tagIncest/TabooFamily Affair With Friends

Family Affair With Friends


They brought Mom home in an ambulance. Both legs were still in casts. Her right leg was broken above the knee and the left below the knee. She could get around but it was not easy. I was glad I was home to take care of her. I know she missed Dad and felt bad that she had lived through the auto accident and Dad was killed. I had been in the back seat and had some bumps and bruises but other than that I was fine. My right leg was still weak but I could get around better than Mom.

Everyone had gone and Mom was in her bed on the second floor. I told her I should have set up a bed for her in the living room but she would not hear of it. I sat on the side of the bed and we talked. I told her to call me whenever she wanted to go to the bathroom. She was embarrassed I know but after we talked we agree that this was not the time to feel that way. I put my arms around her waist and helped her sit up so she could watch TV. In doing so I managed to feel her supple breasts press into my forearm. I also was so close to her face for just a second I thought I wanted to kiss her. Now there was a thought I had not had in many months. I think many young men think about their mothers as they grow up. After all she is the one you see every morning in that old terry cloth rob, some times it falls a little open and a young guy can see just a hint of a globe that he would not normally see. It gets to be kind of a sexy thing trying to see your Mom privates. However that had been a long time ago, I thought I had out grown that urge.

I had been in my room playing on my computer when I heard the ringing of a small bell coming from Mom's room. When I got in her room she was standing with one crutch under her left arm. I took her by the other arm and we slowly waddled across the room. Once in the bathroom we figured out it would not work for her to try to hike up her gown and then sit on the toilet. The crutch was just not a tool that allowed a lot of movement. So I stood in front of Mom and said, " Now look this will only work if you think of me as your nurse OK." She gave me a weak smile and allowed me to take her crutch and stand it by the door. She held on to me with one hand and pulled up her gown. Then I slowly let her down onto the toilet. It was our first try at this and it was a little sloppy but we would work out the kinks. Once down I left the room and let her do her business.

When she was done she called and I returned to help her to her feet. When we got back to the bed I took the crutch and she sat on the edge of the bed. When she twisted to get up into the bed her nightgown pulled around her legs keeping her from moving. She got flustered and mad. She tried to pull free and fell back on the bed hiking the gown about her cast. I could see her newly shaved pussy and the new hair stubble growing back. I just took a good look and she knew I was looking at her. She said, " In a joking matter of fact way. I don't know why they shaved me the break was on the leg not up there." I laughed along with her. As we realized there was nothing either of us could do about being modest now.
As easy as I could I lifted her up arranged her gown and pulled the sheet up over her. I walked back to my room thinking about her in a slightly different light than I had a few minutes earlier. I had seen my Mother pussy and it aroused me to nearly a full erection that I hoped I had managed to hide from her. I was having sexually exciting thought and I knew then I was going to make love to my mother in the near future. Over the next few days we managed to work out a system that worked pretty good. Then on the forth day she said, " Guy I need a bath or a good sponge wipe down of some kind."

I told her it would be my pleasure to help her get cleaned up some how. We tried several different ways and none seem to work very good so finely I said, " Mom, look the only way is for you to get naked and let me wash you from head to foot. We will rap the casts with plastic and I give you a good sponge bath. I thought she would not agree to be fully naked but she seemed to see this was the only way. I put a strong upright chair in the center of the bathroom for her to sit on while I washed her from head to foot. I was amazed to see how firm her breasts were for a woman her age. But on the other hand I had never before seen a forty-six year old naked lady.

So what did I know about aging bodies. I gave her a washcloth and while she did most of her front I washed her back and legs. She lifted her arms as I knelt to wash her legs. I could see her pussy was gapped open and it was pink with a little lip sticking out. It looked like a little tongue I thought I wanted to kiss it or lick it. I worked up her thigh and allowed my hand to fine the little pink crack. She did not move as I let my fingertips slip along the small opening. I don't know what made me do it but I gently parted her legs so I could see her pussy better. I took a lathered finger and inserted it up in her.

All she did was stiffen a little and let out a soft moan. I rubbed the inside of her thigh and let two fingers make their way into the gaping pussy. Then it was three fingers. I was slowly working them in and out of her pussy. Her head was back so I could not see her face from my position. As I poked my fingers into her I reached up and grasp one breast. The nipple was stiff and very hard. She was slipping toward the edge of the chair. Thinking she was about to fall on the floor I stood and lifted her up by putting my arms under her armpits. She came up off the chair and she felt my erection press into her crotch.

We were both covered with soap and nearly fell. But I some how managed to get her back to her bedroom without falling. Neither of us had said a word to this point. I sat her on the bed and she saw my erection was poking out of my boxer shorts. She reached for it and took it in both hands. She as not looking up at me she was just holding my fully erect cock in both hands. Then she started to rub it back and forth. The bulbous head was swelled to a size it had never before obtained. She put an arm around my waist pulling me close.
I watched as my beautiful mother opened her mouth and took my cock deep into her warm wet mouth. I could not help myself I never had a chance to think about it. It was all just sexual reaction from then on.

Taking her head between my hands I worked my hips back and forth slowly fucking my darling Mother's mouth. I wish it had lasted forever but it did not I shot off in just a few second. I was so excited and actually stunned by what was happening. Mother sucked my cock deep into her mouth and took the molten lava directly into her throat. She never lost a drop and somehow managed to suck me dry with out missing a beat. As my still half hard cock slipped from her mouth is when I felt her finger come out of my ass. At some point she pushed a finger deep up into my ass. That was something that I had never had done before. But I guess it was a strong factor in my climaxing so rapidly.

We managed to clean the soap from our bodies and reclaim some sense of normalcy before we talked about what happened. From what she told me I guess she and Dad had a very active sex life and she missed it as well as just being needy. I told her I felt it was just one of those things and I had always wanted to have sex with her. She said she was not fully satisfied yet so I laid her back on the bed, rolled her up on her side and slipped up behind her. My cock found her pussy wet and very warm. I worked my cock into her slowly and right up to the balls. She was squeezing my cock with a tight muscle and that was very erotic. I held her by the hips and started to work a little faster.

She was doing her best to push back to meet me. I was going crazy holding my mother by the hips watching my cock going into her cunt and my thumb very close to her tiny ass hole. Mom let out a little scream I felt a warm wash of fluid run out all over my leg and balls. I let go filling her with a hot strong load of my best sperm. She came to a quivering stop. I still had my cock plugged in. I looked at her ass my fingers had bitten in pretty hard to her cheeks, as we had fucked wildly. I had never been interested in or taken the time to think about a woman's ass before now. But it was she that had pushed a finger up my ass so I parted her cheeks and inserted a thumb into her tight little ass hole. She said, " Guy, Please we will get into that later and at that time we will use some K-Y jelly." I had heard of K-Y jelly so I let it go pulling my cock from her dripping pussy.

That had been over a year ago. Now here I was in state college ready for spring break. I had called Mom and said I was bringing a girl friend home for that week. She was thrilled that I had met someone. I also told her I would be bringing my girlfriends brother home for the week as well. She said that was fine. She only had one thing extra to say. " Guy just make sure we can have some time together even if is only a hour. I really do need you very badly." I of course knew want she was hinting at and it was something I had already planed on. It had been weeks since I had fucked Mom and I missed her great pussy as well as she missed my hard cock.

The three of us arrived late Friday night. Mom had waited up for us she had made up the guest room for Nick my girlfriends brother. Ruby was going to sleep with me in my room. This had gone without saying Mom is so perceptive about these things.

Mom never batted an eye as she opened the door for us. I could see she was surprised but she never let on and neither of our guests knew that I had not told Mom my girl and her brother were Africans. It was something I just had not thought about silly me. Ruby is very light and can pass for any of the olive skinned people of the word. However Nick is as I was told by Ruby dark like his mother and she, Ruby was light skinned like her father because he was more than half white. Mom herded us into the kitchen where Ruby gave her a big hug and Mom returned it with warm enthusiasm. When I introduced Nick he also is a hugger as I think their whole family must be.

He opened his arms to Mom and she willingly accepted his hug. In fact he even gave her a little kiss on the cheek but it was close to her mouth. I did not know it then but Nick had a hard on that he let press up into her crotch. Mom was wearing only a thin summer nightgown and silky rob. I could see her nipples stiffen and show very nicely though the material. It took a couple of beers for us all to chill out and come down off the hard drive. Mom had a glass of wine. I had not seen her drink wine before. It was near three in the morning when we made our way up stairs to our respective rooms. Ruby and I had just enough to drink that we were beginning to feel a little horny. I was grabbing her ass she walked up the stairs ahead of me. As we entered my room I saw the lights go off down stairs. I head Nick's voice say " Here let me hold you arm these stairs can be dangerous in the dark." I closed my door and grabbed for Ruby.

In the morning I was not ready to get up as soon as Ruby was. She seems to thrive on hot sex late at night while I need more sleep. Ruby got up dressed in her T-shirt only slipped out of the room. It was only a minute later when she returned and jumped on the bed jolting me awake. She was laughing and crying all at the same time. I sat up with her still on my lap jerking at my shoulders. I came up surprised by her actions. " What." I said, " What the fuck is it. What is wrong?"

Ruby was near hysteria. Laughing and babbling so bad I could not understand her. I felt it was nothing bad but more funny than anything I had to worry about. I put my hand over her mouth for a second and she settled down. I pulled my hand away and again repeated my question. She jumped up and pulled my naked body from the bed. Once out in the hall she went towards my mother room. I head them before I saw them. Mom was moaning the same sounds I have heard so many times. She was getting fucked and it had to be Nick. Sure enough we pushed open the door and there on the bed Mom was on to of Nick riding his cock like a broncobuster. Nick was bouncing his hips up driving his very healthy size cock all the way up into her tiny or once was tiny cunt. I was sure her cunt was now very full and stretched to the limit.
My own cock jumped to attention it was so sexy watching Mom fucking Nick, riding his long black cock. I was drawn closer and before I knew it Ruby and I were standing next to the bed. Ruby leaned over and kissed Mom who seemed to respond in kind.

Mom turned her head and smiled at me. Ruby was now hugging her with one arm around Mom's back and the other in front grasping her large floppy tits floppy because of her bouncing around not because they were not firm. Nick looked up and only smiled. My cock was throbbing and it was so sexy watching. I stood up on the bed in front of Mom my cock pointing at her mouth. She never slowed down at all she took my cock in her mouth while she rode nick's cock. Ruby said, " Oh, my god, Your Mom is so sexy, when she is done I want some of you two."

Mom let out a healthy scream and I knew she was reaching one of those very special climaxes that don't come every day. Nick jerked and bucked up shooting her cunt full of his monster load while I let go of a stream of sperm, which Mom drank eagerly. We all seem to fall apart collapsing upon one another. Ruby helped get us all untangled and into the shower. Nick went to the shower down the hall. I watched as Ruby dropped her t-shirt and joined Mom in the shower. My cock was not done yet, watching those two got me hard as a fucking rock. I wanted to fuck Mom; I wanted to fuck Ruby Hell I wanted to fuck them both at the same time. Of course that would be a little hard to do with one cock. But I do have fingers and a tongue. I opened the shower door and pulled Mom back into me.

My cock slipped easily up into her just fucked cunt. I was so aroused I rammed a finger up into her ass and jerked it hard. She let out a squeal for pain and pleasure. I was about to cum again when I pulled out turned her around and pushed her down to her knees. Mom quickly took my cock into her mouth just as I shot off for the second time in less than thirty minutes. I do love this lady and how she sucks my cock. Again she sucked me dry. We stood hugging and kissing. Mom was crying and I was just happy about the whole thing. I noticed Ruby was gone when we turned around.

Mom pulled me toward the bedroom there on the bed was Ruby with her legs high pointing toward the ceiling with Nick pumping the hell out of her. Ruby was screaming for him to fuck her harder and wanting more of what he had. Ruby came and so did Nick. As he rolled off he looked at me and said. " Well I always wanted to fuck my sister and she is as good as I knew she would be. He smiled widened as he noticed Mon standing naked by my side. "Wow, Boy, your Momma is one mighty hot fuck and man what a hot cocker she is. I think this is going to be one very sexy and wonderful Spring break." I agreed with him as we all stood hugging one another.

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