tagIncest/TabooFamilies Ch. 02

Families Ch. 02


After such a perfect introduction I was keen to get more of my big brother. Our parents were around every day for weeks. I was going crazy not getting to have Johns cock in me. I thought about it at school, at work and even at cheerleading practice. Not being able to have it was getting to me so bad I got caught thinking about that one day in class. I had my hand up my skirt, gently touching myself when I realized the teacher was talking to me.

"Kelly, would you care to answer the question?"

"Sorry, Mr Barns. I was thinking about the test next week. Could you repeat the question please?"

"No, see me after class."

I was a little worried as I stayed behind as the other students left. I hoped he hadn't caught me having a sly wank in class. Part of me hoped he had though. Mr Barns was an okay looking guy. I was so horny these days I was willing to do anything.

"Now Kelly. I noticed you have not been with us lately. Would you care to explain."

"Sorry Sir, there is something at home that I..."

"Nonsense. I saw you playing with yourself in my class today. If you are going to think about boys then what can I teach you?"

Oh God, I blushed and looked down at the floor. When I looked back up I saw that Mr Barns had an obvious erection in his pants, I decided to play on it.

"You see Sir. I have this thing for older men, and in your class I just drift off..." I left the sentence hang there. Seeing what he would do.

"Well I should report you for lewd behavior. I am confident we can come to some agreement though." With that he took step closer to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He slowly slid it down until he was cupping left breast.

"Yes, Sir. I am sure we can." I said as I looked up in to his eyes and slowly undid the zip on his jeans. As his cock sprang out I set about it with my mouth. It was smaller than Johns but it still tasted good. As I sucked his prick he played with my tits, pulling my top up to expose my black bra. He was good, and his fingers were getting me even more turned-on.

Just as I was getting into it, I felt him stiffen and I got ready to swallow his creamy load. I wasn't disappointed, he shot a hot stream of cum right in to my mouth. I took the whole thing and swallowed every drop.

"Ah. Good girl. I like a girl that doesn't waist anything. I am sure we can come to some arraignment to keep your grades up."

"I would like that, Sir." I said in my little girl voice. I pulled my top down and left for home. While it was good to get some cock again, I still had an empty feeling in my pussy. It needed to be filled, and soon. Sucking Mr Barns' cock just got me hornier than ever. I decided that I must have John tonight, no matter what.

I made an excuse about having homework and went up to my room after dinner that night. I had a good long shower and even managed to cum by using the shower head in a way it was not designed for. Wanking was good, and at least I had an orgasm, but having 10 inches of cock inside me was the only thing I was interested in.

Back in my room I finished my book report and wrote in my diary. It had gotten a lot more interesting in the last few weeks. I had written about John, but also about all the sick fantasies I was having about him, and dad, and even mom. I figured I would show it to him one day, just to get him going.

I began to get ready for tonight. I pulled on my tiniest pair of panties. They were so small I could only just fit in them. The thong ran up my ass, and it was so tight you could see the out line of my pussy lips through the lacy crotch. I put on my new teddy, so small and shear that you could see right through the white gauze. I put on bright red lipstick and tied my hair in pig tails. The look was that of the sluttiest little girl in school. John would love it.

As I was getting dressed I lost track of time, until I heard moms voice from their bedroom. I snuck along the corridor until I was in the spare room next to theirs. They had always had a corner of the house almost to them selves. I could hear what was going on quite clearly. Mom and dad had always had really passionate sex, hence the distance between them and us up stairs. Ever since Sofia had left for collage two years ago I had been sneaking in to this room to play with my self while they fucked. Sofia was our older sister. She was the brains of the family. It was not that she wasn't pretty, she was just more interested in books. She was a little heavy and not very fit. That was until her last summer at home. She had begun working with dad on the boat. Being out side working all day gave her a good tan, and she got a little toned. She still had a little puppy fat, but that just made her curvy. If she dressed up she could be a knock-out, but she still dressed in baggy jeans and jumpers.

I could tell mom was really getting a good seeing to by dad, she has a really filthy mouth, my mother. She looks so innocent too, I'll bet it really gets dad going.

"Oh, Peter yes. Treat me like the whore I am. Please."

"Shut up bitch. Just roll over, you are going to do what I want."

I heard the wet slapping of my dad slamming his meat in to my mom. The thought of those two luscious people fucking got me wetter then I had been in a long time. I knew from experience that they would be at it for ages, dad had some stamina on him.

I walked down the hall and quietly opened Johns door. He was in front of his computer. As I got closer I could see he was looking a slutty cheerleaders site, and he had his cock in his hand. He hadn't heard me, but he smiled when he saw my reflection in the screen. Turning to face me his jaw dropped.

"Sorry, lover. If I had known I would have put on the skirt and top again."

"You look good enough to eat. But we can't with mom and dad in."

"Oh, don't worry. They are doing the same thing we will be doing soon. Trust me they will be at it for ages."

"How do you know?"

"I have been listening to them fuck for a few years. The old man really gives it to her. She loves it, especially up the ass." With that I leaned forward and wrapped my hands around his cock, and kissed him on the mouth.

"My God. I have been all over school, but I had the perfect slut in the next room all this time. You know getting the whole of my cock up your hot cunt was some achievement. You should be proud. The only guy I know with a bigger one is dad."

"Really, "I said as I continued to rub his cock, "How do you know?"

"Well, we do get changed at the same time on the boat you know. It's hard not to notice a huge cock, even when you aren't looking."

As he talked about dads huge dick, I slowly slid my lips over the head of his. Looking up in to his eyes with my pig tails and innocent eyes sent him over the edge and he blow a massive load of spunk in to my mouth. I gagged a little but took the whole lot with out swallowing or losing a drop. I sat up and showed him the creamy prize I held in my mouth. I swirled it around and around in my mouth, until I let it drip out of my mouth and down the front of my baby-doll nighty.

"Oh look. Now I am all wet. I'll have to take these things off. Care to help, stud?"

John stood up and slowly began to massage the damp material on to my tits and stomach. As he did he kissed me deeply, tasting his own cum on my lips. As he pulled back I slipped the see-through shift over my head. I was so wet that my panties were clinging to my pussy as he knelt in front of me and began to gently kiss my lips. The feel of him was so good I had a mini orgasm there and then. I out my hands on his shoulders for support as he slowly lapped his tongue along my cunt through the lace of my pants.

"Oh look. Now these are all wet. You had better get out of them too." I took two steps back, turned around and very slowly bent at the waist as I slid my underwear down my legs. I turned back and flicked them at him were he was on the floor. Taking hold of them he wrapped them around his cock and began pumping it back to its impressive size.

When it was back to its former glory he stood up and threw me face first on his bed. He slid a pillow under my hips and spread my legs with his powerful hands. I rammed my ass high in the air and awaited his assault on my back door. He surprised me by slowly began to ease his perfect cock in to my pussy.

I had been surfing a lot of porn sites recently and I got the impression that all guys loved doing girls up the ass. Most of the girls on the sites seemed to love it too. I was willing to try anything, but the feeling him sliding into my twat was so good I just enjoyed what he was giving me.

It soon became apparent why he liked it doggy style. As I pushed back on to his rock hard dick He was going even deeper than he had the other night. The deep penetration was so good I began groaning in to his pillows.

"Tell me if it hurts baby. I don't want to hurt you."

"Shut up and keep it coming, big boy." I managed to say between breaths. I guess a guy with such a big cock finds it hard to find girls how can take the whole thing. It turns out I have an almost bottomless cunt, another gift from my mom.

Finally I felt his balls tickle my clit. He held himself there for a while and we both savored the feeling. Me, of being full of his cock again, and him of finally being balls deep in his sister again. Slowly he began to work his hips back and forth, long strokes that left only the enormous head of his cock in me, to being fully inside my pussy again.

"Oh God. John, put your finger up my ass again, please. I need to feel that." Using my cum as lube he began to use his ring finger to open my tight hole. When he got one finger in I went nuts. I buried my head in the pillows and screamed his name. Slowly he slid two fingers in, and then a third.

"I am going to get you ready for when I take your anal virginity, baby. I really want your ass as well. Do you want that?"

"Yes, I am a nasty slut and I'll give you want you want." With that he slowly replaced his fingers with a tiny dildo. As he turned it on the vibrations in my ass and the feel of that huge thing in my cunt sent me over the edge again. I was bucking about under him when he began to unload his cock in to my cunt. Spurt after spurt of boiling cum went even deeper in to my pussy than it had before. He grunted and rammed himself deeper in to me, slamming his balls against my clit and slit, soaking him in my juice.

He collapsed on top of me and slowly got his breath back. His cock was still hard and his weight forced the vibrator deeper in my ass. I was still cumming a thick white cream as he lay on top of me. The sensations just would not stop. My pussy went in to spasms that helped to keep his cock hard.

"Do you think you can go again stud? Or don't you have the stamina of your old man?" I panted.

With out taking his cock out of my pussy he rolled over on to his back. I was straddling him with my back to him. As I slowly began to bounce up and down on his cock he reached around and began playing with my tits with one hand and my clit with the other.

"If you have a bigger dildo, stud. Now would be a good time to use it in my ass." With that he slowly draw the still vibrating plastic cock from my ass and began reached under the bed for a bigger one. At 5 inches it was nothing compared to his massive meat but I was hungry for it. I turned my head to watch him cover it in a clear gel.

"What's that?"

"Its called Astraglide. It'll help it fit up your ass." He pushed me forward and began to smear it all over my ass, he even took advantage of its open state to squeeze a load of it up my hole. It was cool and felt soothing after the previous assault. That is until he began to slid the new dildo up inside me. God it felt so good, I slowed down my grinding on his cock and just enjoyed the sensation of having my butt stretched open wide. I began to moan and slid up and down his pole even faster. Finally I felt his hand at the end of the plastic cock and he flicked it on. As he did I went completely nuts. I began to scream like never before. It's a good thing mom is so vocal that their room is so far away from ours. It felt like the whole street could hear. As I slowly came down from my amazing orgasm I could see John had an even bigger dildo ready on the bed.

"Yes, open me up with that one. Fuck my ass with that cock, please." John got the new cock slippery with lube and slowly eased the 5 inches out. Feeling the length slide out of my pussy was so good, but it left me with an empty feeling. As my ass was gaping open John began forcing the vibrator in to me ass. Being stretched open even wider I began to feel the start of yet another orgasm in my stomach.

"Yer, you like that, don't you, slut? Beg for it."

"Yes, please. John, please force my tiny ass open with that dildo. Make me ready for your dick. Fuck your sister in her tight ass, please." As I pleaded with him he rammed the whole thing deep into my body, and switched it to high straight away. Once again the vibration in my ass set of Johns own orgasm. His spunk flooded my already overloaded womb. There was not as much of it this time, but it still felt like bucket loads. Somehow I managed to keep it all inside my pussy. I bent back over and enjoyed my own orgasm. As I felt John's cock begin to soften I looked at him over my shoulder.

"You know what I want. Can you reach my panties baby?"

"Just about. There you go." In one swift motion I got of his cock and in to my underwear without spilling a drop of his precious seed.

"Thanks, stud. I'll take this back to my room and enjoy it later." I pulled my nighty back on and walked, somewhat painfully, back to my room to eat his cum from my soaked panties.

In Peter's office he was busy watching his PC.

"God, I knew that installing these cameras in the kid's rooms was a good idea." He thought to himself. Watching his twin children rut like wild animals had gotten Peter rock hard. He walked in to the room he sheared with his wife.

"Come here baby. You now what I want."

"Yes. Get your pants off baby."

As Leanna sucked Peter to another mind-blowing climax, Kelly was in her room eating two loads of hot cum out of her panties, unaware that her dad was thinking of her doing it, and getting off on it.

To be continued...

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