tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 07

Family Affairs Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©

Dianna, sitting in the movie theater next to Ricky, felt her date's hand slide down over her shoulder and knew it would soon come to rest on her breast. She did have breasts, in spite of what some of the crueler boys in school said, and although they were small, her breasts were incredibly sensitive.

She shivered with anticipation when Ricky's hand moved past her collar bone and down, onto one small, firm peak. Excitement rippled through her and she snuggled as close to Ricky as she could in the theater seats. If he kept this up, she would do anything he wanted her to, she wouldn't be able to help herself.

His hand continued to move over her soft jersey blouse and brushed one super-sensitive nipple which, along with it's mate, had begun to emerge when Ricky began touching her. The contact was electric, and caused Dianna's body to quake involuntarily.

Ricky felt Dianna shudder and repeated what he'd done to her small breast. She responded with another shudder, stronger this time. Delighted by his discovery, he continued to caress her gently.

By the end of the film, Dianna was breathless with excitement. Her nipples, swollen and proud, pressed out against the clinging fabric of her blouse. She'd long since lost the ability to focus on the picture and was barely able to walk when Ricky led her out of the theater to his car.

Before they got in the car, Ricky pulled Dianna into his arms and kissed her. Dianna returned the kiss avidly, her arms locking around him. The kiss ended, they got in the car, he started the engine, and they roared off; headed for an isolated spot outside town he'd used on many similar occasions.

One of the problems with the car Ricky had was that it had bucket seats and a console between them. He managed to convince his parents he needed to replace the original buckets with expensive new seats, seats he picked because they reclined.

Dianna, still foggy with lust, was barely aware where they were when Ricky pulled into a shadowy area and stopped. He leaned over and kissed her again. While she was kissing him, she heard a click, then she felt the seat going backward. Deep in her passion-clouded mind, she knew she should at least make an attempt to resist, but she couldn't.

Ricky's hand slid under the soft blouse and he discovered to his delight that Dianna was braless.

Dianna moaned softly while Ricky gently caressed her petite, proud cones of flesh, thrilling her. He was different from any of the other boys she'd gone parking with before. Most of them copped a quick feel, pulled down her pants, and jumped on. Ricky was far more considerate and, as a result, he had her turned on like she'd never been turned on before.

Early in his sexual career, Ricky learned that foreplay made the sexual act more enjoyable. He discovered that if he was considerate of his partner's needs, they were more willing to do what he wanted. It was a lesson he was glad he'd learned, because it made sex a lot more satisfying, and available.

While Ricky's lips and tongue working on her breasts drove Dianna wild, his hands moved to her waist. Before she realized what was happening, her slacks were sliding down her slim, well-formed legs. He rolled atop her and she felt his erection, trapped between them, pressing against her bare belly.

His own passion now raging out of control, Ricky grasped his erect penis and, with a downward thrust of his hips, slid it into Dianna's super-headed, pulsing cavern of love.

"Ah!" Dianna groaned when she felt Ricky's erection sliding into her. Her legs came up and her heels locked behind her partner's thighs.

Ricky was surprised. Dianna was tighter than he'd expected, given her reputation. He thrust into her, feeling the clutching walls of her love tunnel rippling, milking his swollen shaft, drawing him inexorably toward release.

Ricky had done his preliminary work well. By the time he stabbed his erection into Dianna's willing body she was very near to orgasm, in truth the first one she'd ever experienced while making love with a boy. She was overwhelmed by the powerful sensations Ricky's thrusting pole caused. She'd heard sex was supposed to be wonderful but, until now, it had never been more than a mildly pleasant experience. This time, it was fantastic! "Oh, God!" she screamed while sensations more fabulous than anything she'd ever experienced before wracked her body. "Oh! Oh! Ricky! Oh, God, Ricky!" Deep inside her explosions of joy detonated and feelings of pure bliss washed over her.

"Yeah!" Ricky groaned when he experienced the wondrous spasms of his own coming. His loins bucked harder and he felt his fluids blasting into Dianna's thrashing, clutching body.

Ricky collapsed atop Dianna, spent, and felt her clutching him, kissing him, and babbling to him. He didn't see the tears of joy running down her cheeks.

Dianna wasn't sure why making love with Ricky had been so different, so much more wonderful than anything she'd ever experienced before. She'd heard that sex with someone you loved was better. Was that why it had been so good with Ricky? Was she in love with him? She hadn't thought so, but...how else could she explain how wonderful he'd made her feel?

If she'd asked Ricky, he could have told her the satisfaction she felt came from other things, but that question wasn't asked so it went unanswered.

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