities, but prominent in the local area.

He had had his staff do a little preliminary research on the prospective guests, and had a short list of women he found interesting.

It was one of those parties where everyone was dressed to the nines, dressed to impress and kill. Guests were mingling before dinner, the women trying to blind each other with their diamonds. Not a group of intimate friends, but they all knew each other as members of the upper echelon of their city. There were many snobs, some insufferable.

No-one other than the host had known he was coming. When he arrived, a little late, virtually everyone was shocked and gushing, eager to have contact or just be able to associate themselves with the great face, the great name.

He pretended to make small talk briefly with a few as he moved around the room. He knew they would have done virtually anything for him, and he derived a sadistic pleasure sometimes from demonstrating this.

He met S, and she was completely tongue tied. She was a figure of much respect in the community, considered a hot looker (if slightly heavy), as well as an accomplished businesswoman. Beautiful, independent and rich, a catch virtually unattainable for all so far.

After he asked her a couple of harmless questions, she became increasingly incoherent. She was actually having a personal conversation with this man, and she knew that millions of women would envy her; would do anything to be in her place. She couldn't imagine what she could do or say to please him, but she desperately wanted to try. The one clear thought she had was that she wanted him, and she would do anything she could to get him; or failing that, to get closer to him. Any small corner of paradise was still a part of paradise.

During their conversation she was having difficulty thinking straight. When he reached over to her while he was chatting and started to squeeze and fondle her breast she was thrilled and humiliated. Her immediate desire was to offer herself totally. If she had thought about it or cared she would have known that all the women in the room (and surprisingly many of the men!) were both shocked and deeply envious that she was being molested by him.

After this warmup he said "You seem to have very nice tits. Can I have a look at them?"

She didn't hesitate, but immediately reached into the top of her dress and pulled out both of her breasts for him to handle and squeeze. She was deeply humiliated and thrilled and she almost had an orgasm just from exposing herself to him and to everyone else at the party.

"You would do just about anything for me, wouldn't you?" he asked.

She was in shock, and on fire with lust. She desperately wanted to throw herself at him, and in truth possibly might have died for him at that moment.

"Please, what do you want, let me know, let me do it for you, let me give you."

After he continued to molest her tits for a while, continuing to chat, he looked like he suddenly had a thought.

"I know! Why don't you strip naked for me? You seem like a fairly good-looking piece of fuck meat. Show me your cunt and ass."

Her dress was off almost before he finished the question, she slid it right down along with her bra and panties. The other guests were gathered around now, intently looking and listening, and starting to subtly touch themselves as they looked at her, and at him, imagining touching her or being her; imagining being in her place and being naked for him.

He reached into her cunt in front of everyone, and talked about how she felt; how surprisingly wet she was, and how hot she seemed to be. Suddenly he appeared to have another thought.

"I need to piss. Do you know where I can find a toilet around here? Can you help me?"

"Huh?" She was already in shock, and the question seemed like emotional whiplash. "Uh, uh, um, what can I do? Uh..."

"I know. Why don't you bend over and suck the piss out of my cock? That way I won't have to leave these lovely people or your lovely self." He reached over and put his hand at the back of her head and pulled.

She was in turmoil; but at the same time she was thinking about how she was somehow entering into some kind of weird sex orgy with a god, and this was the luckiest moment of her life. She was disgusted too, but completely overwhelmed by lust and desire and awe. She was being summoned by the great face, and she had the backbone and resistance of a puppy. Her nipples were like rocks, her legs were slick with the juice running down her thighs, and her cunt and entire body were on fire.

She started to kneel, but he stopped her and said loudly "No, bend over, and leave your ass and cunt in the air. Spread your legs and ass cheeks wider to expose yourself and open yourself to everyone that might want to fuck you. Now open my pants and take my cock into your mouth so I can piss in you."

She was horrified, and humiliated, and helpless to do anything other than obey. She bent over and fumbled with his fly with badly trembling fingers, zipping him down and pulling out his cock. He was getting a sadistic charge from what she was letting him do to her and even more from what she was doing to herself.

She bent forward and took his hard cock between her lips, sealed her lips around him, and began to suck. He immediately released his piss into her. He was at least careful enough to start slow, so she would not immediately have to stop; but as soon as she started to successfully swallow he let loose full blast. She gagged badly, choked, but bravely continued to suck and swallow as much as she could, even while some splashed on her face, and spilled on the expensive carpet beneath.

When he was done, and she had licked him clean, he pulled her upright by her hair. "Is your cunt still wet?" He reached down and started to push fingers into her.

"Yes, please, fill me. Do what you want. Take me."

He chuckled, and continued to drive deeper into her. Have you ever had a fist inside your cunt? You seem tight."

"No, not yet.... But please, fill me, shove your hand into me, fill me, take me, do whatever you want with me...."

All the guests were extremely turned on by now. Some women and a few men were surreptitiously masturbating. Watching S transform herself into a blatant filthy slut before their eyes was making everyone unbelievably horny. Plans for dinner were shot ‒ this party was going to degenerate (depending on your point of view!) into a lot of fucking, and soon.

Finally he had worked his entire hand up into her cunt. He pumped it slowly, deeper and deeper. She was letting go slowly, but it was tight. At the same time she was starting to cum, and she knew it was going to be a big one.

He pushed his forearm deep up inside her and put his other hand behind her back, then lifted her bodily by her cunt, slinging her naked body over his shoulder. He straightened up with his forearm still inside her and walked over to the host to say goodbye and thank you. He turned to the rest, saying that he was taking her to keep in a cage in the barn with the other animals on his estate and they were all free to come and visit her to fuck her cunt and ass and mouth and use her any way they liked. When he got finally tired of her he would toss her naked out into the countryside, and they were free to come and get her to use her any way they liked. In the meantime he wanted to announce a little contest for the rest of the night. Whichever woman fucked the most and the best and the kinkiest here tonight would be invited to visit him and get fucked and used by him as much as he liked. The winner was to be adjudicated by the Host and however many of the men and a few women he cared to deputize as fuck judges. He then walked out of the house with S still naked and impaled and slung over his shoulder like a small pig, like the possession she had become.

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