tagIncest/TabooFamily Affair Cuckold

Family Affair Cuckold


Sequel to "Comic Con Cuckold" and "Marriage Counseling Cuckold."

Jenny is modeled after actress Katy Mixon from "Eastbound & Down."

Haylie is modeled after actress Laura Haddock from "Da Vinci's Demons."

Sharona is modeled after actress Leah Remini from "King of Queens."

Teresa is modeled after reality star JWoww from "The Jersey Shore."


Jenny Blethyn has been boned by her marriage counselor, Dr. Timothy Boothe, several times now. She considers the cuckolding of her husband, Benjamin, as beneficial to their relationship because he is aroused by her infidelity, even if it took him some time to come to that realization.

She is also a cosplayer. That is why Benjamin's 21 year old nephew, David, has asked her to model costumes for a digital comic book he is developing. They don't see much of David because Benjamin has a strained relationship with his alcoholic older brother, Barry.

David dropped by their house on a Friday evening, after his last class of the day. He carried a backpack and a shopping bag. He shook hands with his Uncle Benjamin, but he and his Aunt Jenny embraced with a hug. He seemed to enjoy the aroma of her perfume. Or maybe he just liked having her breasts pressed up against his torso?

"Oh my, look how you've grown," she cooed

"Yeah, I guess I've matured a bit," he said modestly.

David was dressed casually. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

"I'll say..." Jenny admired her muscular nephew from head to toe.

"I try to stay fit," he bragged." Hitting the gym. Lifting weights."

Jenny felt his bicep. "It shows."

Benjamin wanted to change the subject. "So, tell us about your comic book."

David removes a sketch pad from his backpack. "Arachno-Man." He displayed sketches of a character in a brown costume with black trim. "I know it sounds like a Spider-Man knockoff, but really, they're totally different characters."

"But, who's your leading lady?" Jenny asked.

"Lady Kira," he explained while flipping the page. "A voodoo priestess." This character wore a leopard print bikini and a matching skirt. And that was basically all sans gold jewelry, dark makeup, and an exotic flower in her hair.

"Wow... super sexy," Jenny flattered. "I'm excited about this."

"Yeah, me too..." David handed his Aunt Jenny the shopping bag.

"You wait here while your model prepares." Jenny winked and took the shopping bag with her to the bedroom. Benjamin smiled awkwardly at his nephew, then he followed Jenny.

Benjamin sat on the bed and watched as Jenny changed. She put the leopard print bikini on first. The bottom half was a thong. She applied the dark makeup in her vanity mirror while her husband leered at her ass. Next, the skirt went on over the thong. Lastly, the costume jewelry and the flower in her hair. "Lady Kira" wore nothing on her feet.

Jenny kissed her husband on the lips before exiting the bedroom. Benjamin raced into the bathroom and jerked off to the image of his wife's hot ass in a thong. He washed up, then checked on them in the living room. Jenny posed as only a cosplayer knows how. David snapped pics with a digital camera.

"I'll scan these onto my laptop," David explained in case they were not tech savvy.

Jenny knew how to flaunt her body, giving both Benjamin and David erections. The photoshoot lasted a half hour. David took over a hundred pics of her. He always harbored a crush on his aunt, so this was a surreal experience. When it was over, Jenny removed the jewelry and the flower from her hair.

"Get everything you need?" she asked.

"Absolutely," David said assuredly. "You must be a star at Comic Con."

Jenny smiled at Benjamin, remembering her weekend with Alexander Edgerton.

Then, David seemed to be favoring his shoulder. Jenny appeared concerned.

"What's the matter, sweetie?"'

"Oh, I think I tweaked a muscle the last time I worked out."

"Aww... Poor baby." She lead him into the kitchen. "I'll make you feel better..."

She sat him down and the kitchen table and began massaging his shoulders.

"How does that feel, sweetie? Better?"

"Ohh...yeah...it feels great," he groaned.



Her hands went lower as she kneaded his back, tickling him with her fingernails.

"It'll be easier if you take your shirt off, sweetie..."

She had him raise his arms and she slipped his t-shirt off. The massage resumed.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Umm... Nothing serious."

"Such a shame," she whispered in his ear. "You're so handsome..."

"Aunt Jenny...this feels so good... " He closed his eyes and was on cloud nine.

"Good... Your Aunt Jenny wants to take care of you..."

David's erection was now throbbing. "Yeah?"

Jenny kissed David's neck. Benjamin took that as his cue to retreat to the bedroom.

Sure, David had a crush on his aunt, but he was just not mentally prepared for this.

"Umm... Maybe I should go..." He stood up, but before he turned around, she removed her bikini top, exposing her big bouncy tits. His jaw dropped. "Ohh...Aunt Jenny...I... " Within seconds, they embraced with an intense, tongues wrestling kiss.

She then feed her nephew her tits to suck on.

"Mmm... That's nice, sweetie... Show your Aunt Jenny how much you love her..."

She bit his shoulder as he kissed her neck. A trick she learned from Dr. Boothe.

"Aunt Jenny...you're so beautiful..." David moaned. "My dick is aching for you..."

She removed her skirt and he pawed her ass. A thong was all she had on.

"David, have you ever touched yourself while thinking about me?"

"Yes." David went back to sucking on her tits.

As they made out, they moved into the living room. David caressed her slit through the thong. Jenny had him by the wrist, guiding him, teaching him. He also cupped her breasts, then she slipped her thong off. That's why they went into the living room, so they could do it on the soft carpet and not the hard kitchen tiles.

She got down on all fours, offering her hot and sopping pussy to him from behind. He hurried, almost comically, to get his pants and boxer shorts off. His erect member was thick and over seven inches in length. He got down on one knee and penetrated her gingerly. She was his aunt, so he wanted to be gently.

"Ohh...my...gawd...David...you're such a big boy..."

Her tits smacked together as he thrust into her. She reached back and ran her fingers through his hair, then she squeezed her tits, tweaking her nipples. She was ecstatic, having someone inside her whom she cared for so deeply. She was close to an orgasm. She clawed at the carpet, buckled, and her tits rubbed against the carpet as she came.

"Mmm... Sweetie, you're such a wonderful lover..." she praised.

Benjamin was listening from the bedroom.

David was soon on his back with Jenny on top of him, bucking her hips.

"Ohh...Aunt Jenny...I'm close...but what if you get pregnant?"

His hands were all over her ass as she leaned down to rub her tits in his face.

"Mmm... It's okay... I'll get morning after pills... You can cum inside me..."

She arched her back, the sight of her tits bouncing was almost hypnotic.

"C'mon...sweetie...c'mon...cum inside your Aunt Jenny..."

David couldn't last any longer. He gritted his teeth as his thick cock erupted.

"Ohh...fuck...that was awesome..." David tried to catch his breath.

Benjamin snuck into the hallway, so he could better spy on them.

Jenny and David resumed fucking by the living room window. The curtains were open, so they were putting on a peep show for anyone who happened to be passing by the house. Joggers, dog walkers, solicitors.

David was strong and holding Jenny up. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him and his hands cupped her ass. She had one arm wrapped around the back of his neck while she also cupped her tit.

"Ohh...gawd...David...is this how you fuck them sorority sisters?"

"No...you're hotter than them girls...Aunt Jenny..."

"You like fucking your Aunt Jenny?"

"I fucking love it..."

The fucked like this for another ten minutes, working up a sweat, with her tits rubbing against his chest and his hands gripping her ass. They climaxed simultaneously, but their post-coitus make out session continued uninterrupted for several more minutes.

This became a weekly occurrence. David visited every Friday after class. He would bring Jenny either chocolates or flowers and she would cook him dinner. They fucked like rabbits in the living room, on the kitchen table, in the shower, and one time she gave him a handjob in the backyard hammock.

Never in the bedroom though. That's were Benjamin would loiter during their dates, watching TV, surfing the internet. Jenny did become worried when David bought her a necklace and other increasingly expensive presents. She didn't want him falling in love with her because she'd only break his heart.


Benjamin had other plans for one eventful Friday night. The night he took charge. He told Jenny that he was going to the movies, but really he drove to Dr. Boothe's office and waited outside for Haylie. He confronted her in the parking lot before she could get into her car.

"Mr. Blethyn? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I never congratulated you on your upcoming nuptials."

She tried to hide her engagement ring. "Oh, well, thank you, I guess."

"Does your fiancé know about your working relationship with Dr. Boothe?"

"Well, it would be inappropriate to discuss such things..."

"What if I track your fiancé down and tell him how you fuck Dr. Boothe?"

"What? How dare you? I've never..." She wasn't a very good liar.

"Don't treat me like an idiot. It's obvious that you're fucking him."

"Even if I am, my fiancé wouldn't believe you. You're some loser."

Benjamin grinned. "All I would have to do is make him suspicious."

"You bastard!" Haylie slapped him across the face. "You pathetic cuckold!"

"He'd catch you in act eventually, unless..."


"Do you know the motel just off exit nine?"

Haylie cringed. "Yes."

"I'm checked into Room 18."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Meet me there in an hour and you're off the hook."

"You're blackmailing me for sexual favors?"

"You teased me about being a cuckold once too often."

"But...I..." Haylie resigned herself to her fate. "Fine."

"That's a good girl. A very wise decision." Benjamin never felt more like a badass.

Haylie kept her word and met him in Room 18 one hour later. It was a pretty sleazy motel. Benjamin was in an undershirt, boxers, and socks. He didn't want to walk around on this dirty carpet bare foot. Haylie stripped down to her black lace bra and panties while scowling at him.

"I don't find you particularly attractive, so I'll pretend you're someone else."

"Dr. Boothe?"


"Your fiancé?"

"No, his father."


"He's the one with the money. I'd rather marry him, but he already has a trophy wife."

"Too bad," he said sarcastically.

"I'm still resolved to fucking the old man though. All that money is such a turn on."

"So, you'd screw around within the family?"

"If you're not related by blood, then I fail to see the harm."

He thought about Jenny and David until Haylie took handcuffs from her purse.

"What are those?"

"Handcuffs, you moron. I don't want your greasy hands on my body."

Benjamin laid down as she directed and she cuffed him to the headboard. She slipped her panties off, revealing that she was completely shaven. She tugged his boxers down, unimpressed by his average sized member. She climbed onto the bed, straddled him, then removed her bra.

"Try not to make much noise. I don't wanna know you're here."


She slapped him again for responding verbally.

"Sorry." He flinched, but didn't get hit for speaking again.

She screwed herself down onto his shaft, clutching his undershirt. "Mmm... Does big daddy like being inside his daughter-in-law?" She started to ride him, her hips going back and forth, with the headboard tapping against the wall. "That's right, big daddy... You're little girl is falling in love with your cock."

Though his hands were restrained, he thrust upwards, penetrating as deep into her pussy as he could. She responded favorably, bouncing on his cock, with both her hands on his chest for balance.

""Ohh...big daddy...you know how your little girl likes to be fucked..."

Benjamin clenched his fists. He so badly wanted to fondle her perky tits.

"Ohh...wow...ohh...wow...Haylie...you're such a whore...but so hot..." She covered his mouth because the sound of his voice ruins the fantasy, but she doesn't stop fucking him. Then, his cock swelled and he shot his load.

"Mmm... You just filled your son's wife with hot cum... That's so naughty..."

Haylie stays mounted on top of him. She wants to get off too, role playing.

"Please...big daddy...please...make me cum... Make me cum...big daddy..."

She leans down and kisses him just once, being caught up in the moment.

"Mmm... Daddy, you're such a good kisser..."

She goes back to riding him. It takes several minutes for her to reach orgasm.

"Holy shit... I'm gonna cum... I'm cumming... Ohh...my gawd...I'm cumming..."

She sighs and collapses next to him.

"Okay, that wasn't so bad after all," she admits. "But you're still a cuckold chump."

She doesn't want to look at him, so she rolls over and takes a nap, leaving him cuffed.


Benjamin returned home after midnight, with a newfound swagger. This was the first time he fucked anyone other than his wife since before they started dating exclusively years prior. He sat in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water. He didn't want to drink the water at the motel. Jenny emerged from shower. She was alone. David had left over an hour ago.

All she had on was a towel. "Hi, honey, how was the movie?"

"Great." He wasn't sure if should tell her about Haylie yet.

Then, the doorbell rang, which was ominous this late.

"My, who could that be at his hour?" she wondered.

"I don't know..." Benjamin went into the living room and peeked through the curtains. He saw his brother Barry standing outside. This was never a good sign. Barry was always looking to borrow money or for someplace to crash after a bender. He even brought a hooker with him once. Benjamin sighed and opened the front door.

"Barry, what is it?" he asked. "Is something wrong?"

Barry responded by punching his younger brother in the nose.

"Your slut wife is banging my son! That's what's wrong!"

Jenny heard the commotion and came to her husband's aid.

"Oh my! Barry! What are you doing!?"

Barry looms over Jenny as she tries to help Benjamin.

"You! You made my son max out his credit cards to buy you gifts!"

"No, I never asked him to do that! I told him to stop buying me things!"

"Why are you screwing him!? He's your nephew! Your his aunt! It's sick!"

"We're only related by marriage." She was trying to calm him. "Not blood."

Barry slammed the front door shut. "And that makes it alright!"

Jenny flinched. "Barry, please calm down. You're scaring me."

Jenny helped Benjamin to the couch. Barry followed them, stewing.

"You think you're better than me, don't you?" Barry asked.

"You're drunk. Go home before I call the police," she threatened.

"I want answers... Why you fucking a weak little boy?"

"That's your own son you're talking about."

"And what about my brother? He's a wimp."

Barry reached for Benjamin, but Jenny slapped his hand away.

"And you're a nothing but a bully! A big bully!"

"Bully? So, that's it. You're afraid to be with a real man?"

Jenny handed Benjamin tissues for his bloody nose. "Excuse me?"

"You like wimps because you're intimidated by a real man like me."

"Oh, you're not mad that I had sex with your son." Jenny showed how brazen she was by standing her ground. "You're jealous that I didn't have sex with you?" This has become a one-on-one confrontation. Benjamin might was well not even be there.

Barry towers over Jenny. "Jealous!? I don't get jealous, bitch!"

"Yes, you are. You want me, but can't have me. That's why you drink."

Barry advances on Jenny. "If I wanted you, I'd take you."

"You don't have the balls," she claimed as she is backed into the hallway.

"Balls? I got brass balls, baby. And you shouldn't test me."

"Why? What are you gonna do about it?"

"I'll give you a spanking... but you'd probably like that."

"Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart. I'm not attracted to bullies."

"Yes, you are. All bitches are hot for bullies even if they don't admit it."

Benjamin followed, bloody nose and all, as Barry cornered Jenny in the bedroom.

Jenny was flustered by her burly brother-in-law. "You think that I'm... hot for you?"

"I got you all hot and bothered. You've never been so close to a real man before."

Jenny finally noticed the bloodstain on his t-shirt. "Barry, are you hurt?"

"No, I kicked the shit outta some guy at a bar before I came over here."


"I felt like it." Barry ripped her towel off, practically drooling over her.

Jenny stood naked, in no way self-conscious. "Rules don't apply to you, do they?"

This is what Barry has been waiting for. "Nope..." He closed the bedroom door.

Benjamin remained in the hallway, holding tissues to his nose. Then, he heard soft moans, the bed creaking, and the headboard tapping against the wall. Jenny had never fucked another men in their bed before. He didn't want to open the door, so he went to the backyard, stood on sturdy patio furniture and watched them through the window.

His lousy drunkard of a brother had his head between Jenny's legs. She tugged his hair while grinding her pussy into his face. "Ohh...fuck... ohh...yeah... that's it... Barry...eat my pussy... I know you love it..." She sat up and started raking his back with her fingernails.

Barry, who already had his pants off, climbed on top of Jenny a jack-hammered his thick nine inch cock into her. "Ohh...Barry... yes...yes... harder...harder... give it to me...harder..." She wrapped her legs around him tightly and continued scratching his back.

They rolled over and she started riding him, whipping her hair. He was not being gentle as he fondled her tits and pinched her nipples. She even wrapped her hand around his neck. She wasn't actually choking him, but it was some rough sex. She bucked her hips until she had an orgasm.

"Ohh...Barry...that might be the most powerful orgasm I've ever had..."

He quickly got behind her and started fucking her doggy-style.

"Who's the only real man in family, bitch!?"

"You are...you fuck better that you're son and brother!"

Barry had a tight grip on Jenny's hips as he pounded her.

"You like being fucked hard by a bully!?"

"Yes! Yes! Nobody fucks better than a bully!"

Barry had yet to cum as Jenny started riding him reverse cowgirl-style. He spanked her ass as she bounced on his cock. She then spun around and resumed riding him with her tits in his face. It looked like the bed frame was going to collapse as she had a second orgasm, but she was not deterred. She kept fucking him until he sprayed hot cum deep into her waiting pussy.

The bed frame was hanging by a nail.

Barry realized that Benjamin was spying, so he locked the front an back doors. Barry thought it was hilarious that Benjamin had to sleep outside in the hammock while he continued to fuck Jenny, eventually breaking the bed frame. So much for Benjamin taking charge.


Within several days, Barry was in jail for the barroom beating he gave that man before he stormed over to Benjamin and Jenny's house. Jenny also dissolved her relationship with David. He was devastated as first, but respected her wishes and gave her some space.

Jenny was thrilled because it was time for the next Comic Con. She would be attending without her husband. She remained in contact with Alexander Edgerton, the first lover she'd taken outside her marriage, and looked forward to reuniting with him. She planned on cosplaying as Catwoman, fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of Alexander's.

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