tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 01

Family Affairs Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

Matt Williams was supposed to be paying careful attention to the basketball game taking place on the court in front of him. That was, after all, why he was there. He was the school photographer at Jamestown High School and he needed to take photos of the game for the yearbook.

But, instead of watching the game, he was watching Mary Forrester, his best friend's mother. Her son Ricky, the Jamestown High School hoop squad's top scorer, was so good he had several college basketball coaches offering him scholarships.

Matt, who wasn't in the least athletically inclined, watched the object of his attention jump up and down, cheering for her son, whose team was on its way to another easy victory as he stood near the end of the gym, his camera in hand. "She's so gorgeous!" he thought as he gazed at his friend's attractive mother.

Although Matt's athletic ability was minimal, he made up for that lack with remarkable proficiency as a photographer. He had taken all the pictures for the school yearbook ever since his freshman year and, in addition, he earned extra money by selling some of his pictures to the local newspaper.

His ultimate fantasy, one he was sure he'd never get to live out, was to do a nude study of Mrs. Forrester. She would be an excellent subject. She was tall and full-bodied, and had a wild mass of shoulder-length black hair. Although she was strikingly beautiful, she acted as if she were totally unaware of how really attractive she was. Her modesty made her that much more appealing to Matt.

Tonight she had on a loose white sweater and snug jeans, an outfit that accentuated her finely curved body. While she continued to jump up and down and cheer, the smitten young man continued to find it hard to concentrate on the game. It happened every time he shot basketball pictures. In fact, anyone scrutinizing his photos would have found that Mary Forrester appeared in quite a few of them.

The final buzzer sounded and the crowd's delirious roar signaled their approval of the victorious end of another game. People began flowing down from the bleachers and out the doors.

Matt moved out onto the court, taking pictures of the celebrating team and excited cheerleaders as he did. He also managed to get a few shots of Mary Forrester's lovely face, which was flushed with joy and excitement.

Mary hugged and kissed her son, then she started for the doors at the end of the gym. She saw Matt, smiled, and waved. The young man's breath caught in his throat. If only her smile meant more than acknowledgment of the fact that he was her son's best friend.

The gym was almost empty, so Matt began to move toward the exit. Just as he reached the door, Ricky came out of the locker room, still in his basketball uniform. "Hey, Den!" he yelled, and walked in Matt's direction. "You need a ride home? Mom's waiting out front. You can ride home with us if you want."

"Ah...yeah," Matt replied. "Thanks. Hey, Rick, you played a great game!"

Ricky flashed him a "number one" sign and disappeared back into the locker room.

Matt's heart pounded as he walked out the front door of the school and looked for Forrester's car. He saw it and moved toward it. Mrs. Forrester saw him coming and again smiled and waved. Matt opened the car door and leaned inside.

"Rick said I could ride home with you," he told the comely woman.

"Of course you can, Matt," Mrs. Forrester said, her voice low and silken.

Matt felt a surge in his groin and quickly slid into the car and closed the door. He didn't want Mrs. Forrester to see his growing hard-on. Soft classical music came from the car's stereo.

"That was quite a game, wasn't it?" Mary Forrester said.

"Yeah...it sure was," Matt replied. "Rick was incredible." He held up his camera. "I...I got some terrific shots of him scoring." His throat was tight and his voice sounded raspy to him.

"You'll have to let me see them when you get them developed," Mary said. "I keep a scrapbook of all of Ricky's games. I have ever since he started playing basketball."

"Ah..." Matt swallowed hard. "I...I'll bring them over sometime. You...you can pick the ones you want."

"Great!" Mrs. Forrester said. "Ricky tells me you take wonderful pictures."

"I guess so," Matt said. He felt his face getting hot. "I...I, you know, just point the camera and push the button."

"I have an idea there's more to good photography than that, Matt," Mary said. "You seem to have the same kind of talent with a camera that Ricky does with a basketball."

Matt knew he was blushing furiously, but was saved having to respond by Ricky's arrival. His friend opened the door and got into the car, sandwiching Matt between him and his mother on the front seat of the big station wagon.

Matt slid over to make room for Rick and, as he did, his thigh came in contact with Mrs. Forrester's leg and his arm rubbed against hers. An electric current raced into his body from the points of contact with her and he found it hard to breathe.

He turned to his friend. "Ah...really great game, Rick," he said. "How many points did you get?"

"Thirty-five," Rick replied. "Hey, did you see the way Dianna Hillman was all over me at the end of the game?"

Dianna, one of the cheerleaders, was a very pretty girl. She was tall and attractive, but because her height made her as tall as a lot of the boys her age, she wasn't all that popular. Matt thought she was nice and she'd always been very friendly to him but, because he was painfully shy, he'd never asked her out. Actually, he'd never managed to work up the nerve to ask any of the girls in school out.

"She sure does go for you jock types," he observed.

"Yeah, if I remember right, she was all over Bert Page during football season," Rick said. Bert was the star quarterback of the football team.

"Richard Ethan Forrester!" Mrs. Forrester scolded, her voice sterner than Matt had ever heard it. "You know I don't like it when you talk about girls like that!"

"Aw, Mom," Ricky protested, "Dianna's just one of those kinda girls."

"Richard, that is enough of that kind of talk!" Mary said firmly. She turned onto the street where Matt lived and braked to a stop in front of his house. Rick got out to let his friend out.

"Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Forrester," Matt told his friend's mother.

Mary smiled at him. "Don't forget to bring those pictures over for me to look at some time, Matt," she said.

"I...uh, I won't," he stammered. He turned and started for his house.

"See you in school tomorrow, Den," Rick yelled, then he got back in the car.

Matt stood on his front porch and watched until the Forrester car turned a corner and disappeared. He touched his left side - the one that had touched Mrs. Forrester - sighed, then he walked into the house. His parents were in the living room, watching TV.

"Hi, hon," his mother said. "How was the game?"

"Yeah," his father added, "our team win again?"

"No sweat," Matt said. "We creamed them by thirty points."

"Hey, babe," Matt's father told his mother, "looks like our alma mater's going to the state championships again this year. Maybe this time we'll win."

"Yeah, Dad, maybe we will," Matt said. The team was favored to win the championship the year before, but lost the final game by one point. Their opponents made a comeback after Ricky sprained his ankle and missed the last five minutes.

Matt went upstairs to his bedroom. The bedroom adjoining his room in their big old house had been converted into a darkroom and photo lab. Matt's father had been disappointed when it became clear that his only male child wasn't very athletic, but he quickly became proud of his son's photographic achievements and supported him in any way he could. Now a person meeting Matt's dad couldn't escape without hearing about how his son was going to be the next Ansel Adams. Matt found it all a bit embarrassing.

He went into the darkroom, locked the door, turned off the lights, then threaded two of the five thirty-six exposure rolls of 35mm film he'd shot at the game into developing cans. That done, he turned on the light again, filled the canisters with developer, and set the timer.

While the film was being processed, Matt unlocked a special cabinet that only he had a key to and got out some photo albums. He opened them and slowly, lovingly, turned the pages. Picture after picture of lovely Mrs. Forrester greeted his adoring eyes. As he looked at them, Matt felt congestion forming in his groin. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.


A knock on the door startled him. He jumped, realizing he'd dozed off. He set the albums down on the counter and stood up.

"Who is it?" he called.

"Matt, it's Mary Forrester," came the soft reply.

Matt's heart leapt. He walked, stiff-legged, to the door and opened it. There she was, the object of so many of his fantasies.

Mary smiled at him. "Your folks said you'd be up here, and that it would be all right for me to come up," she said. "I had some time, so I thought now was as good a time as any to see those pictures you were telling me about."

"Ah...they...they aren't developed...yet," Matt stammered. His heart was pounding so hard he was sure she must be able to hear it.

Mary, smelling wonderfully of very expensive perfume, moved past him into the room. She still had on the white sweater and jeans she'd worn to the game. Matt watched her, transfixed.

"What are these?" the stunning woman asked while she picked up Matt's secret albums.

He went cold with dread. What would she say when she realized they contained only pictures of her?

Mrs. Forrester examined the albums, then she looked at him and smiled. "Why Matt!" she said softly, "All the pictures in these albums are of me!"

"Uh-huh," Matt murmured. What would she do now?

Mrs. Forrester put the albums down and walked across the room to where Matt stood. The young man was too scared to face her. He heard a rustle as she moved, then her soft, warm hands cupped his chin and lifted it. He was looking at that incredible face, those magnificent gray eyes. She smiled at him, a soft, inviting smile.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Matt?" she asked.

"Oh, yes!" Matt replied avidly.

"I'm glad you feel that way," Mary said. "And I think the pictures in those albums are wonderful. You deserve a reward." She covered his lips with hers.

Matt couldn't believe this was happening! The kiss began softly, then became more urgent. A kaleidoscope of sensations swept through the stunned young man. He was sure he'd faint when Mrs. Forrester's lips parted and her tongue brushed his lips softly. He felt his legs getting weak.

"I think you're a really sweet boy," Mrs. Forrester said when the kiss finally ended. "Would you like to take more pictures of me? Would you like to have me pose for you?"

Matt couldn't speak. He nodded furiously. Actually, he'd have rather kissed her again, but if she was offering to pose for him, he was more than happy to oblige her.

Mary gave him a stunning smile. "You know, I've always wanted to pose nude," she said, her eyes bright, "would you like that?"

Matt still couldn't talk. He nodded and reached for his camera.

Mrs. Forrester took hold of the hem of her sweater and slowly started to raise it, exposing the smooth skin of her softly rounded belly. Matt watched, his eyes bugging out of his head, and...


A buzzer went off, and he jumped. "Don't worry, it...it's only the timer..." Matt muttered. He blinked and looked around, puzzled. Disappointment swept over him when he realized he was sitting in his darkroom, alone, with his private albums on his lap. He must have dozed off. The visit from Mrs. Forrester was only a dream. Disheartened, he got up and finished processing his film.

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