tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFamiliarity Breeds Interest Ch. 02

Familiarity Breeds Interest Ch. 02


Anne Marie, Becky and I were excited to go to Rita's birthday part. The girls kept teasing me about Anne Marie exposing me to Linda earlier. Becky asks if I will be embarrassed to be around her tonight. I said I could handle it. None of us mentioned the blow job Becky gave me in front of Anne Marie, but I also didn't pick any awkward vibes and so I was not going to bring up the subject. And, for the record, it was one of the best blow jobs I have ever received, either before or since.

We go downstairs to the party around 10 and things are already hopping. There are about 20 people there, mostly friends of Rita and Linda, with a few more girls than guys in the mix. Linda's teacher buddies are there and Rita has about a dozen of her college pals.

Our landlady, Kathy, who lives on the first floor, is also at the party. She is a VP at one of the big banks in Boston and bought the house about two years ago. She is in her early 30s and quite attractive. Usually we see her going out with dark business suits, but tonight she wears a jeans skirt, white silk camisole with a blue oxford cloth shirt over it and loosely tied in front. Her blond hair is free from its usual bun and hangs low on her shoulders. She still wears her glasses, but her blue eyes are clearly visible. It is obvious that she has no bra under the cami, and her breasts move seductively under the silky garment. She is about 5'7 and trim and fit.

Rita starts right in on me, telling me how unfair it was. Kathy asked what was unfair, and Rita just shrugged and says, "I'll tell you later, maybe."

Some of the girls there seem to be giving me a look, and I don't know if Rita or Linda has told them about this afternoon. I think that since Linda's friends are also Catholic school teachers, she probably didn't share. Linda's friends are another story. They are young and sexy college kids.

About three beers into the party, I'm talking with Rita and Anne Marie, and say I have to pee. Rita says, "Great, me, too, let's go.

I reply, "What do you mean, 'Let's'".

I look at Anne Marie who nods encouragingly. Rita smiles and pulls me by the hand toward the bathroom. We have to wait until it's free. Rita just holds my hand and giggles.

When the door opens she pushes me in and locks it behind her. "Owen, fair is fair and Linda got a treat I didn't. Since it's my birthday, I want to enjoy the same view she had."

I tell her I am worried what Anne Marie might say, and Rita says she's already talked to her and Anne Marie said if she got a chance to take it.

I protest that Linda walked in on me while I was naked, and that I didn't strip for her. I also say I really had to pee. Rita is a little buzzed and just mumbles "minor details." She also points out that last semester her co-op program for phys-ed and sports medicine had her working in the Patriots training room.

"Believe me, I've seen more guys peeing in the last year than I can count."

I figure what the hell and unzip and start to reach for my dick. I hesitate and say maybe this is not a good idea.

"Come on," she insists. "It's my birthday. Fulfill my fantasy about the hunk living upstairs."


"Whatever," she says, "I want to see what Linda saw."

So, I pull out my dick.

She makes me turn all the way around to face her, and then rubs her hand over my ass and confirms its tightness.

"Can you take down your pants?" she asks.

I stare at her.

"I really want to see your ass," she explains. She sits on the small hamper and drums her fingers on the sink.

I can tell she is more than a little tipsy and tell her so.

"So, it's my birthday. Let me enjoy it."

I undo my jeans and slip them and my boxers to my ankles. Rita continues to examine my crotch.

"Thank God, you're just uncircumcised," she says.

"What do you mean?"

Rita laughs and says that Linda told her I had something wrong with my penis. It was deformed.

Still laughing, Rita explains that Linda really had only seen two guys naked. One was her boyfriend in college, who was her one and only lover. The other was his roommate who liked to sleep nude and walk around in front of her letting it all hang out. She said both of them had "normal" penises.

Although, I was standing there with my pants on the floor, we are carrying on a conversation as if nothing was different from any other chat.

We both get a chuckle out of Linda's naiveté. I then say I still have to pee bad. Rita points to the john and I go over, lift the seat and let it rip. I am just mid-stream when there's a knock on the door.

Rita calls out to ask who's there.

"It's Kathy, are you going to be long?"

"Nope." Rita jumps up and runs to the door. I panic. Here I am peeing and Rita is about to let our landlady in the room. I hiss to Rita to not open the door, but she ignores me and unlocks and opens the door and pulls Kathy in, and slams it shut again.

I finished and am giving it a shake, about to pull my pants up as fast as I can.

"Hey, I could wait..." Kathy begins. Then she sees me bent over yanking up my jeans and boxers, giving her a full moon.

Kathy lets out a little yell. "Holy Shit! I didn't mean to interrupt."

I only imagine what Kathy thinks is going on.

Rita assures her she didn't disturb anything and quickly explains what went on in the afternoon, and how she is satisfying herself. She also points out that she was checking for deformities.

I begin to apologize to Kathy, but she cuts me off. "Hey, it's cool. Besides this is my sexual highlight of the year."

Rita pulls me aside so I am standing next to Kathy and she drops her pants and sits on the toilet to pee. Kathy must be thinking she has a bunch of crazies in her building, but Rita is totally blasé about it.

She also relays what Linda had told her about my CFNM waitering and says the house ought to have a party with me as the waiter. Kathy readily agrees.

Rita wipes and stands up to pull up her panties and jeans. I catch a quick glimpse of her brown and closely trimmed pubes and can detect the delicate slit. I harden in my own jeans.

Rita and I leave Kathy to tend to her business in private. In the hallway, Rita locks her arms around my neck, kisses me and says that she can't wait for her real birthday party dinner. Her hand slips onto my crotch through my jeans and gives me a good squeeze, whispering she loves the feel of it so hard. She smiles and rubs it for a few moments.

"God, you are a hunk, Owen." She kisses me again and pulls me tight against her. I ease off and say she should go get a drink, while I calm down. She lets her hand trace my erection through my jeans and then saunters back into the dining room.

I turn to see Kathy standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She has seen the interaction between Rita and me and is looking at the outline of my excited state.

"Some kids have all the fun," she says and passes by me, pausing to give me a kiss on the cheek. She smells terrific.

Later that night, Anne Marie, Becky and I are again naked in our bed, sharing stories about the party. I tell them the whole truth about the bathroom incident. Becky asks if Anne Marie is angry.

Anne Marie sips some wine and thinks for a while. "No, I don't think so. I know Owen is an exhibitionist. He likes to be looked at; it turns him on. I also know he cares for me and, I think, is faithful to me." I nod.

"I'm more of a voyeur," she continues, "but I also like exhibitionism. I remember nude modeling myself in college, and how turned on I would get. So, I can understand Owen, and I can also find some sexual gratification in watching other women admire his nakedness.

"Owen is a good storyteller, and I get excited listening to his experience in the bathroom. Kathy is gorgeous and always looks so professional. Thinking about her seeing my boyfriend nearly naked is very exciting. Very exciting. And, Rita is so cute and innocent looking. You would never think she would act that way, but there she was inspecting his penis and groping him for good measure.

"Yes, I find that exciting. I am thinking about Kathy watching them, and then seeing how excited Owen was. I would have loved to have seen that, maybe through a secret mirror or something—totally voyeuristic."

Anne Marie finishes her wine and gets up to get another bottle. As she is walking out, I speak to Becky, but loud enough for Anne Marie to hear.

"I am more exhibitionist than voyeur, but I love watching Anne Marie walk around naked. I love how her boobs bounce, I love the way the light catches her bush and makes all sorts of fascinating colors, and I adore her ass as it sways back and forth."

Anne Marie returns with a new bottle and a big smile; she obviously loved my comments. Becky asks if I would want Anne Marie to be naked in front of other men.

I think about that for a while and finally say, "If it made her feel good sexually, I wouldn't mind. But, I would not be turned on by it. I was turned on, and am turned on, by having you and her naked together. Or, imaging her naked along with say Rita, Linda and Kathy—all of whom would also have to be naked."

Anne Marie laughs and says, "Typical male fantasy—multiple girls."

I say "I don't fantasize about Anne Marie having sex with another woman, although I wouldn't object if that's what she wanted."

I do not disclose to Becky that I know that Anne Marie has experienced sex with women. We had never done a three-way with another woman.

Continuing on, I say, "I just imagine her and other women I know, not strangers, being naked together. You know, like in a locker room, a changing room, getting ready for a party, when all the girls are swapping clothes. Those are the typical male fantasies I like."

Becky says "obviously." We all look down at my erection pointing to the ceiling.

Becky then brings up the subject that is on the back of all of our minds since this morning.

"Guys, did we fuck up today? I love you both so much, I'm worried we crossed a line we can't uncross."

Anne Marie asks if she wished she never gave me a blow job. Becky pauses a long time and we can tell she is weighing her response.

Anne Marie encourages her to tell the truth.

Becky looks at her. "No, I loved it."

Anne Marie smiles, "Good. If you said anything different, I would call you a liar."

She then turns to me. "Did you like it? Or, do you wish it never happened?"

I too am trying to gauge how thin the ice is. I began, "Anne Marie, you are the sexiest woman I know and you are a fantastic lover. And..."

"Cut the bullshit, Owen. Did you like the blow job from Becky or not? And, do you now wish it never happened?"

I return her gaze. "It was an un-fucking-believable blow job. I do not wish it never happened. I only worry it might harm our relationship."

Anne Marie takes all that in. "That's what I figured."

"OK, here's my thought. I am not sure why I encouraged it. Well, that's not true. I loved the voyeurism of watching. I also think Becky is sexy and watching her give you a blow job added to the sensuality of the event. I loved the way her breasts swayed as she bent over you. I was fascinated by the sight of her sex between her spread legs. Right, you two are wondering if I want to jump Becky's bones. Well, not to tell too many tales out of school, but I do find Becky attractive. I got a thrill seeing her naked and even more of a thrill seeing her naked and doing oral on you.

"And, Becky don't hate me for this, but that first time when we stripped you while you were painting, and made you be our naked waiter. Well, watching you walk around with an erection was a turn on for both of us. So, while you were busy elsewhere, Becky and I..."

Becky blushes and the crimson runs from her face down on to her milky white breasts. "God, Anne Marie, you're not going to tell him, are you?"

Anne Marie nods and continues. "Well, we each got off. By that I mean we each masturbated while cuddled under the blanket on the couch. I did myself, and Becky did herself. We were leaning against each other, and we had our hands down our pants. It was sexy beyond belief."

We let her comments hang in the air and silently sip more wine. All this talk does nothing to relieve my erection.

"So," Anne Marie picks up, "the question is what happens next. This morning I touched you, Becky, and enjoyed the feeling of your beautiful breasts and the softness of the patch between your legs."

As she speaks, Anne Marie traces Becky's breasts with one hand and plays with her nipples.

"Does this offend you?" she asks.

Becky has closed her eyes. She opens them and looks at Anne Marie.

"God, no, it feels so good."

Anne Marie bends down and kisses her softly on the lips.

"Ok, I propose a couple rules or, at least guidelines."

"First, Owen is my boyfriend. Becky if you want a boyfriend, get your own. Second, we may have group sex again if all of us are comfortable with that. Third, you two do not need my permission to be naked around each other, flirt, play a modified game of grab ass, or grab dick or tits, or whatever. But, you do not have my permission to trade oral sex without me knowing. I do not have to be there, but I do not want to be played a fool."

Anne Marie pauses and takes a long drink of her wine.

"Fourth, I am still thinking about if we should share fucking. Now, this all presumes that Becky is interested and willing. But, I know she likes you, thinks you're cute and, in all honesty, probably has a crush on you.

"Finally, will we ever do a real three-way? Time will tell, boys and girls, time will tell."

We refill our wine glasses and let silence surround us for a while. Anne Marie strokes my cock to keep me hard.

"By the way Becky if you want to get head I highly recommend Owen's talents, and that's within the guidelines. But, for now, no fucking. Becky, you may find that too frustrating, and I will understand if you do not want to continue to play by these rules. But, if you can handle it, I think we can have a lot of fun."

Again, silence. We all avoid looking at each other.

Finally, Becky speaks up. "I think I can handle all that. I don't have a boyfriend right now and have been seriously deprived in the orgasm receiving and giving areas. A vibrator can only do so much. So, I'm game. Especially, if I get to suck that beautiful cock again."

She smiles and bends over and takes me full in her mouth.

Anne Marie laughs and I groan, and we reach an accord.

Anne Marie then adds one more component of the deal.

"Becky, one last thing. I watched you give a world class blow job to Owen. Now, I want you to watch as I fuck his brains out. Think of it as an experiment to see if you are more voyeur or exhibitionist."

With that, Anne Marie kisses Becky. They hug each other, with their breasts pushing against each other. I watch as tongues slide back and forth. Anne Marie bends and takes Becky's left nipple in her lips, sucking the already excited bud. After treating the right nipple in the same way, Anne Marie kisses Becky deeply.

She then climbs on top of me, lowering her incredibly, tight, hot and wet sex on my dick and proceeds to fuck my brains out.

After that weekend, Becky starts staying over fairly regularly on Saturday nights. We would do errands, and have fun during the day, cook a great meal in the evening, then sleep either all three of us together, or just me and Anne Marie.

If Anne Marie is really horny, she asks Becky to join us in bed in the morning. Becky gets the hint and takes the guest room. Anne Marie screws me with great abandon. In the morning, Becky joins us for a long snuggle. I eventually get up and make breakfast. The girls hold each other and sleep while I work.

One morning, Becky joins us and we are soon all back to sleep. Later, Anne Marie says she feels like lox and bagels and gets up and dresses to head out to the market. Becky and I are spooning, my soft dick nestled into her warm ass. Becky reaches behind and takes my penis and rubs until I am hard. She lifts one leg and positions my erection between her thighs, with my head pushing against her lips. With a backward thrust from her, I quickly find myself rubbing hard against her sex.

We had never done this before, and although I want to consider all the ramifications, I also want to be inside her. I push my erection against her moist lips and slip a finger inside. Becky moans and we begin slow movements back and forth.

I know if I do not stop now, I cannot stop. I pull back and roll over. "We can't," is all I can manage. Becky nestles into the crook of my arm and murmurs her agreement, although she voices the desire we both have to fully explore each other.

I hear the back door open and Anne Marie calls out.

"Hey, Anne Marie," Becky yells. "Can I give Owen a good suck?"

"No, prob," shouts Anne Marie.

Becky bends over and takes me in her mouth.

She then jumps out of bed and runs to the kitchen. She returns in a flash with a mischievous grin. She informs me that Anne Marie is just fine with her giving me full morning head. She does and then we move out for breakfast.

It is early spring, and the rain keeps us indoors for the day. I light a fire and we camp out in the living room, tearing through the Sunday Globe and Sunday Times, scrounging for all sorts of snack food and dozing off. Around 4, as dusk was approaching, Anne Marie appears in our midst with her baggie and rolling papers. Soon we are sharing a quality joint and mellowing on the couch with a light blanket covering us. I am in the middle.

Anne Marie asks if I enjoyed the blow job this morning. I sigh and say definitely. She smile and says I don't have to make it sound that good. She then laughs and I know she is kidding.

She then asks if I have gone down on Becky. I tell her no. She asks me why not.

Sometimes Anne Marie can be intimidating and I wonder what really is on her mind. I tell her I don't really know how to bring it up.

"You think I would be jealous or angry?"

"Well, I thought you might be. I thought if I brought it up, you would think I wanted to do it."

"Well, don't you?"

After a pause and a long toke, I say "yes."

"Becky, do you want Owen to go down on you?"

Becky says this is the "weirdest fucking conversation" she's ever had.

"Stop evading the question. Do you want Owen, my boyfriend, to perform oral sex on you or not?"

"Well, if he weren't your boyfriend—then yes, definitely."

Anne Marie takes the joint from Becky and takes a deep hit, holding the smoke in for an eternity.

"So, because he is my boyfriend, you don't have the desire. Or, you have the desire, but hesitate because he is my boyfriend?"

Becky giggles from tension and the effects of the primo grade dope. "The latter, definitely the latter."

Anne Marie pulls me to her and kisses me hard on the lips. She explores my mouth with her tongue and kisses me all over my face. Returning to my lips, she softens her mouth and kisses me soulfully.

Looking me in the eyes, she smiles and says in her softest voice, "Please go down on Becky. Do it now and do it here. I want to watch."

Anne Marie stands and pulls me up. Facing me toward Becky, who remains seated on the couch, she undresses me. Dropping to her knees, she puts me in her mouth and quickly brings me to a full erection. She then turns, still on her knees and starts to unbutton Becky's shirt. Pulling it off her, she then lifts the cotton cami, exposing Becky's small breasts with the visibly aroused nipples. Anne Marie licks each one, then takes each breast in her mouth and suckles the tiny mounds.

Becky's head is now back, her eyes closed and her mouth slack.

Anne Marie then loosens the strings on Becky's sweatpants. Becky raises her hips and Anne Marie slips them and Becky's bikinis off. She kisses Becky's stomach, her navel, and finally rests her head in her friend's crotch. By the movement of Anne Marie's head and the reaction from Becky, I know her tongue is in action. Anne Marie then breaks off and reaches back for me. Pulling me down, she positions me between Becky's spread legs.

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