tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 03

Family Affairs Ch. 03

byD.C. Roi©

"Matt! Matt! Time to get up!" his mother yelled.

Rubbing his eyes, Matt sat up and looked at the clock on his dresser. Good. He had time to check the prints he'd made before he went to bed - prints of Mrs. Forrester at last night's basketball game.

He'd dreamt about her, and it was a delightful dream. Once more, she offered to pose nude for him, but when she was just about to remove her clothes, his mother called and woke him up. He was left with a raging hard-on.

"I'm up, Mom!" he yelled, and smiled when he realized his comment had more than one meaning. "Be down in a minute."

He got out of bed, his young cock sticking painfully out in front of him, and walked into the darkroom. As he gazed at the pictures of his fantasy lover, his hand wrapped around his swollen, fleshy pole and began to stroke it. Soon he was near the bursting point. He reached for a towel, wrapped it around his sensitive rod and, his eyes closed, came; groaning out his dream lover's name as pleasure shook his young body and globs of his seed pumped into the soft cloth.

Afterward, he showered and dressed, then he went downstairs, where his mother had breakfast waiting for him.

His Mom frowned when he walked into the kitchen. "You better hurry," she said, "you don't want to miss the bus."

Matt ate his breakfast quickly, grabbed his books and jacket, then headed out the door and across the lawn, arriving at the bus stop just as the bus did. The doors opened and he climbed aboard, looking for a place to sit. His stop was the last the bus made before school and only one seat was left, next to Dianna Hillman.

Matt smiled at Dianna and sat down. "Hi," he said.

"Hi, Matt," Dianna replied. "Saw you at the game last night. Did you get some good pictures?"

"Ah...yeah, some," Matt replied. He looked at Dianna. She was quite attractive. She had short, light-brown hair and a very pretty face. Her shape was good, too, except for the fact that she was nearly flat-chested. She had on a pink sweater with a big cowl neck, and a loose, midi-length white skirt.

"Have any problems with that social studies assignment?" Matt asked.

Dianna frowned and nodded. "A little," she replied. "I hate social studies. I don't know why we have to study all that ancient stuff, anyhow."

Matt smiled and said, "My dad says it's because those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, or something like that."

Dianna gave him a funny look and asked, "What does that mean?"

Matt shrugged. "I'm not sure, either. I think it's just another one of those excuses adults give us to make us believe we ought to do our social studies homework, I guess," he said. "You know how adults are, they always have something that doesn't make any sense to say."

"Oh," Dianna said. She looked out the window, a little confused.

"Ah...would you like to go to a movie tonight?" Matt asked. What possessed him to ask her that, he never knew. But, he'd done it. Too late to take it back.

Dianna turned suddenly and looked at him, interest in her eyes. "Gee, I'd love to," she said. "But I...I told Ricky Forrester I'd go out with him tonight."

"Oh," Matt said, dejected.

"Look, Ricky and I, we're not going steady or anything," Dianna added quickly. "And I'm not doing anything tomorrow night."

"Ah, OK," Matt said. He sat up, brightening. "Yeah, tomorrow night, then."

"Great," Dianna said and smiled at him.

The bus turned into the school driveway. Matt was elated. He had a date, a real date, with Dianna Hillman. He'd show Ricky.

Actually, though he didn't think so, Matt was a reasonably attractive boy. He might not be physically adept, and not good at sports, but he still had what women might consider a good body, and he was good-looking, too. He was stronger than he realized, and it always bugged Ricky when Matt beat him at some feat of strength in Phys. Ed. Whenever that happened, Matt believed Ricky let him out-do him out of friendship, but that wasn't true at all.

Matt and Dianna walked into the school building. She was tall, almost as tall as Matt's six feet. They didn't look bad together.

"See you in social studies," Dianna said. She turned and headed for her locker.

"You bet," Matt replied and started down the hall toward his locker.

"Hey, Den," Ricky said, walking up behind Matt and giving him a playful punch. "Saw you come in with Dianna. You tryin' to beat my time?"

"Ah...um...I, ah, I got a date with her tomorrow night," Matt said.

"No shit?" Ricky said. He smiled. "Hell, old buddy, I'll try not to spoil her for you tonight, then." He gave Matt another playful punch. "Gotta go. See you in English."

Matt wasn't sure why, but he was bugged by his friend's comments. He and Ricky had been best friends since kindergarten; nothing had ever come between them, not even pressure from the guys on the basketball team who constantly bugged Ricky to stop hanging around with "the camera nerd," as they called Matt behind his back.

Matt felt guilty about his anger, shook off the feeling, and headed for class. He wasn't sure why Rick's comment bugged him so much.

"Are you all right, Matt?" Miss Farwell, the English teacher, asked.

Matt looked up. She was standing next to his desk. She'd called on him twice and he hadn't heard her.

"I...I guess so, Miss Farwell," Matt replied, blushing. After that, he forced himself to pay closer attention.

Dianna wasn't on the bus after school. Matt figured she either had cheerleading practice or, maybe, Rick had driven her home. As he was thinking about it, Rick's beautifully restored '69 Dodge Charger roared by the bus. Matt saw Dianna in the passenger seat.

"I'll try not to ruin her for you." Matt remembered what Ricky had said.

"Damn him!" he thought.

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