We had shared the house since our mother died over six months ago but the tension was mounting, my sisters swanned around wearing very little. Like today. My sisters would be described as both beautiful and voluptuous. They are twins nearly six-foot tall all tits and curves in the right places, I over six foot and 240 pounds of muscle. I came home from work the place was a mess, that was how the row started.

I picked her up and slammed her hard against the door knocking the wind from her. She might have been my sister, but she always had to push it. If it wasn't for my promise to mom, I would have kicked her out.

As her head rolled on her shoulders, she came back round. She had that self-satisfied grin on her face. Still holding her off the ground I slammed her down on the kitchen table, knocking the wind from her again. Her twin Susan stared at me impassively as if nothing was wrong. This made me madder, I looked at Sue she was grinning again, I roared in anger, that was it time to stamp my power on them both.

I grabbed Sue's flimsy T-shirt and ripped it in half, her tits spilling out, then getting hold of her panties I rip one side of them exposing her pussy. Susan looked on with an expectant gaze and ran her tongue along her lips. I drove my finger deep into Sue's pussy she was wet and her body rippled as I slipped it in and out at a furious pace. My cock was hard as I did this and from the sound of her moans, looking at Susan she was tracing a finger lazily over her panties enticing a shiver and moan to escape from her.

I opened my pants and withdrew my cock and rubbed it along Sue's pussy before plunging it up to the hilt, the feeling was amazing. As I slid my cock in and out Susan started to kiss her sister before sliding along her body to tease her clit and my cock as it flashed in and out of Sue's pussy. Sue was moaning and crying out "yes, yes ,yes". As she came I pulled out and gave my cock to Susan to suck letting her taste Sue's slick juices. I stripped off my clothes as I walked behind Susan leaving them to 69 each other. Moving Sue's head out of the way I slid my rampant cock into Susan's waiting pussy. She felt just as good and just as wet, I proceeded to fuck her as she kept her tongue buried deep inside Sue. Susan wasn't finished she ran her tongue over my balls and even drew one at a time into her mouth. We kept this going as Susan came and I neared my point of no return. I was fucking Sue faster and faster, almost cumming, feeling her shake between us as we all fucked each other. As I was ready to cum I pulled my cock out and fed it to Sue as I came, I shot cum between them before I got it into her mouth, she drained every drop and sucked me dry until my wilted cock left her mouth with a wet plop.

That was how it all started, we get along better now maybe because we all share a bed and fuck hard every night.

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