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Familiar Stranger


It is a cool summer night. I am expecting you to come up to visit. The children are in bed, asleep. I spend some time online, got bored. I take a shower, relishing in the cool water on my skin, dreaming about you being there with me, so I can soap you up and down, all around, stroking...touching. Finishing my shower, I step out, brush out my hair and watch a movie till it gets to be Midnight. Still, you have not showed up. Feeling restless and in need of fresh air, I walk out my apartment door and out of the building.

The Moon is full and high in the night sky; the stars twinkle invitingly. I notice the street light nearby is out, but am not alarmed. This is a relatively

crime-free town. I walk out to the driveway to go around the building to my backyard, not noticing you driving up. You see me walking out back, and a wicked idea formulizes in your keen, mischievous mind.

Breathing in the cool fresh air, I am absorbed in the beauty of the night. I feel the grass under my feet, see the Moonlight spilling down on the yard around me, hear the peepers and the crickets sing..."What a night.." I sigh aloud. No one is around to see me, everyone is asleep or gone home. I decide to take off the dress I had thrown on before coming outside. My naked flesh heaves a sigh of relief at the sensation of the cool night air. My skin looks luminous in the moonbeams. Feeling at one with the night, with the trees, grass, crickets and peepers...I spin and spin...smiling to myself, not daring to cry out the joy in my heart, the love I feel for you.

* * * * *

You have followed me stealthily into the back yard, but have kept your distance, staying close to the house. You hunker down close to the grass, so I would not see your silhouette against the light color of the house. You watch me as I stroll, smiling to myself. You see me strip off my dress and smile a wicked smile---you do not seem surprised. You know my affinity for nudity and have only wondered when I would decide to take it outside. Watching me spin around and around, you know I will be totally off balance, not knowing which way is up when I stop. You have with you two silk scarves and a plan that is slowly unfolding. You slip off your shoes, so you can get to me on soundless feet. You are wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, so you would not be readily visible to me when you are close, even in the dark.

* * * * *

When I finally stop spinning, I am so dizzy that the sky is the grass and the grass is the sky. I have no idea which way I am facing, even with the moonlight shining down on me. I do not see the shadowy figure that comes toward me, not even aware of the presence, until I feel a firm hand across my mouth, and the other hand grasping my arm, pinning it behind me. My heart races, panic sets in, I try to twist and turn my head out of the hand's grip, try to cry out. I hear "Cierras la boca!" and realize this person apparently does not speak English...I struggle to free myself, but he has a tight grip on my wrist. Using the force of his hand on my mouth and the grip on my wrist, he jerks me back. I fall to the ground.

Before I can move, he is on top of me and first shoves some cloth in my mouth then grabs my arms and brings my wrists together, tying them with some kind of scarf. It feels kinda silky, slippery...I almost think I could slip out of it, but he has tied it so tight, I can't. He then looks me in the face, takes the cloth out and puts his hand over my mouth. I cannot see his face, for the hat he is wearing. The brim shades it so the moonlight does not illuminate it. I hear him speaking a phrase or two in Spanish, but not remembering too much of it, I do not know what he said. I do notice he speaks in a softer tone, like he is trying to reassure me....My heart is still racing. This man is a stranger to me! I have NO idea what he is going to do, and I am NAKED for goddess' sake! I try to buck him off with my hips, but feel like I am nailed to the ground. I try to raise my knees to hit him in the back, but cannot reach. I am literally helpless. Tears come to my eyes as fear takes a greater grip on me.

Then a strange thing happens, he caresses my cheeks gently with the fingers of his other hand, saying "shhhhhhhhhhh, esta bien...shhhhhhh"...and then...removes his hand. I take a breath to yell out and he puts a finger on my lips. He stirs his body to move it down onto my legs, and brings his head down close to my upper body. Suddenly I am aware of a tingling sensation on my breasts and realize: he is sucking my nipples! He reaches up his hands to hold down my arms, but then seems to become so engrossed in what he is doing, he lets go, and grasps a breast in both hands...I lie there, feeling very confused, apprehensive, not understanding what is happening to me. He suckles both breasts till my nipples are tender. I am growing aware of my pussy growing wet, despite myself, despite my fear, despite my helpless state. He caresses my body, relishing every curve, murmuring words in Spanish that I have not heard before. Kissing and licking, tasting the salt from the perspiration formed of my fear, smelling the musk formulated of my own lust, he makes his way down to my pussy.

He pulls out another scarf, then maneuvers himself down to my feet, holding my legs down, he ties my ankles together tightly. He removes his pants (strange he was wearing no shoes).. In order to continue what he is doing...he has to lift and sort of bend my legs (giving him access to my now wet and dripping pussy). When he puts his head down there, I try to catch it between my thighs and squeeze, but soon find a tongue deep inside me. Yet another plan of attack backfires! All I can do is lie there, although this man seems very adept at eating pussy. Despite myself, I moan for the job he is doing on me. He eats like a hungry man who cannot be satisfied with ordinary food. I feel him sucking my clit so hard, his fingers pumping into me, and grow so hot...not understanding why a total stranger would show up, bind me hand and foot, but then not hurt me. I am so turned on though, my brain is mush and I really cannot analyze too closely. I am zoned on the hot, sweet, wet part of my body, being ravaged so well and coming closer and closer to orgasm with every passing moment.

* * * * *

Your plan has hatched perfectly...it kinda came apart a bit when you saw me ready to cry and your love for me caused you to respond. Then your lust took over. Now you are soooo hot. You wanna fuck me so badly, but you do not want to give yourself away by getting your face too close to mine. You would love to kiss me, but that would blow your cover right away! What to do.....hmmmmmmm....? Then while you are nose deep in pussy, you chuckle, as inspiration hits you....

* * * * *

After a long time of bringing me to the brink, over and over again, he pulls himself from between my legs. He roughly turns me over, then digging his fingers into my hips, pulls me backwards. I think instantly of you and I say "No! por favor!" Not listening, he plunges his rock hard cock into me, knowing full well I am wet and ready. The force of his thrust shoves me forward onto my arms and I struggle onto my elbows, so I would not be breathing in the grass and dirt. He keeps thrusting hard into me....not stopping...My eyes start to tear up. I love you so much and would never dream of cheating, and now this...oh god...how will I tell you? What is worse, how could I tell you that I actually seemed to like it? My head races with thoughts, while the other end of me is soaking wet, getting fucked like crazy by a total stranger.

Suddenly, this man thrusts, one last time, really hard. He is cumming so hard he is filling me up inside. I start to feel lightheaded and suddenly a wave of intense pleasure washes over me. In a flash, I have what they call "deja vous", a sense of having been there before...I am so overwhelmed with the sensations, however that I collapse, unconscious. At some point, I feel someone trying to revive me, shaking me. I can't hear, can barely see. I feel my body being lifted and carried.

I start coming around, feeling coolness on my face, seeing bright light, then realizing I am inside my apartment. Having some vague memory, I wonder how I got there. I look around and there you are. You look a little pale, and worried. You're wearing one of your favorite black t-shirts and a pair of jeans, but you are also wearing a hat. Your feet are also bare. Even in my fog, I am spotting some interesting coincidences. I smile at you and then say, "You son of a bitch!" You put on your innocent look "What?"

Recovering myself even more, I walk over to you, slap you....then give you a deep passionate kiss.

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